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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Lester needs to get straightened out

Jun 14, 2013|

Millar joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Jon Lester's last few starts, the AL East, and Middlebrooks.

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Sell the play and real 15 Campbell are joining us we -- on the show he's brought to you by -- insurance by commonwealth mortgage. And -- voted tractor corporation I'm not sure he has a full time job because every time we talked on he's either at a golf course dirty driving range he still. At the driving range at the boys this morning Kevin. Still still trying to keep it secure open and you're already hit so let me just say it yet -- -- -- -- that -- quite a -- Because birdie start -- -- David everywhere. The range looks like now being called up -- the other senior golf tour. -- and I'm not -- myself fortunate future again take control and. What that does all the did you get looks like he's got a nice little set up down to one or two with a health coaching them. Is that you and. You're only you're going to -- an -- school last year like golf camp and that issue -- -- that we wanted to that we want you to be your coach. Who such a point. -- -- noted Q so now -- kind of stuck you know kind of like you like good job boards hit that shot perfect human yet. The -- this morning well this can be a long look. LSU the the Red Sox play Baltimore last night in. -- -- -- here on Chris Davis because you know last year -- a big year to immediate 27 -- Obviously a lot of strikeouts but what he's doing this year is kind of off the charts stuck -- taken a leap. I and it's it's come on a better -- American League right now. Purely as -- he's really -- nice adjustment out slow in the game down you know I want the playoff game when they play the Yankees last year. And watching him -- mark reynolds' struggle in that policies along a lot of other guys. They swing at pitches almost didn't even get that -- it was like breaking ball would bounce from the -- may be due to -- ballpark it was like strike three strikes or striking. Ever say you know that's the big strikeouts and air and caught up into our game but at some point when -- -- to I'm continually swing for the fences. You have to know maybe split in my newcomer slider curveball and I'll watch it like they were making proper adjustment and all the sudden. You could see -- bats come Buck Showalter -- a lot of credit for sticking with this young man. You seem to count the number -- -- finally he -- -- you know what you're my guy. You're gonna strike out you're gonna play everyday you -- -- I -- -- out Chris Davis to basically have back problems and know that I'm -- mean a lineup. What I strike out in Almonte and you're certain to be it slow down. Well it's one of the seventeen teams you played for Major League Baseball seen a lot about this Baltimore team there -- and -- -- -- back Kevin two and a half back. -- they played now upwards of its close to seventy games this year. And we get past the point where last year was a fluke can you believe this is going to be a sustainable thing again this year the Orioles to contend for a playoff spot. Yeah I think produced two good looks -- is over are you a Buck Showalter -- else -- -- be reckoned with in the American League east you can. He can't make it up they're starting pitching you don't you know that's an extra he might bring out some appeal to larger. Greg Garcia doesn't matter they'll make a trade at some point in July whether you're like Matt Garza -- -- -- PL right now what you're gonna you're not a better and it. They pitched well they can't bullpen help. They might get Johnson back and they're very athletic conference currently eat practically. Which shot -- mark take -- Weir's Jones Davis so this team's not going anywhere. And the other side of it is that everybody kind of good in American League east no one's absolutely a slam not great team but -- got a -- so -- don't think they're going anywhere. They'll wanna ask you about it's a -- text me yesterday was David Ortiz at that bomb and it was simple it was once a -- always -- them and they've been. The cachet of like home run hitters right did -- home runs and things -- CEO that's great but there's. He's got their cachet but there's always somebody that may be does that objects that looked so the look of Buck Showalter -- He's he's entertained by it -- at what point do you push too far or futures David Ortiz and approach and 500 home runs you can do what do you want. Many current parliament secret power and -- -- piled on the other -- I would like zone tactics but I know David Ortiz and know you've been here so. I wouldn't send him to migrate up a great person doesn't do anything to try to show anybody. He's big poppy but I understand their side that you don't know David -- in a three run home run artist in the bombed big RBIs. He can rugged rough quite like any other great player and that's not a guarantee. There's always rewarded now talking about yeah I'll admit I would -- guys you know -- at saint Lou let -- -- because the players get. You heard it in -- talk about you know I'm Nick Punto. And literally. -- a lot about what good hitters but you are talking about rod property either I think if I'd boo that guy that's why you're the great players you both. Well let me ask this because that let's say somebody does object committee does at the right away. David Ortiz -- easy to say okay you don't like it hit me so -- it. What yeah that's that's part of the thing I did that game changer -- Barry Bonds used the same thing he felt like you get street sixty elapsed. And sure I want derby it's like they did -- the ball replied. Big league home run hitters like getting your grandfather in the lag all that they were rookie and I think. Reputation around you know he doesn't do. In a bad way some bat -- east and that probably like. Atlanta hello -- a little bit you know when. It's it's not an arbitrary lines which disrupted Wisconsin what are we like -- on -- still go on. He talked about pitchers you face all the time in and kind of stuff they that we that we all think that Jon Lester has great stuff. Last thirty innings for him after a really good start Kevin. 38 hits six home runs he has walked the ball park and it just seems like he's back to be in the guy. Last 45 starts or so that doesn't either doesn't appear confident in his own stuff or is -- happy be in Daisuke and happen in -- in around the plate. How do you get a guy to believe in it and get back to being a pitcher that can be dominant like Jon Lester joint event. What -- you -- point from the first mutton and a year and understand it you -- start and to see a guy its location. Its location they're better that swagger or not there anymore I don't know because I'm looking has a lot speak he doesn't throw 96 Seymour and seven and 95. He pitched -- between 88 in 92. And we are broke a lot speed down the middle of the plate I'll be damage inside the right handers. Slider. -- life. Carter heater and then maybe -- -- -- curve -- but you're right now -- to maybe like electric pitcher. Above average stop with the above average a lot into common -- and that you've all seen our package. Lester needs to take the ball get on that mound -- sat down and believe in himself he does go through these periods were somewhat like Jon Lester does believe. How big Jon Lester really years and I think that as part of keep Patten and keep going on girl got to be a player or this and that and figure it out because he streamed out. But developing a look get a -- as the -- it would give the hitters too much credit like. He's not 9697. When you do that you can get away with a lot of mistakes almost fell -- almost a couple of bats for right east. And we talked about that before. -- don't sitting up -- 9697. And it's kind of like Daisuke favored by striking my fastball it's going to hit. And it's almost like a conference when -- -- conference and at best -- you guys out with a you're in serious trouble and I think that's why you see in the bowl lot as well. -- accurately you're director. You're a -- -- they're currently being ridiculed throughout all 87 mile an hour down the middle for two weeks we know what will walk -- the plate. You try to trick -- -- trick and we would get the way it. Lester pitched well laps or park or Gary got a great start and get -- Lester back there rents are young girl but yet. Oh well you know and a lot of that because a lot of wide the plate -- -- asked -- to stay on the golf course it. Mariano Rivera what what has to dominate game with one critical because he -- really the location. Mariano Rivera -- You never seen Mariano Rivera the middle of the plate so as the Rockets -- Lester got a lot of weight or hit spots work now as well. And pounders all -- -- but -- -- put too much on that white. I think both you and I echo we can we get the baseball season and we get the good judge that's an average over six months. And that's why I've always been I've been patient with this left side of the infield with the Red Sox and drew and middle Brooks. And then Iglesias comes up here he's a fourteen game hit streak into a little bit differently now which not all infield hits and he's playing great defense as much is that I wanna stick with. No drill which choice really been struggling as much -- wants to -- Brooks come back just came back from the DL. At what point in your mind Kevin. All they can play the hot hand injury don't like you know and have a role at -- pitcher replacement I don't like a little -- -- intimate situation. And for the proper in the Red Sox to stay -- and it Iglesias mark or not it's not like they're based. Brooks is -- power threat. Apparently that guy yet he's you know he's still young but he still look at particularly our right you can -- are still got seven home runs so he's still. Accurate third baseman Adam and his group B mark sort opera late. Improvement here. And then English teacher guy but -- -- former welcome. We know Oklahoma I don't know I just would hit an entire year is it going to be that first year you know -- -- set -- back -- -- -- -- But there's a lot of the match there's a lot a week. -- -- -- -- and -- -- he looks so much better to get to me he went out strong very good play we're also I'd like. What he's doing he looks great now it's evil and we'll look back but the Red Sox have to make a decision on. If your short -- not I don't brutally and -- seven -- whatever the exact. Money but. If you -- you've got to get your ticket and maybe not at all well that's a heck of a lot cheaper that might get better so that they're at it and I don't think the middle -- situation. They should come into effect because the start become a revolving door you don't want that built -- not on the books third baseman to eat cereal he hit it straight too much. Delegates yet on this BA Major League Baseball expected to hand out suspensions -- the Dodgers and dizzying Kennedy get more than six games should -- Mark McGwire get a couple games for tweak it out the way he tweaked out of all jacked up in that thing. I think he -- cricket and the twelve games in my opinion -- -- balls I'm not a big fan of the net well I'm not out you never stay in the box carefully you'll. That box and you're gonna retaliate which is part of baseball unwritten rule. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Good that they're -- pitched a league where at LA and I should strike that I'm not -- that would curb pick Ricky titular -- purpose it was above the shoulder sorry about. You let the league hit batters the last 2012. Clean it up that's a lot but likely not uber -- up like you get right with my early get him in the back. In the numbers that gets bigger and brutal I thought I mean a lot more respect. For Greinke that day -- run the -- -- -- yeah that was it you know I just you know there's a light play this game like not Q I'm not a big fan and that ball. Are equipped forget TI no you got a lot of thought advised -- years on -- intentional talk you're all over the place your big league MLB network you -- help us out here in Boston -- wanna start. A wanna start to get this -- only been trying to. Daniel -- needs to be right -- Daniel Nava needs to be in the all star teams don't be afraid to promote the man you know when he got a national audience. Our. New -- low you start a book that switch hitter. Particular player ranked high at the plate and I liked it. I want -- 565. To six every day MLB network intentional -- law Rose now. I don't know -- Allard novice we don't need -- not hash tag. Okay Gavin brought a lot Kevin -- hash tag right in -- that's the year on regulator it's hash tag right in novel we need your help put this. He did and I'm a better job between you and come under Shell out seeing that you actually -- -- I'm like. That's partly that it might get an out you look -- blew me. I don't know love thirty. I don't have -- bad for anyone yet and I don't have a one point five bloated -- -- what do you I don't know you were no more veteran -- -- I think. A little -- at bat right. If you do -- do you know what if he does Tweety caddie tweet about on the showed the first time in two plus years -- -- nice. -- on the Cowboys get -- Hash tag righted and good job with Ortiz and Portland -- coach golf that is a Campbell are in the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT speeds. Up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T rethink possible I think if you started -- hash tag right in now. I saw Tom Caron jumped the board. I think if Kevin goes Amanda -- in any for your 30000 -- but Kevin's got pretty big reach. As Kevin mentioned -- an intentional walk I think it might pick up some steam and affair Mans and all star. Period and all phenomenon more wrecked enough ago. I 6177797937. Detects the show right now AT&T -- line. 37937. -- -- a couple words that it -- self expand its scary a little bit. Vinny Del Negro. Might coach the Celtics next year that's next.

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