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Jun 7, 2013|

Penguins color analyst Phil Bourque joined the show to preview Bruins Penguiins game 4 tonight. Being a former high school classmate of Gerry the guys also relived the glory days.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan as we anticipate game number four tonight here in Boston joining us on the AT&T hotline felt -- -- orchestra probably know. Handles the color commentary on the yeah Pittsburgh Penguins radio network he joins us on the AT&T hotline. AT&T forgy LP which deceit Chelmsford -- -- -- you -- and yes he has sent to your -- second most famous person from -- would -- be the first now Keith Aucoin a few snow and Georgia both. Jeff Bowman now yeah number 1 good morning fellow -- aria. There are a couple more people expect -- I've felt what's going on -- ever start to the question you'd never expected a million years church I could ask you something about the penguins in the -- it will certainly get to that but I'm gonna start to this you still -- your pet snake. Are triggered like -- I. I -- I told you wouldn't remember. I don't know if you remember this but I. I certainly saw you with a ring connect in Pittsburgh many 'cause the last Thomas cited shelves for Phil that's -- long ago was. You had a snake you remember him. I Burmese -- And very creative about naming of the great market here that. -- -- -- I applaud garnered about those actually Mike Singletary at the very it was a factory record for opening up -- racers are worried. I'll bet it was a week in fact when Jerry told that story about an hour go on the air we had this long conversation and a disagreement. About feeding the snake that you actually put like. Live did you actually put -- and mice and and cute little bunny rabbits in the -- for him to eat. Was involved -- actually -- you'll -- the -- is. I don't get graphic here but after the card it would let's wrap going route in and that was what -- equity. And they get the point where you you liberty in Iraq anymore so what looked -- or an exit. Well you have to upgrade -- Atrix. -- -- they're. -- perky figure in the area he Pollard at Augusta dog IQ. It would -- -- the next the next step is going to be little Beagle puppies out of the room. I'm glad they got rid of a stake people give me the creeps and I I said I didn't know what you fed up at a pretty sure the night I saw you with that it was enjoying a cold beer like I would make a. Yeah well because while you're you're back -- -- -- country got all our -- to allow the use the -- water that. You wrote a lot of bad pick either -- -- Sure -- saw that field component weren't there. And that it was -- for the bank because the other always been at war. He's got to -- -- in the water equipment I'll. -- again. And I wake up on water you gotta go back 308 market lawyer ordered the public you're going to -- that particular order. Illegals or appear in court elect after about -- average constrict you. Don't never expected to strictly Leo -- and other -- story is. Is very -- about. And you Chris Brown but now I'll cooperate like a whirlpool. Look -- a couple -- I don't like it very good. But they've made here I need to clear -- holder at the you have to love the water. Didn't work and reversed and it didn't up. -- the ice breaker with the women that they slot and ran like hell from you. Are not not -- not -- this -- that there're there -- tree -- that there are. What once they were very repetitive and and you're you're all excited that fuel yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just turn our attention are we confirmed this to our -- we have to get from this took its people don't believe me when -- -- -- these guys and believe me that your name was Phil -- until rate came along. I get started tell that story for me -- I came up one day. You know what ray Bork and they're all wearing it and actually unreal the report -- younger brother David rape or live. Bill itself further with a great story out of speeding ticket for the wants them back in the quality sort of like a permanent portrait or would you like. I grew up -- book. And my nickname you -- elected I will buddies. I -- -- -- -- a murky. It is I don't I don't recognize that -- -- my whole life but -- rape or heroic account -- spoke well. It will -- aren't beleaguered island. -- is what we're seeing here in the first three games of the series because Pittsburgh is playing poorly because the Bruins are playing great. It is there's no -- that no one way or the other it's all. Aptly called and I mean I give credit to the typical -- in public -- the off the Burleigh for the way they've played. On the road at Pittsburgh plate perfect road hockey. I think either retreat that they it looked at it it'll work out here. It all the way and they got beat got the winning goal also -- the other side of the absolute favorite starter but not -- the next series yet. I think they've gotten pretty good goaltending promote art you have a chance. But effectively that's that's my biggest concern guys -- Is there a defense collapses. A little quicker. 200 global -- -- get out in the offensive zone. Too quick I'm not sure what it is by but. We have not played even close to about payment hockey yet. I you're you're the analyst at your job -- and lives help us out -- fell 215. Minutes. Two goals from the highest scoring team manager -- -- -- just blew out on a lot. Why why can't is it's strictly a matter to go rest B and on top of his gamers this is there more to it. Well if you wanted to place that's very career sort of what Eric Booker at a regular Putin went to Iraq and chase that Craig Erickson quite. Their series against Ottawa. So as good spectacle raptors pick. Oh I don't think we've really really count so I mean he's here goaltender what I -- -- -- -- -- he's six -- three. And eager to break up a lot like carrot like personal quote the old figure a way that all of output of that. Who called the pick of the scored in the run up here on multiple blocker and I don't like that. The plane went I think they're getting frustrated a little bit ago allowing their frustration creep and -- -- and a great job. A fourth -- that they wouldn't. I think they need to start getting their start away from tried a lot harder on the road but. For me guys that its start in the these are the result it really doesn't -- proposal a few quite strong apparently YouTube you'll get the chances. And I that the pitching again and I think they're they're cheating trying to get the opposite side. Two quick and when you forces like. That -- little lucky duck target -- again we're -- there you go the opposite at the top of that. At times. But the game the very tight the other that we got a lot of post I don't know what they're supposed to buy you don't want it to those go ahead and air tight playoff series -- without being -- -- a lot. We'll tell us in your bones -- like in your gut what happens tonight what happens we we thought that we're gonna show opened game two they didn't. We thought game three that score a goal or two or more than one goal they didn't what do you think happens tonight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've we will go back that were created by a leader to the -- the Pittsburgh Penguins I think he'll be another low scoring. Tight game. One goal game. And it's all about the break right now about the forget about who's gonna get the breaks would not boot that players step up and out of that but I've always believed it would go back to its. It's sort of five. And then game on then anything can happen. He reflected here and -- -- -- are the great remarks by the sense that -- that -- -- that you're a lot of players still there -- 2010 what what the flyers. And you know we're going to be a problem when apple -- brought that they outlook for certain big segments are problems with up three nothing. The war memorial brick stormed back and won that series so order -- the part of it but as -- and try to get the -- -- Arafat. -- get the sense though if they lose tonight. -- woman writing down Pittsburgh the census going to be a lot of changes made the off season they lose tonight get swept to the Bruins think. Yeah at WW portrait user is probably what was originally scheduled. Irish girl. I'd have thought that include Jim baba. I'm a little bothered by the altered their picnic the carcasses that are not our way and they and a lot of our -- -- -- it. Fire the guys trade back guide it to me that's that's not a that's what knee jerk Monday night quarterbacking. That's not the solution all the time that was the 8 o'clock you'll it would garner the 2010. What's happening -- the flyers are all advocated. But -- the emotions talking -- but without being if if we don't win tonight it is I think it will be more traders and W has -- -- -- obviously the the ultimate goal for the Pittsburgh -- and the Boston Bruins is to win this particular series but for this game in particular how how. Motivational is it. That even if you don't think you can ultimately win the series talk about the -- went not to be swept how embarrassing is that public battle the summer does that then create for the for this team. I think Obama and -- locker room that. -- about the that. Okay made maybe they're gonna beat -- if you are below and it. Kind of bring me back -- actually in ninety to work out reward VO -- -- -- the article was the go to or the greatest speeches I ever thought. -- It came in the room where it is pretty short pretty sweet to the point looked everybody and I think -- I think you're gonna go. Either ticket so -- not like there like this and not indicate. They'll get swept by these guys. Whatever you love the most make sure that those those of -- -- the market value over the years. Don't let them you guys who are elected so let them take you out like that and it struck recorder is kind of oil without the okay. They do not currently in the period or -- he hit it. It turns out if you win one payment at all certain couple little polyps can turn so yeah I think the most thing that. I felt what was it like planned with the younger and can you believe he's still plan now amended to see this common. -- -- -- The only -- law department to work ethic was an impeccable. I commend they have a tall poppy you know -- in 91 was accused his copilot -- there. You guys back then that was. Crazy for the -- After -- together unbelievable work out on the fight in the look the weaker pain in garlic is Agilent that you don't let them. And we don't yet know what can help but. It -- because of his work ethic. It definitely you know locked up -- our foot speed but. It still so strong and so Smart that it it doesn't chocolate and he'll plant and if a candidate -- you know we're gonna get a little low double it to -- the rib cage you know he wrote the almighty dollar here you know he looks that the -- -- I think I hit a hook then think of that so he's probably gonna keep planned next year to fungus and you're so you think he's -- he's out of money is it that bad. Now I know I know art you know with so little a little -- but wait -- -- -- -- -- Marty I think he built. You know you're able to make it -- out here yeah if you like here at all I know I you know that's pretty mayor. Hey would you played with a Mario LeMieux I assume he was in your mind the greatest player in the game. Do you look at Sidney Crosby that way now many see that. And above the field or is it unfair is that unfair pressure and unfair comparison for -- Crosby to handle. Yeah I don't get the good comparison of about a big. -- -- concurred with the public like you wanna bring that other person back here as -- on the ice and Merrill just sold. Different that it's in the cities such a grinder all the work elected -- work or burial. Don't look conservative energy and you go help the content. That you hit strike broke quite active. It is. Articulate what does it work out the united. I mean I don't even though -- eaten -- me out because it's made by and -- a matter alchemy with the ultimate app or -- the -- -- Robert Rector who are not taught me. Mario didn't work as hard as that game back in the day if your property example one -- for their training camp. I quit working my tail off all summer -- I had a deal worked out to every single very well there that the rate at which you have I was -- everything. For the trade -- well there of scrimmage game -- like. Elect Bible -- pursuit -- -- there was an article about the editorial in America out here. Hopefully it will make you feel you're unbelievable collect a southerner could but also a long working out -- and everything else I would he you'll want. He goes through the first product like it's not a good to know like there. The intensity that he likened to handicap or something. Yeah it's unbelievable golfer unbelievable paltry -- counterstrike. -- -- Hey if they'll talk about will it work ethic and and the desire to compete what your thoughts about Campbell's performance the first sixty almost 62 with a broken like -- night. Yet -- -- -- I mean from our side are who we are you know I would almost scream and -- to attack -- guy you know because it couldn't. Really couldn't you might have cut the credit there you can almost feel the pain that you witnessed the they're trying to do what he experienced if you have -- shot like that Potomac like they are going away. They cut the tripod or are kept the Bartlett upright there look like directly try to elect -- on the but. Thanks and in the -- -- lover -- whatever but. Yeah that was that was really kind of the epitome of playoff hockey what guys you're. The battle. In here after. It was pretty impressive when. You know the market shot at the scene he's not going to be able to stick around and experience that I do a lot like. If you -- a theory on again does disappearance we haven't really hasn't had any impact and on nobody. A Pittsburgh scored -- hardly even see again only involved in a play. I'm on the lot -- I'm shocked actually. Yeah. You -- -- -- -- would they would cooperate in. You know dominate a game what you are doing a little bit better each game. Competence and after the weaker it is awkward is that we. I'm a home. A lot award that I just can't believe that you're not -- major factor yet in this series and you'll hear tonight. But Justin uncharacteristically. Quiet is they're -- big -- I thought in game three worried by the -- -- really -- the draw -- that everybody really fear that it played against them the he's been really really quiet I guess if -- on the -- sinopec and obviously that guy's gonna wake up tonight because it's been really strange help quality there. You buy into -- around the -- while we've read about her -- this week do you buy into the idea Matt Cooke is a different person he was say 23 years ago. -- -- -- I absolutely do. It totally. Before you make your opinion MacBook specified in the article because a lot of people -- looking -- awful it took some of the Atkins that -- and that's all they want to either want to have those both political opted not. -- valuable part of our hockey club and if you ever allow yourself to looked through the hatred you have for -- -- it. You see that he's a heck of -- hockey players don't really Smart ought to. These -- really cute person it's your chance to talk. It either cute -- remand there's a lot of stuff off the ice that doesn't make -- -- newspapers that -- -- lies. He's done a lot of things -- for about. We have mutual friend. Not that he does for people that. And conducting for him but he does -- other prisoners to the heart -- itself that really don't want it here because you hate him so watcher especially here bought them but -- collier. Obama from eyewitness. Point of view he is an unbelievable person and very very good hockey player at the chain that. A lot of active -- whether some of the stuff over the past. All right Phil we wrap it up this and I'm gonna ask this question with a little fear and trepidation but a number of textures or AT&T text machine let me ask you did big red like Monty. Our rhetoric or -- why assumes sells out the. Grip and a big river after a -- Mathieu -- in my single days. That was the chick magnet back there. For the rain to clear out all the rain develop Arctic but regret that my my act like -- -- law. -- Yet but if you -- the jury from time to time which recent remind to a vote of the relationship pay Phil Bourque is a fun conversation. I assume you think that the Bruins are going to enjoy all expense paid trip to Pittsburgh for game five. I believe that -- go -- Petro fired buckle up baby all right. We'll talk to -- -- thanks for the time this morning. -- bill -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined AT&T forgy LT DR tomorrow. Nationalists are happy birthday happy for -- in Boston's board Chelmsford I don't know where areas but. Notably ambulances and it was Phil -- I believe bill Burke and count it wasn't his choice you know because he's occupy writers people sign that affect music it is a defenseman. Maybe he was it wing in the and the NHL. But it just -- in 79. Which is when I knew them everything just changed it was like you look to the name and called abort -- he wasn't a fight it as a hockey players okay. People now outburst Beckett has been public campaign for months now for us to get -- set kind of spruced up a little bit why that's wrong with it. It's a crazy and we're gonna spruce up. When we come back talk we have a poster on the wall. We have a home to post are these all are our sets little better stickers not -- they are what -- you order a spruce up our set yes we are did you bring fresh flowers -- -- bring and arrangements are even better than that we'll be right back.

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