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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 07/12/13

Jul 12, 2013|

You ask it, we answer. Featuring guest appearances by Alex Speier and Rob Bradford.

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Movies go abroad let us started BI there it's about a man woman as it is -- event in case because of that users don't. The but you it bothers me she just hide someone recently right on -- Bea Arthur -- Win. These are there was smoke and it nineteen million freaking long and well. Jihad in -- Hutton you've gotten -- -- -- -- The nineteenth at least that its worst Christmas special. C'mon you don't want to go girls. Now watch the golden girls I just never thought the -- there was. Fantastic right are you the secret to -- only is excellent at bat very well written show. Still -- but he it does actually -- you telling me you're the person who spent the money in the naked Bea Arthur. What it's still holds up a little girls incredibly well written and well written well -- so how he really appreciates the NCO jokes. They're funny. It's funny to shape my jokes are pretty -- George Clooney -- little appearance. I did -- to -- The Arthur -- because you. That was one of the -- side by movies that you guys and in in the open Mike to bridge negativity that can be addictive and they. All the work that all the reports that were -- confidence threat and it's all about the window when she's. We've we've. As well. It BR now. Well. You just give his but it looks -- -- girls while remote and it's the question coming up here in just a second rob Bradford now looks -- at the dynamic duo. I will join -- -- question -- 37. 937. Any question you want to support their otherwise -- now Gale Sayers and running he's okay. The muddy field. He has just better hurry up if you don't talk through I give us some more side by. Her original. -- awkward guy. By movie would be so good leader. -- recreate salt and salt knows something about sports. -- -- -- -- two scores come looked at each hear me hey moms that key in. Published two books -- can't have flocked to books. But if I. I think would be ferocious and bring in Wellesley got -- -- -- Michelangelo. Bruce why just ahead on a -- -- body just Helen brutal jokes and beating people up terrifying. Yeah creative people of course about the you don't want to work for site I want more of our won't tell -- one. The movie -- Cleveland -- in mind and rich quick schemes monetary this Cleveland after getting exposed to radiation going to -- size and contracting careful about the girls. How hot it's good that day and don't have a look at it. Activated in Gaza had -- Cleveland's -- -- all right let's answer the question about it. It's time or answer the question -- answer the question which -- Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question would. Answer the question Roger by air as a restoration specialists is your property your facilities manager or insurance Brokaw are asked to ensure you have a disaster restoration game plan in place that -- 774611111. Or a yet some baseball trade deadline action where one -- seven actually might hit seven arms are. It is. The Red Sox are going to have that he in my keeps them before that -- spears and rob Bradford I guess I. I wanted to let guys know I went to Harvard -- Springfield and the harbor to Springfield has looked to produce callers of course virtual college yes great volleyball team right sure absolutely play on it. I know I -- fit into the -- OK there's a reason why they're great and it may be a case to have the right people. Welcome guys yes -- -- -- -- very exciting and great prelude to a great show I -- think Alex is gonna take the take this to the next level Alex I'm expecting big things that you I'm sorry -- am going to disappoint you invariably -- Michael do you any good -- -- No I mean mine my imagination stop with the South Park episode with a monkey report by. -- we think is this a member somebody earlier had can count. -- us again king cam too -- count to perform again. That's at the -- ball screen count to form again not just cows chickens sheep goats -- that are. Alan Baldwin is a mad former Barbara Streisand. Is the wife and his Virginia in the conversation ended the house like animal the to the re emergence of terror -- about. Did you see your last ladies and -- non. Now she looks horrible thought I'd be shocked right now I don't know yet I mean she regular Saudi suspects accused and after that it had been. Tom Brady think what he sees her team me use you sound surprised myself she was so good looking at what embrace you -- all right but she was in you know I. -- -- -- Adult Brady did exactly what the pages do you get out at the right time I -- Very very well and I felt all right here's that we got three guys -- answer the question how much did you spend on an engagement. You -- first. I got excellent program to grant met today and that's that's not too far out of college suggested. I'm not gonna she says that out of your dollar have you upgraded that since. I know I should downgrade would mean you stated yes I lost it I've never placed -- -- lies she's down resilience glory husbands are there how would America ever I have been married nineteen years. It's definitely you have to ask -- Clearly she won some freedom tissue wasn't really pushing on the replacement children who. What's the roads at one -- -- supposed to -- well -- -- that was more than one month's salary right right unemployed out of the personal it's if you were making very little money that time and later you -- want to make more money worries most in general -- -- particular -- that I figured that -- saw I had the progress of every Christmas accounting. I would just like earlier in the week was saying you're single until there's an actual -- -- didn't -- your console the drink probably like an upgrade. Your nice little -- -- a lot of very beards don't have the money right now the next question would you get hearing. Alex -- I got mine -- store on -- Unless my lap dog doesn't sit on the grassy open got a slap -- -- in the grip of a good idea of NT Stewart I think you'll like the white Alfred and -- and it's a broad agenda -- story indeed brought me on Newberry street just like that. Nine at a place downtown crossing I did -- though -- -- to just have gone one of the places in the and -- -- a very good marks -- -- terrified me. Is an area and I kind of it takes -- different way to go. That's a plus regular browser rob how much is a ball player get paid while playing in talk. It depends on service time major -- minor league minimum is 850 bucks a month that's typically the lowest levels. But by the time they get around -- typically they're probably getting. They're probably getting a salary for the six months -- markets in the white. 030000. Or so about thirty grand for six months but then they don't get paid in the off season correct. Where they got to make that last are the entire year yeah I mean a lot of -- will that's where a lot of minor leaguers for instance to teach pitching lessons are hitting lessons that sort of thing if they aren't yet on the forty man roster. But -- the forty man roster get a little bit more you get them more scratch and you see guys like rolling and in tough games today down there or something is that why you ask a question about that he -- In his it was a ten well I don't know if you know that's the second fiscal -- of course you don't ask the question we can't pull I thought maybe you'd text it to yourself. On why we protect all the questions -- that we haven't. Integrity -- -- K fair enough guys what's what is the future of -- dinner with the pitchers -- little surprised that he's still there to be on all the stories coming out today changed a little front and it's legitimate maybe they got a wrong Tom. Maybe we get the -- more today right. Yeah. Basically at his side of the story we did -- -- at the evidence here and ask the question should. What kind of scifi -- and disordered. I don't really I really dig into this. That's correct ball's gotta be some sort of culture is probably what what. Whatever it was that the Counting Crows that you know you -- that wasn't even in. It was all that was an actual portion that was actually be getting up from the took a while it. The couple Germans don't. Don't don't. A vulture and a donkey elephant and -- That was Ron Burgundy Dorsey at curls up on the other half. Are united our competitors and that's it. Next question. Guys what's she what's strange secret impulses do you have a TV producer on the radio. We'll be arrested to sleep. These have a job that I really hated her when my first political job when I was first working in politics I got a call tonight Yemeni -- it. Hundred hours a week you know a miserable job -- the candidate. And every time the candidate -- -- -- like the end I despised or hated him could occur could not on her mind again and as I was driving to work every day I used that thing is -- away I could crash my car just badly enough that I have to miss the rest of the campaign. But not so badly that I would really hurt myself you want to -- so you have this implies that when he -- but it still. They're okay what -- bad -- don't go to figure that way all so you had these these these impulses ever you want it to crash your car. Well I just wanted to get out of doing the campaign and I thought that might be awaited that would help Mike have you ever seen and what about the -- I don't know I was. Alex of the giving interviews he's sitting there workers -- communicating. Alex I don't I don't really have a good arm actually been. Pistol you know. Howard -- existence the isolation chamber. Separate yourself from society -- Internet you know via the money yet I don't like that what you're gonna do that jurors apparently every time it all behind us not productive for -- that -- or -- they're drawn to that somehow. Alex two -- -- aging societies -- does that mean you're gonna have to -- your fingernails -- the -- our Houston. There are going to be on the -- moves that would reveal a cause hallucinations. The blues clues as. All of us assistance in the -- has been. Following. Unix boxes. Alec ever disappointed if there's not a dollar to talk about not disappointed at all the next question. -- not a bird pass whatever it is that Bradford that -- Bradford -- the -- the -- -- -- democracy don't -- -- Wall Street could be -- don't personally Don Sweeney has got coming up on the show. We have on the couple writers from. Parts where are gonna quote be sellers. Teams markets that the entered resellers in -- Chicago and -- Philadelphia. So we'll have on Patrick -- from Chicago from Comcast there in Jim Salisbury you guys might know from also from Philadelphia Comcast. And I will be taking called breaking it down is going to be -- wasn't the trade deadline treat when it's. Awesome is will middle Brooks a red sock on August 1 yes yes. So. You both do you assess aren't -- -- you guys assessments are just like I wouldn't trade him I -- go -- -- fairly -- come back here what. I heard it here in the wrong tree there. -- -- Specialties series to be shot down right there but you guys watch the series against teams like the Mariners angels whoever do you just look at his grocery -- -- Pablo and Oliver Prez gets on the mound and also remember when things seized cliff please everyone wants he's been pretty good the last two years sure. Astounding. Astounding how it is he can be when he needs. Like Andrew Miller. David Alex. David Alvarez got to know so I think at the back. Are you guys get skit where the next hour wait for -- it's 7 o'clock Alex has already given away the farm. Good stuff coming up from them are seriously do stay tuned we're just about three weeks not even. Away from the trade deadline so rob and Alex for the next hour the Mikey after that had a great weekend it will be back on Monday thanks for the good folks here one of three point seven WEEI Providence. And the Sox for hosting us was great. Great food. We have food for. -- ridden house yet. Conservative pizzeria and of course don't conduct. And there rocker Michael crushed all of -- -- Michael's not going to be a hunger Clinton who would it be out of place -- the things home. I got -- -- -- look at -- I guess Malaysia I take this home I got an aluminum spoiler here on the rapid all the stuff up and a ticket out here so if you see Prius driving by the world's great penned up and not a puppet gallery Michael. All right we'll catch you guys on Monday see --

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