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An Hour with Jack: Jack Edwards joins Salk and Holley to break down a game two win and preview game three

May 20, 2013|

What's better than a whole hour with NESN's Jack Edwards? Not much. We talk all hockey, all the time with Jack live from his study, with a "Loving Cup", whatever that is.

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So all you are the worst kind of homework. How do you conveniently leave out Gomes covers no ground and never fly balls a prayer. Okay Eric. Gomes and there is -- 19 he's written 198. A -- I guess the whole team is just hovering above the Mendoza line. What's the worst kind of moment. I don't know operator if it hit a homer President Obama kind of insults the people take it as a badge of honor it. Call somebody homer. There are degrees of home terrorism petroleum reserve on the worst coming exhibit your -- your home yeah that's it. Okay you love the team you don't wanna give credit to anybody else your team wins. When your team when your team loses is not what the other team did your team just law. I really consider myself -- be a homer when it comes to the Red Sox but I am. I am interested in this team I think this big dream team you have conveniently left out Johnny go on -- to read there is many of the stats -- -- but. I I think they're good team Mayweather to homer in his or not whether it's because of rooting for them or not I think is irrelevant. The target team and so far they've shown. That they're pretty good team the exception of about ten or eleven day stretch that. They've been very good at 4 o'clock today we'll give you -- thousand dollars to a chance to win 8000 dollars what I had to do so at 4 o'clock to be listing in the meantime physical battle it does anybody say they hear you say that. And Wednesday to themselves and don't don't -- thousand dollars I don't mean. Sounding I guess open house and something else going on something more work or 5000 -- they're given away right now maybe -- 4 o'clock I would hope -- Especially because in order to sit and wait for 4 o'clock all you need to do is also listen to Jack Edwards who joins us right now from his living her. Jack how are you office actually but I'm on terrific guys probably just thought I like you better in your living that night. No described described that Jack Edwards office to have I imagine. Like -- Bobby your photo -- the famous photo against the blues. Well at. Got a loving cup which is no one of those huge cups with the three handles on it that you can drink whatever your favorite beverages out of it was a given -- my great grandfather upon his retirement from my. The Wisconsin National Guard right -- report heard of him on a horse analysts. It's called a loving cup a loving cup yet it's which -- it's you know one of those huge it probably holds about. Half a gallon a champagne -- -- they say it's all about the cup but I didn't know that's that they were talking and we bring it -- bring it out for big family celebrations ending and next to that use the -- snapshot. That and now go for my -- took on June 15 2011 in Vancouver in the bruins' dressing room where I am. Voicing a a 35 pound silver cam over my head. And getting absolutely soaked in in beer. And champagne spattered by Charlie Jacobs who's just off camera and really having a blast. Soaking me in my classes lenses are completely. Covered over and I've got a goofy grin on my face. And next that is a little picture of us Steve Harris of the Boston Herald and Miette via at the podium. In the White House on the data to Tim Thomas the president but we sort of -- that the Podemus if we're gonna run for -- -- used to -- -- and that's and getting out of this guy and -- and there's a wait wait the -- -- is right in front mean -- reporters some of my family and stuff like that. There is a champagne bottle on which I've inscribed Bruins win Stanley Cup 15 June 2011 Rogers arena Vancouver. And -- that champagne bottle world stay there for a long long long time. Because that is tonight I'll never forget his custom burn debris from Vancouver to. Hear another it's got a presence on it though guys it smells really good you have a picture that pop. All that the filmed lying on the ground are those who relished the thought Ryan shop that was a lot of things photo our show now our real that the greatest photo of all time -- arrest that was. Epic now that was -- not a real moment but so -- picture you -- -- a a huge smile in the picture how big was your smile yesterday watching the game. You know. That was that was great playoff hockey the way the Rangers kept answering and then finally the Bruins just broke away but that's what playoff hockey is all out it's about one team raising the bar in the other team's senior patent clear. And twice the Rangers cleared -- you know they came up. With incredible surgeries and you think about what is required not just physically but psychologically on the road in a hostile building. For the Rangers to come back and tie that game twice yeah it was on bruins' mistakes but there are two teams out their plane and the Rangers did cash and on the bruins' mistakes. And that was I was says entertaining hockey game as you're gonna see and for the -- who plays -- they played in the third period and sort of go back to the the old drones who crushed opponents in the final twenty minutes was. There's a real pleasure once. Jack we've heard you say a few times now that when Lundqvist is on his game he's a brilliant goaltender he's the best in the business. Why have the Bruins have been able to have some more success that I imagine him having again -- the best in the business. Michael I think the answer is in one of those Hendrick Lundqvist sound -- from yesterday and I'm paraphrasing but he said today's game was it was all about tracking the pocket and finding it. And it was really hard for. And we know what we did wrong and we noble we after correct and now we got to go home and -- But for Lundqvist to say that is basically saying the Bruins created so much traffic in front of him. That he defeated. His kind of game. The difference between the way Hendrick Lundqvist plays his position and anybody else. Is it Enqvist is hugging the goal line all the time almost -- if you legally does music indicate. You got to get off your line you got a break down the ankle but Lundqvist is so quick in so short with his movements that he feels that he can wait on the -- a little bit longer and react to a instead of for instance the way to rest does where he -- Very very. Careful about his angles and lets the puck hit him because he's in position to make this say. One was pleased -- his -- and if you can create traffic. Obviously you're gonna make it a lot more typical for an detract the park and for deflection stuff happening in weird stuff applicant trickle through him so. He basically said that his team did not do a good enough job of controlling. How's that slot area right in front room and getting the Bruins out of his way. So you know full marks to the rules for going in the dirty areas in Macon. On slight top you know Jack and surprise you went through all the things that were in your office and I didn't see anything about the to recruit hall of fame speech -- At that you don't have that there yet is his his boss is not sitting in your office I would think it would be their by now. I mean I. Three during the game yesterday you know thinking is. Did anybody see this coming and he's a very composed young man I don't know if you guys are world atlas sees the post game interview we have with them on Nelson plus but it was. It's amazing how poised he would sides spoke on several times before. But he just came off the performance of a lifetime there are a lot of really really good NHL defenseman who long ago. Dozens of dozens of games into their playoff NHL careers. And not have a one plus one game you know not have a goal and Genesis and a lot of the game plus two. And by the way he only played thirteen minutes you seem to notice him every second he was on the ice they picked the guy -- The guy has really come along and province this year. Our domestic us Jack may twenty knife that's win game seven is supposed to be happening. At the garden Boston Garden will that will there be a game seven in this series. Well. -- it doesn't feel like it right now. But. Yet everything everything can change unite in one shift in New York tomorrow night. And that's that's the brilliance of playoff hockey you know -- talk about the obvious not all we want. But really what it is is the way these two teams are playing their emotional states and how well. They're able to get their key parts to -- and to gain traction. And if the Rangers find that tomorrow night. I know it's gonna sound crazy but the Bruins could be in trouble at the Washington caps were smoking hot I mean the Washington caps. Are we remember we talked about this guys remember we said like what does it mean what -- last ten games of the season mean. Looking at the last ten games of the season wouldn't you take the Washington caps I mean. Over the New York Rangers wouldn't you say the Washington caps can make a run I mean that is a team that is built. To make a series playoff run Mike Green playing out of his mind of that -- reborn. A team of cry Anders -- -- -- be capable not always -- capable of standing on its head in denying. Opponents -- Carlsberg. Terrific shot down defenseman John Carlson young defensemen on the rise who's got a lot of playoff experience already. That was a team that was built to make a run. And mural Lundqvist pitches to shut outs in a -- in deciding games and the Rangers end up winning the series so this -- far from done and clearly -- Capable of doing that again. Whether he will inaudible remained remain to be seen. What these these young defenseman and the last in a minute here whether or not how you handle it as you start to get some of some of your regulars back whether it's written or whether Seidenberg but well. What is allowing them to play so well is it simply a matter of them being good players who were ready. Is it closed system in the confidence that he's instilled in them. Or is there an element of who the Rangers are meaning they are not exactly great offensive team putting pressure. On these -- on on the as defenseman what is allowed them to succeed. A lot of different factors and you touched on some of the number one. Let's all have a tip of the cap to Bruce Cassidy because. There it's you know it's been awhile since somebody's come up from Providence. And you said oh wow a bottom but the guy is coaching the Providence Bruins has gotten these guys ready to play. And as much as they wanna win championships in Providence. What DA tells all about his player development getting guys ready to be either bargaining chips in deals or contributors to the NHL club. Not mark -- -- gonna stay tore recruit sure looks as if he's -- get a long long look before they take him out. Doug Lee Hamilton didn't plane DHL obviously but you know there's another young defensemen he's really good. Yes the Rangers play a style that doesn't initially. Put a lot of pressure. On defensemen if and it's a big yet if the Bruins forwards are doing their job and make themselves available for simple passes. But decision making is a big part of it and these guys have made the right decisions. And day it's -- you've got to give a lot of credit to these players and and also to the Bruins coaching. For putting themselves. In positions to succeed the players by doing their work and paying attention and not letting the highs get too high and the Bruins coaching staff. For selecting. The best situations in which to play these guys at home because they get last change. That's going to be the biggest factor to watch. Depending on how many young defensemen play tomorrow night on the road or John toward -- -- last change. Well to Motorola -- ask you about him because that's not very often that you hear him. Go at. One of its players the way he went and -- Agilent for the media and he said he stinks and the power police said it several times. I don't know in overall. We -- we love the the entertainment value that Motorola brings -- table but was this the right. Coaching we don't wanna play let's play of overtime anytime you get a chance to played a gym like yeah let's listen and take that here's torts. He stinks. -- I don't know why I wish I could play more popular retirement peroni sticks. I'm not trying to be as Smart ass and he stinks the ball players talked among them. He stinks in the gulf. He does everything else well I love the guy -- -- -- guys a cover of teen idol I think he is such an effective player. But he I. As I said many times sticks involved one I've -- -- -- he's -- -- -- foul play -- -- Not too much. Okay now lots of laughs. Obviously candid moment it was at the right coaching moment European. John tour rules are pretty Smart guy. Right. You know I I really think he has he is a an excellent tactician. I am not sure how much of this was for the media. And how much of this was directed at -- -- Hagel went to Michigan for four years he's been around the block a few times he's 24 years old he's not like a raw rookie. He's -- who came from Sweden in North America. And he gets. I am not sure that what -- -- was doing was diverting attention from Rick Nash who had been completely unproductive up to that point. In the playoffs altogether and -- -- Nash had been spared the verbal sort of John oral. I'm not in the Rangers -- lot in fact -- half a dozen times a year. And I don't know how popular Agilent is maybe to order always doing it. In order to get his troops to rally around Carl hagel and a little bit I hate the coaching will -- or something I don't know exactly. White's order old shows the words he chose but he chose those words and he'd chosen for a fact. I personally I think John -- is a brilliant tactician. I think he's a tremendous coach he's going to be successful for as long as he wants to coach in the NHL he's gonna get teams the playoffs and in my one and again. You might win it again with a couple different teams for all we know. But I I think he's equality coach and I think that that was done for a reason when you see a sound -- like I'd jump out. There's something else on behind it's not just. The substance of the sound -- Are we a lot more with Jack Edwards here. And give you guys a chance to talk to him as well so if you want to have you have a question or two for Jack to get to people on the line the do 6177797937. That plus two -- Lucic playing more consisting game. The -- of sorrow on falling on to other Bruins two other young Bruins who've been a little bit up and down we'll address those -- Jack -- calls Max welcome Ali. WE yeah. A busy day you must have a home Jack. Boy if we can laugh at ourselves what's at all or threaten to have you been converted yet but I -- the guy Richard -- A oh boy you know we cinema away. Recently to where many answers -- crew. After certain fairly general lord rehearsals Lake -- her or recruit. And it you know has the worst part about people at your door and come at a certain time this current time. As it is time and place it places somebody else's house that time should BP. I've become an -- -- 8 o'clock. 830. I'm never into my -- who was who was possibly knocking on my door with -- anything that I want during elections evening during the election season. All hours. Look were reasonably well informed we know that there are a lot of spiritual following out there and and we we we understand what's going Netflix and let us make our own choice to -- regional type of spam. Door to door to door he rarely humans and that's exactly what is it that's why I'm bolts were made right there Mikey get -- I would be all over the -- a robbery Jim good to go -- -- -- just -- about it the right to front he just. My daughter about it. It was followed at least you can hang up at the very -- of the looks them in the -- just -- we're given away thousand dollars out our 4 o'clock today. We do it every day at 4 o'clock this week the stick around that we and 8000 dollars. At 4 o'clock Jack before we have a few questions Fareed here wanted to just ask you about martian and say. Well liked what he saw from -- in the last game -- has just been such a mixed bag at times -- two goals both on feet from Bergeron but that gives up the goal yesterday with a real lousy play at the Blue Line. And that it looked like he didn't exactly ski a 100% effort to get back into the play how do you assess the games of the two youngsters sitting in March. Sagan is developing a lot more slowly than people had hoped that's the capsule of it. There are too many people willing to give up on him yet and they probably shouldn't. But he's not coming along as quickly as people at home because. He clearly has the ability to score in difficult situations but. For a number of reasons those reasons. Starting with he's he hasn't figured out how to win the puck in off. And hasn't figured out how to come out of those if and you know it's. It's hyperbole but the with the word they use is combat situations you know two to go into a puck battle and come out with it. He hasn't figured that out yet in a playoff scenario. As for Marchand. You go back to what Claude Julien said to -- crude and even though Marchand is far more experienced. Than crude is accused. The Marshall and after all is in his fourth season. At the end of his fourth season. Don't be afraid to make mistakes Marchand made a really bad mistake. And it resulted in the Ryan Ryan Callahan goal that exactly where you do not wanna turn the puck over they're probably. Only two places worse to turn the puck over. Instead of your attacking blue line your defense of blue line and right and funny your own goal so short of those through things which offer an immediate. Scoring chance he gave one up. That offered a slightly delayed scoring chance and because he didn't get back that's why he. Got the tongue lashing from Claude Julian and deserve that and know. But he had time to make better on at any ended up making better. But you can't have. Players out there. Being afraid to make mistakes and Marchand knows what the mistake was will probably never see him make that same mistake that same way again. And I and that's what professionals do everybody makes mistakes amateurs continue to make the same mistake the same way. Professionals never repeat their errors and -- and -- on would get better. Jack -- -- -- this and you can talk to him as well 6177797937. We'll take some phone calls with the guys and Jack right now start with Mike. In -- Mike. That don't guys. Like. Guys so are you have been talking about this the excitement these young defensemen are bringing in bringing to the team and you bring it to the other players on the guys and I agree. I'm just curious to know. Per predicting that we do beat the raiders where I'm against it takes and we make it on the penguin. How do you guys see those young defensemen if they are still playing. Handling an offense with Sidney Crosby and Malkin into and it's such a high powered off. Is gonna sound like a real cop out but on deficit that's just so far from my mind right now I watched last night to watch the entire game. T voted and now and finally caught up to the game. It toward the end of the first overtime. And in which show Ottawa scored with the goal we hold shorthand it with thirty seconds to go -- OT and ended up winning -- and double OT on Colin Greening goal. But you know it's it's very difficult to think about the next series especially when the Rangers have just come from -- -- down. In an identical. Scenario losing the first two on the road against a Washington team that at the end of the season was playing better hockey in the pros were. So. No they don't project to be as successful against Pittsburgh that's the short answer but. You know look let's let's hope. As Bruins followers there we have that that problem to think about in about a week -- -- Wouldn't he obviously answer B I'm not so great and that's the answer for the rest of the National Hockey League memorable for anybody. Has a team where they say we can deal with Pittsburgh area and that's not a problem facing -- can -- facing our Crosby. We're excited to face those guys have been whether it's a young defenseman or veteran. Ed that's the toughest matchup you go again the National Hockey League right. Yeah and Michael you know you talked -- to recruit and -- look in this kid's eyes and it's not that he's not excited he's really excited. He expects to be here you can see that in his eyes this is not. A nineteen year old who's going around the first time he had three years at Michigan State again. You know college hockey's not the NHL Chris -- can tell you that right you know -- terrific playoff last year and in a really suffered through a lot of his rookie season this year. After a tremendously successful career BC. But when when you look -- recruit size you see that he expects to be here. The Bruins expect to win the Stanley Cup they expect to win and they expect to win it whether their playing three young defensemen or know young defenseman. And they'll take on their opponents one at a time. But it. This is another thing we talked about back in March in and in early April the playoffs are all about the way you match up against an opponent at. That moment and you can look back through all the history you want. And as I was mowing the long to name Michael. I -- it actually struck me that that what we are what we encounter in the playoffs is the difference between. -- Newton's view of physics and Einstein's view of physics where -- view of physics was that if if you couldn't. CA and observe directly. That it. It probably didn't exist and and Einstein's world began there and and went completely to the theoretical to things that. People even brilliant people have a really hard time grasping and I read about them but I have no clue about like that exact mechanics are the equations. Of how all this stuff works. But all the people were Smart enough to test these theories that Einstein had say he's right -- if you take. The sum of all the performances of all the players on all the teams in match them up. You can come out with an answer. But that answer doesn't NASA you know that's Newton's answer but that doesn't necessarily have anything to do with the actual results and that's why we watched playoff -- Gonna take all those names look them in the loving cup the first draft got -- and all around with a lot of confidence not a one time and it -- -- It's not fun. -- -- That's out there airstrikes for you can you know you're talking to him right I mean like you understand as a Sports Radio audience and Newton and now Einstein may not be the -- and that's what they think Boston sports great because because. These people you know that that put the roofs over our heads in L. They can act like they're just dumb beer guzzling fans but we -- -- we know they do that what these people really are the smartest most sophisticated viewers and -- on how -- have you been able to leave the garden after game gives you Michael that I left right after the game the other night and walked through the masses chanting we want the cup. Are you short Jack would you say that they're truly this brilliant that you've been outside and seen them. Leaving Bruins can't listen 79 dollar Beers makes anybody down aircraft. Their point of their point. At least two kids to remind you. I hope not Kevin Dolan. He was a guy who played like you know twelve games for the Bruins during the Dave Lewis -- And and that's really the problem that you don't. You don't have the long view when you're not gonna get -- this spring but just after watching him for games are there are their players from bruins' pass that either -- -- cast your -- not bruins' pass I know what I wanna seem to recruit policy Brian Rafalski who. That's that's what policy. And and I hope that he has. The the length of career in the success that Rafalski did it because. You know undersized overlooked undrafted signed as a free agent defenseman. Who played College Hockey. Had a great head on him was terrifically. Self confident but not. Overtly sold -- bothered people. And help teach team in myriad situations. That's what he reminds me of and part cow ski -- just a solid all around pro I mean. It doesn't look like park cal ski absolutely breaks camp with the Bruins next fall I mean he was like everybody six guy. Everything we thought Dennis Wideman would be -- could've been. Right the puck moving may be a little smarter sure well I got that I mean everything he would be not everything that he was because Georgia such a difficult woman he's. He he's fast he passes the hockey looks he can hit is a big guy he's he's fearless he's confident. I know -- never lived up to all of those things and and there are probably bring power issue but. You're right that that that that's that's that's one name came up for me that we were accurate the name Greg -- earlier for. For crew for. Review you know I I I concede that I think Kreutz. Ceiling might be a little higher although hog it was a terrifically. Effective player and again. You know part of hundreds success was being in the right matchups in Brian and -- that's what coaches do. That's what coaches do they have to look ahead at -- -- -- they have to say what's my rotation and how's it gonna work and the Bruins used hog extremely effectively and -- he was a terrific player form. Good toward a -- expose these guys were in the she series shifts back -- to New York. Did Brad Marchand get exposed yesterday every player gets exposed -- -- -- got exposed yesterday on Nash's goal that's the beauty of hockey is as good as these guys are. They get exposed and and we had a sequence -- regular season game at Carolina about a week and a half into this season. Where within about three minutes bulls today you know Chara and Tim Gleason may -- was even lessen that it might -- -- on the same shift. Both Zdeno Chara and Tim Gleason who were literally world class defensemen they both played in 2010 Olympics. Got completely undressed won it and one and the ice in the other at the other end and that is what is so great about the National Hockey League. That the players on bowl for a reason because they know nobody is perfect and everybody is susceptible to those moments of oh my gosh I can't believe that just happened to him but it does it happens all the time and that's why we watch more aggressive warrior call. With Jack coming up here in a moment 61777979837. Plus this question to players Wade Redden and Dennis Seidenberg both are going to be healthy enough to at least make the trip to New York with the Bruins wanted one or both of them is able to return -- Do they returned a question for Jack Edwards snacks alcoholic WE. Well he seems to be skating better and and regards to that in on. It might seem a little slow at times I think it is sometimes when you're over thinking you put too much pressure on yourself. It just weighs on you and right now it's just a matter going out there almost the same thing as a young guys quote her place. And you know we -- is a quick players shifty player. And he's very capable of doing that and you know he knows it defensively tankers a couple of things not so much. Puck that. That didn't make it across on the first -- but probably over reacted to -- coming back so there's certain things we talk about but. You know we've got to encourage those guys to keep doing things have been. But it doing and to me he's played two solid gains for us. As close of course talking about Brad marsh -- we've got jacket -- -- -- Jack I see the view of tweeted out the picture of your actual -- up yes. Yeah it's a hundred years old there was 100 years old in February. To -- -- cup jacket -- the real Jack Edwards I just Twitter -- real Jack Edwards registry weeded informants ought to be the guy if you need to. You need to get a real sense as to what is going on and Jack's office mother champagne bottle. That's good stuff like fifty shares -- about why that's the good stuff you don't win when the Edmonton Oilers. Defeated the Bruins. Was it in 1988. I think was so when they wanted at T Garrett known as the old Boston Garden excuse me. They had sparkling wine made in Spain it wasn't real champagne Peter -- Clinton bought the cheap stuff. I can tell you this I'm probably gonna screw up my French accent but it's have moved the Coke also it and government that were talking like said the serious. Sipping champagne. And I think maybe 3% of it was strong. And all that was guys getting sprayed all over the ceiling in the walls in that dressing room in Vancouver I was against Jack what happens if and when -- indoor -- are able to return. Well Seidenberg first because she'd be a number one defenseman probably a thirteen or fourteen NHL teams if he's available he place period because when Dennis Seidenberg in Zdeno -- can be on the ice at the same time. It's gonna take Hackett an effort to score a goal. And the the record. Bears that out those two guys playing together. Are it's tough to score against as any tandem we've seen in this error the command -- Seidenberg comes back who's out. Probably Doug Hamilton goes first and it's not a knock on Hamilton who has done extremely well for nineteen year old. But as -- -- -- pointed out a few weeks ago. If the Bruins were to give top four minutes to -- Hamilton he would be the youngest. Defenseman to get top four tight minutes since the original expansion. And that is it simply doesn't happen as you know Mike and I know -- sockets on board with that city is the hardest is action deploy. It's -- -- and I've been telling everybody that I'm not. And here this week in spreading the gospel about how hard it is to play I don't to recruit to make it look pretty these are right behind him as an analyst and a guy was just knocking on my door spreading that. Ruled the mode of incremental way. All right so that's what what if it's written it was able to return has written cracked a lot of he was not. He was not a part of this team all year he was healthy scratch when he first got here is a bit of surprise even when he made the opening round of the playoff roster about roster with the you know drew an active start. In the first game or sell. Is Wade -- back on this team if he's healthy ago. Well let me throw the X-Factor into this before I give you an answer remember the team that sent -- ran into the HL. It was in New York Rangers and wouldn't Wade Redden just want to have a great team at Madison Square Garden. You know it's the X-Factor remember remember how well casters to governments play against Ottawa. And everybody thought like why doesn't this guy play this way every game while it is motivated to play that way every single game so that's an X-Factor with threatened. In addition to the fact he's a thousand game player hundred plus and -- playoff games. If -- Physically. Can help the Bruins. I think he gets. He gets to go and then it becomes the decision of how are we going to use either -- cal ski or crude. Four Claude Julien and his staff Howell. Do they see themselves using either one of those guys. Do they see them using them Ian specialty situations because man when crew was out there with -- Hamilton for a few seconds on the power play. Ellis likes some hallucination. I mean it's like all the moment in the attack and so we haven't seen that since I don't know what I mean seriously I don't know one. We had both of those guys moving along the Blue Line. With such facilities that it was it was beautiful to watch and beautiful is not attached to it's -- it's about the Bruins power play a whole lot the last couple years. But for road game it wouldn't be surprising if they judge -- Seidenberg and redden. Able to play. If believe it or not crew became the scratched because Murkowski. Is probably able to help them more on the road in more situations. Then they trust crude. To do right now. That's my guess. -- -- has been barely been a part of the team I mean I I I get the I get the point but man. I think -- -- have a really hard time taken both of those duke are one of those two kids out of a lineup in for Seidenberg again of course he's he's one of the best players on your team bar none. But for Wade Redden -- barely even been a part of your team especially against the New York. Rangers team that doesn't score that much do you need even extra defense against a team that looks pretty important out there. On the road you probably. Will air in that direction if you're -- -- And it's working out OK so far if you look at -- -- record since he came to the pros and 2008. He. Over the course of time has made a lot more good decisions and bad ones. And and here we go again you know Newton vs Einstein you you know what you see into recruit you have a red hot young defenseman who's making things happen offensively. And in reading if you imagine yourself to be in difficult situations I mean let's just say for instance. The Seidenberg tries that he goes out there he skates three shifts he aggravates the lower body injury and he's done for the game. Now do you want crude playing. Automatically top five minutes can only got five defenseman or you want park cal -- I mean I would rather have -- -- over crew but I think it's -- rather -- both of them overweight wreaths at -- it's well it's it's a toss up from your your you know if threatened it. To me to me it's it's it. Decision based on is the guy. Truly ready to go or is he trying to make his way in -- you know what what is -- -- telling. Collegial in behind closed doors closed on Dell Miller -- knows. As closely as anybody -- you know he's he's probably he and and and Scott law. And and -- -- approaching the massage therapist and all the guys who who helped these guys rehab and who work bodies and John Whiteside says strength and conditioning coach. You know they all. -- Italy were to give Don del -- the feedback in and he gives a truckload and you know -- is able to go. He probably go with that you're least chance of failure and I would say that Wade -- the way he has played for the Bruins -- he's been right. Gives the least chance of failure. -- Jack Edwards tomorrow obviously game night and then Jack we will have you back with us on Wednesday direct from your living room or your office or -- the loving cup is at the moment all right. And we've lost -- -- -- -- and -- are about to get them to unseal guys pay Jack Barry Q and -- up next we will give you an opportunity thanks to our big national contest here. To win -- thousand dollars very simple a thousand dollars every day this week. At 4 o'clock it's coming up next Dick around so alcoholic WE yeah.

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Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck joins Mut and Merloni to discuss and reflect on the Boston Marathon Bombings a year later.

Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, on the Celtics, 4-10-14

Jackie MacMullan talks some Celtics with Mut and Merloni as the season is winding down and the team is positioned to have a high draft pick.

Joe and Dave postgame wit…

Joe and Dave postgame with David Ross 04-17-14

Dave O'Brien and Joe Castiglione talk with Red Sox catcher, David Ross, who had the go-ahead RBI tonight as the Red Sox beat the White Sox behind a brilliant pitching performance from Jon Lester.

Dave O'Brien with Dale and Holley - 4-17-14

Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien checks in live from Chicago for our weekly chat about the state of the Sox.

Red Sox Manager John Farrell with Dale and Holley

We discuss the Red Sox early season woes with manager John Farrell, as well as his views and faith in MLB's new instant replay system, and the continuity in the Sox outfield.

Jack Edwards with Dale an…

Jack Edwards with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Shawn Thornton on the Red Wings 4-15-14

Shawn Thornton joined the show to preview the upcoming series against the Red Wings.

Sam Kennedy on the state …

Sam Kennedy on the state of the Red Sox 4-17-14

Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy joined the show to discuss the state of the Sox and MLB.

Jeff Bauman on his recovery 4-17-14

Jeff Bauman joined the show to discuss his recovery over the past year.

Sox win in extra innings 4-17-14

The guys opened the show by discussing the Sox 14th inning win over the White Sox.

Ty Law, Patriots legend: …

Ty Law, Patriots legend: On being a finalist for Hall of Fame, 4-17-14

Ty Law joins Mut and Christian Fauria to discuss being a finalist for the Patriots Hall of Fame, the way the game is officiated now, and Darrelle Revis.

Fauria's Facts: Do you sleep naked? With Socks on? 4-17-14

Christian Fauria tells us the percentage of Americans that sleep naked and those that sleep with their socks on.

DJ Bean, WEEI.com: Reports from Bruins morning skate, 4-17-14

DJ Bean joins Mut and Christian Fauria from the Garden to report the latest news regarding the Bruins before they get set to take on the Red Wings in Game 1.

Jack Edwards previews Red…

Jack Edwards previews Red Wings and Bruins Round 1 with Dale and Holley 4-17-14

We preview Red Wings-Bruins with the great Jack Edwards of NESN.

Red Sox PbP Broadcaster Dave O'Brien joins Dale and Holley 4-17-14

Sox broadcaster Dave O'Brien checks in live from Chicago for our weekly chat about the state of the Sox.

Dale and Holley's Four at Four - '14 Celtics Wrap-Up Edition - 4-17-14

We tackle four topics that relate around the (merciful) end of the Celtics 2014 season.

Rick Middleton joins Plan…

Rick Middleton joins Planet Mikey

Nifty jumps on the Planet for an hour.

Red Sox lose to the Orioles 2-1 on Opening Day

Lou Merloni did play-by-play with Joe Castiglione today and then joined The Planet Mikey Show to talk about what went wrong, and a few things that went right as the Red Sox started their campaign to defend their World Series title.

Chris Price joins John Ryder to talk the Patriots' newest acquisition

WEEI.com's Chris Price joins John Ryder and Chris Villani on Planet Mikey to discuss the signing of Revis Island

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and…

Pod Man Rush: DJ Bean and Greg Wyshynski on Bruins-Red Wings

Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo! Sports joins DJ to break down the first-round matchup between the Bruins and Red Wings. Also discussed is Zdeno Chara's Norris candidacy, transparency with voting for the NHL awards and whether the Canadiens will get out of the first round.

Minor Details Ep. 79: The meaning of winning in the minors with Carlos Febles, Evan Lepler

The Red Sox' High-A minor league team in Salem recently had a 16-game winning streak that spanned two seasons. So what? From the standpoint of making prospects better and fostering player development, does that matter? Salem manager Carlos Febles (who managed Salem for the end of their winning streak, but who was also in charge of a 50-87 Single-A Greenville team in 2013) and Salem radio play-by-play man Evan Lepler discuss -- while also touching on a number of prospects in search of the next Earl Weaver and Vinegar Bend Mizell.

WEEI WrestleCast: Wrestlemania 30 recap

Scott and Ben recap WrestleMania 30 and talk about the death of the Ultimate Warrior.

Crystel the Tsnarnaev def…

Crystel the Tsnarnaev defender 4-16-14

Crystel called in to defend the terrorists.

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Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox c…

Buster Olney, ESPN: Sox clubhouse unhappy with Lester offer, 4-16-14

Buster Olney joined Mut and Merloni to discuss the Lester contract offer and the trickle-down effect in the clubhouse, the defense of Xander Bogaerts, and the slow start

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Sam Kennedy on the state …

Sam Kennedy on the state of the Red Sox 4-17-14

Red Sox COO Sam Kennedy joined the show to discuss the state of the Sox and MLB.

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Reflecting on the One-Yea…

Reflecting on the One-Year Anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing 4-15-14

Dale, Michael and Steve Lyons reflect back on the event last year, and the good that has taken place since then as Boston came together.

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Jeff Bauman on his recove…

Jeff Bauman on his recovery 4-17-14

Jeff Bauman joined the show to discuss his recovery over the past year.

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