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Barry Pederson on the game three win

Jun 18, 2013|

Barry joined the show to discuss the Bruins 2-0 win over the Blackhawks in game three. Barry continues to be impressed by the play of Bergeron.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T AT&T forgy LT ER hockey buddy Barry Petersen -- good morning how are you my friend. Good morning guys -- just woke up only to pick another overtime games levels are. It was nice they got it done in regulation fortunate we were talking earlier bury it must be extremely rewarding and satisfying for a coach like slowed. To preach a particular defensive system. To have his general manager -- acquire players who will feed into that system and that XQ did have a just work as beautifully as he has it going here in the post season. Yeah I would also add one more to that which I agree post comments is that it's also very important for your general manager to pay your players. So what happened to look I've been -- look at that play we wanna play a certain style reward these guys. -- successful. But yet they're playing a team defense always a lot of time throughout the season when things aren't going well look like you know what we just don't have enough off that we don't have those -- play ball hitting Crosby who could generate a lot of goal. But championships as we want. Are known for. As we Norton cardinal were both sides of the populace of the offense but it that rate smothering -- defense in the structure of layers they have defensively. So very important I think also were around. Repeater surely to reward these players were not only their. Offense but the show looked like -- -- -- point to gain guy but they are capable of other people probably be you know 8090 point seasons but they're not. They're giving it up for the team and doing the right. The layers and the structure and the smothering is all about taking -- wait time and space an in the Pittsburgh series as well the Blackhawks series is it fair to say. They are giving up the puck and passing it sooner than they'd want to. Oh absolutely if you can you can hear from the comment post game -- at night they didn't have that Pittsburgh -- wanted. Or lead to -- officiating but it was a lot more respectful but they were paid. It on to the fact that the Bruins already difficult team to play against them in your right -- we're talking about a -- I -- -- you -- tonight. UK coming down the right side and looked up and -- -- there are probably trying to get them speed through the neutral zone to go over to the other side I'm sure it'll be easier. As you -- all the properties the west all the others forthcoming Barack. They're getting your way at that you're able to get through that layer but you get over the left side to look up at their side brought them there. And he's every bit as good shepherd apparently right now and destroy all the blockage shocked and getting in the lane the doable little things and he has elevated his game so I think when you're seeing the comments from Chicago with the respect. Of how hard and difficult it is to play get the -- and room. I I got I got your numbers in front of me come Barrett and I am. I'm sorry I didn't know what a good playoff performer you words you didn't get there enough but in. 34 playoff games you know I had 52 points example -- clutch player Barry and only. And with that we had so if you remember back that we have to really really good teams and it was a lot of fun. Cause he didn't see the playoffs the last six years in the league but -- -- at that -- I tell me this about how good were you in the faceoff circle and and can a guy you're an expert can you explain -- -- why how Patrice Bergeron can be so damn good. Well that was one of our strikes and one of the things we worked a lot at the tee because the puck possession especially fuel small guard he needed to have that block. As much as you could put that to me with Bergeron and personal start with. He -- technique he's very good at it you know how to -- as we say and in good to have. He's got excellent timing. But I think more importantly. People underestimate the will factor they stopped a lot of times especially in the neutral zone. Especially. In the offensive zone are every bit as important she got really bear down. Defensively the trial would note dropped the first wrong to -- trying to get puck possession all over. And boy we saw last night. How effective he is and how he could pick another line apart. Like taking possession of up -- getting on the offense immediately. -- -- that saved John and hires -- -- we go do you did you see judge Jeremy wrote Jeremy Roenick. For the game he went on the ice -- -- little tutorial. Are on how to shoot out of beating goalie what -- fewer to do a tutorial with John Dennis and me. How would you tell us to win a faceoff what is the key what makes Bergeron so but I still don't get it. Well of course they get depends of course if you're at home or on the road if you're at home you have the advantage of going down lap and what that does. Is that allowed you to do your timing better but what I think the first front does so well is it technique in the -- that. Is more community is so strong he's normally walk an opposition genre help a lot of the at a very young -- is to get that leveraging get your weight almost on the tipping your stick. That was somebody comes roulette you. They can't move you. And so you're able to do to work to -- that there. And and be patient and a lot of them you'll -- -- to get themselves in trouble when you start to what the line -- hand. Because he start to give you -- little little pump fake that you start move did you get up up up your rhythm so I think the guys that are really good at it. Concentrate more but they talked ought rather than looking at him trying to time it that way but. A lot of it. With him his -- technique. But his strength as we have seen from his ten years and he's been here and -- plot. Is he's going with the one on one battles along the boards because he's so strong he's also much stronger than they -- the -- but the good opponents believe he has. You or are you gonna teach -- a -- -- skate today that I. Wasn't going to be unfortunate but you know the only -- -- the ball. What it's. -- -- They face -- aside and smothering defense aside that speak to what you mentioned a little while ago -- and that's will. I mean it seemed to beat the Bruins have the will the race to the puck in get their first that at the fore check -- Do all the great and and yield real things out there but -- public didn't seem. Ready or willing or able to match. Well first -- a lot right. To be make public the vote better idea the guard in a long long time it was bound to not make it even more difficult to create some offense. But I think when you look at it and we again we see that weather was -- all the Rangers. Or Chicago and here in Pittsburgh. If the fact that they're breaking the will be opponent it's so frustrating to go out there and every time you get the puck -- is taken away years based. Running it through the board. You think you've got an -- and ultimately you go to -- to rot. And all the sudden Seidenberg is there with his stick with his feet they just don't give you an -- after awhile so called. Look like when you have a horse and you celebrate if you can start want to shoulder roll on you know you have the horse in spirit broken you have a chance of breaking. Getting himself world we -- the situation to me where you can see you on the site where these guys are going okay we're ready Chicago here's our energy -- like -- the -- thing happening right and I picked all the objectives. To just frustrating. From an X and -- standpoint what can Joel Quenneville due to buy a little more time and space for his guys to make some offensive -- Well look at our talk about last night -- with a lot -- -- -- not sure he's going to be able to play and I think he is their best forward in the play on their power forward. He's much stronger in his statement people think -- -- those dirty areas. And play with a lot of and play fearless. He may have to try and put his victory together here in Gulfport with a sharp and these -- together to try and generate some offense. And -- got a power play going but. We're finding out that it's not always easy in the playoff -- pullout who's gonna cup winners. Boston and LA we're sold out on the power play they were able to overcome that was strong goaltending. We're finding now that would you do have. Good penalty killing and -- team against you that you score occasionally and draw a couple power play goal you better have your power play goal -- public you're not going to be unit and what are like old for eleven in this series you don't really hurting. I know what took Rask will win the Conn -- but. In your opinion guy who's the best player in the Bruins right now. Well I think he is obviously the console might guy but to meet. I have to go back to our mothering defense and I have to look at -- a look at -- it's just what they do. To recognize who. It felt like -- tuchman one on his defense if we take away the ball important element. Of the opposing team's offense. Where you're coming into here here's an OK we have an advantage because we use a lot there's we have hope and Crosby or we have -- are sharp and he's paid. They're about thought that the players in the league so we have these -- you -- no you don't defense wins championships. In the play we can control the match up especially at home. And when you -- those who plot line that crate G Bergeron and how well they can play away from the puck. All of a sudden you're putting yourself in positions where you're your take it away with. The physical challenge at controlling a couple of big game and all the and your third line that's what -- the last two hockey games not many teams can do that. It very did any of the information from inside the the Dresser a leak out to you. In that first intermission in game number two where the Bruins certainly quote first but -- the Bruins. A lot of incisive things to say to one another to get him. To wake up -- what play like they've played since then give any details about that work in the locker room and well it's a frustrating first period. Well it -- -- and obviously that's the team has been together for a long time and and they get it I thought that the address the story two that was hotter ticket. He had sharp with the guys that were Mike operator BC for the games so afterward he had the Mike in his shoulder -- they go in that after the first period. And the guy you could just dog after the abortion and there was like -- to doubt we got to Alec talk we can we knew we can't allow that to happen to say it takes off his shoulder pat. Put them in the shower and put the towel over his shoulder -- So you told the producers in the audience. -- here going on there. And so it sound like they have one of those gut wrenching. Key meetings where you -- all -- Donna does like those who were not doing our job. Where -- -- at the -- got this Big Three or four knock them out of this then we got to pick it up and all the -- plug your skating outside he'd say you know what I'm not gonna believe quite yet. I'm gonna let these guys air it out and then he come in on top of them and lays into them. You can see it that second period started to roll along. Indeed too big -- that the Al the end there will took over and I think Chicago has not recovered. So is it in that particular case or in cases like that it's multiple guys popular multiple guys is just not being -- Chara standing up the captain standing upper Bergeron saying it's a bunch of guys exchanging ideas and information. No I don't think the idea that exist. Where you're getting guys faces and and and by all accounts when you're reading between the lines. It seems like one of the most important guy in that beating Hewlett into the guy's comment afterwards was Chris Kelly yes right I got to pick a vote here's a guy -- Struggling in his own game. But he has. The respect in that room I'm sure knowing him and being around a little bit and the way that they're taught it now locker room. I'm sure he stood up with start up they look at I'm not getting it done either but this is what we've got to do is one of those guys who -- Standup guy knows how to play the hockey game. He's one of the guys that don't work out strike down the middle. And he has struggled but boy did then. With this third lines -- one of the guys have been extremely instrumental. In not taking it to Chicago and showing that depth and balance that makes the group of biblical -- Do you think he or someone got in the Yonkers -- is -- I mean he he was the personification of that. Turnaround were aegis as after me I don't think he heard what -- cinema and. Dollar if somebody else. -- that I I think a lot of guys who didn't know were on him for obvious reasons he struggled to be -- look 41. For a guy looked like he was 61 but the whole team looked that bat could -- any player out. But it is available amazing part was. At the age of 41 after a triple overtime all of a sudden the last two period -- he picked up his game. And it was so enjoyable last night and which showed up on TV but the respect. That the garden crowd was getting you know. Not only because of the off that the policy of the replay makes Tom Bergeron and softer stuff play across the power play in the great -- But the defense of -- effort in his own hand they were giving him ovation after ovation which is great. -- if you agree with my approach the next game four from the -- load. I tell my guys. Take all the penalties you want you want elbow someone in the face go ahead tell -- you wanna cover guys -- ball go ahead you you may want to what's the downside they can't score they don't even have a shot what was it one. On the last five power play is so why not aluminum. But remember 2011. It was when the Bruins were on the opposite side of that. It was almost like we respect instead of accepting that the pedal to the -- and going on the pollen that just decline it. At school ranked five on five that we do the power like that has now scripted. Chicago's game you can see what a great job they are doing it starts with the -- that allowed Chicago to get control it's the fact that -- your. You're not allowing Chicago to get into any rhythm in your hand. You're keeping that could be outside every -- partner try to make their passes through the seems as -- getting there stick that there their bodies in there. They're getting the puck all the way down on the night. As we know one thing about our place is not always so important that you score. But it's important that you get momentum on their or you don't -- momentum options and what we're fighting right now Chicago. They feel like they're getting the momentum to get on the power play and all the sudden that more power play. Goes out there especially when you're at home -- out there and it sucks all the energy out of that building you got to restart it up again. And even without gaining momentum or even having just one shot in five power plays the most devastating aspect of the obvious is the Bruins getting shorthanded opportunities on two or three occasions on the on their power play. Yeah that would start to happen to get frustrated start to take you to all the sudden defense start the -- when they should be -- when you when -- on the power play. And you start to feel the story for yourself look like all the -- the Bruins coming off the bench fresh. They sent that they're not sitting back allowing the public get that they're they're pressing on the putting pressure on them they had a couple of great short an opportunity last. Our final question Gary -- shut out is a shot out and I'm sure -- is happy to have his third but that's shut usually not on -- that was that was the guys in front that was it not. Well it was especially I thought early on they did a really good job. Keeping. Chicago to the outside. Getting positioned in front of the -- where they were allowing. On inside position to push out loud too good to see the -- But it's one of the things that we're getting ourselves -- to a bad habit of it because to get is shall sound. And -- so what can control the emotions right now he's making it look oddities Vietnam War. He's just attacking the shooters correctly what he goes down. Taking up space he's not his belt he's not touching -- like he's standing up straight with this chat is controlling his rebounds. A couple times last night because -- there was up as the ships are getting -- the Bruins needed a whistle. The coming down the right side you're probably shoot the puck he's able to control the rebound and throw it out side of the written it yourself but stop. With -- control rebound so he has done a great job. He will be the first to tell you that it -- -- file was playing very well defensively but I also think his teammates will tell you hate that the he is playing so well right now shall locked in he is making it look easier than. Just two wins away good stuff Gerri as always we'll talk to down the road my friend -- Gary -- doesn't Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T -- LT -- our conversation with -- -- brought to you by your Boston area Mercedes-Benz dealers will be right back your phone calls.

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