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Salk and Holley's Four (or Five) at Four - 05/21/13

May 21, 2013|

We tackle four off-topic topics! Today including RGIII's wedding registry, Tiger Woods, new putters in golf and more.

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-- And now our Silicon Valley school. -- -- roller board or at all for. Me PE. We solved it Kelly Collins. -- New stadium deals are being proposed all over the country right now the vikings are looking to build a new stadium the Golden State Warriors trying to move to San Francisco on the thousands of agreed with the city of Atlanta on a new one billion dollars stadium. Is the events of going to the stadium losing it's luster. All I did go first. I don't think it is you don't -- line. -- -- You know our -- -- its -- why because you have two completely different audiences and this is -- the NFL game. Audience is so bay that you've got these actions you've got these clicks it it doesn't hurt the bottom line. You've got to click. That loves tailgating that loves going to the game had they been doing it for ten years fifteen years twenty years you're part of a community they get drug be. Eat their food anything -- talk about the kids all that they go to the games. And they love it. And then there's a whole other quick to generational thing too they're probably on average a much younger. They love fantasy football. They've got this green with a gained only beloved red zone they've got the red zone channel. They've got this Smartphone they've got their tablet they've got their laptops. They're enjoying the NFL that way so I think it. Completely different audiences all watching the same. I agree with the U. But I would also say that I think that there's room for the NFL in in building new stadiums -- try to come up with creative ways to make sure war that the audience doesn't die off that the interest didn't go into the game. In football and basketball hockey baseball -- on the game love the experience in football. I'm one of those people who does prefer to be home ideological second screen in front of me I like that. But art if somebody gives you it's -- give you free tickets to separate tickets out to. 28 patriot game. The patriots game. We nine -- vs staying at home. What data. We now mentally first Pittsburgh all of -- home I just I don't. So outraged patriots won -- at Gillette once a year like to go to the game sixteen times a year rather stay at home. That's fun to go for me once a year but I like the idea of being creative and enhancing the team's stadium product if you see some of the stuff we're talking about in Atlanta some Christ I mean it's crazy and talking about it a -- It has essentially a 360. -- A 3-D experience going like -- -- Marietta College football in the round. To try and use via Wi-Fi at one of these events it's brutal what that's what's so were these straight Nana I mean how are great they're due. At the -- can't it's a great point Stephen Jones I think he's in town that Jerry jones' son. -- these NFL meetings here in Boston that's a got to clean the glass Stephen Jones. But that's -- that's that's not an off of the subtle what was that they've tiger here he's got a funny name McDermott what is. Anyway Stephen Jones is that that's the issue these fans. They want Wi-Fi capability they wanna be able to keep over their fantasy football -- to bring their tablets to the game all these things. That even recent stadiums. Have been. -- -- -- -- I don't know that I want all that stadium to if if home field advantage in the noise created paying attention to the game it's actually Friday who is the most important thing from the home crowd at. You know that's that's kind of a big thing also when I don't want to lose any of that. Maybe if not to some people may be going to the games and I got -- guess the answer is there's no right answer may be somewhere in the middle. Maybe going to the game today is cool for people as long as they can do fill in the. Over the weekend RG three and his fiancee were doing wedding -- registration at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Yeah I was driven cuddyer but. It's Ortiz web sites that you don't automatically plays an -- for you you'll put the web site. I hate us so. Christmas. Go Home Depot. -- -- wallpaper it's flooring and stuff like that Bed, Bath & Beyond I don't know I don't know what I'm fine. Twitter went ablaze of people buying gifts for RG three and his fiancee and for some reason this the complete crap storm. RG three took to Twitter and said because you're rich you are not allowed to receive gifts and any gifts you receive should be donated to charity. -- -- wow shaking my -- give any problems. -- now I mean I think he probably should have just not address the whole thing Amy he'd be better off. I'm never going public with any of it of course he's allowed to register and have a wedding and it's not like he went to Tiffany. -- -- had a friend friend of a friend had a wedding the only place you registered for wedding was different. Like up whilst security world are 23 years older but I volume spoon that's how fantastic maybe one night. For your wedding is like oh only if and only at -- registered a Bed, Bath & Beyond it's not the most expensive place in the world he's having his wedding part of the fun of having a wedding is people set you up our right he's wealthy makes a ton of money that doesn't mean that it's not fun to get some -- Gibson. And and big six for your home like panic I have zero problem -- it but if -- him. I would not with that. After -- point he is typical the story so interesting that. A DC based -- get expert on -- where I called him a giver -- -- and etiquette expert. Her name is Alexander called match. I bet -- she's really pretty. Alexandra says. From an addict can stay from an -- standpoint it's questionable recommendations because someone gives you would -- it's probably not good -- to return it right. They were saying quote should give this batch -- all -- now. Now he is wealthy and now that he could say in lieu of gifts please give to this chair I don't think he thought. That that the Redskins fans excuse me the Washington fans -- got to go on this go on his rental history. Embody the whole thing out. Is that what happened that's what happened -- -- how much difference -- that. Not your fans -- in so that was a whole the whole thing like since it's unusual to buy -- wedding gift for somebody that you really don't know what. In this case is a celebrity's a beloved quarterback and that's it was a terrible things what Europe which is PR what was wrong what what should be your guide. To Nazis now some -- keep kids -- every one of the people with some great call huge PR push Greg call he -- -- -- You know what it is the wedding it's always just turn into an opposite victims of the tornadoes in Oklahoma we could do that anyway he can keep that gives people gave them and give that amount of money. To those to those of victims as well to be perfectly mortgages keep it and say thank you move on with life you know the people that did not give you winning it. I do I know every person that I like I have a list in my head up every one who did not give any -- are -- so. Told them separately -- I think it weak hitting everybody comes to wedding 90% of the people bring it kept them like six people don't like. All right well I know that I've taken notes in the fact that you did not get me gifts and the two of them got married afterwards. Okay is how -- -- do you get them -- -- yes and you go yes but due to cheaper and you don't know the idea that you give them a gift and you just say our. Asked the waiter what's appropriate amounts and build better you feel like your defense articles that. Good friend like you best for you know in the wedding party but you're expected to be invited you. You give the gift of Kent. Now yes I would you have to. You have to give if you are an invitation you have to give yes that's that's the etiquette that's no it's not it's. If you get an invitation you have to -- -- Yes and I had to give it did yes that's -- -- you know that's absolutely the that's if you get an invitation you've got to play only in my wife's top. I didn't I don't know what that's on the woman's world OK so how about this but I spent literally two thirds -- what you have -- it clear that you have a year to give. That somebody takes -- -- your your gift that your reading in the take about seminary month. Are you OK with that I mean people get busy. Sort of separate monthly you know you can't do that is with a baby like when the baby shower. It got to do that at the beginning he can't wait seven or months or if you do make sure you get something Fareed you know one -- about -- had no idea about it. -- Are people. I think -- And owners' meeting last night in Boston the topic of the suitable here in the Boston Providence area came up Bob Kraft said he loves the idea. How would you feel about a Super Bowl here in Boston and Boston mean I would love it. Wouldn't you love to show route one to the entire world costs everybody's. Africa lined up in both directions. Like it actually and now that they've built some of the stuff down there that they've built kind of turned it into I think it would be cool. I don't think that Boston -- -- that will ever have a because of the weather and then be just because of who we are. Here is the world ready for the end zone hotel exactly is the world ready for that you fix no Europeans. -- -- it was a call announcement about she's a big sweets or something threat published. There's not a war end zone Europeans the end zone has gone the more recognizable ones that little red box I'll hit it right up there. No I don't I don't like the Super Bowl and cold weather cities in New York's a great city but I don't wanna see the Super Bowl in New York either. And -- -- even it even as some -- even some that he's an article about it like cues to. I don't know I don't I would rather that he be cold weather can be lame. Like I'd rather be a cool city in cold weather than -- Jackson okay skulls are America's best value in the how many how many. So -- you'd think New York Boston. How Super Bowl when Chicago really great cities I think -- also -- -- -- -- -- -- Chicago in February got a great joy that. All people go to the playoffs two weeks earlier fits in Chicago and they love that. Yeah I think that -- sweet I have no problem amateurs so I don't mind the court plus scope of the football games are amazing yes they are never disappoint there are fun to watch me to be five cities. Miami. Pasadena. New Orleans. -- Jay Diego. And when whichever fiscal health San Francisco just got a Super Bowl fifty. -- -- Tedy Bruschi is being. And. On our -- thank you. -- he's being inducted into the patriots hall of fame what is your favorite memory of Bruschi is playing career. My gophers -- you I may not be able to finishes I may go all Jon Gruden this guy. Unbelievable and no real quickly that touchdown in the -- -- snow the snow -- Synchronized ovals he said that today right he said that was the one doing the sound of that he said that was the one that stood out in great moments great photography. Great torture. As you recognize that museum. In the end zone hole and a -- notebook Paula. -- -- delay but I hit it and I have a question about. I think that's maybe -- maybe that's. That much connection with the fans were talking about -- To a point about it. Does not just the interception and always great it was a great moment it was a great moment and it. That when the vision officially. But that was close game -- James Wheeler right GP. Start from from department throws the picture and patriots scored one division that they or. Pretty much wrapped -- the division against the dolphins but. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah like you're having a legitimate conversation that started the dolphins are kind of Reggie -- was there were back. Well how funny how that ever think you asked me up playing. That's stuffed Teddy Bruschi it was 2004. Technically two January 20052004. Divisional playoff. -- The colts. Peyton Manning was the MVP of the league. Early in the game. Tedy Bruschi reads the play shotgun formation for Peyton Manning Dominic Rhodes offset. And it's supposed to be a screen. And this is the patriots were -- studied it they knew exactly what was coming from all over he slipped by just Saturday he arrives. Lot at the same time Dominic Rhodes does to the football. Stripped the football from a gold to the ground takes it from him hold the ball looked toward the cold sideline says is that what you're looking for. That's who the patriots were that Teddy Bruschi what they did the interview after the game machines and rules fuels. We play up also by the way very much -- Tedy Bruschi is I guess I don't necessarily think of moments. Like obviously the Miami one comes up I remember the moment you're talking about Michael was -- after the third Super Bowl that he was out his kids. Right or or -- -- for the game or the old and I would hope war that was at ten or eleven days before the stroke asked of me that that moment stands out to me and that I can think of Bruschi. More than any specifically although there's a lot of sacks early in the career when he played outside a lot of great but I think of him as the middle linebacker inside linebacker. Steam coming off coming out of his face mask and bring them to staring down quarterback. I just have that image of him looking down. On the barrel at the quarterback. That probably stays with me more than anything else about a great place that he had a some some underrated plays you remember that Oakland game the this noble game. A big third down stop I think it was Bruschi and Johnson and -- it was risky and Seymour. On a third and short there are a lot of Charlie charter there and then -- Steve Johnson that was in the Pittsburgh game AFC champions definitely. -- down. And out Belichick calls them over he tells them to reposition the nose guard. And they blow up the play a -- -- you're right about the place. -- -- -- Well we don't. I have another 105. On applies to Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia is -- good for golf. What's good for golf but that. Workers and worse. Four for tiger. I think the stuff surgeon you've heard the stuff Sergio is that sort of talk trash about Tiger Woods senators good for Sergio the first time he's ever told you the truth. But he's -- its search deal on the map. Because it is -- gonna happen it would game was not good enough to make him throw. I mean his game has proven not to get everything about Sergio are the golfer now however I don't need to me to meet Sergio -- -- relevant fact that there is somebody. Just as a Democrat and tell the truth about how about this guy I don't hear that he's good for all. -- -- -- -- I'm gonna tell you exactly what I think he's a bad guy for a long time and I'm glad the world has to start find out who he is speaking on behalf of Sergio. I like the loose cannon -- -- golf was not like I'm tigers' -- I guess so you don't you think golf. Yields yeah it -- don't you feel like golf you'll dated tiger sort out and they don't. Make is as -- -- I guess it would be more interesting. If they are going to Tiger Woods was a Phil Mickelson or somebody capable of beating him. Sergio Garcia talking trash about Tiger Woods yet it's great but. We're never gonna see. You guys. Hit it in a in a playoff. You can I'm never gonna see you on a Sunday leading Tiger Woods or within a shot or 20 with a shot at -- -- And kind of take some of that and he might be better off now that like half of the field is gonna fall away with the banning of the anchored -- No more belly putters no more long -- Adam Scott screwed if I have no idea what that means.

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