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Andrew Brandt: Patriots should not have extended Hernandez

Jul 12, 2013|

Former Packers VP and current ESPN NFL business analyst Andrew Brandt joined the show to give his perspective on the Patriots off-season. Andrew told the guys that he would not have extended Hernandez so soon.

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Welcome back it's Dennis without Callahan out on this Friday morning -- callers hang -- -- -- second but first we'll talk with those Russa for interesting background can shed some light on this on a number of levels. -- it was Andrew Brandt Andrews the NFL business analyst for ESPN. He's a columnist for sports illustrator. I illustrated and he's the director of sports law at Villanova and a lecturer. Andrew joins us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTV's good morning mr. brown how are you good morning good to be written -- thanks for coming on out and believe that Roger Goodell the new sheriff in town is all about the law and order type of atmosphere yet the -- off the field stuff continues Andrew the league has a problem can it be solved. Great question and you mentioned Roger Goodell that you have to look back on his six years so far. Probably his top initiative at least forty wants to be is -- initiative is player conduct. And conduct in general and the problem is she continued to have not any kind of majority in -- -- of terrible numbers. But you have these high profile cases that -- the image of the rest of the players that's the problem. I don't know what's gonna -- Happen I don't think there's going to be any if you would make -- summit coming between you don't ask perhaps other leaders to talk about what can be done. In terms of drafting in terms of contracts in terms of really protecting teams. From low character and having been an executive in the NFL ten years with the Packers I can tell you. I learned. Character counts low character can bring down a team locker room as much as I character can bring it up. Low character can really you're in fact that people around the player and that's gonna happen it's a problem. So how do you straddle the line between. Taking a shot -- risky character guy -- you're trying to assemble a good football team good lord knows 53 choir boys are -- -- in your uniform. You know I'm gonna have bad and every team has its own sort of personal ethics about how much character plays in this situation pursues talent -- There's always has talent character equation and when you put together say a draft board you're looking at. All the measurable to height weight speed broad jumper -- jump upset for the wonderful equity testing interviewing. And you also look at character and her throat all in a cauldron and news that a -- board and see where it looks like that. I think we have the high profile nature of what's happened. I think I hope but I also listening to this will happen that. That character that maybe put a guy down half around maybe around me put him down around and a half rounds now we get into it. The one thing I will say on public Hernandez is that. Of course we've all talked about your guy that was the first or second round talent that went in the fourth round. Not a huge surprise that what we saw with the pictures taken him in the fourth. 200000 or so bonus. And what I would call that a low risk. Does the bigger risk is when you invest in a player like that and after two years and leave -- -- still left on his contract became a 49 dollar contract. Which again is -- something that you raise your eyebrows about it's a very player friendly contracting. Where the player gets a lot of money early. So you wonder after two years they didn't see any signs of having been around building the players the coaches the front office the team equipment that trainers. You'd think they would have known something before investing that kind of money. It in the end though Andrew isn't you know we can talk got a gonna meet they're gonna do this again -- that. When there's a guy with talent Hernandez type talent two or three years from now just say. It's gonna happen again I mean that there's five million red flags one of these GMs who wants to keep his job one these owners who wants to win -- take these guys. I think they aren't what you what you saw that right there is. -- owners and GMs and coaches. A lot of them feel that they can and put it kind of situation. That he can get better off the field they picked -- and sort of be a mentor. But often things change pressures change realities change winning at all cost comes in the play. I think what you know what we have to sort of figure out is. What to the principle that team stands for. I think there are teams that take players like that off they're bored so I don't think they're Manning but I think there's some. And I think if we do have like I said the barometer or something -- there's going to be. You have to sort of -- and work counts will there be -- talk about taking away draft picks for multiple repeated conduct violations of players on the team. We've already had a little bit to this where two players the team has more than two players suspended an account year. There is some backlash financially. But. Draft picks would really get their attention. We're talking with Andrew Brandt NFL business analyst ESP and columnists Sports Illustrated as well director sports -- at Villanova. And Andrew you know we can talk about seminars you can talk about forums we can talk about lectures on conduct and all that kind of stuff. Isn't the bottom line -- perhaps this is an oversimplification. Unless and until. The National Football League establishes some sort of zero tolerance policy. I'm not sure exactly when that zero tolerance kicks in obviously probably couldn't be after an arrest the -- after a conviction. If you are convicted of a crime you are out of the league permanently isn't that about the only team is gonna get these guys attention. I don't think so again is that. The problem is I'm a lawyer. Creative lowering can push off convictions for who knows how all right right. And you know the interesting thing is I was around the NFL during two commissioners under Paul Tagliabue. When we had a player violate conduct issues on in law. He would wait times. And told of the issue when did it waits for the -- -- them and we knew that there was not can be suspended because the trial they would be after the season etc. Good day though it is the new sheriff in town he will not wait it'll look at a police report -- and his own security and that'll be enough. Suspend united Ben Roethlisberger suspended it and -- no criminal action so that can happen. And I guess we're all this is meant to say is we've got to commissioners as it is in everyone's mind clamped down on the but the high profile nature of these cases in the high profile teams like the patriots that's. That -- good can continue to put it in the air that they've got a problem and let me just say that these reports about. Well it's only you know 282801%. It's less than national average right. As from the league office perspective that -- you know because. The whole idea of the bell is we want to be better we want you roll models we want our players to stand out its first class citizens. Not good enough to be the national effort to. At the grass roots level of 32 different teams is it very much about self governance here in the reason I ask that Andrews and I'm reading your column on SI dot com and you set I remember once in green bank. Being notified of a player serious encounter with the law although not a murder charge we've looked at the information decided at that moment. There was no way on God's green earth that player would play for us again. But all 32 teams would have that kind of approach is that true. I do think you know. -- -- I do think the patriots you know they kind of -- was in handcuffs and then in the car coming back further through the court prior to the -- house but. I do think they have that conversation at some point whether -- Europe or wherever. And said. Based on what we're hearing Britain's police report based on information they knew before we did. There's -- got turner is gonna play for the stream again and I think you know when you talk about those kind of issues. It's going to come out and that's what people have to realize he can't hide this stuff. And you've got to be prepared when it comes out paragon of face the music and usually you have made that position we're in advance him and I do that I do give teams more credit perhaps that that really the majority if not all teams. We have a serious. Legal situation would move on from that player. Parts of -- Bob Kraft today with the standard stuff do you go down the stairs and to Bill Belichick or call him and say listen I know you know you might wanna keep them I know the facts -- told the elegant but we have to cut this guy. Simply from a public perception standpoint. Yeah again back to -- -- character. He -- if it's not a democracy rights and has different rules for different players at it I'm talking way below murder charge level right. And -- you have to balance that person is trying to appeared. Knee jerk reactive in light of what's on the substances that air what's going on around this team right now so. That's a tough one I would say that yet to gathered -- the information. About the coaching about how they feel about -- player and I think. Good chance they will move on. How realistic follow -- question Andrew how realistic is it to say that every team. Has the ability to vet and follow and understand and research and know everything about your 53 players in that locker and then if Pietrus all 53 can't be how do you assigned to resources. A good question and I was in a little capital increase in -- in -- covers everything every channel X thicker than that and but I will say that every team's security has increased over the certainly since 9/11 and some. Have 45 people that are -- in their security department. And they're usually. Retire or not retire that former law enforcement in the areas and so they have great connections they will know they will sort of get the halls when players turn up the players that places and -- for -- to -- And I think that you know. If you get repeated calls to a problem guys and that's where you keep extra -- on -- almost like. Not private eyes but you know through your security in the local law enforcement who's out there and who's not so. I'd be surprised if teams don't know -- the problem children are. He's Andrew Brett NFL business analyst for ESPN columnist for Sports Illustrated director of sports law at Villanova and good stuff we appreciate the information that it was a pleasure talking to the. Always enjoy models. Tweeting about it all the time at a deeper and take it very handy to. Very good undergraduates on the AT&T outlined AT&T four GLT. Itasaka -- Cape Cod and we'll get to John and it's still before we take our next break -- good morning thanks relations. A date or peg Mike off about. Eight. The officer that. I don't believe there was due Wallace who was not yet under. You know it is an off duty yet to was Republicans believe that's the case. I think that had a lot to -- -- the Asian. With the court Monday. Whether or not you would hatred. Of our. Added disagreement. I mean to be a real idiot to punch uniformed police officer and and and knowing that he is a cop this week yeah absolutely and maybe that's why -- got the break the judge. -- I believe that meet the our -- Is that in. I guess as they -- I I would or Opel would -- it -- -- That he made a big for Q Cory. He's got to get a good solid year for rookie cornerback should Ouattara promised that the interceptions -- -- never punch that cup couple days for the draft you know this is kind of guy you thought you -- in the get in the second and third round -- Johnson Pittsfield John good morning. -- -- Albert and our. A group of anybody you guys -- talk about yesterday called. About picking. -- or liberal driver's hole yes -- -- and stop. Indeed in support -- Always told me either you are. You obtain it you'll -- -- party can have these parties could bring what they want -- they're only. Environment and -- -- You know I'm -- it'll -- glow and party and the Indy -- OPEC output that they're a repeat and make them play. At a club they went that night and had little drivers bringing their friends all. Well I mean. That's true. But are we talk about bubble wrapping these people not loading them interact with society evidently I mean you know it's but it's again it's not that hard just don't drive I mean it's in that -- -- -- -- everybody I know is driven drunk at least once -- -- world we live and but don't do it all the time -- and you don't do these guys. Again the -- talking about you know. With the guns are not talking about little bit machine guns yeah it that it's just gotten deeply got -- controlled appealed Andrea he's a bright guy. I think it's gonna be really tough for the sit around a bunch of owners and some house make a bunch of rules I just -- -- gonna work and it's been really difficult -- -- W. I think the rules are pretty simple it it if you let us just how much change you know the -- -- picks for multiple arrests and stuff like that yeah. It's going to be impacted by two different guys -- different goals. -- at New Hampshire -- at Arlington we'll talk with you 61777. Point 79 -- 37 Casey sure you'll join us in the 9 o'clock -- we'll give -- -- Red Sox tickets in that -- as well. We'll be right back.

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