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Ben Cherington or John Farrell: Who gets more credit for the Red Sox turnaround

Jul 12, 2013|

We discuss the Red Sox turnaround, and debate who (besides the players) gets more credit for the turnaround from last year to this... John Farrell or Ben Cherington.

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Was -- for -- true. And now our silicon -- swollen painful rate Fuller report or the -- Fun game. -- -- Well when socket -- and sports radio and WD -- want to -- up. There's almost the all star break and orioles' first baseman Chris Davis leads the majors in home runs with 34. Two part question Davis hit 62 home runs and if he does how -- viewing. Yes he will hit 62 moments of -- more. Storage 34 already. This map here what if we don't ask me to do math 4848. More home runs. For Chris Davis playing a -- ballpark. Playing in this division. What's in my hitter friendly parks legacy -- don't now how ideal home the guy who out of a pretty good season or not you on the same way. I view. The last Oriole to hit more than fifty were to hit fifty that was Brady -- And I think we all knew what time something's going over Brady Anderson O'Meara never hit fifty because you -- to -- to -- So that's of -- legitimate power here a little. If you were to do it I think I view him as legitimate and it's funny 62 almost becomes the default number again right like if he could get to that point. At least the others testing. We can debate whether or not the testing is as stringent as it could be whether or not these guys are still able to escape being caught but at least he'd be doing it in a testing era where we've seen number's decreased drastically be the first one to do it. Seems. Testing went into effect in in baseball that being said -- only is gonna do and I think this goes back to the way things were in the eighties night earlier ninety's. When every year what looked like somebody maybe have shot you can kind of excited the mentality -- tonight if I'm Mark McGwire firewire right now I believe he's got a shot off cycle something lost cycle while wired recycled -- real those that really had the stuff on. I they always -- stuff going well I'm sorry about before in the goods to other -- nine DA the good stuff he had the mediocre stuff we can't think of games like the trash stuff. We can't take a final the back of trying to replace the Irish. As comfortable as some political because. Yeah the good -- putting what does Saint Louis right any -- mediocre stuff when he was in the Bay Area that is weird. We're there may get it to have the wrong connections in the Bayer I think you've -- Canseco for too long I don't think Chris Davis doesn't he's just it's hard to keep it up there at the entire second half of the year. -- Last year against -- hit for the trip Triple Crown as of right now Cabrera is -- -- with the 366 averaged 94 RBIs in his second front with thirty who's having a more impressive season Cabrera or Davis -- Cabrera just because of the all around nature of the -- magic hitting. After his long has it been since anybody had Triple Crown imagine it -- two years in a row. Now you can look at him suspiciously and again these guys are doing it right it what is supposed to be the testing era so. For lack of I mean we're seeing the -- may get suspended we're seeing that A-Rod may get suspended or some rumblings -- they can both be suspended for ever. Given permanent suspension from baseball -- -- later how are we really don't want to be crazy -- -- -- -- -- in his prime suspended for ever from baseball for their great story it really would be an unbelievable story I'd be story did not happen in days. One more now unfortunately why haven't lived and only recently the baseball right now because she doesn't maybe I don't know well anyway I don't -- Like watching guys hit home runs. You better come out. Guys hit home run I don't care how good seasonally largely I'll run without taking drugs false it's it's happened before I could not I don't know me on making dogs -- Ugly -- what you're not every -- but -- But -- was Miguel Cabrera yeah I think it's more impressive. With him. If he can do everything we were to talk about this up the year better here. Miguel Cabrera and his prime or Manny Ramirez Manny Ramirez now Italy's prime okay. Which is now speaking of -- to -- -- -- -- -- a couple weeks it just keeps coming -- -- -- -- go back to drugs he doesn't he's coming back to -- he's -- he's arguably very soon outcomes are -- -- we are watching an entire season people are watching this season and we are still impressed with Miguel Cabrera. -- law last year just didn't understand. Yet it and understand the whole Mike -- -- Miguel Cabrera. The -- understanding of clearly -- What -- A who is better Cabrera Manny do their prior to -- many never Triple Crown and he did -- has steroid era but he did have a batting title you know. Well Cabrera had a monster at the turnout that was it -- batting title don't mostly ridiculous I think he never had a Triple Crown but he did -- drove -- wants sixty Portland 65 but once I mean -- you never had a season where he won the Triple Crown he was never an MVP in fact never finished well that's second friends got on him. On the writers because. If you look at Manny there are you. It's it's what things they guy has never been deeply and it's another to say. He's never had an MVP where he sees he did he had several MVP worthy seasons but I think writer for the betterment and hey it's Manny Ramirez while they do they grew up did they -- which offers fielding as well. C'mon are you mean tell her I mean not just for -- for being such a bad fielder now okay as Miguel Cabrera as he is he some great fielder. Cabrera no but he's at least decent and he made mention Eddie Lewis Dewhurst a third with decent elderly people -- that way even if he wasn't -- go. Paul Miles an office had given Mitchell and Clinton had. Yeah I guess. I guess -- -- Cooper. Factory. Last night on NASA and the great debaters were added again nice much. Are solved either go to the general manager for the way put together this team start with the talent tough decision to bring back David Ortiz criticized at the time. Forgiving in the deal without going to -- medical procedures it is worked out incredibly well. And then bring inning guys who were just good clubhouse people to a -- John Farrell to do his job and do well. Talking about the Ross's and the -- -- and the victory nose and then Gomes is and all the guys have really made a difference turn this thing around yeah I think we've all agreed that the players are the most kind of everybody after that John Farrell -- you think about the manager last year what. He meant to the Red Sox joining -- distraction. John -- this year. Has dealt with a closer ratio in terms of the clothes are being hurt. He's no injuries everywhere a shock when roster the left and some days with 24 point three guys. So the question is for you Michael only you can -- it's all you need one Obama. But -- of the three talking about it I. And I hired mark denominated debt Garrett -- you agreed Mike was hired me his remark was unbelievable. X 64 how did you win that argument to blow up cut his Mike -- defend bench Harrington. And not bring up the fact that he traded away Adrian Gonzales Josh Beckett called Crawford Nick Punto. And helped them out quarterback billion dollars bingo Webster and ruby -- -- about you surely be of their culture during these you know I don't helpful nominee win the -- -- registering the swing vote right there. I don't wanna give charity credit for things I don't think he's responsible for I think that those guys were dealt away and that happened -- more of the ownership presidential level that it did it to GM we talked about it earlier I'll give him credit for who we got back. I don't -- that goes in the chairing the ledger for -- those dazzle you want your response to -- over that was about TV that's not you know if Michael can actually win the joint principle. And -- -- you -- for this guy you've never heard of or the guy who hit a home run for their thoughts and experts came up and Peter Gammons referred to as the governor my I don't know framing him lose right to my -- record his first month. -- and whenever. What what is. One -- At once so it's not get my pizza every time everybody beat me add greatly advertise where does that as speaking directly -- It doesn't matter. Second it's it's a weird rational like back in the day yes Celtics. Always -- that Larry Bird always struggled against Golden State is thought I'd told you I -- -- the radar. Why not make a lot of your time I'm not hard to get on moderate not major -- -- really -- it's just it's a weird match and you phils aren't I do feel like a bizarre things we laughed. You've always -- election office for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- to made trait that Dodgers had been -- and hired John Ferrell and what problem Mike O'Donnell walked off. She. Aimed at his name can compete. With because we're gonna walk. Slowly up and. Didn't do about -- and that's a musical group at one dollar and when I drag my -- Well. -- -- -- He did -- question of the day last night on side by shark NATO angered. Oh my god it's causing a commotion if you could create your own ridiculous show what would be called and who'd be who would be an. I'll have a Mohammed defer to -- -- -- thinking about the -- -- like about five lay up theory are only I came up breaking news. Apparently. -- shark net. I thought out short to post had there's of the Capuano -- shark deposit had Julia Roberts is brother what's his name. Eric Robert Eric Roberts Eric Roberts is in now one that was good shark to post is really did. -- new Jersey Shore. Jersey Shore shock. They also had the two hated shark attack on last -- that -- editorial who could eat two surfers at the same time hurt. Isn't one enough. I are you or your freedom -- had a chart yeah. The freedom they wouldn't you -- all -- -- of -- the battle really all. How to do our but it is also super size to have a -- them and literally day to surfers in one goal at the same time is very impressive. I was thinking about that here here's here's a few side by a few side by it's for the future are squared her -- Square reverse whatever it's about a giant squid it's ever expanding like the whole universe he keeps getting bigger throughout the entire movement. -- starring in this moment I have Bronson didn't show played they'll keep him from perfect strangers -- and the others the the young girl from from. We'll talk about family and Pamela yeah the other is if we -- is purely through television what do you Pineiro went and I think what did you -- terror plus high school it. So called quarter burst your pretty people. Ironic on that question I got -- the phone. Our analysts this is a series of snakes. They crawled through the phone lines and attacking -- through the phone lines now -- -- -- people use the phone anymore and hardline creepy so it's going after old people so are you gonna -- pretty well can also go through the cable thing. Capacity to -- -- the cable you're watching you're watching cable -- that this is coming. Yes Rick Fox by the way is starring in this blog what's the what's -- like I think he's probably the the zoo keeper who was able to you know knows about snakes and is able to figure authority -- when Rick Pitino snake you just get -- -- the country and it's -- that he's like he's -- he's the guy who -- -- -- -- to. What -- I've got a title about past sharks have felt would either have to hand you know Poland what do you call will have in my -- theme song for -- What is here. That is worse than that. -- -- Biden that trees fruit trees had to acknowledge hunter is on connect twelve countries -- of Ariel Lamar Thomas corporate dial. So what happens here it's a scorpion how scorpion half crocodile. That attacks the city of Miami. It's a score but I'll still looks like a -- -- -- -- -- -- it's supersize about a shut the tale of the scorpion and bite you or sting you an adage why buy it. Just feels like what happens all the people well because usually a lot Fort Myers well there a place there's a lot of you know you see it on South Beach the -- -- -- coming through South Beach. Plus these things always drop what they had a last night there was a hurricane in Los Angeles so I figured he would alligators that are in Miami that screwed up having a crocodile that corporate I'll score but dial -- and they I think it's got the brother from married with children and yeah I think that -- has meant. David boss Steve and yet they go and maybe get real unions and she was in Miami already plane went. Deep in the sands of Mongolia -- legendary treasure. An artifact. Two winners this fortune you must enter. -- -- -- -- -- -- Or -- -- received by the way to the Holland at the end of the movie last night. What was -- the end of shark NATO. You know sometimes the movies on fifteen by hand yeah well that the -- and ultimately. In the movie before we finish -- Sharks the -- outlook on on. Apparently he has paean to -- the sharks page sharks about changes. Should meet. And greet him. It's -- -- it's again about where things are. Birdie at -- we figured you guys who had. I saw that I saw somebody doing this last night on FaceBook -- is actually Christian mark pan who -- some updates here WEEI in the weekends do hero. Give it give us your scifi flick what it's called what it's about and who stars and give it to -- -- Open Mike here open the W the I live app in the apple -- android mobile device click on the open Mike button on the bottom right corner leave your message person ten seconds or less of using here in the show. I thought brought to -- AT&T official wireless provider of Boston Bruins of the most orgy coverage. In New England give us your own side by original movie. What else who's in it what's of most -- Florida again was -- -- yet score dial. So they eat Pat Riley they could go after pat Algeria like pat Riley's hair wouldn't would have to feature into them somehow that -- out of it does slip my house LeBron feature -- Now it's an eight actually LeBron six. LeBron -- LeBron is on the clock until I imagine -- an aging Dan Marino coming back with a spear to kill the thing at the -- if you if he has a quick release. If you if you agree that's a good point but if you read Sports Illustrated. The -- Sports Illustrated -- abroad or anybody. In history. More than ESPN more than yet I'm telling you Sports Illustrated loves LeBron more than ESP and more that more than maverick Carter. More than Erik Spoelstra. I'm I'm and this is this is incredible. Pretty pretty soon. I don't know how to -- more than Jim Gray yes I don't know how many covers Michael Jordan had -- SI. LeBron -- to pass it in about a year a year there's not gonna take is going to be covered based under the cover of Sports Illustrated all next year what do you think that every. It isn't worldwide west as he has some sort of connection -- and I don't saying they have -- -- is up to do with what is -- -- I what's the it's not CA who is who is he with that the big agency that he's with ING that would it is but does all the -- put everybody together. I feel like all those things are done at such a weird creepy corporate level that LeBron and SI have nothing to do with it it comes down from some parent company is making money on both of them like every sports -- well -- -- -- here than that part of their current event. LeBron -- the -- the bronze and on the -- -- knife to any time I don't worry Jordan fifty. -- -- -- -- Now he's -- next year he's going to be in the -- thirty I can't tell he's got every issue of Sports Illustrated is going to be on the cover doesn't matter what's up with your policies and economic rejuvenation with John Henry by in the globe. We are the only -- well known he had like us all our guard and all of my eagle on the list of people -- I saw that I saw that without you weird. And I think that would be weird yes. I'm surprised that the global think about selling to John Henry in a surprise that he would be okay we're borrowing the -- I think they did -- I thought oh does he have to dizzy at the solar at all I think they just -- -- -- right now I think that I think these wanna be bought your arms -- the bottom -- -- but is that not a conflict of interest. So there wasn't a conflict of interest when. The times it was a business you have -- Red Sox haven't kidnappers and it was pretty at least the only seventeen and a half percent. Only seventeen and I have it's more than it's the it's a less than a 100% to eight tripled their profit right or how is that 175 million. They took their profit they say simulator now serving Chicago Tribune in the in the cup you know. On how that worked out a lot of good ones lost on the cubs -- -- of my Ankara.

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