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Full tilt, full time. Newest inductee to the Patriots Hall of Fame Tedy Bruschi with Salk and Holley

May 21, 2013|

We talk to #54 about his career and well deserved induction to the Patriots Hall of Fame.

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Let's take a brief pause though from the Bruins -- we weren't sure this is gonna happen but very excited anytime you can get. A hall of Famer on the shell in today's patriots hall of Famer as of today. Tedy Bruschi -- in right here via the AT&T Holler hi Teddy how aria. I don't think it's been a good day I'm doing okay. -- congratulations what an understatement has been a good day. So it's it's been a good couple weeks where you last couple weeks because you make the college football hall of fame. Then you make the patriots hall of fame. Better. -- -- you don't need to do that I don't do too well individual accolades. I'm better when I'm in the huddle and I would almost died so. It's strange to be just spoke out individually former career list. It's an honor I mean I had a great time playing in college football at the university affairs Kuroda for that to be announced if you -- a couple weeks ago and then. Mr. Kraft called in last night and we had a great conversation and it's. It's been a good couple weeks then it's I'm very honored to beat to be in this organization's policy. You know I -- plates in different positions as a college player in -- later as a pro. How really different college player from a professional NFL player. I think all of outlets in the tinker in college -- play defense and then. So I had three things you know and Alan -- corporate office tackle in the ship went down -- the play the run to cut back. So the time it turned it over me I've played him seven technique on and it and took a pass of course the pastor. That's holidays another guy every single play and so it was very simple in the rushing the passer was so pure relief because. In college I really only had to worry about beaten one -- to -- in front of me and giving to the prize which was the quarterback. In the in this. In the offensive back -- I'll be able to do that 52 times that if you set the collagen. And that's what that's all I was in college and getting after that pastors what as forceful action. When I get to. But that's the New England Patriots and you know play linebacker animals. Just like I did you hear chuckle because. I'd never drop patent coverage in my life and so that transition. Would probably the most physical football hat I ever had to complete but. Through the course of a few years and how evil to keep myself on the team by -- situation Patrick structured putting -- special. I had I learned to play linebacker. That's how life how I continue to prove my worth on the team and and -- -- -- ever heard the story before but I can't hear enough. You got drafted by the patriots tell us about that first phone call with -- Bill Parcells. Don't let it -- ourselves called me and like attracted by the kicker. The history and kicker on the bottom line when mr. brown is the basic human. There's your Portland mr. brown because ovals street round on the same date back then. And everyone was sort of mulling around my apartment and I want by the GB and I looked at my left it and slash on the ticker that. I was drafted 86 by the New England patriot -- it disappear. And I told everybody expects structure about the patriots. And so we have to watch one pick one pick to victory all the way open to get back to 86 for coach art so called. -- came around and it was very blunt on the telephone calls that go parts of prayer line backwards in here now grow. If -- -- the votes Al -- though. It's it's -- my position coaches we had a conversation people. These linebackers that it reflects. In my family as he what was wrong and I told them they want to play in middle linebacker. Strong that. And I civilized and know how to play -- back. Of actually -- it all started it was a learning process from. From learning how to drop in the coverage. My first corporate linebacker meeting -- Coach -- Croat side of the lake -- -- -- -- it -- back into the hook when he hit a steady. It will respect. I didn't know where was all new black coach was -- apps are so I had to start from. From levels Hugo basically what it was children play linebacker but luckily I was able. So -- -- an intelligent player knows and I relied on. -- football smarts in my professional career that's sort out the big difference from college approach. And now patriots hall of Famer Tedy Bruschi with a -- WEEI. You would play for Belichick when he was defensive coordinator but when he came back as the head coach after the couple years at Pete Carroll and first year went sort of OK was there a moment. When you realized that something special is happening -- team is there one moment you knew that it was gonna work out with him as a head coach with a group that you have. While I was looking to have built part so that my rookie head coach because that's -- I -- aspects of my foundation mostly. My football. Foundation laid by Bill Parcells and and what it took to to work hard and going to the Super Bowl that year losing to the Packers of course such. Bill with a -- at the backs coach. I'm not the defense of course you're gonna be an assistant sort of sort of and are important turned to defense coordinator Al -- was technically. The beauty and to coordinator bill with a DV coached and and my foundation laid by that coaching staff we have Pete Carroll for a few years. And then when bill came back his very first meeting. You really set the tone early on guard the culture club atmosphere. And it -- it's gone and I'm gonna change things they weren't wanted to catch Malia walked -- at the meeting late. The very first day. It's a mad at their pretty quickly what some language that a lot of us have heard in a while since ninety. So I think that sent the message right off the bat. That it was going to be allowed different around here guys are going to be held accountable all the way to. Being on time in early for meetings then. And the way he the way it treated each other and and took coaching. Throughout the organization and that's when the circuit for. They're -- we were talking today around 4 o'clock. When we reset and remind people that you made the hall patriots hall of fame today. We were going over. Favorite Bruschi place now at this point I hadn't heard the sound of what your favorite player was. The one that I mentioned that really jumps out at me for a number of reasons was the play against Dominic Rhodes. In the divisional playoff game with your goals there you said it's the doors with the Miami game that interception and off of Fiedler. Why the -- that would. Now from unquestionably where my favorite -- much every home game moment. That's what that was bad interception in the snow being thrown up in the air my favorite play. Of my entire career. Would -- interception. On Thanksgiving Day verses which -- life. Because I believe. That it accomplished my progression. From Yahoo! outsourcing defense the man. Who have passed dropping inside linebacker to the National Football League where I interests at -- I believe it was -- -- -- and I took it to the house. It was an adjustment so we broke the huddle and we get a chip and it just Napoli was verses and certain formation to where you got a line out. And then. Rush the passer so you had to recognize formations. Which is something I never had to do before but I did that so I had to make a call to these sort of line to open up to big -- for me erupts. Something I've never done before and I did that and then I -- which is what I was used to doing. But as valid question I had agreed to protect the flag protection if it's if it's slipped my way I had to drop -- -- 45 -- -- degree angle away from the protection. Over to the inside -- slightly on the other side. Something I have to work. I completed that part of the casket match that was dropping back in the coverage had to turn my head back read the quarterback look for the ball in -- -- covering the slant. The smallest -- a kick the ball off while in coverage going backwards redirected going forward and then scored the left sideline. To me that completed the question we're finally -- can recognize formation back and make adjustments -- -- Mike and select the pastor I. I can come out of the rush if need be if I recognize that on the run and to make plays on the ball. That's when I knew that's what I knew that I could become a player that. Could help the team when you can. That's a good story but I would not mentioned Joey Harrington when you tell it again -- it just takes away enemies Joey Harrington threw the -- don't mention that part. He lived through a lot of interceptions. Now -- -- to -- -- and when you're when you're running in certain directions no matter who -- thrown by. Interceptions are pleased that require. Jill recognition anticipation. So any interception it's an interception doesn't matter what you get from I remember they cannot big man. It was not as memorable as when it picked actually -- a complete progress. That's Teddy Bruschi with a -- WEEI patriots start their routier's today what can you get out of an OT. What you want to get out of penalty into everybody's picked -- from one. Especially with the New England teaches here and all of the NG -- -- -- cap and it. And. So you want come out of OT eight healthy first and foremost and I believe they're gonna go through some consecutive aid into in the weeks to the mini -- so. It has some good work -- group that would -- -- gave it isn't over over a couple weeks maybe two and a half weeks so we want everyone come out. No pulled hamstring our receivers know unnecessary contact were not aware alignment sort of tweak -- shouldering its like that. So number one. About -- Number two the bigger collection to look at is. Tom Brady's progress in which his receipt with his receivers that you receive respect he has the he has a Turkey of them where. He can use this time Brady can use this time where you wouldn't have a -- to an absolute Welker gronkowski as -- a teacher. He's going to be teacher is going to be coach you've got to get Jones -- -- -- and -- boys and. And the -- the rookie all on the same page in terms of what she wants them to do. So he can use this temple at practice to teach in these mini camp so hopefully. They come -- come away from these next couple weeks as a seed planted in their mind. -- what Brady wants and what the offense wants from them going into training. -- how to bring her back two to get into the hall of fame today because. -- that you're you are part of a patriots era unprecedented in franchise history we have a lot of worthy guys. -- were up for the hall of fame a lot of guys who have won championships who know about winning no bomb making plays in big games. I'm wondering. Who have you heard from today and and in what stands out human you talked about mister Kraft last and I'm sure he always finds the the right words to say. What. Who over reached out to you really. Really sets up and it impacted. -- -- I'd -- -- to contact me today. And one that really stood out to me was when Kevin all the guy that I respect each members. He leaves doubts that median income how crowded would that meet. And and that sort of just reciprocated the same thing because it. That the -- that I played in I think there's going to be a lot of players wearing red jacket. A lot of players will be in the patriot policy they have matching Kevin -- is one of them and and Regis you know sort of a mutual respect. And talking to each other about. Back to the player but the part of people that that picky person you product I would and I had become. And I think that's what's what's special about it a lot of parties with which fight for -- but I don't talk about 8090%. A lot of guys that -- their picture tour of these teams were special. And accepting the championship came in new England and me the ability of big gains that it took Patrick plays the character of the team. Was very special. And back I'm looking very closely at the New England peachy -- -- to be able kind of character they have I mean do they care about each other not to tell them you mention. -- do they have a good enough relationship with the coaches spoke to our respect the -- you just coached. I don't like the leaders meet in all of us -- -- championship seeing myself -- and so many others were able. We were able to talk to each other like that would help without anybody being sent Eric and the kids these guys OK even -- We were able to talk to each other in constructively. And helped the other get better and that helped the other person know that the cement. You know packet in the job that I am holding you accountable right now. So what you gonna do about it. -- and the team now. Can do they have that type of respect for each other. -- you have to have that type of respect for each other that they overlook another football player that aggressive man in the Iron Man you're not for the right. And you can be better. I think a -- special and that made all the teammates -- -- contact these special we understand that and I -- I feel conflicted about going in. Before some of my mentors like what would that give us a lot of guys that helped me become. A great player and I doubled that to get those rejected also. The Pro Football Hall of Fame how how many of the patriots from this year can you see being inducted into the pro football. It is just extremely difficult to anticipate how 46 man. -- -- And actually what the pro football -- -- of the aid they have the various opinions in the -- then I don't know I don't know very many of them. And to anticipate or predict how they PR teams. Is a tough thing to do they had rather not try to. That doesn't does because because because I was. And then -- After your career is over okay after after my career was over. You know a couple of particular and they are important when -- done -- and we've done deal and he sort of social compared to the camera wrote an -- getter in and flattened them on the table. Up and down. Namibia delicious you realize actually sort of -- let them talk about that you ought to be able to do your -- so -- it has to -- their -- on the upside -- I'm -- -- -- -- -- And when your garden in the back and hopefully that championships. Falsely you've had career longevity whole -- taking care you might retailers provided for -- you can walk away and I care about anything. The patriot policy in the mathematical. The college football -- -- was never Michael. The Pro Football Hall of Fame it's not my goal my goal was realized. While I was playing -- while I was planning. To win a championship. In 11 when they're not in the one another and -- plaque Pataki when days it would win another group we -- -- parents that would -- -- -- plane that's when you complete those goals when you have that control. And when you have that control. And you actually take control a -- George destiny and win championships you can walk away in a minute no matter what happened in -- that way and -- got the call last night mr. Kraft. You lose it even more. It's really surprising blacks. Just I'm not good with this individual accolades like Ellis talked -- -- the biggest. Thrill for me. Was when I told wrecked you know when I told Fijian political -- -- -- -- and they jumped up and down and -- you. And they are happy and they they gave me hurt that agent sort of realizes. And the agency's -- and shiny new Rick check it out there on August 11 I think that's what I'll enjoy it most and I looked down at them from the podium and speak to them. And tell them really that. The policy is not what it's about. It's about what's done with people when people can't see when people don't see you work it's about what's done. Playing games and working to play games and winning championships that's what that's all -- Great stuff Tedy Bruschi named to the patriots hall of fame today kind of take a few minutes with us. Thanks so much steady congratulations again. Hey thanks for the time supposed to talk. Absolutely Teddy thanks they go there's Tedy Bruschi. Named to the patriots hall of fame today it's funny he east as at the end that it was never his gold doesn't always seem to work out the for the people. Who don't care about that stuff as a goal in and to being bestowed upon. Right you're you're you're focused on being a part of a great team winning championships and let the things develop as they develop and so you win three championships and that conversation. Comes up. Conversation about the patriots hall of fame conversation about the college football hall of fame and some people say. The pro football hall of -- collectively said. It is I can't predict how 46 people will look at our championships and look at our team. And I think I can't predict a 46 people will look at it for the most part they look at. Individual awards you can't do that with -- and that's what I took and these patriots so bizarre art -- keep them all out of the hall of fame except for Brady and Randy Moss. Does not make any sense. One of the great dynasties anyone -- ever seen for ten years you -- to attribute it all to Brady Belichick and moss. That doesn't make sense -- need to win a championship with how how it's gonna be interesting to see how they get argued for. When they become eligible for the hall of fame over the next few years. Talk -- W media.

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