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Jon Lester is not an ACE

Jul 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni break down Jon Lester's poor outing against the Mariners and discuss his lackluster performances of late.

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31 count on Saunders with the bases loaded Seattle already with a running to break the scoreless tie at 31. This -- the -- Paul -- Jon Lester has blocked him around. Here's the -- Obviously it. It right there. But you. These last thirteen. A lot worse from there among Lou -- 37 WEEI. Rough night for the Red Sox rough night for Jon Lester you -- that there was a what's on tap yesterday -- tonight we sort of start to find out. Was it a step in the right direction to Jon Lester turn a corner where they modified. Wind up try to set that thing up maybe that was what was. An issue for him would take a step for a step backwards -- pretty clearly. Watching Jon Lester last night that was a legitimate step backwards in his progression back to what he was. In the first nine starts of the year he was bad he was angry on the mound he was staring umpires he was shaken and said. Most of all he wasn't -- strikes to some of the worst hitters and Seattle's lineup eleven for your final three losses in a row. But most importantly Jon Lester back to I guess square one where he's been these last ten starts which is not in very good. Yeah not a good I look at account mechanisms for him I -- -- you know because I thought early on. I got out of some trouble you know off of first inning he looked outstanding you know I had everything worked in the first inning in a fastball location -- Curveball great changeup he he had at all and and only a leadoff double a second but he gets out of that. Same thing in the thirty instant global trouble but he gets out of that and an eagle against Felix in the 0200 gaming -- for then. Now that's reached -- to run -- trouble. Gilead basic basic but then -- the bottom half of the you'll officer. You know you throw in the know. You know with who -- let's catching prospect but he's the eighth hitter in Seattle's lineup and it strikes me it's it's a 32 change up. You really have to go there with this guy need to walk and he's -- dirt. Any -- what to ten -- like that whatever it is. And you get so much credit which read out to seventeen after last night last night yeah that'd Saunders same thing -- the guy that went to before the bomb the order. The bottom of the order wood seven for twelve off. And we got bases loaded walk and Saunders and it just it felt like an economist truthful with him. The notes is going up against Felix and it's almost like god gave up a couple runs here. You know I made some good pitches that I -- the ground ball and -- to happen to be down alliance. Which down do not -- of Felix and it's like a -- boggled because an -- going up against it and come back in grand a couple of patsy -- Predicate -- given up that the timing game up and get back into the game and luckily getting back in the game to any school with a run wild pitch. 02 and -- by New. -- bar. -- to the Indy get out of it -- completely just that that's it's all -- single single without the sixth near the game and you right back through the staring at the umpire Adam walked off the field and and now the Jon Lester circling the mound and after the game you give fans the last thing they award. He's done it now future. After the ball bent the -- course -- you made some really good pitches. Again that that that doesn't go so well when he -- -- give it up. Not I made my pitches. And it really missed an excuse they don't want it to be just gonna give that credit on the this is -- us. You can. You can't second guess there's that you know in your head you'll go to. Talking -- that could set up. Substantive so. Sometimes. Room. You make mistakes obviously from. It you're more frustrated -- like -- Excuse that it's fairly. And that was all. Receives so. It's structuring is -- to. At the same time. US officials want to go to and -- that sometimes a they have their game plan and knew that it. And he obviously did and that's where that book. We didn't execute O two and guy it's home run if you didn't execute -- -- the bottom line is -- Stoddard and and definitely don't know play 'cause it was a cutter. -- you know and it looks like they wanted to kind of frees him collect cutters hip. And hit the inside corner you know -- to begin worried about it half that he's got that pitch he didn't execute in January 1 of the don't know -- note to whacked. And again this is the bottom of the order to mess around. That this is a Leno character of the three to change at the -- and you know. Actually blew my mind. And in turn Rhonda Saunders 31 and -- you know you're pissed off the don't get the fastball down and away. It you have to be that Q with Michael Saunders and 200. And then it's not take my ball go -- give up too many runs -- -- B Felix. That's very very disappointing because his last outing at but he looked -- it was against San Diego so you like OK well Etsy. Grit that this is still Seattle you know it's not like they got murders -- in their book. You know the -- that line up Serena bat pretty well me -- morality Ibanez -- come on. Smoke -- spoken body of right and he went three for four but maybe he's figured out he's account at all nothing I've for a long time but. Yet just disappointing we sent last start. I I get out go back to earlier in the game if I. If I set up the first three innings for Jon Lester were strong which he says I was -- I thought were. The third inning a particular he gives up that infield single a glaze is gets over there makes a great lady and get to that ball and throws it wide you know I've shocked -- make the play. -- -- -- on Saunders eventually got a later in the game but he gets it too well in that count and taken -- here we go as -- set to lose Jon Lester. 9494959490. Took some little -- an offer made Saunders looks silly got it's factory. Now give up an infield single but then got Franklin a body is to get out of the -- and -- -- and -- the pitch count. Adapt what you eat you start shaking and sale always used a lot of pitches to get through three. But it was okay that's Jon Lester. Too well against a guy shouldn't be too well against it shouldn't worry about Saunders it he finally clicks and and it's boom 949495. Net's three pitches. It is 95 a lot early on and then for whatever reason like you said you get that Fort Benning. He starts in the pick and he walks the bottom of the order and look it's one thing it if you -- if you're trying to paint trying to be too cute. You're a good stuff Jon Lester still has good stuff he's at 9495. Less -- -- the NASA and gone up there in Seattle. That should be good enough to over power the guys in this lineup it real it really should be ready for whatever reason. That doesn't click at times he tries to be too. Damn cute tails of the it's it's Saddam. We've seen it before from him it's it's oh wait wait too much for it to be so predictable yet. Right I mean look at the fourth inning that morale is -- to. Curve ball you know single. First pitch -- base it off the joys glove and it's like you know and come back in excuse to pitch against Jason Bay. And then according Tammy does what he wants to smoke. You know what you want those with cutter in him any it's a ground ball hard is that a hard ground ball down the line. No one to get thrown a cutter in on a righty did to either throw that his back foot the swing it over them. Right immediate treating it more like a slaughter pitch. Yet to -- cutters the eighties I know is effective with -- the cutters or are. We -- there really effective is a 10. You know poll are behind all aligned in the count as behind in the count ahead guys gear it up and I think it's a heater he kind of gets a little bit long -- -- cuts in big threat over the -- play any. In any -- himself -- got a guy won two. You -- bury that thing down and and you want to suing over. So he gets enough -- -- it leaves it up. Inner half and it's not the barrel it down the line handle out two feet and left I understand it could be at their base to get out of it. Then it's -- -- -- stick ball and go home when you walked eight -- well walked in Iran on a guide to -- And that's the thing it's it's predictable everybody that watched it can see it happen -- in front of their faces rates. Played the umpire. The you know my old -- execute you know ball finds a hole it's just it's always there with him right now it's so frustrating to see. He's not used coming out of it in the first nine starts of the year is great the last ten he's been a disaster now says last ten starts. He is last for war are runs and five classics. It was last -- he's given up for more earned. Last ten totally two and five the team is five and five. 59 innings and he gallery at 649. Batting average against -- 313. Hitters -- -- 900. OPS against Jon Lester last ten starts they -- close to two. Given up ten home runs and and I pulled this up because I thought about this during the game last night when he really get in trouble specifically. When he walked zinni you know. And Saunders back to back winner -- 89 there. Brought back to his quote February ninth with rob Bradford WEEI dot com. What next level is there says Lester to Bradford that's in the frustrates me. People don't consider me an -- who don't consider me Frontline starter well. When there are two other pitchers in all of baseball. Who won at least fifteen games four straight seasons what do mine that's my argument to. What extra level is there to. My supposed to went 25 games every year. It's not possible and judge I'll put this as last night's start as evidence as to why more is there John. You -- nit pick 89 bottom of the order -- Seattle. That's what more there is to it the problems I went up against Felix Hernandez. That guy's an ace -- look what he did OK he fought for a wild pitch -- and and as a wild pitch that scored Ron. Ever happens. That he let that bother him know let back out there at the 9596. And sort of -- guys down again. That's what next level there is go back and look at last night's start re answer your own question from last February. And you've got yourself the answer to that question. All look. Last night's start look in the -- -- that's what -- their -- that the problem I have you know in their -- bother me back -- Obama's -- now is the when he says talks about fifteen wins. -- -- -- Everybody that it knows baseball and I was not about wins for starting pitchers. -- is a pitcher in Major League Baseball he knows it. Telus has been in stretches where you know he's thrown the ball outstanding for 5678. Games -- stretch in his career and his walked out of it. You know. A one in tool. You know with the 26 ERA. And then what's the quote play wins looking DO fifty -- and it's not a Carl wins it's about how I pitch and going out there will be okay it will swing the bats. We don't throw me fifteen wins. You know less -- the frustrating thing is is used this year. It is 100%. Mental. Okay what Jon Lester is going through its 100% mental -- -- Texas left the American text and say you know you always over rated this guy is not their good. It -- 9495. Miles an hour with a very good changeup a good cutter and it could curve ball. The case that that's that's the numbers the lines should be a lot better the more we see from Jon Lester it is 100%. Mental occasionally there's yeah. There are some some mechanical issues. But you know I I went back I think that's haven't we had a while ago where over the course of three seasons he had like an 85. -- Streak page 83 starts yet is that yeah eighty Mary starts in a row. With the ERA was like a 2792. Against the American League game that was unfortunately though he knows he'll wait on ninth 2010. You know maybe even -- much of the years. -- she was last year. In 2011. Is what it wants with the September 6 2011. And it was 85 consecutive starts leading up to that point. So he walked go up woke up September 6 to disguise an -- you're absolutely right. The game because he gives -- 200 innings he had 2728. ERA over 83 starts. What you're seeing right now last year I think it was mechanical -- there was some things leak and it is wind up. His leg every everything opening up too soon this year right now the watching him on the -- last night. That's the frustrating think he had the stuff. It is to me at that scored 9898%. Mental with Jon Lester why he doesn't elevate his game. I wish I did this a. -- you watch that third -- to the fourth inning a look at his ability to get out of it runner on first down too -- account got out of that and pars and first and second one now. He got Franklin Ibanez sort of that part of the order and then come back in the fourth and have -- all unravel an affair and each is. That that let the lord is frustrating it was to me with some some spans the sport and I. I can't think -- more frustrating member of the Boston Red Sox because it's not John Lackey who was her kind of a bad attitude. -- this is a guy and Jon Lester with the talent is absolutely there earlier right and if you're guilty able radio I'm right there with -- you know in terms of what he gives the -- wondered innings the horse like stuff but at some point at Dexter gives a couple of examples of guys and police at Texas examples of pitchers to you know have certain but not consistently enough -- Jason Smith's Barry Zito mark smolders. Bottom line is Jon Lester isn't good enough to win at the same level of consistency. He once did and that's a problem right now because the first half of the year first nine starts tremendous last ten. -- 649. ERA. That is a Odyssey last night -- in the first first inning first couple innings like. I felt he had some of the best stuff he's had a long time. Okay can you actually -- 95 feet and how that how does that change and curve ball and and it's intimate part comes in and it's. Okay image am OK and get a call. My gonna get out of this thing or is it do we go again. That's the wheat -- that's would once it was he -- again with Jon Lester. To get your thoughts on Lester 61 you know what I'm just speculating. Well that's. We should expect 6177797937. AT&T text one. 37937. Yet he calls a -- but it's nice about speculating is that we have a caller. For the top the hour who asked if you were journalists and we said now. But he's right it's probably our fault that things happen in sports leagues and ask the right questions or less the tough questions. Where did you guys a chance to be to ask the tough questions of the questions you wanna have to Dustin Pedroia. He's gonna join -- just over an hour from now -- 1030 east West Coast I'm Seattle wake up Pedroia. You guys can be journalists. And get the ball in the conversation go to -- WEE I live app. On the -- click on open Mike in the lower right hand corner on your iPad iPhone or android device day here's -- opportunity. -- you wanna be a journalist to ask the right questions job as the -- Georgia WEEI live up on your iPhone iPad android. Open Mike Lowell right hand corner. Record your question for Dustin Pedroia now that will play everybody jumble pick out what. You were three Tokyo -- -- will pick out to a through the best ones two -- three questions for Droid is not on the radio all year as far as I know. What's -- talks in baseball or talk baseball but hey John big John has -- -- wanna ask the right questions about the economy journalists. You can get involved WE yeah I live app open Mike lower right hand corner click on that. And record your question -- -- Droid who'll join us just about an hour from now. Your calls on Jon Lester an update money banged up Red Sox bullpen next.

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