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ESPN's Jeff Goodman on Brad Stevens: "He's not Rick Pitino."

Jul 5, 2013|

ESPN's college basketball insider Jeff Goodman joined Rob Bradford and Steve Buckley to discuss new Celtics coach Brad Stevens.

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Our righty -- Dennis and Callahan. And men and just me rob Bradford a BI dot com and Steve Buckley of Boston Herald. We've been talking about everything Tyler Sagan Red Sox Celtics Rondo Brad Stevens. Right now and I thought I see all lined up. Honda calls lined up just hang on to sit there and soak in the goodness that is about to be. Spread all over miss -- -- Would Jeff Goodman and WC PI this guy's gonna deliver you the build up you're giving Dallas Mavericks but you know I don't -- that's okay. -- size had RBIs from W Jeff I apologize I was reverting back to when you wrote for a -- I was gonna tutors him is -- go to Boston Herald. Just yeah. I don't kind of written her a little bit of everybody -- -- -- yeah throughout the vote of where -- but what you don't building the -- I mean -- Let's go who actually chasing. And maybe thank you thank you -- goes when when we were working together school sports magazines. And then I said this is the guy who's gonna bias the best launch effort. Down -- -- half. It worked then -- gonna work now. I already did dispute that I felt that -- I -- some call for the slow well oh well let's go out to be all of the guys who asked not to -- congratulations on a mom I'm and helped form right now would be the big pressure. Congratulations dragon and now we helped them set up. I got to do my work stuff out there might need either for Egypt Yemen. I'll I was gonna say you -- to my graduation Spock congratulations Jeff on the new a new gig with -- ESPN as you point out. You know beyond ESPN not a Clark. 9 o'clock on sports center. Hopefully actually got extra cases there that's. Well they've been in fairness they've been building -- appearance up all morning long as well so. -- yeah yeah. I thought that's the case. At least four -- Jeff. There's a lot to talk about and I heard you the other day -- he was on would mark Maloney. And you talked about Rondo by a little bit about the coaching situation you were talking about which avenue they go down with a coach to get the players type of guy. Did -- get the older guy. This was unbelievable. That this that this -- was it was correct me if I'm wrong but this Brad Stevens was not on anybody's radar. Wasn't. Listen I hurting the team debate before happened. Okay I heard it from somebody you would give me a bunch of and over the years and amid a couple calls for a couple sex nobody heard anything close to -- Which honestly now doesn't surprise me because my guess is the only person. Who even knew this -- not from Brad camp what do portraits and that's probably it. And if you think you led the Celtics perspective now. Aux -- down lie and make double digit slide out. They -- very theory. He or shorts stable as it is you know auctioning to overseas. So the only person who was gonna leak it out there was standing and -- so he can now. So that this broke. Because again and you got one of the guy truly that I have ever met that's that's been close to him about it Bret Stephens. And again in their great job or keep them as -- You're you're obviously. Immersed in college basketball more than maybe anyone in the world. So Brad Stevens. -- teams colleges have taking runs at -- right before. Why don't we why he -- Boller and YE decide on this. Well here's the then first of all if he goes through at Illinois I CO layered and she's still in it there or soccer every job opening -- came -- Over the last couple years has contacted Bret -- weather report third party whatever they already out of you to -- because why not. I think. We're talking to a lot of people -- itself been Brad has always count on about -- yet. I don't know your -- every opportunity. But it's always been in the back of his mind you know. Be able to coach -- yet the NBA level be it to be able to coach -- Boston Celtics organization print it would be history. The other difference is it's in that order for Illinois. He know how that would -- Butler the community he's really loyal. Yeah no leave to go to the Boston Celtics and everybody they're can say listen we can't. We get you're making you know without much money you're gonna be NBA we can't. The senate would view we're gonna be happy for you where people like UCLA. If you went to Illinois you want to thank you state a lot of people -- -- what -- oral. And it really did you really find that. Glad doc Jeff. Yes are you reroute you really -- that. And then you're you're you're a tiny little Butler in the end -- our money we will biggest gold -- program. Ever dealt with. It it's into college coach I knew the first time I've ever met them. Why is his rookie year as they take go to Butler out at the Butler southern Illinois game right. -- it -- it -- one of the greatest games ever seen in Carbondale. Southern Illinois it was one on a three point shot actually like beyond. Top court would no time remaining and and get Bret Stephens was -- I want to practice that day. And he reaches. You can see you again I thought -- acute state now. It's it could see him winning gold back to back national -- into what we're not of course not but you can see he had. He got all that he should. I don't know know Jeff I understand that magical qualities what I'm saying is if if I'm a student or administrator teacher Bora Bora. In any other emotionally way at any other way emotionally involved -- Butler -- that's like my school. I'm sitting -- this past season saying -- teller Rondo gonna lose this guy because he's gonna take more money to go someplace else. And I don't care if it was Illinois used Ceglia the Celtics in the end he took more money to go to someplace else just like everybody does that's the way I see it. Our military India and -- right it's a different order so what it's not necessarily for the money it's for the fact -- How many public art it NBA opportunities. What I'm saying is that I'm from Butler right I'm not feeling a much saying oh what did he went to the blunted Boston Celtics and if I'm I'm not saying he's a bad guy I'm just saying that he did what people though they got a better offer and they moved on. In a -- from Butler I don't feel any better for it. That he went to the Celtics as opposed to going to Illinois or another big time college program. Yeah I get through -- we differ on how I don't think it's you're senate parlor. You'd say at this wireless and what can we had if he's -- -- the Celtics we get it week yet and he's going to be NBA we're -- out Illinois. They would have been like you know -- He's the sellout. As UMass I don't -- to -- it and that's another program it's not great right now none of those programs are only if he got it duke. It -- and Celtics familiar -- this thing. But he came out do or or Nortel. He -- to root out -- -- but not elite elite dot. So tell me Jeff why is this gonna translate college coach go in the MBA where so many others have failed. This amount of maturity dates. That particular players. Allergic get players there's no magic formula that credits you can catch arguably looked like it. Because to -- to Boller to national title game and I still think you put that. -- in the grand scheme of things among the greatest accomplishment in college basketball history. It it formed somewhere in the top five in -- back to back national -- -- it he did it by valuing talent. Making players that are making young players that are getting the most. Getting the body and he's very Smart he's a great coach we know that. But unless it's really good players and -- aren't there where a Q who. -- psychiatrist third Toronto. That's going to be the key here -- that it would be to keep their products here for two months. Years five years whatever it's. He's got to find a way to connect with -- more than anything else right now. You trade Rondo and dirty little bit about clear that what I would do. Personally is I would try to increase since his trade value he's got some got till the end like he's gonna put up ridiculous numbers because. The -- team -- -- here right now. -- him. All the drop this and Taylor commuted the U -- A little that you relent on the dole they should make decisions on the academic permitted Q and you didn't do it that's not that he's not respecting. Soccer extreme. It's not to micromanage. He's -- -- probably go -- Adobe logo for the consent. -- -- at a local. And maybe -- plays really well maybe it -- more games than people think early. Which is -- bush is the problem by the way Jeff. Which which will be a problem and -- great things about the situation -- Brad Stevens and is it right now is that he can learn on the fly. -- you lose a lot of games now will be great. So -- -- -- write in so that's the danger with -- Rondo is keep Rondo around even for a little bit right. Yeah I think it did do for twenty gains how many more games you get -- -- -- -- you -- -- you go 1010 whip around. Look at the first one against. And and you don't have a hundred dramatic got six and fourteen is that gonna matter at the end of the day for European open palm ball probably not. And -- in regards to Brad Stevens you said you've known for a long time. What is the best quality. That he brings to a lot of people we've seen all these stories about his sideline demeanor. This evening keel approach. What is the best quality that will make people will that what might make him. I successful coach in the NBA. I'm not I think. I don't like to point to warned but he's so Smart so prepared. -- -- extremely well. You look at what they've done in his tenure there and -- cannot read different groups its first European carrier -- park -- public water. You want it. With these two guys in Mike Green and AJ graves and there wasn't a great team to put the ball they're excited -- percentage out of their rent a ton of ball screen. And spread the -- out of Austria that he brought in Gordon Hayward Shelvin Mack who got -- in the NBA and Matt Howard. And they ran last Altria -- accumulate talent he changed completely. And they attack they -- and you elevate it -- they played completely differently continue in -- recruit and then this past year. They're completely per cubic erotic and erotic Clark didn't really at point guard their true shooters. And what it did was -- Iran. Partly in a ball screen at all. And what they repeat -- there was got off screen it's more than anything else so he's shown -- ability to which you are you ready rate already. But make an adjustment at the end kings were and shot clock. So I think he can do that and I think the -- it's unbelievable. Is he's not a -- and got. White Cupertino like cal Perry he's sincere people trust them again the question for me it will Ryder trucks. Jeff take us through next season you've got roots in this area you understand that -- that there -- four compelling teams. Going on right now. -- -- Boston fans I don't know say give that steam the past but will they sit back and enjoy watching young players fools -- lot of games next year. Well they tune up the Celtics would what's your read on that general. Not -- built to about texture I'd do it and because they're not gonna have an exciting young players and their three years from now could be different. If next year they're terrible and they -- are waking irons. Who's a freshman coming kansas'. No one and it's become a recruiting a fifteen year. He's one of the top five players are probably seeing since -- cover in other high school college game an NBA game east for a and they've got about five other guys that I would have been the number one pick this year. -- Parker toward you Julius Randall short Kentucky. Eric Gordon got Arizona. Market more came about he's in Oklahoma State. -- a couple of cute guys but even if you look at the number one pick. You'll still have a player that could be a quarter -- and got David operate -- -- other than -- so I think next year this coming here. It's gonna be out of the year where people you don't give up. Early on -- -- being tree but I think by the all star break they're saying you know what. Let alleges that sport and get to the NBA draft but it -- years. You get out. -- -- You're gonna happen and other first rounder late in the first round and maybe you can make a splash in free agency at apple. Jeb left -- for me the baby is too early in the process but. Do you have any kind of names. In regards to assisting coaches try to match in this how works right you get the the grizzled NBA veteran guys to sit alongside the college guy that we Jamie young's coming back the Celtics assistant and that's that's a step in the right direction at least. Keep some of those guys. You know -- other names who might be doing Stephens on the staff. I don't yet I don't yet and and Brad to god that. You know it you have bookkeeper pretty close about you know he's not a guy is gonna leak out information he's got a very very close circle. The people that post whether -- financial backing in college at DePaul University. So I don't you know maybe killer negative thought they. What did he have anyone on that butler's staff. -- that it -- did you have anyone on that Butler staff that was along those lines in. In regards to that staff that he had with Butler what was the dynamic -- the in this -- this -- -- young guy. So I can imagine the he had his 36 year old guy to have all 28 year old under -- who was on that. Out there it's age dropped real body is beat him up -- -- who would get the -- job right now. Just -- but -- coaching job -- south Alabama. He's cute robotic I name brand name Miller. Is terrific group and upping coming you're in Ohio State for six years or without lot of stepped away for a year Brad just hired him back I could see him bring in Brenda Miller with him if Brandon doesn't get better job. At Butler which you can mix or would like I mean the ball Jordan an assistant at Michigan. Jeff great stuff appreciated now question I now make up or no make up today. The first yeah yeah -- -- -- -- make -- on the on the my great looking guy and achieved I did not say you need to get out make up this this spot where I didn't -- make up. My wife would kill me -- the as fair and I'm Jeff great job I've I'll see you over there later today thanks thanks -- you get a doubt thanks for I am appreciate that you guys are terrific you know what I think you -- -- partnerships it yeah yeah. Jeff Goodman ESPN. Check it out nine out why you -- the radio of course check him out on ESPN news first deviate from that network in. Just a very very knowledgeable guy obviously a guy who knew. A Brad Stevens as early as he did should tell you how much inside yes in this situation. -- -- Next up we're going to be taking your calls Eric Bobby Bob all the rest do you we got everything on the table Rondo. Stevens. Celtics. Sagan. Red Sox we've got some great red -- person you're going heavily at the -- point this morning. Yeah Ramallah -- mall the place that's impressive nests all over the place with a thank you very much does present -- like the big editor he has it WEEI dot com employee to a morning drive than to go to a big press got a review at the three weeks ago. It reeks of everybody's -- dated July 4 and we kept -- we'll get all your calls after the break. I've talked about everything. Against 6177797937. Come right back after after the spree.

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