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Who deserves more credit? Farrell or Cherington?

Jul 12, 2013|

Mut and Lou debate who deserves more credit for the Sox success in 2013.

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-- -- -- -- Really a tale of tonight's last night for this show what live -- -- -- 37 WEEI. Lewis hobnobbing with -- VIPs and high rollers at twin river don't have table games now the celebrated last night -- Dustin diamond AK screech. Todd Bridges. Some sort Gilbert Godfrey was also in the house Max Jim Rice great cast of characters from the -- Affleck Garrett. He's also comedians the Affleck guy he got a -- so beyond just about ten minutes. As the Affleck are onstage last night -- -- on stage. That there were I governor well -- showed up at. Was voted -- great night last night John alluded. I was -- Watertown. Over NASA. I'll lose a VIPs I was -- silk and go to say. To say it's exact opposite of VIP is -- as -- wells had summoned up thanks run. Did Adam Keller over there the greatly text all column people as it's great and I guess that there were -- Yell about stuff and him be wrong again -- it become kind of this. Annoying thing where he got to be right at some point because there's the question they pose to us we debated and people vote. The question last night was who gets more of the credit the Red Sox success this year. And cherry -- or John for our. Undergo the general manager for the way put together this team's start with the talent tough decision to bring back David Ortiz criticized at the time. Forgiving in the deal without going to rob medical procedures it is worked out incredibly well. And then -- -- guys who were just good clubhouse people to a -- John -- to do his job and do well talking about the -- and the dancers and the victory nose and the Gomes is and all the guys have really made a difference turn this thing around yeah I think we've all agreed that the players are the most -- -- after that John -- and you think about the manager last year what. He meant to the Red Sox joining that distract. John -- this year. Has dealt with a closer issue in terms of the clothes are being hurt. He's no injuries everywhere in shock when roster the left and some days with 24 point three guys and all the sudden -- canceled sixty Wednesday. It's about John Elway John Ferrell doing a good job and this is not a teacher for the other got a couple of good if John Farrell doesn't have my car to be able to play all of those different positions -- the other half Mike Napoli was signed by then -- and most importantly what he doesn't have David Ortiz that was the difficult decision the first join and I even had an event he made it made the right now easily hit what you think about this team this year talk to -- on our show this week the focus is on baseball. It's because of John Ferrell he's dealt with. Poison -- because he's copyright and I was thinking of the -- and focus on baseball says one thing this year inflammatory about any player through -- first half a year. I would say no and that's such a 180 from last year you give him the credit for what he's maneuver dated today with this roster. In the pictures the pictures that's all don't know -- I don't know -- -- win an award that -- Love it too nerds debating in this mostly. -- Sears Jewish -- you know we knew what you do any TV appearances I'll I'll watch promote Helen and -- some one. -- -- like a landslide. Seen all different types of why I've been told upwards of 60% of the vote. Like 64 how did you win that argument to blow -- I actually don't know and I I did not -- myself I was. I think it was tucked in -- that was my thing it was lower. And then people are voting day around your models for how does Mike -- defend bench Harrington. And not bring up the fact that he traded away Adrian Gonzales Josh Beckett call Crawford Nick Punto. -- help -- -- -- a billion dollars tango Webster and -- -- -- -- surely be of their culture during these -- out help nominee win. -- deputize us during the swing vote right there. I I I agree with with salt and all -- know I do abuse we we've had this discussion before it's. -- John from deserves -- credit as is does is staff as does the players. But ensuring that last year was criticized in the off season. He walks into an absolute mess he -- general manager who lost his way. And made some bad moves the last few years and DO Epstein and walked -- said what the hell did you just leave me. You know I'm the Boston Red Sox a high profile team a big market and I can't spend. Because I'm stuck with these deals I'm stuck with these players. On the new GM -- -- flexibility -- bring in -- guys. You know what. -- go to -- manager a year that the that the team president because about on the -- two weeks is the one that actually hired him. You know I'm stuck with this it's Larry's guys so my guy I'm being told Al manager is everything. It was awful awful year I'm known no debating that they just look at that set. Straightaway these guys brought the flexibility. Went out found your guy John Ferrell traded for will see that many get into the salt chicken -- brought in I get all of these. So called all overpaid role players. Stuck with the program. Knew that nobody like put the most he was making. Yes. The outcry everybody loving would bench Arrington did this off season -- ecstatic about Dempster and Colmes and in Victor Reno and Stephen Drew and David Rossi. It wasn't excited he's excited about that. He said he didn't you listen to the noise in less than anything Tulkarem doing it this way that I believe it. Stuck with -- sit -- first place get 57 wins 5737. He deserves more the -- Yeah I disagree -- a different argument that salt does because salt never brought up that tree that trades big part and if its rates everything -- -- organizational changer and the second part is look we can and the argument by. -- can hired -- that's it and a star but I'm just trying to focus on in the team this year for forgetting how we got any insight. Who gets the credit for the record right now it's more the credit and of all the things you just mentioned the manager's gotta be there to put those pieces in place and at times. I think John Farrell the left undermanned by this team for whatever reason. They have this thing about put guys in the disabled list they did it with -- very that would victory when he dragged their feet and there are days where. He does a guy down and not just days Cingular two or three days in a row how many days with Stephen Drew hurt. On the roster but not playing before they filed a parliament deal was in a week a week he's 123 guys any -- -- noses -- guy he can't go to. -- -- oppositional player the entire game going in. He pencils and a name of the line is go play yet and -- what you're down that extra flexibility video did you play on. That's a negative he means is not a negative to be playing with a short roster will it's our 56 days and kind of had a general manages its -- direction once team to go to -- go to our -- you want to bring in it and -- division of the -- -- guy that was gonna lead them. And got it right. And what's the -- -- the sex is not chicken neck. This is actually he got it right he brought in the right guy Burroughs that an outstanding job and -- and body -- -- -- years. This is not what happened first. Opting in opting out dispute chicken and yank. This is Jerry didn't know who we want it. -- and he's done a great job that that he was right you can play the car -- I'm saying if you wanna get technical you play the card of military hired Ferrell so -- -- had a debate. Regarded on this vice yes let me just thirty seconds -- you -- the the day to day operations still have to go back credit's got to go to John -- I mean the biggest thing he did not mention -- and the conversation assault last night is the pitching staff. We think about what he was had him enough credit to one it is. The pitching coach OK just for. -- every -- give him credit -- -- brought to the pitching whisper. John -- was brought here justice that stabilize the clubhouse but to work with pictures -- previous -- previously. Had success with -- your music. And for nine starts he got Lester fixed Lester is out of -- right now. -- -- was pitching like a Cy Young candidate before he got hurt John Lackey is pitching like be best pitcher on the African staff. Since the beginning of June. He's turned Felix do Brian's been a part of turning him into a guy gets deeper and games Dempster. I Dempster Dempster irrigate he's got a good start to -- perfect it started the American League. You go to the bullpen. He handsome Hanrahan. And then Hanrahan and effective -- Bailey get the spot and when harrick is back he's not the closer and Nolan says Bo. So they've been some land mines in addition to the injuries in addition to dealing with middle Brooks no longer being affected by federal Lacey is at third base. Yeah in addition to. Roster shuffling given and it violated dep present by -- is good charity given that. -- barrels done what that app has led to wins in the field you can have that you got that best chess pieces that we get a move those peace or. It barrel gun advocate winning field pieces. Period you can't win on the growth and a great job the gate he plays the players that and charity gives him. OK he's able to go down the AAA. Because. Not only ventured debated GM the last couple of years he's been this organization it's what ninety ninth so -- she's been a huge part of the players that are actually down there right now is the -- just came out and get credit for all the minor league is a come up now. This -- said he is hand in the players that they're grabbing now. Whether -- through trades or through draft. Pens had to pit -- and all that. Mr. jobs but the lineup out there GM's job to get the players. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think some difficulty there. I think that data -- given how much roster turnover this is hat and the guy -- had to play with Snyder whole car a lot. Pebbles guys succeed that's a manager put this team and a good place to succeed -- the focus on baseball man. Well I mean carpet -- traded venture to trade for him in in in spring training and also -- brought -- this offseason he also signed Snyder in March. If you who's she gonna go down their turn gray brings it up how Obama got its only gonna get him on the field while because I get to the player. Jumper and a great job and -- and the tree to the Dodgers. Has completely changed the landscape of this organization. Google along with not signing the sexy player. You know hard it is to stay disciplined when you put that team together okay so there's a not dive into Josh Hamilton. And not dive into this guy and not try to weigh the prospects. Wanna build the prospects and not -- trade them away. He's criticized for go get this guy give a mop. Stuck with the plan so now he's got a team that's in first place best -- American League and he still has his prospects. That's an -- plus. He said the trade looks so much better because they're winning now to reckon that a 57 wins and one of the biggest reasons is the pitching staff and four -- five guys the pitching staff we're here. I think before -- got here. Lester Buchholz Lackey. And you brought all part of the organization before chaired overs -- gentlemen careful what was prevalent. -- the so now he doesn't assistant GO OK but if that's the -- -- steel moves under feels regime those for a five -- party here. Was about turning those guys around only corn and Lester and -- -- has done Miley coordinate donate -- Buckles the western assist. He's assistant GM he considered it before and gotten before and anybody before he was named general man Marbury had supporters say now. We had to turn those guys around and think -- gotten those guys receipt Lackey and buckled for the injury backup happy just haven't been on -- -- I also get your thoughts on this you know ball reaction what -- and I argued about Lou -- some different points to. We give more credit to after the players of course. In the Ferrell charity and 6177797983761777979837. RJ. Is -- New -- we get to your phone calls RJ how are you. Doing so he got a good man. There are more leeway are that -- and that can chime -- -- that. I'm -- it just makes. Absolute sense that I was -- doing all that's. With the players that hit it at the treatment that doctors. Do we -- seven wins -- what it will be right now market at -- into the block that that there ain't. Lot of amended maybe Ferrell turns back around Carol's daughter with Buchholz and lacking what do packets here and -- managing him and he gets his act together. -- of some -- game. I mean my income fund at the and flooding cherry includes not. He -- those players then and now Charlotte doing its job in eight or. He was picked by by cherry and do the job so that shouldn't be surprised that while -- at -- going at it it there and it seems that church and got its work. I'm not I'm not surprised out of there should be any surprises not the word RJ guess an eye opening use that were not surprised by it. I just think he deserves more the credit because he's their data -- what he's done it's not this and charge a -- he deserves. A lot of credit I'm not surprised by either if I was surprised at -- surprise that. More of your cherry since things are worked out you know Jonny Gomes not playing every day wanting to play more us know he wants to play more. And still being effective in a role maybe he thought he wouldn't wouldn't have here buddy get to play more. You know he's still an effective player -- chaired the moves that early on they look great they worked. They have they've worked he's at one fail this year. And that was the parent -- right. He's gonna let Lance wasn't that the -- like that yet and don't forget the things dealing in Pittsburgh -- was appealing in Houston and can't pitch in New York Yankee pitcher Boston. The trend -- guys Kenny Rogers he's not gonna happen right it's good luck you're big market team league games matter you know and and it's just that happens is too much pressure for the kid that was -- concern they have a new York and at that we saw that year Boston so. Now was so -- and missed -- done for the year. -- that brought cold you know at that point six but a that was just fail but rather that hasn't missed it. Let's talk to us Steve it was in Peabody up Lamotte live here on 937 WE yeah ice Dave. Yeah I don't know but. And not much is on Sharon and are not on -- you know who's who's more responsible for the success -- Am I gonna go barrel. Because. Mozart has been around awhile -- since 99. Yeah okay so I mean el Al game I mean. -- no this year. I -- I -- he was around previously but you know it just came back this year and and you know Arabic Arabic turnaround not to -- and you -- you know -- -- -- -- it's called -- and pitching. -- -- -- This year I -- think a book about responsible for the success but it certainly more -- -- I -- -- Call the deck so far Stephen Peabody. Let's talk to Alec coups and -- and we must live here on 937 out what's going on. The Gallagher -- I think it Chet and John LOO. It's such a you know you're what Bobby. You know it like -- eight and manager -- Well you know I think that he's done a terrific job players' strike -- also open iriki. -- got to me having a file assault last night. Out of just said and cherry -- trait that Dodgers and bench Harrington had hired John Ferrell but no problem Mike Dunn walked off about a walk off. That's all -- all news need to know he had the insight that no other manager wants any animated organizational game changer. Yeah that's part of -- now he go to this year and talk about what barrels don't want these players tonight him a lot of credit on the clubhouse the clubhouse part. The caller and terms of the the mentality I probably overrated but I agree with them. I feel like these guys came and this year sort of wondering and -- is going to be old Ross last year was a disaster. And -- been boring but he's been a good boring if that makes any sense where none of these stores have been closer. Whether it's been injuries. Them become major things and I I give fair a lot of credit for that it's sounds. EE EE sounds a lot like Francona in a lot of cases. 61777979837. The phone number eighteen -- text line. 379 -- 37 Matt George Bryant error XT we continue with your calls. Toward browse and join us next hour we'll get his take -- -- the patriots offseason and Kevin the -- -- -- 1 o'clock right here in 937 WEEI.

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