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Calling all Red Sox fans: It’s time to get excited about this team

Jul 11, 2013|

The Red Sox have the best record in baseball and Mikey knows it’s time to get behind the 2013 team. Koji Uehara closed out the win and in the process has earned himself a new theme song on The Planet.

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Wide wide wide but so watch so what you -- the best team in baseball so what big deal. So are -- a team that went 69 games last year might win 69 games by the end of July this year is so flat. That's a big deal. -- -- -- It's a first placed on our -- amazed me correct myself. This isn't a first place team this is a first place team with the best record in all Major League Baseball. It's time to get a little bit more excited than we've been here I mean I'm starting get all gassed up over this and I'm not talking about -- a lower GI. I'm really not. Red Sox win another another come from behind or yeah it was come we haven't is also one of those late. You know extreme rally and they did everything right today and it was a team effort and I was told John -- that. Who'll join us shortly by the way. Thomas a team effort. You look at the different contributions out there in Seattle today. -- now OK let's get past Ryan Dempster he didn't doing. He was Ryan dumpster today at. With nine hits in seven runs four of them earned in three in the third innings. I just one negative. But the guy detainment after. Steven writes. He's one and oh. He pitched five and two thirds innings of relief giving up only three hits and two walks over that period time. Struck out three held Seattle and by the way Seattle and David -- league champs but sheriff's statement at doctors Seattle every single game headlight. Fourteen runs or more and it. In this series of their real thought they could have -- Steven Wright let's give this to its credit. A knuckleballer work in fast. Throw enough he's all day five and two thirds scoreless innings of relief. What do shot in the arm for the Red -- And that doesn't even get to the pitching of my favorite closer. My favorite closes his Dick Raddatz. -- theme song form. Koji. OB. -- Hart drops. OK okay coach. No Red Sox yes that was a good job by him. He came in you know two strikeouts bowls in the -- and the game. Seventh save the Boston Red Sox. Winning eight to seven in Seattle and get invited via the offerings of -- bush. Now what do name that is a great name. I'm never really -- -- -- he has. There was a girl there was in the in the Indy a place South Pacific you know the real show -- guy writer you're not you -- -- me but -- South Pacific -- for bush. The the leading role wrongly -- lead lady in that movie and that thing just you know but this -- different guys names for bush not for bush. And a recession Pete came you know what now writers I was walking -- writers is that have a golden -- -- shoved somewhere in my body. Because. According to writer if he had been the one coming out immediately after his game this game would have been over four hours ago well I it would have been a two hour and 24 excitement and and it is easier doing -- it's -- it was four hours that it runs in just keep running until 8 o'clock at night. Ordered to argue about this that the other thing the game whatever you got 6177797937. But later. These guys today -- -- -- with chip and -- Ellsbury two for four extends his hitting streak what's yet 1990. Loves that Pacific northwest might he does he's from there. He had two walks scored a run drove into today he's grading 30 waiter is anybody not satisfied leads the league in stolen base after a slow start and that's your lead -- guy I think most people would say that's okay. Now novel goes one for six today but not the drives in the game when he runs -- he gets credit for that. Even though he battle for five before he rolled that one of the middle and it's game 12 pitchers well. These 293 guy and I think we Allred bonus territory when Daniel not I don't think -- problem. -- know no doubt bring what bonus plans for most people huge bonus. -- -- -- Pedroia didn't have a great date was one for six we scored a run he spent 316 Ortiz didn't have a great date -- for three but he walked twice scored twice and at one. A bomb and almost ended his camera and ninth right -- or at least caught on the worn -- separately he crushed. The -- heck of a series -- -- Policy Jonny Gomes I've you know one for four scored a run he walked. He did strike out three times -- key single -- -- ago when. Salty comes in just close the game -- he's posted a day off but -- way it was when they pinch ran for. -- the final any of this from Bradley Jackie Bradley junior whole third baseman who of people don't know much about adding 316 with a two for four dated Dayton. And let's not forget that big -- and hander and deal. My favorite new guy terrorists -- has to be eagle -- You know why -- oil -- disease it before well as part of him had we all love the gloves you know we all know about the glove we've heard about the -- now five years. But today he goes two for five. He's -- 387. And digital bit of all the guys I just mentioned every starter every player in Red Sox who has the highest on base percentage. Iglesias. For 39. At bats for him now. -- can look it up on The Who have looked it up for you writer because I have Modest Mouse in my hand. Right now. It says. That Iglesias has been in. 49 -- -- 168. At West Point five runs scored easily driven in sixteen it's -- -- on the order. Ten doubles two triples home -- for 39. Is a PS is ninth twice threatened. That's muscle largely brought the betting -- amazing and great. And in this -- likable for that very reason because none of them -- already well I mean this couple high paid guys on the team you know like poppy for example but. Lackey like these guys -- player but neither of those guys have been well supporters is not a bitch about this is stumbling credible. 61777. Point 793 -- meanwhile in in New York the Yankees win but. The rehab he'd rather the comeback effort for Derek Jeter cut short. With a tight squad now I can relate I got tight hammy and I can't do any of the things I could do three days ago. Physically yeah but he's been out for a long long time he comes back he runs beats out an infield hit. In his debut as DH and and gets a a tight quiet for an MRI after the game would that be unbelievably. -- fortunate. Unfortunate for the Yankees. If -- suddenly had some other issue had been on the -- -- he has to bed and they rushed him back to it wasn't supposed to be back to assume what he's saying he's saying Mikey after he had no big deal will be played tomorrow yeah but he says yes and -- -- to because our the American League east in all of baseball or people looking around going what is the Red Sox team -- John Ferrell are -- -- -- right now. If you -- stopped the season this minute he's the manager -- I agree that I agree. And I liked the manager of the Seattle but mariners by the way Eric Wedge I like that guy he's a good guys pretty good with Cleveland. You know it's a good guy. There's some thought he might end up being Red Sox manager that would be all right with me. You know I -- -- -- I thought I would never blow out John Ferrell for these guys right now John Ferrell single freaking genius Sargent slaughter you know -- Garrett. -- very very yeah happy return to the Red Sox for a manager John -- as a Red Sox 57 and 37 now on. They call -- twenty games over 500 technically if they lost. Most wins in the majors like right. Yeah. We did the whole game's over 500 things it's really ten games -- forever but people say Tony this is the way they were in baseball. Are you good Texas at 37937. As we're right you're wrong night for you to talk about all the stuff there's other stuff to talk about sure. Are you know but if your read such featured a person happier than you know should be Tuukka Rask. Yeah he's doing pretty well financially. No problems there he gets the seven years. Or rather eight years seven million dollars your 56 million dollar deal the second best goalie contract. In the history of of the sport. And well deserved he's happy but you know it's the off season now where I'm all focused on the Red Sox right then as is failing -- who I think if I'm not mistaken. Missed most talked it was last paper we ran out of time so we'll go to -- first because you know that's how it works on this program we are first come. First serve eight by the -- you like my coach yes the sun coming here that again. -- -- -- Coach you are on the Red Sox the proper pronunciation Dave O'Brien -- to oil horror. The airport and we are. I Como is you harm there's a wonderful web -- and it's changed now because of the people call it that would it is -- -- or saved correctly I would -- one right now. Yeah I knew he wore Comodo into the studio tonight -- -- understands and I walked right through the paper walls to get us to go up real good fearful if Philip in Mendenhall failure on the year out to meet before the show and always -- you. Thank you entered. I felt -- let's -- down there in a lovely little town amended. But along the way cute couple. We'll take -- to resort to kids. And that zoo -- and that's ten times the south -- zoo. It is it is and I've got a lot of and relatives live -- to get to the zoo and not that -- be one of the pages that's possible but. -- don't like just about -- -- fill the monkeys there are like the monkey I had done they don't throw their who bet you. You know. And remember we have the chief security at the imperial court dealership here. -- -- going to be the one that was buried it. I strike it that would let -- cool artifacts of all time. What's going on so. -- cable -- we I'm really excited of course this year but. Realistically can look it went on for eighteenth at eight raised a -- Upright he balked at one of the disabled list that you get caught coming at -- that ought to yeah eight straight. -- -- 1011 and Mike Stern because. It's going to be great seeking -- second -- that important yankees Red Sox. Always thought to be all right in ninety alt can be great. I construe what -- now you know he's done for the year he -- -- second opinion. You know it it looks good but realistically of little concern. What the situation would be only I think they're gonna have to. We we've got to make some old I don't know me remind but the point after the middle reliever at least in. You know so I'm glad you mention that -- -- -- programming note tomorrow night between six and seven. You know in this time slot except earlier. It's going to be Alex fear and rob Bradford discussing that very thing up till 7 o'clock tomorrow night discussing trade. Deadline possibilities and and roster moves from Red Sox in little special programming for all your heart chorus of people that's like the hot stove show but. In a hot weather networks admitting it won't be -- won't the prickly -- won't be there. -- that -- -- will -- in the we lever which are old enough. -- -- -- -- -- -- You think the white middle -- the whole reason bring it back now seen people in the -- on your. Is. Yeah. The lefty from it would it. Would -- -- deal that. Yeah. Yeah I have a little issue out with Cliff Lee and and I know his lifetime we are raised numbers is are all good and he's had some tremendous years obviously investor community one Cleveland. He's doing well this year -- probably Jimenez is a gigantic financial commitment you can bring in my he's old. And he has -- he has the every other year syndrome. Okay. Do we can't keep up that's what we -- -- -- -- are we as awesome the -- in the against. It's -- Henry and -- is. It might be problems if -- -- -- but how we critical for all the -- -- natural everything on the table or we're gonna say wolf you know pick up a piece here it will -- if we make a trade would do the -- -- In August or whatever he. Yeah well tell me exactly what is Utah -- you you talking closer here is that what they always -- in Greg he's a big deal about a big deal -- I don't think so here's why because they. -- but let me ask you -- disrupt what seems to be well that seems to -- is. What the best winning chemistry thus -- in baseball this entire season. In other words a big p.'s going for Cliff Lee and I understand that some people who believe the need is your clubhouse guys I'm thinking and -- comes back he gets a lot of -- seized on his month on the on the DL which does every season. He comes back -- he slides back in their -- pitching well -- the biggest problems Lester if you talk about lead replacing Lester. You know I don't think in that kind of so it's gonna happen and I don't think the Reza is gunning for goal when they got going right now. It is it would be almost a desperation move to to to do Richard I don't think it's desperate I I think it all depends on buckles. I think it you know. How buckled is progressing here and what did they give him health wise who they don't think he's gonna be that durable than I could see -- move for Clevlen. A lot -- that supported the last two spots within -- means -- Everything quote small gentleman right which is great race opening broke don't fix -- -- Sorrell later -- all the two evils here. You know Leo we ought to because I think -- -- -- to do something. Well again I you know going out and if people have mentioned Papelbon and I'm against that you know I I don't think that's the right move -- there's way too much money on the table and a big problems like if you -- in his last 45 outings she's been awful. Yeah mobility I get a -- blew -- three or four saves a couple weeks right at thirteen million next year thirteen million the next year after the fast. The reason why they didn't wanna resigning was the final years of the deal yet while the final two years. Closes. But you know we want a quote we -- cheered big squeeze in and around in their. Yeah I know real. Well and and the other thing is there there are teams it's you know remember that nobody reacted very poorly to the Red Sox bullpen by committee have been refused because most against to have that we're steps. But you can and -- -- class example if you got people who are hungry anxious and got stuff. The St. Louis Cardinals have done that you you can change your clothes is bringing in young new kids and haven't worked -- Obama -- -- farm product he became closer. Yeah we'll be hit dummy pills they are. Now it was gonna start but I could see him eventually being closed and a follow your authority controls an issue and you've got I don't like you got only. Only baby -- OK okay. -- -- Baggage that coach you've. Hard enough Red Sox. When he's going to be favorite you. How -- you're back Craig we got Craig sang which effectiveness is -- Cameron and assured that we get the Red Sox to use that is what he comes out that it. If we do this often enough. -- little savings Texaco. Colonel -- men and always there you David Brockton is next on the planet we got a commercial break coming up after today. Right have a -- so it's -- means it's eight minutes late for the break you know loaded -- Craig welcome to planet Mikey do you know what John I don't play bay -- -- rules nobody in my own room. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't KE. And it -- it right -- closers. Are going to be extremely high. A price. Starting picketers are going to be extremely high. A price I'm talking major -- that -- -- epic you know and I you know that Michael. But why why he's saying that how do you know that IAC PU to stay out it wouldn't when he did it closer the price it higher. Well -- -- it depends on the position of the team it's offering ME ST -- that other teams definitely and his salary -- mode needs -- prospects and are gonna -- crap to -- you tend to call hold jump quite as -- -- -- I think it depends a lot on the the money you know I mean look how much percent cliff -- dealt. How much is of Philadelphia eating or do they. You know or is it if there reading a bunch of one better prospects -- turner vice Versa he's got a big -- country. If you're gonna do something. -- might take a -- institute in all art and now we won't -- him to start now that's not true. You know -- let's get a little more specific area is in the right deal anybody's available that of a we really -- have we learned that yet so far -- it for the right circumstances. Anybody can go anywhere right. You know now that you've given up Bogart's. I think there's certain guys that are untouchables and he's one of them. We gave up part of it a few years ago. -- Adrian Gonzales who it would have been at least we were very lucky but it argues that the couple contacts. We don't want to wind up eating at least. Upon the general manager or the owner you don't wanna light up idiot -- you're in good financial position right now what ability you make great report currently. Your mutual. What you are right now. I would write a bag I am I'm not short -- plea deal again and the right deal. It's just or Papelbon but how do you feel right now David about this group with the best record in baseball are you are you confident. That basically the -- it is it's a minor tweaks is Israeli go all the way the World Series when. Provided they don't they are doing their unity stupid give up too good -- -- -- still. And K gotcha thank you call yourself too stupid. Kauai and I have where I heed that advice in my life to -- and get that memo rates have been sharing -- don't do anything to do anything stupid. Actually my dad used to say that to me before I left the house is young teenager. And I almost inevitably did if duty didn't heed those warning it's like he was reminding me that I that I am capable of doing stupid things every night and pages judicious and had a good night maybe -- would have been better but this -- -- -- she aware of that -- outside the the Comodo where the nipple piercings I forget about taking quick break and I know I'm over. Okay so let's let's take a break and have a lot of these phone lines and real Red Sox fans want talk about real stuff real issues real people on the real planet Mikey show.

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