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It's Mustard and Johnson on a Sunday -- Tyler Seguin's Maturity Level and Hernandez Jersey Exchange

Jul 7, 2013|

Craig and LJ are in on a Sunday and kick things off sharing more of their thoughts on the Seguin deal and their disdain for the B's giving up on a young talent. They get into the tales of Seguin's antics off the ice and wonder about the coincidence of these accounts coming as he's walking out the door. They also discuss the Hernandez case and the Pats great PR move to take the jerseys back.

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Red Sox finish off their three game set in Anaheim the angels ESPN tonight in Sports Radio WEEI of course on the radio side which leaves a big. Gaping chasm in the Sunday programming and here and a clause that big gaping chasm none other than Craig mustard Larry Johnson. A special addition of monsters in Johnson just seems like we're here just a day ago. It Matt and the government obviously -- had a -- game instead of -- Saturday games he's rolling some of those cigarettes in the other room hey Matt even though dale show is over your job continues for at least another hours or were you pleased you know maybe hit the right buttons thanks a lot -- Good to have dale you guys can just bring your own headphones next week and he's just resting on his laurels now that the giants. Victor quarters of hooked up Tyler love altered either conduct himself I'm glad he's back. You know we always look we don't really kick around opinions it's up before the show cause a run of the -- freshen. You know everybody just to take their position but I think we both agree and great to have -- back in the paper in DJ they pretty much agreed also this just so much going on already that you don't even have to create anything new. I did find it -- -- humorous this morning when I opened up the the globe and read the are ferocious Russians hours piece. About the Bruins and she says -- -- -- Sure how he was thrilled. To get a phone call for me countless agent and attack again -- really wanted to play for the Bruins and these are all the about it. Get -- for six million dollars I want to play for the awards but you don't -- how we got six billion dollars the previous guy -- stroke the pay for the Bruins. Right and he stated Pittsburgh I mean I I love the way all of a sudden every art history is being. Re written. All from the playoffs and the like I I kept hearing the Bruins are in pretty good shape what the cap situation and it certainly they had designed to cut. And they were gonna try to sign boy and stop the for the most but I didn't hear anything about cap problems are. Or -- you know how we -- every sign this guy and that guy and now all of a sudden. It was a great trade because they really had data you know they are really up against him but that can happen again as I told our. Now two point seven million not six he went seven. And now of course the word out on tireless -- as the guy he's just -- I actually I really do understand that I think people are trying to be fair about it with him and I agree. With the analysis is that this was a trade that was made by the Bruins. Because we want to win now we've set up in -- in such a way -- the charity each structure and some of the guys. We want to win now we can't wait for job for 21 year old to find his way. To catch up to his skill level so we wanna win now I understand all that but that also means. Next year the Bruins should finish better than seventeen seconds from game seven. And I just hope but I I honestly think we will be hearing it in a year or two from the great problem now when you see. Say again why can't we get players like that. Well is no question about it and all of the anecdotal unscientific research that I've done and you know certainly we talked to a lot of people on over the last four hours are you an insider I am not an insider proud to say. All I know is I've -- -- I've been probing I via I have in all my investigators out trying to figure out. What could have been so offensive. In tightly Sagan is off ice behavior. That they -- wanna pull the plug on the 21 year old. With three years' experience. 67 points a couple of years ago and full NHL season including 29 goals. All the talent in the world a second round draft Rick -- we Ericsson may be fine you know I'm not gonna sit here and pretend can be study that I know a lot about. We are garbage 28 -- -- he's he's steadily mature enough now he's long past that other states are boring about what he's doing at night so and I understand that. He's gonna be good addition 2530. To thirty goals -- you'll be really good addition for them and the standoff that morrow again in the end on the Blue Line now they had a -- have a -- an -- there. I understand all that I'm just very nervous on giving up on a 21 year old that. And shall superstar player everywhere ago and believe me these are not insiders these are not people who work for the organization but their hockey fans and people who know the game in -- watch Sagan. Up play for three years and they all are doing the same thing they're baffled the scratch and -- What is going on here this got to be people date there has to be something that we simply do not know about now here's the question. And you know why implored. Bob Kraft who speak up for his franchise last week and just say something about the Aaron Hernandez matter. I'm wondering if you're gonna get anything out of can't believe I -- Peter Sharaud. In that case I would tell you what good would it do I cannot just -- doctor you're right you're waiting for him to mature more and and not a bad guy. And I I I think they've taken the right position on that. I just think they have to realize and I'm sure they do. That they are taking a bit of a risk. That this team if this team does not finish is as good as they did. Last year seventeen seconds from game seven then. You can sit in of -- has it as a very good year than you can fairly say that that was not a good -- then I'm just concerned Larry that. The swap the guy with -- all the talent in the world and Phil -- and he certainly prove it against the Bruins. In that playoff series had a terrific season. This year twenty goals and 48 game regular season 36 last year. OK he may not be. A player that is necessarily perfect for loads system but once in awhile you need one of those players you need a guy. That can rush up the guys who can score goals who -- out skate people Sagan may not be the best back checker in the world maybe doesn't. -- play the neutral ice game the way that quote would like a once in awhile you need a player who has those offensive skills you know it is. In his state about the Red Sox even breed Ortiz he's the only guy you can have a -- -- you know once. And that's what he had to have a and I think you get a rock command and just bam like the road runner the next minute. He's gone he's exciting. You pay money obviously in the end Mateen has to win and I understand capitalist not treat this past season like over the failure. In a way though Larry and I am glad you said that and you know you yesterday it's almost. The perception is. That they were. A minute and a half away from winning a Stanley Cup they still had to get to know Venus and sent but I does that percent that's not my mistake that's the perception out there that suddenly. Because we all felt what was the phrase that I use they had an error evident in that inevitability about them after winning -- -- series in just rolling. It appeared through Atlanta -- they give Pittsburgh. Wright is saying I believe in the rangers' juggernaut and they were up to -- and base just -- we smothered the life out of the Blackhawks in game three to go up to want that to nothing win. At the garden. And didn't get it appeared to everybody was there anybody out there insider outsider expert -- expert. A neo fight to the game everybody thought the Bruins were gonna win. And then to see with the Blackhawks didn't three straight games I think there's a sense. You don't want. Maybe I was -- and doesn't belong it's like he's almost the sacrificial lamb about sacrificial -- Atlanta asked them about amen Isaiah 53 days ago isn't it in a waiter almost paralyzing say again. For the fact they could solace video for the someone's got to pay for this I -- against somebody asked the question yesterday -- as a great question. What if by chance they -- held on -- In the last seventeen seconds and they won that game and -- they went on to win game seven. Would win. They can still be on the on the chopping block but they still have salaries -- crisis that is neat that is the 64000. Dollar question to. Well a core I looked around like Q I went home later puzzle read every story I confined in I -- the stand there. Again the year Steve Harris story about the got outside a hotel or something again. I love how all these are not not blaming him I'm just saying I love how all these stories and having come out after people have gone. Enlighten me about that story is something about that there were very concerned about -- and running around and being a 21 year old didn't you know copying all night never thinks of trying to they would at a tournament -- let him stay in -- -- Demanded the statement. Hotel and imposed a god so that you know he couldn't be on -- might Leinart you know the only the only question I ask -- -- -- and then -- -- right the Celtics but. Ire of some people one in various parts of the day in stations bashing the Celtics are. You don't let them into great about it in then not saying tanking it is some of us is saying I hope they -- it because that's it that's the system. That's what you have to do but thinking outside of the barks at a garden Hiram College coach even know very few of them have ever succeeded. Than Larry brown and like it is that they thought outside the park today and care about public opinion. -- your question. It's safe -- having some of these problems in the wasn't focusing enough in May be was carousing a little too much and may be. Nipping a little too much or think -- you -- cup. A better person. In the Bruins organization. Pay him a couple of box or whatever it'll lead Derek Sanderson go up with this kind set down and talk with him. -- with him about the wild lifestyle talk about the drinking talk about the carousing talk about not is spending your money more wisely -- doing a movie now about it. Can you think of and I know that three some music dot -- into -- why can't you why can't you take advantage of somebody. Who ended up making some terrible decisions in his life and thank god he's still alive. In he's excellent in terms of sharing. His life great motivational and mistakes are made up like that you promise I'd say Derrick could -- a couple of -- Derek. This guy's really going off to -- he's a potential in the world but we can't seem to get him focused I think Derrick would have been a great matchup for him played senate. With the Bruins nobody was wild are in more of a womanizer than Derek Sanderson but at least he could've. Probably I'm just saying I am IQ I'm sorry I I I just. I love the kids' ability there are a lot of things I don't know a bottom in those things probably. The other people were more concerned about it. Man it's tough to give up on somebody like. When you see what that's that's the whole thing it's the you know the dangerous in the most the the dirty -- word in sports is the key word potential. -- upside Milan your buddies a favorite word upside. He certainly has that even after three years because he's only 21 years old I'll go back to I'll respond to that idea but Derek Sanderson I'm not dismissing it by. Any stretch of the imagination but I go back to another a young man is in Farsi more serious trouble -- Tyler saying and I talk about Aaron Hernandez. And you know we talked a little bit about this how. They are exposed to those kinds of people people. There sports ancestors. In the NHL the NFL Hernandez heard those. Cautionary tales from veteran players who made bad decisions. The problem we're all of that is the problem was Sagan and certainly to a much greater degree Hernandez. It's in one year in its output but does it give. It's retreating going to wearing rookie symposium in Houston and listen to a motivational speaker and that's a lot different than somebody actually liked hanging around when you for a week or so and really I take a great guy would have been for the patriots would -- and Dawson. Former -- and absolutely great motivational speaker of great character great man. I'm just thinking outside the box for a minute I'm just if you spend dollars money on -- our number one pick the second pick in the draft. It and you know we know you go in -- -- comparing it to we always after preface our comments because people think otherwise a mark comparing -- to. Hernandez but I'm just saying you're only I don't know why these teams don't think outside the bar so low but well I think the comparison is they're both very young players. Now we see younger players more frequently in the national hockey with the -- -- -- eighteen yet. But -- remember. When he was a rookie was the youngest player in the NFL in more ways than one we learned what we try to get it out of Patrick -- yesterday that that. I'm sorry. You know enough and so why you've been in the media for a long. Fine even in you know in your use of being in the office and that brook became on ESP you know like. There are certain people that would agree people you hang around and they can be smiling and in everything in front of the cameras. And an era of of people that you just say to yourself -- that due to bad news -- around him. Tell you you can't help but even if you're on a team nice to go to the training camp on a time when you can just now. Some of the players who -- little more serious about their craft and went that warrant. I just I don't by the way. Someone asked you -- do you give the patriots credit for the Jersey exchange I think I would not get credit for that no masking is there is there are downsides or not I don't I think -- I think it's terrific I think that day. Somebody says a white or from around the do what they -- just had done nothing and Daniel stuck with a Jersey that you don't wanna Wear. I think it was a great debt it's I don't think they just did it for public relations. He's got Larry I don't know I don't know I -- and I don't care first of all right now do you want any attention drawn to eat your organization down at Gillette Stadium right now area. I wouldn't well I think what you're doing is this thing we understand it was about players. We understand that you invested in this player and he's an organization. And we don't want you to feel that just stuck with a fifty a sixty dollar Jersey. Would you believe 24995. Really up there were two -- game jerseys Peter may. Former globe writer now working for the New York Times in various web sites I'm reading his piece today. In the New York Times sports page two kinds of game jerseys cost to 4995. Or 9995. The youth replica jerseys cost. 6995. The women's jerseys retail for. 94. -- am so out of it I'm so hopefully I can tell you is that totally up some money not. For doing that I just wish they I do think -- I do agree with you now not a statement I think a pre press conference in just explained it to. Yeah obviously devastated and disappointed in your condolences to the family. And it eat in and here's what I would state average -- say that now we are going to reassess. A system of evaluating players in the backgrounds and the like and and try to do a better job. And Ezra -- that the Bengals stayed away from them out of ankle. -- you do -- issues you know and it really comes the stripes weren't the only thing on this show I don't -- interest in -- speaking of the New York Times and visas were on Hernandez -- in the span a lot of minutes I don't know when she can say right now we have a future -- set at all but this is just one thing I think for. The future may be and there have been pieces written about this but some interest thing information. Maybe Bill Belichick -- to reconsider his relationship shall we say with Urban Meyer. And that Urban Meyer shuttle from Gainsville to Foxboro. Obviously hasn't necessarily paid the greatest dividends the 2008 Florida Gators. Tim Tebow was the quarterback Aaron Hernandez. Was the tie it and there -- a 121 players on that roster Larry. 41. Were arrested from during or after the time of Florida including nine starters twelve of those arrests were for felonies violent misdemeanors. Including aggravated stalking aggravated assault domestic violence burglary of course we know first degree. Murder in this area sitting down with -- pop out. What if -- player over year well you know I know we can play the game. But what do I need to know about him when he's not playing they quoted next player. Who played for Myers successor -- -- course now going to a second year in. Columbus at Ohio State. A player who played firm from buyer. I had multiple marijuana bust for this successor. The guy Cottam and in the the they're cut from the team basis and you're off. And that the players' response welt wealth coach Meyer were still there I'd still be here -- you know what it takes to win. So in a lot. I I know -- the bottom line business I know there this is not a humanitarian. Enterprise. We're not. We're not training future moralist Albert Schweitzer is of the world. But you don't want to have to be some -- -- chronic health problems dynasty ended may be around her ankles some kind of a bit at my god that setting the bar that high down there -- I think it gets expensive. I think it crush your money. I think -- life was lost that's the most important -- in the in the other part is. That. Now you have to refocus and readjust your whole offensive system because. One tight end was out partying and body slamming himself on the floor. I'm -- he had back surgery. And -- it immediately but what -- Went back surgery shocked how could the public Murkowski even I mean that's just never give -- That is starting report just came right out of the -- have ever suspected that Gradkowski would possibly have needed back surgery there Hernandez possibly could have gotten into some. Serious -- I didn't say I'm glad they got bad bad characters. I didn't show up and play half the time I -- -- got Welker on the other way like it today by the way if you're looking for a cheap deals out of the picture pro shop according to Peter -- article in the times this morning Wes Welker jerseys. Going online not actually physically available at the picture pro shop and on line. For the very reasonable and discounted price of 75 dollars the old number 83 patriot Jersey. Those of you already gotten us now is -- about the man who love those foot jokes got to get out of here. We do not allow foot jokes in this franchise questioned on the road and real Hernandez re -- a different Jersey. And I think he'll be wearing a striped variety very soon actually by wearing an orange one right now 617779. 719837. You can Texas at 37937. Yet mustered in Johnson on Sunday at Sports Radio WEEI.

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