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Jul 8, 2013|

In the first podcast of the State of the Revolution I talk with New England Revolution coach Jay Heaps about his teams trials and tribulations so far this season. We also get into the future of MLS and his prediction for next years World Cup.

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Thank you for joining me this stage of the resolution nine. -- Holley show. Today I'm joined by -- New England Revolution host -- current New England Revolution coach. Jay heaps. Jay thank you very much for joining us. Just give you guys quick introduction -- has had a stellar career as a player for the New England Revolution and so far is doing a great job as the coach of the revolution and balanced jumper and and currently does -- sitting at 56 and 5:6 place in the Eastern Conference 21 points two points behind Houston. Before the season started where did you expect your team to be at this point in the season. Well -- I think it's. Where we're probably. With that point in the table that would rather be a little bit higher up in the stands wanna be around you know in the hunt and I think we are in the hunt I'd rather than a little bit more secure that -- -- Prodded and -- six point. I would not that we in or two at home so. I think we we've. You were right around where we will need to be but we wanna be able to hire. Saturday night. Achieve this USA 11 draw -- you said it was disappointing explain why is disappointing. What is point in in the way in which he played having the commitment was there ideas and in the passing it would but the commitment in the overall. Energy for the game we had we just couldn't. Connect passes away we normally can and cannot feel like that would just be solidly in the plan or strength and unfortunately. In the game in globally wanted to -- to chase it up for the very last minute. And an obvious we tied that game which is. Which is your applicability get out of -- losing but we will be displayed at you know report. They said the energy was like him what how much. How much do you put that on the travel schedule as of recent. Night it actually and he was good yet energy indicated it was going to be unfortunately way and it was the the overall. Chemistry size our support -- chemistry was there mean we just couldn't connect. But it wanted to ask you. Off to a pretty each other in in very good position but in terms of. The commitment to win that was there unfortunately. You know I think that he it would from DC out there and there's no excuses. The long flight but in terms in terms of their chemistry just we can find that. He played Saturday night without Andrew Charlie you're number one overall pick. And obviously that probably had something to do with the game but what expectations do you have for him coming into the season and how well as -- progress so far the season. Andrew. Was someone right away that it was last year's college -- that. He could make up an animal last a couple of positions and very personal player. I'm so we draft that we we had spotted at center back right back and possibly defense missed -- -- You know he's basically taken right back position and made his. And it I would say that. I would expect them to be starter. Unfortunately our -- unfortunately he's he's progressed more fat and ice that's very good. Soccer player that Scott McCain means he the jump from college to pro but also. -- awareness around the game. That's sideshow stability on the ball and so when he gets his -- all working together he's he's one better players -- rights act entirely. Now using your experience from when you played your rookie of the year 1999 with Miami fusion. What can you instill upon him to your experience -- Well I think it was a it was similar and that it was it was. Tankersley it would be thrown right in there. And I think that's what that was supplement. I was at the cost -- right in excellent position it went right back. More offensive player college so I had to adapt the defensive side -- Farrell has been more of a sense of plant. Better defender now is playing outside to -- resist that and just in a position. I'm but I think for -- -- You know what I what I like so much about him is his eagerness to learn insult. We do a lot of film to do a lot of work of you know positioning he's just always there ready to listen rate of learning and also. I'm game preparation I think he's. In the game has definitely changed from. You know thinking years ago when I was a rookie to now we have. You know better technology better ability that's prepared and news you know one of those kids that that we show him something. He takes that and menus is on Saturday. Do you see him at some point his career moving over to the defensive midfield. Yeah I Q I think I would I would it would be. You know it would be the wrong -- to kind of pinpoint it right back for smoker I think he's. He's a player where he's place -- defense right now our senator missed field he would be probably doing just as well but because from where. It got in the played well so. You know he he certainly be a progression -- career -- IDC and in time when we're essentially -- defenseman -- lord there's -- back but I think that those are probably. Easy to -- -- these very. Policies vary. Intelligent players putting Morse potentially -- hope players around since that's where with again as time zone. You know starting in June at the beginning of June you guys had a five nothing win over defending two time defending champion LA galaxy and it's tapered off a little bit at the end here coming up with some draws. Now has the attack have been inconsistent three guys. I would say it's been. You know it's soccer and it is in his sport because you can you can limit teams in teams can. -- -- -- spaces differently I think for us and we are. -- -- Were really tough to defend him when we're not playing well -- we did it and -- achieve on its. It's a little -- little bit predictable on an and that becomes. Year's offense so we we do we we have had moments we played really well and moments where we need to. To find a -- to to make it work. Even when things are firing. You know we feel like it's not going away. I think that offensively we've. You know we've. We have improved and I think we've got players we've we've done the right things offensively we just need to continue to get get consistency in and that effort. In maybe guys made a deal would you pursue a safer 1000. How was he changed your team since he came here. What I wanted it a player at it that'll that still does a lot of what we need -- hold the ball up it is a lot of help this running he's. He's very good at the the little things of of how the plain mean hold all he's not receptive so players around them you know is an option itself. He had a player like and into what we're doing it just it helped a lot of our spacing issues -- a lot of what we're trying to do offensively insult. And that sentiment that we definitely got from him and now there have always that we have they're all competing for that spot. CNET said that what you played makes our system work well with patterns and and that's the banana apple -- in the fours edited it off and. Well you guys are making a push for the playoffs by TC yourself sliding in there within the next a couple weeks here. Quite its velocity and I'm I'm I'm hoping that we we can do is take maximum points we can't I think that that's something that. You know it is is. And do you feel the better I think that we. We've been in games dating to game time Vancouver was actually for the first forty minutes is probably the best in the failure to Euro and in. -- carting and we couldn't stop the bleeding in the -- -- came -- three. And in that game in and we we talked about it when you're playing well -- -- my viewpoints. It went in -- out plant life at the final way. It to get a point there. Reports I thought that the game issue actually you know play real well -- -- Size it was disappointment I'm happy that replicates -- again regain and -- -- -- -- religious point it is by the that we played -- the way. So voters -- we need to get better -- really right now we're still in. You know it's processes -- work were -- -- that now. Creating. You know teams from from last year in -- this you know now that your app and the job and. This trying to collect things starting to go away but we have a long way to go and so we still do one game and it's -- tea. -- what will make its way out its release at the you know you shortsighted on my part I think it's along your typical game by game because we're still on that -- development process. Apparently you share facility was the New England Patriots do you ever talk to build low tech. You know it's it's it's it's one of those things where avid animal quite a bit in in the hallways but -- I'm I'm actually in the process of setting -- of the world we Goldberg. I don't know it's a work I think that that's -- -- really wanna develop. You know art technology Pope autopsy cutting edge that we wanna take it to levels what my plans on the next few weeks connection to balance their video people. They're defensive coordinators -- what we can. In due to implement. His and their strategy we're doing in men in the incident you know could Belichick. Just kind of overall swap -- It's something that I am I'm very into them and I'm kind of of the old. -- -- -- Is -- reminds a lot of time. And would coach -- at -- and -- do console. Also in -- another coach acknowledged that I think would be. Pretty exciting. In the impression on coach like me. So how did I know he played for. Played for coach -- between 96 and 99 how did how did he. -- -- -- Well I've -- Now and I think it you know especially because that was you know -- and out of planted in Puerto lots are available observed quite a bit and. I addicts from the just his ability to engage everyone his ability clutched his ability to. To. Did you get the best out of everyone when you're myself the last step to benchmark your machine back in the national player of the year I think that. He was he found a way to get to everyone can act and everyone. But also bring emotion I think that that's something that I really viewers that haven't emotional -- And players and currently an emotional -- -- plant capacity unity he's able to find. What emotional. But meet our president that it's apparent that. It interject this but I can't stand seeing that. I know you -- the but I. Stay. He's a good guy here is these guys. I'm sure is just sometimes I watch it seems pretty dirty I am -- a wide transition a little bit over to them OS is a hole. And in your opinion to an MOS ever be a top four American sport and American League. I absolutely delighted I don't I don't wanna give a timeframe on that I think that the progression it it made in early on from 96. I would -- in 2000 what is slow process in and then it has to step back but then from -- 2000. But to 200456. It's it's really jumps in now wanna say it is it's really in an helped it place in. I didn't mean you know really pushing him in more people are getting into is to be one of those games it. Soccer has its its -- -- you know. Positive negative. Detractors but at the same time. Thanks soccer has has got this wrong I think is being more except it whether it's even just in the confederations cup being unused in the last few weeks. Or you know molested beginning to push and -- -- desperate carting in agents. Arab League is getting stronger and in emergency start applying continue to -- so there's going to be. -- along the long holiday it jumps in to be you know one of the top four wouldn't it make it. Talk about sport was in. I deal with those negative detractors every -- in economy -- soccer but I don't care I find it fascinating sport. And people say oh it's really boring and -- you know you watch baseball -- for -- I love baseball but it's a really boring there. English uses. It was football does it at some point triple and that moment when it into one game it's fourteen to seven -- can do it you know. The -- more schooling is taking out an accent -- you Hispanic and we -- -- -- this fourth street Vancouver it would have been 28 when he wanted to call today. Now. Does this salary cap in the MLS does that prohibit -- Do you think that prohibits human all from. You know bringing in obviously a little bit bigger name players to help the league as a whole get more recognition. It would not -- think -- that the league is built in the ladies beat it to sustain. The parity in net and you know any itself from years ago when sounded that would they've made me when I'm -- -- and severance in the best players in Pelé and Beckenbauer and I would have wanted it it made one team the cosmos you know. One of the best traction but then in the wrestling kind of fell off. I think that -- that our cap allows us to -- You know do a couple of openings obvious you can bring in the big name players we have the slack on the designated player. And that is eight as separate. There's there is a salary cap amount dedicated app but the intent and -- above me on the -- cap hit. Comes some more lessons from the ownership so. There's your ability to sign a player like back home where Robbie -- in and they make you know. -- what our entire hour cap but there's -- special allotments that and so there are the ability to hit some big name players I think for us. We're still we're still on that -- that little bit different. Model that we wanna get. A core group of the baseline of what we want to do it in -- that the big name player try to add a big name player every year if it becomes the peace will -- get it wrong. I think it. You know -- really -- teams. The delays in in and you know. Elected. Adding big -- else have a core group has have a a baseline players that they drafted -- it well. To get to -- demanded the big name players to go after championships. You know -- -- which they received last year it back in Kenya and so for me. -- -- build -- core of the end of -- count Rosalie means. Chizik called as the guys that were adding to our team now. Then now. If we get in a good position we can add a big name plastics is over the top. Sounds good sounds good herded the gold cup is coming up in new offensive experience I think yearn for caps to gold cup. And what would you like to see the US men's national team achieve their. Adding that they -- short of winning it would be disappointment having debates. There didn't have to win this tournament it's -- -- terminated their protests all aspects -- travel involved in. Matters is tough venues at the same time. On the US's is that an experienced team you know they've they've brought in some young players to. To kind of have them grow but they also have some experience in and so for me -- negated. It's tournament that should be some in the US can win -- -- -- All right final caution signal and ask every guess leading -- summer right now. We have one in the World Cup. We got a good ones and yesterday in Spain certainly did. I think that the that the three teams that we saw play. I would -- your way to an outside chance that I really think Spain. Spain Italy Brazil they all those those in the top -- mean. And I didn't it turns format it just seems that maybe they know how to do it it is they're not eleven players there to 1819 players deep the issue of rotator -- And when you get a team that factored in -- can insert different players in different areas you know when when the term and it's hard they do that they do and child of that and and I. I wanted to -- have a lot of pressure so I'm looking at a much and it caught up as static Italy's rhetoric which. Interesting and I excellent team now the last question -- -- said something yesterday before. Brazil Spain took to the field. And said. It would be better for Brazil to lose. Do you believe in that at all because I had I was shaking my head going that's really stupid. And lose -- -- confederations cup speed I didn't hear you like I -- I shall we are complaints watching it now on Univision and second. Analysts the last shot he I think he says things like that to really -- -- -- -- For his personality on -- and act and I understand these things is try surprise they look is now the expectation is they don't win next summer that. You know they've -- failed to account what you these mechanisms turtle he's trying to -- I understand what he's saying or. -- -- It would -- put out of that argument -- like to know about is that. If -- just saying it'll be better for them if they lose this game so they know what to work on for next site. Which I never understood in any sport any time my coaches would if they are never system like that it never made sense of. Now Cadillac is the innocent what -- -- bit of information coach K -- that you can still. -- from a win you can still coaching Spiller right I think it. If you really have to -- sometimes after a wins sometimes it's a little bit better to learn have to win because sometimes in negative emotion after a loss can. Can -- yet but I think that in there are learning experience you get from winning. You know it in him and that's negative things in the game where he didn't prepare well it is meanwhile still one based on. And -- physical ability -- and you know they have to continue to get better but I think Brazil is. The aggregate -- that Brazil does have all the talent in the world the dark times and they don't show up and it'll play the right way. As such and it's literally don't let their potential. And when they do have the potential there you know almost those bubbles I think an election saints and it looks and its full potential. You know considerations coveted -- will turn and let -- the World Cup where you want to see these guys you know -- -- -- stage I think it's. And it Stanley's name but I still think we can dictionary. I think so too close they have been pretty much unbeatable. At home since like 1976. Against her. Well Jay heaps thank you very much for joining me really appreciated and good luck Saturday and diverse Santa -- aberration and sit back. Those are first installment of state of the revolution. You can hit me up every day on Twitter young Ben WEEI you can hear me on soccer and holly every day doing for -- for real slowly trying. Insert some more soccer questions. Getting questions from here you'd like to submit some questions for upcoming guests give me up on -- young -- WEEI. Thank you guys for joining us.

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