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Buster Olney, ESPN, on Ellsbury's future with Sox

May 22, 2013|

Buster Olney joins Mut and Merloni to talk about the struggling Ellsbury and what that is doing to his contract value when he becomes a free agent.

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Well the other part of this is an Ellsbury with a one for three at the top we've been talking -- on about Jacoby Ellsbury and our weekly guest ball strongly ESPN. -- -- SPN dot com writes about Ellsbury extensively. In his column this week hey buster it's up -- and Lou and I know we started on this last week but as you wrote about today. Boy they're all sorts of a crossroads right now the whales buries it in the baseball and that's created a year lingering at the end the season with Scott ports. Yeah let's make it clear from the outset I mean there were in the Red -- best interest in the Jacoby Ellsbury is best interest. He'd -- going to this year or bullets just days from today forward and started like crazy go back to being what it wasn't 2011. Set himself up for a big payday in the off season. The Red Sox let him go away. And they get a draft pick in return and I think at that point probably everybody would be happy. But I do think at some point the interest of the Red Sox in Jacoby are going to diverged in last start it yet. Because the Red Sox have to go about the business of trying to win games in 2013. And Mitt aid dialed Barry certainly needs to play as much as he possibly can to help the market value. But at some point you gotta figure that the Red Sox if it continues to mean I wrote the column today. He's 31. Among batters he had more than twenty plate appearances. In lead the lead out spot in old OP yes you know and on base percentage he's not. He's not producing and so it's not a surprise -- John Ferrell. Address the question of whether or not he might drop them in the order at some point. When you look at these production of left handed hitting -- that would be. It's something that you know the Red Sox may or may not consider in the future it would make sense that he's not producing. And this is not. Now a a small simple this is all the 2012. In which you get affected by injuries is now beginning of 2013 and and it looks like it's going to be very close division race and they have to run out the best line up every day and if at any point they decide you know what. It's not going to that doesn't necessarily include Jacoby Ellsbury any given day it becomes very complicated for the team. Jeb Bush the problem that I have -- the -- Kobe maybe the mindset is when we talk about his value of their free agency I think. Now one column affects what he makes in what he doesn't make the nets' home runs because if he's a speedy. Said -- fielder and don't give Iran goes back -- -- -- don't -- still very good player but it's more like Michael -- It -- twenty plus home runs it's probably more than BJ -- which is a big difference in dollars and maybe he start to think that as well and he's not a home run hitter. Well and his numbers I looked it up just before I came up with the guys today he's bigoted these numbers might be relevant in 2011. He had such a high percentage of balls that he would get in the outfield. In 295. Vs 275 in the infield. In this year a lot more balls he didn't get the and you guys he's the bad on a daily basis more than ideal. But you know what you hear a lot of it is that he's rolling over ball. And you know maybe that's in part to. Any effort to drive the ball. And he hit for extra base hit to that is -- that I mean that. That system operator and the question is if -- that type of player or was 2011. I really feel great and nice separation. And edit the tough the tough thing here now -- think about the future because there's so much baseball will be played who knows maybe turns around and must assure the power might be the best really turned draws a good year. Do the what of the Red Sox do in the off season the selective -- -- the project but. They off from the thirteen five of the comfortable with that the seizing continues so you can't just let him walk and you and offer not off from that. Well it would depend a little bit out of war -- and everything I want basically over the next one a month for a day that he just sort of you know slog along the wind up with a 320 on base percentage then it becomes kind of an interesting decision. Where. If you Jacoby old very. That -- and maybe your best chances to go back to Boston on a one year deal and try to reestablish -- value. And -- the Red Sox off from that in an effort to get the draft pick. Maybe he could find themselves surprise in one of having elsewhere in the -- when they clearly have other young populist coming up through the system. L I got to believe that it felt very finishes this year would like at 320 on base percentage. That he's not gonna have a huge number of offers. You know from other -- and one year tender from the Red Sox would certainly look we're really attractive because. He'd probably is gonna -- reestablish his value in 2014 again it's early. But I think your question the fair question and all the sudden it becomes -- they -- -- very complicated issue for the Red Sox. And dealing with -- it's sort of the X-Factor in the whole thing is how long handled together -- Jacoby at all -- Well and in my poll would be in less about the salary you said young outfielders like -- Jacqui Bradley's future. Factor in all the what they might wanna do in center field no matter what he does it AAA in the back of their mind buster they thinking. We got a ticketed for our center field next year. I don't think is any question I think bright Brent played into it you know who's the guy who's who's been on a fairly late. It -- he had left handed pitching. For money here he's pretty good outfielder. He could play right field admiral Victorino in center field they have -- they have Bradley -- played center field. It doesn't seem like it. That when you look at the -- that's being caught sufficient for 2014 they keep having to go there and Jacoby Ellsbury in the team and paying him would be -- Efficient YouTube uses those dollars given the other players that they have. But it all becomes very murky because of what Jacoby not doing right now. Don't wanna stay in American League east because interesting out there Baltimore. There was talk about Dylan Bundy and being in the guy coming up maybe to be that he's for -- looks like he's gonna avoid surgery there he met doctor Andrews no big deal its emissions forearm. But up Kevin -- comes up here he's gonna start on Thursday. Numbers are pretty good down triple -- we know it was last year right is that in the top one of the topics came from LSU nominee starts in the minors. What are you hearing about this Cuba can impact can -- have was just one stock. I talked to evaluate -- spring training with -- another team who was involved in the decision. You know whether or not his team was gonna take a look at scotsman in the trap because to me now. Iowa we didn't he is much movement on it that's all we would've liked and I told that to Buck Showalter in spring training and -- gave me that look when. He died popped the wide open and is now who is why nobody was like why. Ten but -- haven't bought him -- loves him that he not only did he have an impact norm plot stuff. But it has tremendous make up front of the rotation type guy number four overall pick. So they're really excited about it let's face it there it is situated in that situation right now would need better production at a rotation. They kind of got through that he was in smoke and mirrors it's got to be better for them this year and I know -- thought spring training -- the early this year the cosmic could be part of that solution. Stay in the east because the Yankees a team the Red Sox -- late last -- late next week for the first time in a while they have. Vaulted ahead of the Red Sox and given that they've had all these injuries buster what's the biggest reason your mind they've been able to stay a contender in the east so far this year. Well in general their bullpen I think in the -- got Mariano Rivera looks like he's. 23 instead of 43 and I and I put -- on his total speculation now guys. He is good comeback and puts in 2014. That wouldn't surprise to me taking apple intent write down retiring but he -- -- ball so well. Right now one of the best relievers if not the best reliever in baseball. And you do wonder at the end of the year will be sitting there are coming -- -- phenomenal season that the Yankees offered to a ton of money might say you know what. That was easy enough let me go back and do it for one more year but is that bullpen it's your ability to succeed -- post game. And they'd gotten a ton of production out of these guys can deduct for all the nickel and dime to dig dug out from the couch cushions. -- Lyle Overbay. I mean when they picked him up they literally. They're thinking was man I would look at -- -- -- -- -- we don't think he's getting the left and he's got more RBIs and Albert Pujols. In Vernon Wells was the scrappy guy that nobody wanted. They're getting production out of him. It's just amazing sort of the corners that they're getting offense from but the image into the last -- -- a temporary. -- -- where the possibility that you know this could be Cinderella situation in the glass slippers are gonna go away at some point. But he latest Duncan Null. In talks at them. Well they've been privately talking and I can't tell you are sure. How far along they are but I know that they are intent on resigning him and I think that Robinson made the choice to change agent. In part because he didn't like the direction of where the talks are going to make the Yankees I know that they felt much better about the chance to resigning him. Now when the one that -- no change agents. You were around Detroit over the weekend and and the beat Cabrera stuff now when you and you've done this -- you put his numbers. Against -- numbers from a year ago and he is ahead of some pace in terms of the overall power overall offensive numbers. Where does he rank right now on the guys you've covered in terms of offensive forces in their prime Major League Baseball. He's the best hitters that I -- that I've seen besides Barry Bonds and you know we're all gonna. -- qualify everything to Barry Bonds did by what happened in Madeira. But he's command and Lou you can speak to that so much better than I can -- you've actually played the game. They can he command what he does to the plate is like someone playing with the ball in his backyard. Where the three home runs hit the other night. You know after twice falling behind the count only two and basically spitting on breaking balls. Knowing exactly what the pitcher was gonna try to do -- then hammering the ball with these. Stride with swing. You know 441. Feet it's ridiculous. And when you talk to players on other teams. -- privately they will just tell you that he's the smartest thing -- ever seen. He is maybe one of the strongest hitters they've ever seen. And it really is amazing scene which he would he's accomplishing the other night after the three home runs David Murphy was the start of the game. And I had the NBC interview and get ready to interview him and I'd give him a heads up some look at the back and -- and that Cuba Cabrera is hit three home runs he gave a look at him despite a good cause I was gonna talk about it anyway. -- just blast went from -- -- back to Jacoby -- quick with the new deadline and everything how. What is the scenario where he could be traded him and if you're another team and you know -- -- compensation pick for him. What would you ever wanna give up and and he's got to perform well if he turns around while the Red Sox and deal moment is there a scenario where he gets dealt. Well and it hit me extrapolating that nothing ever from the -- that -- make that clear but Mike questioned about whether that they were considered to trading him would be based on. He's a response -- stay at any point decide. You know what we're gonna work and a platoon we're gonna use other guys we're not gonna necessarily guaranteeing. Him being in the line up every day. And they felt like that wasn't something that he would go along with willingly. Then at that point maybe CA and maybe we should move them out. And I I'm guessing no one of these they'd be looking at -- -- not to get a -- -- return for all the reasons you stated would be. You know bullpen piece a guy -- another team who. Would be you know it is also -- free agent year. But I went through came by came this morning thinking about that possible scenario. There aren't a lot of teams that would be in the market form. I gotta tell you. Did -- just not. You know there's something -- -- center -- but they're developing teams are not necessarily contend it would have to be contender. Who wouldn't it. A team that would know that Jacoby can walkways to create the end here in the they'd be comfortable that. Get shot on this Boston Cleveland Indians surprising everybody in that central Red Sox seat Terry Francona for the first time here Fenway these next couple days. How much of the credit for their start in their success goes to what Terry Francona was able to do in terms of recruiting -- veteran players who ended up on that roster this year. I exactly I think that it's not only the question of what -- does in terms of re sitting in the organization during games. And you know raising the level of hope. For the players but also the fact that he is such a presence that he has a great history in Boston the manager. -- Suddenly free agents like Nick Swisher. And Michael Bourn. Could take that seem more seriously like Mark Reynolds. Because they could be -- could go to those guys and said look we're committed to winning we just brought this guy who won two World Series with a -- -- You know him well. And I think that really has energized the franchise it amusing to see that actually translates in the stands the only at 171000 people that game last night. Brutal buster only joining us buster appreciate the time is always a -- next week. Bus rolling when he joins -- brought to you by Toyota of national visit the only Toyota national megaplex.

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