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Former Red Sox manager Terry Francona catches up with D&C

May 22, 2013|

Terry Francona joins the Dennis and Callahan Show to discuss his first-place Indians team as well as his time in Boston. The former Boston manager also touches on his recent book co-authored by Dan Shaughnessy and Shaughnessy's recent dust-up with David Ortiz.

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You know it's not like. Terry Francona has not returned. To Fenway Park since leaving as the Boston Red Sox manager he's -- back a couple of times for ESPN as a broadcaster. He came back for the 100 year celebration but tomorrow night. Because back in uniform the Cleveland Indians. Good morning Terry John Jerry Kirk and Boston how aria good morning -- You think you get as big an implausible an ovation as you did last time when he came back for -- hundred -- thing. Well you guys probably don't always go well it or obviously to do but I've -- spent much time thinking about that work. Actually got our annual sports Macke sure -- -- lapses we have Justin Verlander to my little reduced their assault and I'll take away a little bit of your rocks but you're looking down the road. Is gonna feel different coming back competing as opposed to coming back in broadcasting and just waving to the crowd. All sure I mean you know if it was probably help the the way it worked out -- a the year between the thumb I mean there was probably healthier a lot of aspects utilize it. I had probably lost some perspective and you know eight years in Boston I mean a native is -- by the got a pretty honest about it it's one of the most awesome job you can never have. But it's difficult and aware of Colonia and sometimes what you don't wanna wears on yet. Some of you normally war started showing you know maybe be discovered those are losing patience and that's not help either. So having a year to Connery black and and just recharge. And actually missed the game yeah it was really good form. Well your dogs and -- magic in Cleveland 26 and eighteen -- -- lost last night pitcher in first place in the central. You have the third best run differential in all the the American League. Are able to soft Eric. While we didn't start out very well mom and you know we got -- lol bet our starting pitching. Would have a tough time you don't too often. Arm and then all the sudden one -- starting pitchers start give us a chance. Your bullpen has pretty good has pretty deep. And we have some speed which -- ball ballpark we catch the ball. Sold 111 week stay in game two weeks we look pretty crisp. And that I mean -- every team could probably say that there's not any magic button you're hitting. But -- week we got a good group I mean were were kind of enjoying. Trying to see how much better we can get built it together. Is it disappointing that you have this kind of team and by all descriptions and accounts it's it's an interesting team to watch a fun team to watch -- in first place and your last in the end in baseball I believe in attendance what's up with left. While I haven't really again I got my hands full -- find of figure out how we're gonna beat the Tigers of things like that. You know what the guys the economy here took a pretty big -- there's no getting around that and it's. School not out yet and again that's just boy ideas and -- -- -- won't -- the best thing we can do just try to play as good baseball we can and somehow those things take care of themselves on me and I don't have an answer for you -- for an economy that kind of took a hit that's that's sad and that's. That's not a reflection on how these people care about thirteen because they do. Is Justin Masterson your ace -- Is the I mean obviously you hadn't seen him up close and personal for awhile as he come along I I know the was. Back here we thought it was terrific trade didn't you at the time when you got Victor Martinez. I thought it would -- betrayal of all the difficult one because Matthew muscles special but didn't Victor at that point in the year was what we needed to try to do over the hump. So I understood that I agreed with that but it still difficult because you know you can't be around Massey and not. Really care about this kid sold reuniting with the most fun to begin with. And now watching him take his rotation a couple of on him his shoulder and lead it is number early problem. What do you do differently there than here. Is it just dealing with a younger team supposed to veteran team. Isn't a whole different job or is it the same basic. Well I mean our goal every night the -- that'll never change real regardless of what expectations are outside of our clubhouse or. You know all I think I think the one thing that is a little different is there's less thing is on the periphery here and you can rule you can. You know concentrate on baseball more. -- Wimbledon really not that young so we've got you know we had Jason Giambi in the -- -- shall we got a little more veteran as a -- progressed. -- I don't know me just you'll need to try to I feel the same about the game today as I did two years ago or just. You know you you you try to do the right thing every day and that'll never change. This job harder than that one. Was this job here was it harder than that when you have now. Are probably depends on what they ask me I mean it is. Mean the job in Boston is one of the most difficult jobs. Again I've been like us up pretty -- -- -- the most awesome job but if it entail a lot I mean you have a lot of people coming at you from a lot of directions. And then you have the players that you wanna protect so they can go play the game and you probably have to do that a little bit more in a place like Boston. The book came out I guess about four months ago and obviously be part of that was indeed -- your serve lack of communication at the end with with Lucchino. In Henry and Werner and those guys -- been pretty outspoken about the books since it was published have you talked to those guys since then and do you plan to see them here over the weekend. Well obviously that's a lot of stuff and what was his milk before -- haven't talked to home. I was kind of disappointed because I was six you know expecting to topple the outcome orbital my frustrations came from. Pena and and -- again I'd be just. You know what they -- is -- is what it is using the kind of a Bill Belichick -- literally you'd feel that you move on. I am but in puzzlement and we get all I I was disappointed. You know I wouldn't have scripted the ending in Boston the way a bit saying that you know what. You'd figure as time moves on the Red Sox are really good place right now they got a very good manager. They got to feel good about things on the -- -- more -- Matt. It allows you kind of look back and remember some of the good times as opposed to some of the things that hurt a little bit easier. Are you a different person. Now -- than you were when you were here -- you changed -- thought. Tom I think we all kind of live and learn and -- And you know I talked about perspective but also -- as I don't have any perspective I live and die with -- -- and has probably never gonna change. One fact you probably know this but this amaze me and I think do that conclusion and I'm their reach here is that you get -- guys. I don't think that any opponent is is too big -- moment the Indians have already faced eight Cy Young award winners in 2013. Bartolo Cologne RA Dickey Roy Halladay Cliff -- Jake Peavy David Price. Justin Verlander and. Yeah and and and believe me I'm -- mom happy about that but the legal less amount of those guys we faced a better arms. We've got a really good job of of making those guys earn every single out they've gotten. And and you know slim and that's basically the way we go -- -- a Boston you try to grind out those guys. Sometimes the best way to beat him to get a lot of the game. I'm obviously low score runs but just make them earn everything they get and make it a more hard and try to pitch count up and we've got a really good job. Every every reference to team so far this season includes some comparison to the 2012. Orioles a team that won all the one run games in the extra inning games. Does that come up them -- do you tell your guys about that could you beat the Orioles of last year. Now on you guys know we walled off we don't have you don't we don't sit around and talk a lot about stuff like that I think the way year's successful use just. Take the challenge today but always been out like you know and if you do correctly need duel right. You know then -- couple -- two weeks. Down the road people were talking about you being in a good streak are somewhat output. No I don't want our guys coming into the ballpark on a high because you won the night before on a low. Because we lost all of them want to come to the ballpark play good game that night and humble take -- -- little belong. Max Scherzer as you pointed out retired only two straight after the first inning last night cool you guys off you'd have five wins in a row. Cabrera hit a two run home run I know this sounds silly since he won the Triple Crown but good Cabrera be getting better. He had that scary it is Gary got. Really scary if he could run it would be like a video game is coming. You know I it and and part of the problem is is not just Cabrera but it's all a lot like -- he's from where -- when they were there -- day. Is you've got up did you know if you walked Cabrera or else you're you're looking at a big inning because you've got. Prince Fielder behind him and Victor Martinez. So it's it's that you try to get through there without getting nicked up and we pulled it off three times but we couldn't do it before and it cost us a two run home. Are in the book with Shaughnessy was very well done well received -- we spent weeks talking about it. The your old -- your blog your year old bosses didn't appreciate it but given regrets I said I was I think I was the first -- to say it should have been called. Francona it should be called -- revenge. You've got them back and I respect that and I and I enjoyed that. Do you have any regrets about it. No but I don't again I don't view -- like that coming. I thought I was the -- on -- -- like could be and I tried like two Dan Worley worked hard and what we did was we wanted it to want to 600 and do what we want it to be good and on and so anytime there was something dealing with a player. Like where we talked about David Ortiz we've got into a little spring in New York body and all of a -- DM or I would go to the player. And talked warm fail or would use it to the -- -- Bob Beckett Lester -- -- so we -- want it to be good. But I believe -- so much seal the sanctity of the clubhouse that I didn't want to be a book -- guys were like you know old news hole. -- band really I created so much extra work for him. Yeah and in doing that without part of the deal and he lived up to it. The only guy tried to be really honest -- I think people maybe one out. Take out what they want to me I I feel like the part of member of the having people say but want to the owners don't love the game. Yeah I made it income reference to me and how much I this was my whole life. And also pointed out that there are great older. And the same comic -- like you're in tough times like with the Jon Leicester situation. How they're good side -- through I don't think people want to have to take it on the Bal wants. They just want to look at some of the things that maybe were a little bit. On the negative side and run with that -- taken it in this and. Hire Paul -- is somebody smeared you for the -- well known as one of the worst smear campaigns have ever seen in this town. And I'm guess I'm not sure would you have done this book of that hadn't been the case and they hadn't kicked Q on the way out the door. What again I. What went when Dan approached about doing the -- my first answer to him was no -- in the olive view. And he kind of talked -- -- like a little trial hole. The old white -- wild chapter. And you know I was bored I really didn't want us to do I had signed oblivious PM -- and we I was actually kind of bond but we want to new York and we kind of -- did not I was still sort out -- -- I will do happened. And -- the people of New York the more we talked they seemed really excited. And we got into it it was kind of fun and they'll work really hard. Now the one thing that and I knew it was gonna come yeah I knew where you have to deal the last year 'cause that's how we do we kind of what border and I knew we're gonna have to get the last year but it didn't come to the end. Soul I'd put the office and out of the hardest thing for me was the old -- again because it was you know it was emotional it hurt. And like -- so I would've scripted it that way. But you know what would he do the best you can't. Pablo with Shaughnessy -- -- here. This year Terry. I -- -- guys I'm on the late -- -- now one. Actually was talk in the DM the other day and he made a reference to that and I had no idea what he's talking about. So I ask as -- in the like gathered some story idea I've even seen it. -- have a hard time comment on that one nice thing but don't doable but -- his you'll probably won't -- week. He may putt I I think I get a pass because we do a book together. Well essentially just ask David about the the the do you. With virtually the people when Hines is back saying how -- new at this age coming off that injury be this effective in this good so soon. People are suggesting that may -- PEDs play a role in this now what do you have an opinion on that I don't know but they've but but the ownership and management's response was that was totally inappropriate for Dan to approach David with that -- I again I rooted hard to give an opinion of who or what you're not part of it -- never been a big fan of that. But I I can understand that. Indian band has his job and he does that and he's -- He he admits to be in really good at being kind of that guy that's part of him that I got to know him early while I enjoyed it -- surprised -- And I told the first -- -- we're driver in the organizer Ramon Almonte picking up but I'm pinching my windows. And he also it real there was a lot of good give and take him it was a healthy for me. But that doesn't mean he's not gonna aggravate a player I guess that's. Well we won't ask you how well the book is and how much you may about how much of Chauncey make for this. Are more that -- -- how long did do that. He got paid what he did the year and everybody -- if you work really hard there were times when football started last year that. I think I kept him up -- 5 in the morning just because it just wasn't comfortable with some of the ways things -- worse said I don't want to strangle me. And he he kept his word and he. He was really conscientious because -- wasn't going to be more difficult. Did you draw the line I mean I know Shaughnessy probably could just kept pushing you and did you say no and then we're not no one there on anything. You really all he does something he didn't do that calm and that especially the more we got into it. He knew we knew how we wanted to do this we had talked about it then. And -- always -- really wasn't a push all it was just wanting to get right and wanting to have a B you know boarded. How high speed which isn't easy things. By one quick defensive Lucchino here what was wrong with the wearing the officials sweat shirts to the parade why is that unreasonable. It. Yeah but you're glad that you're glad they were still out there -- At war room WI II smell a conspiracy here I think you -- -- You guys always democracies. As they weren't there and that's why it was funny we -- you know like. Do as far as Larry is. Larry is a guy that I think like a good fight and I don't think he minds anyway so the next -- forget about it and I've always felt that way. I think to I do god you guys don't just disappointed when people tell you gonna call you back expected to call you back down I was kind of my disappointment there. From the same thing with John that was really good not bad people I've ever so that. Do you think this your success in Cleveland is that helps you forget about the blown opportunity in Saint Louis as if I were me. I would never forget that if somebody walked in your in his -- on the start asked him of his dirt that appeared about your private life. In an interview I I have I have trouble getting past that have you. You know I'm probably mean or upper and -- -- and you I believe -- was yeah you're right. Want cassation and we weren't able we ought not -- in this World Series amid the interview and that was a good job -- In -- I probably wasn't their prime candidate tonight I I knew that. You know they've Mike -- was their clear choice and I think you've probably choice for that job will be and his background in your organization and how sharp he used. I want to roll he rolled it like trying to do to defend myself feel again that's that's not a great feeling. Well I feel like you live below our -- try to get better and got. Tabloid and you're doing all right -- is obviously you could Wear -- -- -- at -- if they were there are contentious so we think you knew where they were though did you are an all star history at Belmont. What I could I could repaired last dollars and are most of them have do one. I was so tired. That I -- duties now your building -- it is they just somehow they disappeared and I -- I thought it was kind of funny providing care what the guys -- obviously -- all all season long. We we looked a little IDB's old raggedy during the parade would have been just -- I'll leave you with -- baseball question and I know your day to day guy and you don't think that's schedule look at this week and next week -- week after that but. It eight of your next nine series Tito will be vs first or second place teams -- Is this what you'll find out what your team has really made out of. Yet no actually dude I actually did do that and because young we have the plan but. As far as our team goes I don't want them to think one Q all I mean you don't plan -- staying in the moment is huge right the only way to be successful. But no I've looked at a schedule -- property that's why. You stay in the moment predicting what kind of daunting and we don't need to do you got all we need to do is just try to win tonight that's hard -- -- Verlander pitch and for them and that's notre -- soul rattling story about -- her in mobile guy down the road let's just try to find a way to be Verlander is. But the standings. How the TV ratings again you sizzle on this team. How I roll -- bomb -- not approached about that -- That continued success Terry thanks for -- -- -- -- double -- -- don't want to tax we want text after the ones that have another mission you have an issue amiss here and Tito one text after the other saying congratulations and admission. That's nice I've been treated. I've gotten so many nice letters and -- amazing to me about. But those people in New England I've never seen people would care much about their team and ever wants -- I used to -- gives you the manager headache yet but they're pretty special look to see us we are these guys have a good week.

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