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BC football coach Steve Addazio on Tim Tebow

Jun 12, 2013|

Coach Addazio joined the show and discussed his time coaching Tebow at the University of Florida. He said that he has no doubt that the Patriots will get the very best Tebow has to offer.

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Boston College head football coach David Ozzie has been some very profitable profitable very productive years at Florida 2005 to 2000. Eleven I believe if my memory serves he was offensive line coordinator often like coach offensive coordinator and interim coach Urban Meyer left you recruited and coached him table. I'd wager before we bring up on the AT&T hotline. Every time your coach does you speak to -- Stephen writes that that's. That any energy levels very much the same go to Casio joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning coach tell aria. -- -- things going to Boston College where you're kind of in between right now right. Well you know or were just we got a bunch can't -- who kept almost certain we one Sunday one starts today and and we're just recruit Mike raising so it really universal down it's just. Just different times of the year were grinding pretty hard right now. Did you say thumbnail sketch of your experience in your relationship with Tebow in terms like when you first notice him how recruited him -- what he was Lichen and all that just at a brief sort of overview if you will just give us the lay of the land. Well I mean obviously. It'll Greg Matheson actually recruited him at Jacksonville -- at that area brake problem power brokers that have been around but. What are the great stories to me about him was. When he reported mid semester of his senior year he came to score early. And that we were doing that morning workouts it is in the -- -- And you know they're really most powerful Matt drills and just different things in the winner really get up at 5 in the morning and you're just trying to. You don't create a tough and -- about this and here comes to him in the will compete at the end of the morning and doing these rat races you know regal linebacker line back like an old. Basketball to -- and you know he's he's just you know guys compete to win every country and drilled and drilled at the he's at the finish like he's diving in the year skid in his arms the last tenure are an effort to try to win that you what you do right that was. Is global competitive guys ever been around like her. As a quarterback Steve. Obviously colleges different approach you know that better than anybody but he was a great great college quarterback. Will we see that in -- and you will weeks ever see that the pros -- is just too much of a different game. And I can hear about you know the so I'm not a pro coach so. I'm not necessarily qualified. And I'm no expert on patrol officers alike to go I think I would cede you that. I mean a lot of proteins are going to read sold him. Different styles of plays a lot of which we really afford there it's kind of running rampant in the NFL right now. And so -- -- you know great credibility level with with that style of home but but you know it was the first good. Overall quarterback throwing quarterback any SEC I mean he went around he went against some of the best quarters and their first round draft pick in the NFL you know visible role likely get that -- so my point would be it is not like -- Didn't play great -- the pass defense is -- America in in the SEC. And he went against the top pass rushers the top corners not only in who we played it every day of practice I mean Jolie and an old guys in Reggie Nelson and and something that was. You know I've seen them against great competition completely. You have any theory coach does feel as to why it so far hasn't translated into proficiency at the pro level. Well. -- really no problem and I like having comedy I think not really in all -- -- but. You know I think he said earlier I think you know in this case -- much as it was a couple years ago but. There's a sat in a lot of teams weren't that -- in West Coast offenses. In that wasn't the office we were in Florida so there's probably some. It'll be you know you -- acclimate yourself a little bit to that Soviet -- some of that. You know his game is got a lot to do with the ability to run with the football throw the football. Improvised on the run. And and so you know I think he has -- off all the time they get your pocket passers but as we don't know I mean there's a lot of -- the could be productive on offense in the -- really can be accepted -- say it again the measuring stick for quarterback is winning. It's winning winning championships leading your team it starts there are not going to have a sidebar conversation about this release in this case. You know look the reason this -- that is it's probably all that stuff can be discussed and ballot but at the end of the day. There's a lot of beautiful -- out there that can't win -- about what it. So I don't want to pack -- right there he can win but he can. Lead it can't talk if you pick a guy self discovery team to tell me that I want that dynamite team that's what I'm not I'm going to be some quarterback who were expert but I don't. -- it does he -- his critics Tim Tebow critics say he doesn't possess high football IQ agree or disagree disagree. You know what he's doing out there he he assimilate offences and can understand the fences. I had. I've never been -- to get it worked at football -- that he didn't he was up but our office every day he knew that offense inside -- new defenses in new coverages -- And again you know. If you're honest. But you know. I'm not here to comment I'd be an expert and all the intricacies. Of a certain offense are quarterback mechanics. You know. It does -- so well without a doubt that's legal defense is without a doubt. That's starting to work harder than anybody I've ever been around without a doubt so. You got my work ethic great passion for the game great political schools skills tremendous leadership capability. It is highly highly highly competitive but somehow I'm guessing you can find a way to make that work publicize a -- -- normal football anymore. I want one I I know you know football so -- just one more question on this Steve and this is from the Boston Globe this morning after watching. Practices first practice with the patriots yesterday. He's never been adapted that and being able to diagnose coverages and precious before the snap. And he has taken too long to process the coverage during the play. At the University of Florida Tebow -- inability to read the defense. Led to him suffering a brutal concussion. When he didn't see unblocked defender charging right at him. That's from bad at all Poland in the global. According. -- -- in the Boston Globe this morning. I don't believe. -- at all. I was. I was there and you know I was I was right that at least that are everything Laura wood I don't know let's listen. I mean are you -- quarterback. Taking it all the time and in that thing happened it and you know there's mistakes made by quarterbacks by offensive -- by running backs I mean that's just the -- to think that there is number eight. -- old block operate -- reader but I mean I don't know the details of of that conversation right there I don't know where there generated from but. Obviously. I am quite confident that Indian Tim's career at Florida in in in high school -- college just like every body else. There have been. Ministries are misdiagnosed when a -- calling it here that have led to sacks or hits or. Or whatever just like -- -- -- has no missed -- his own place I mean it's just football so that that. Hey if there was an instance where are. Whether that's accurate or not where someone made a mistake that that means they can't read defense that's ridiculous he was. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on the football I don't have handy in front of me right now. His throwing stats but they were earlier process. And in the economic team against the best defenses in college football so it was done. That happened so to make a statement that whether that's exactly true or not to make them even at that. That that one play define whether you know where he wasn't surgery because that's ridiculous you know. Atlanta -- the Teddy Roosevelt quote you know the -- in theory to account you know. I mean you're doing it every -- door and you know every down I mean are there ever mistakes made apps solely that all the sudden now that means that he's no longer can read. I just think it's reevaluated okay were -- were just all talk right -- were evaluating this pick and every little thing. Something happening out -- by my statement pick a guy I want him on my team and take an economic team that I'm just saying and I'm really thrilled. That is here in Boston that he's. With the patriots that he's with coach Belichick Emmys aren't -- -- with one of the very finest coaches -- -- -- -- -- the very finest organization he's with. Josh McDaniels. Who believed in him in understands and -- them. And he's in a passionate fan base and I'm just as a fan as Boston guy I'm thrilled that he's up here. And he wins he can't help that team that program that would be Kim's approach. I have all the confidence in the world that. That you know that organization. Will bring the best known him whatever in whatever capacity they they they were they want. All right one more question on Tim for Steven does GO I'm fascinated by his leadership ability you mentioned and everyone mentions great leader. Here's a guy who. -- is very religious we know that doesn't swear loves his mother claims he's the virgin doesn't drink has no tattoos. And a guy. A lunatic like Brandon Spikes will follow him up the hill you know. You know what college kids -- like they generally don't respect of the really. Religious straight straight -- can't and yet they really do respect him every team we ever hear from. Really respects him is that a usual and and and how do you explain -- Well this is what players respect okay my experiences players respect guys that they know. Have great work ethic that are talked. That are competitive that -- at all on the line. That's what they respect now -- -- -- hello guys that are being you know not everyone -- little like everybody. I mean everybody's different in terms of the personal values their beliefs eccentrics -- But I -- team and in it in football and the team. You'd have to have respect in what is respect generate from that comes from accountability. It comes from guy guys in the holding all the guys. That would be at all everybody put -- awful -- to compete. They work hard each right. The TV they maximize themselves you can count on them you can look to the right you can count on that's what they respected and that -- little starting point. Liking her -- I believe what you believe to hang with you got to low income. But that's not what that's the -- dollar. CNET opponent show the world championship. So much experience with guys is what what what -- -- Monica I can people. And how -- people prepared -- -- -- people practiced and been relentless and sacrificed and done all the things. To make sure that he's that competitive excellent that's what he milk and that's what players -- to not put so much proportional thing. But a question go to does EL I know it's early in the process over BC what are you encouraged about. In what you've seen so far and what keeps you up a little bit at night. While I mean obviously what keeps me up right now it is the depth of our football. OK we don't have great depth we need to stay healthy -- That's hard to control. Okay but when when I'm encouraged about it I love the players are -- -- market data to their loved her work ethic. I think the wrong about the right stuff I think they're highly quotable I think they have a great designer. To be really good and they want to get this thing back britney's debate and an animal soldiers that -- in love I love to have an opportunity to quell. And so our program and our university because this place is unique in. And specialist and an it's an exciting process so. That's probably would keep one keeps -- -- and the other -- -- contrived than me I know what is can be can be just fantastic so excited to report. And I guess a top fifteen recruiting class doesn't doesn't worry too much does it. Well -- don't know what street I mean that's what it's all about you know you know our game is all about you know maximized in the players you have motivating them maximizing them. And then of course bring great talent in because you know you -- with great players. He's a Steve does -- head football coach at Boston College by the time thanks to the top we appreciate it coach good luck on board. Coach does EO Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GLT. Can understand bogeys made it this far yep football coaching business locate the -- -- one of the Texas it is week -- you're wrong he doesn't sound anything like Stephen right now. -- called sarcasm. Into their. I hope he wins this -- wouldn't he be a fund UST what embrace yet. -- C students and alumni just rallying around him if he wins the only loses Tebow set of Stephen Garcia when they were together at Florida. He's got the best leadership qualities of any coach we have on this team he can inspire motivate and drive people. Like not many people I've ever been around I'm so excited and proud for coach does. Our attacks we -- yes we spent -- just tuned in the first hour and fifteen minutes talking about the Boston Bruins and we will go back to right away. We took a little -- -- -- -- -- does he'll get a sense of whether college translates into into -- -- -- sure bottles 6177797937. Will take a quick time out. Fault lines open -- Tom share. The king of all media in Chicago about the Blackhawks and Bruins game one tonight in Chicago.

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