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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: On the first place Sox

Jul 12, 2013|

Kevin Millar joins the Mut and Merloni Show as the Red Sox approach the All Star break in first place. Millar talks about a variety of Sox topics including Middlebrooks, Lackey, Lester, and Pedroia.

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And for the 1 o'clock hour of country music Friday's brace yourself for that coming up next with Motley a job Chandler and that stuff and sports slash. Cool of the you know. And as. The -- and just dropped an F bomb there at the end splash some announcements about. Opening John Chandler and that's the exploits I want that does can do every Friday at wanna fly a lot that -- like Chamblee a rough day today to Chandler. -- raffle for. Was -- what are screwed up earlier called a night and what -- needed cult of New Jersey Nets who would do that that the -- our everyday. We hear. So much you're taking your wife to jays don't mean I cannot wait now that mean you get lucky afterwards. I mean I can't guarantee it rates. But I believe we have a baby sitter so things -- to go down that road Joey over the text you what happens you wanna play that play that we -- -- for big ass. But before the show tonight you go to -- over the federally go I'll be able to make it over. The people who go to Paul McCartney anyway anyway you're gonna McCartney and Tuesday. And make it I've not been to a kind of a -- concert federally or not. That's gonna change yes it is. Why who's going to be all -- -- we'll Jay-Z F once cheesy little Jaycee JT. Happens to want to those. -- -- we told orderly matter what Lou won it in that in this case. Stephanie wants to go she gets the go. To -- with rock you'll remember takes your daughter Kayla can go maybe bring -- -- that maybe Portnoy. Maybe gronkowski maybe Gilbert Godfrey. And he knows Jason LB to start the -- -- united 37 WEEI Campbell lark. Would join its a couple of minutes lot of baseball to discuss. With alarm including the all star. Dexter the when they called the vote in. What I wanna get it right the the final vote is what it's called. And help -- baseball did with that and how wrong they got it yesterday Wheldon doing fans and a terrible now all the baseball fan it's baseball could have done something if you think they had any brains but they don't. Ever got Camelot. After I spent all morning how are tweeting from an airport. -- cities do have taken a number one. -- earlier today. Everything okay that airport caps. Yup landed safely guys -- appreciate your concerns and my. You know when I landed actually looked out my -- I saw your little sleep at wow. Did I almost forgot again and so I I just wanna get up -- wrote I figured that at whatever. You're you're saying right or wrong and a little Maloney that's right. That's right yeah and try and make sure because they'll walk in you know when we're back Fineman and now we're unaware that April. Well I mean it's just. I appreciate it I say thank you for -- probably gonna come on I'll just say when Pedroia was on Tuesday. He did and Connie didn't seem forced people are saying you it seemed like you force this like your heart's not -- Your heart's not really into a -- Pedroia just did it and lovingly for the show in years got to -- Monica's yeah EU wanna appease me shot me up that's what I've got -- field. But you know what's funny for that's really my finger noticed but the good news but the fact we don't know what it big time -- -- there have been -- -- don't. So that would be my defense right Eric Holder defense attorney. -- Some of these guys have big time you know I should and do their Twitter account all locked up country. A lot can you confirm that likes be that big stars in your show can you confirm it's on the guys and your show that have a lot of Twitter accounts and follower you know for a fact they don't tweet themselves -- That -- story in form. Kicked it -- -- our -- Twitter account somewhere to show a little overwhelming might have a more into about nine people in Iraq and other notable epic back in a -- in the -- -- -- How much they right now it's not a 100% -- tepid at tweet and you could tell the one elevate or quit now business -- -- and and their second languages English. Right we can have a night -- -- are out there. They are with you Derek -- requesting -- we got the Sox. Have games are half what games over 500. And we start to see the identity in eight down 512 games -- Seattle never out of the game comeback win games as games that they coughed leads up. Going to go to extremes to continue to win those games it's. Is this the time of year we start to see that routine start to -- that I game it was so Baltimore last year. You start the seat hold it from a bright would we talked about it for Mecca we talked about the guys. But not a good start to see all the guys buying interest just the ball player look church on time. Beard shaved heads but they're buying into this chemistry that they I think they'll bury you or out. And -- -- policing and that you're seeing a lot of guys -- bring a lot that table and then you know he actually not prepared like angle -- on the every team needs are paying a lot of luck got to come -- and nowhere. Play and apparently baseball and this guy gives you accurate and app that day in and eight Al and does not swing a bat ball and just seeing and equipment in get them. So they called big picture mean John Lackey beat him back or an absolute. Pleasure to watch young man -- -- -- and -- or tomorrow our 95. And yet that dog mentality that looked so. All the stuff come together you start cigarettes are are pretty darn it being. Well and that the list we went -- earlier here here's some guys who have had big at bats are big. Situations for this team brought colts Steven Wright Brandon Snyder Mike Carp Jonathan Diaz Craig breslaw Brandon Workman menaces. Imagining those guys and spring training and a lot of Red Sox fans go who the Heller then do you believe cabinet. When he get these role players coming in the -- -- snowball a little bit big guys can pick each other drop is that a tangible thing or is that something we make up in the media. I -- -- I think it's contagious so like when you go back to become ticket agent saying could you are trying to -- too much. So it's contagious thing but you know who weren't there and it's funny that Red Sox you can look at them. They don't have that magnet star power like you don't stop you take the field the other dynamic burst out -- -- popular leader. But not this dynamic person a star like the mayor mayor that they are marking that date right now works like when we plot you know Oxford Arnold like Hollywood. They can't have a bunch of guys and a bunch of guys that really care for each other. Peace and a bunch of guys that know how to win together. And so I think on -- -- pitcher -- can't all -- SEC. Makes -- -- he's gonna. I mean you go places now also making expert slowed a little bit -- that's -- the jokes. It jokes over many kids. At least panel and back in the -- it -- -- paralyzed. Probably not but I -- right now that that they young man works. And being around the game that was there it's slightly put out some muscle you got a bunch of guys mode that sort of believe that it can be contagious. In late trade deadlines right around caller remember three or four years ago in that locker room and a -- the veteran players that you know why. Why are we so afraid to give up on this -- buckled Roy Halladay the -- -- Troy Al I wanna win now three years from now. -- might not be here. -- like mentality that that you get -- locker room but how difficult is to fight as a player jobs they want to -- pick up some pieces but though given up on the future. Yeah I'm a big step. -- -- -- behind the scenes are great at what they do because its fans and players you wanna go out and get somebody right now. -- you aren't you look closely and rotation per game in three. And you know you understand it. But you also understand there's a future and there's a future you look at guys that are no trade guys behind the scenes you know everybody's tradable. Because we are ideal but they're really a -- at temple got a GM to understand. This -- not going to our little Maloney -- -- amount from -- you don't stand. Larger on the block. But there's a couple guys are saying now. This cat I don't want -- looking at -- Coulton it's. Package. 95 -- to break her more big change or maybe -- -- to experiment such that struck what they are born and where areas dominate. Well and you say that I think the biggest need for this team is bullpen you know you've seen. A lot of these guys out there and I wonder how much you make of of guys who have -- that one good year guy Kevin Gregg Lou keeps talking about a guy like Kevin Gregg -- -- Kevin Gregg is. -- good year this year the three prior work great what what what should eighteen be looking for at the deadline terrible bullpen arm camp. You go out there that podium and there's a guy John Hartford I got there about -- that about 88. By saying prior. Previous two seasons before eleven and 2000 well. You struggle Patricia bite you gotta go every teammate open up what you are profit Detroit tiger right now right up the -- and help. The Basra as Iraqi People put up a secret every -- that they're trying to get a little stronger and at 789 any. So that that you know we understand it we gotta be traded now. Go get -- go on a guy like John -- -- ask -- a lot -- who might have a change of scenery -- -- -- team -- just gonna -- and and you -- about Red Sox he might say 22 partly to the -- -- you know you've got to go on somebody's like you know your Greg -- -- Gallagher long term my technique or about last couple years. Maybe this -- eagle it's -- hot you're hot hand what. I'll see that your brought their audible like Jim -- -- and right now you know you gotta go to -- mix and match and try to investigate that are a lot of Cuban people L. Yeah and that's the thing is such a crapshoot equally bizarre. Let me begin with right but it's it's almost like that you pick it up like a position player in suitcase to give us a 150 at bats -- -- a good hitter can be afforded Internet 150 at bats -- 200 hitter right I mean it's a small sample size you pick up this -- -- reliever for so. And if you give up the attitude too much which may be -- -- for locked in for three years. You might have a now right player guys need to happen in this game and we are part of you know the same thing else like oh era pop is -- -- really. Oh poor urban populace goes back appears gone. Really lost bat speed -- -- but -- April -- will get. You don't and it's like that's what you -- because you might -- let's play at that they might have -- they have a right to plug in here that might have a guy here that the job. But I don't think any perfect -- apostle. I think that's what we look for too many conflict -- Parker Colbert. Perfect second base a lot like they'd want Soriano at second base yankees and -- jump in and Jeter -- -- like. The perfect employee who -- our relation it could have a perfect scene. You don't and I mean he got a mix and match is not the best player or position. You know what Ortiz honest and Ortiz because he passed Albanians most -- through designated hitter. I think he's the best teachable time no lakers great but the combination of speed I mean not speed the speed power and average -- -- I know I used to go to bat -- give Iran are still well he's Palin. You raiders are talking about hall of fame here with this guy or do you think he's the best the Travolta. I think to prestige and all I'm -- -- advocates equal threat either I'm telling you that because of who that. And here's this man has dominated this position and I get so that you argued EHE healed and -- -- -- -- Was detonated their ability to manipulate and he's depressed. Ever in history -- back up so if they're gonna. At times com. Down the road and talk also aimed at never going to -- -- Turkey should be also hammered the reason why. Seven years old and a lot let's talk about 37 year old Luke Babbitt says please give battery -- good. -- smarter to his body doesn't have a whole lot of stuff going on there and Iran right field for 1015 years you know at a place short circuit in your call -- so they -- -- Pretty darn good epidemics or forty years. So export import wannabes tell it imported by all arms. It would surprise me because commander -- actually better shape when I played with a guy you don't -- -- -- -- it poppies aren't. And that man built like a -- you know what so. I look at this man has the best at his position and after the game -- -- he answered yes. Are when you hear the current major leaguers like Miguel Montero when he Kennedy and they say you sealed Wiig. Plays the game and arrogant manner Kevin what was your initial reaction to that and what they set about the case. Or hot lips and they're in an element you get fire line there's a fine -- -- Confidence. Swagger and the the next side of -- is the arrogance. I think he'll lead. Got to a point in the keep the lead you to remote stopper and I love this guy who watched him play and excitement he brought that doctors look -- that he was about and we understand that. He's brought this entire organization brought in argue back and every around him better camera mayors and yet. But this thing about it I understand that you can't be seen. They -- by -- through it at all that stuff we'll watch that next game they played him a few the other weeks before which was what four days ago whatever. Just taken a few walks like put the bat now at -- and so the arrogant now came out in my opinion and I Antony on here's. That can't beat her seat I'd put my arm around grab distractions and look and what your role that you don't have a lot dirtier spikes to act like Barry Bonds -- -- -- 825 at bats he hit eight home runs. -- got it I got it. You you'll want to play this game clash you understand and you wanna play his game hard. Let's not -- -- what you've got fifteen years and you get sell our home run you about you took a walk. He threw a three want change your connector that's okay at Oregon you're out of firecrackers salt -- -- fine line you're gonna have to worry about my. You know I'll -- your treatment. Now marking outs and now -- -- that appropriate treatment. You know I want Acxiom and altered and of course of course it is -- grey area a little because I don't know all. Particularly credible and let them -- they voted. I understand and of course what -- -- harper and everybody at nearby. In the first half about numbers also a guy like Mike -- out but but it street get -- you wouldn't -- -- -- yet she'll wake of course it should hopefully more exciting to watch. What appear would appear Michael -- are -- had a great first accurate at all -- and this kid's got a 120 bat. Elia I don't Dickey was an all star -- So and I I -- percent. A two way street you know it's a great debate -- rose. -- want to send you -- result. Again in a -- and for the million time Chris Rose right in -- wrong you guys are bulk raw and it's baseball this game should be about showcasing the. The biggest talent and this year I don't care about that's been the biggest story on your show and MLB network and ESPN. Has been and yes -- week he should be there in New York Tuesday and you have to believe that. You vote what did you vote form. We need to libel for. -- -- you didn't vote for it pretty well and I voted I voted for -- Yours is still here -- I voted for Daniel on the Indian novel wasn't on there I'd -- you are you gonna do you in New York he going to be there for the game. I'm I'm I'm just pull ups and network right now on the order Gordon villiers copper futures sub air. Did show premiere we got a lot of all our stuff that's heavy armor under reached future gains announced a softball game that got -- -- -- and then I'm gonna hit strictly follow. And try to look finished and reported that picture of the nine slugging it out. You're not coming to see LB to Fenway tonight or tomorrow. Are you know on -- -- the trade around the let me paying their banks Arab. It takes about being got to go probable its. Mussina Fenway tonight you selected it's a -- -- your heartfelt tweet. About come on the show a little crazy -- thank you Kevin into the all star weekend. -- -- -- -- And gunpoint sort of felt like. While we talked to -- he's brought to you by -- tractor corporation and by commonwealth mortgage will come back. We packages today we haven't talked about all week and I I could not disagree review -- are. More and I agree of course throws to -- the week is an all star and he should be there Tuesday in New York we talk about rose. Mean -- talk about that next.

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