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Andy Brickley, NESN: Go with the young guys at D

May 20, 2013|

Brickley joins the show and discusses what the Bruins should do with their young defensemen once the veterans return from injury, the play of Rask, and Torterella's coaching style.

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This -- to -- -- not a 37 WEEI the update for Bruins practice. Defensive pairings Chara and Doug Hamilton Bart Cal's game boy chuck group McQuay. Johnson in a red and with a fourth pairing and Dennis Seidenberg not doing a whole. Heck of a lot -- assigned Bergen -- back to practice -- that they signed. That those guys are not quite ready to return in the question about what to do with the young defenders. I'm not a question for quote Julian yet joining us on the AT&T hotline he joins us after all Bruins games great to us during the regular season Andy brick the brick it's -- and little back and from California Dario armed well. I think key -- we're just talking about dumb this series and being away as watching as a first couple games yes this specially. And people Sammy against the Rangers too much credit where it looked at this matchup thinking OK this Bruins team struggled to score goals. And we Lundqvist in net this could be a challenge. -- and the biggest surprised I think maybe the play he would even yesterday. The base price for me has been the player on court no doubt about it you know he hasn't brought an eight game -- -- -- game as required. Conversely -- squared their you know. Momentum changing. Sequences if you make the -- the Bruins need -- to make little 11 at a number of great -- -- -- -- to look he makes a number real which stops because the Rangers answered both broad goals a pretty quick action they won't just under three minutes and then the other additional partners so. When you need to -- -- to make saves I think that's where -- is the difference maker where Lundqvist has not. The rate is better opportunity and especially yesterday especially in the second period and especially their top guys Callahan and that's a couple early opportunities. Some outnumbered situations and two on ones where. You know they need it don't take it good enough angle or they allow -- you'd better player in the situation until. Until Lundqvist is able to play to his level the range shall continue to be trouble. Follow up here on Lundqvist do you think there's an injury potential there with him and -- was a played late the -- a shot or came down -- coveted opening. And any wincing there what would an injury award that sort of that give you clues to why he's been so up and down brick in this series what you seen out of his plan. I'm not -- -- but you know fatigue may be given the amount of thought he had played in the condensed schedule this year how much they relied on him but the other playoff time. He knows what it's state. I'm not buying into the effect might have a packed shoulder injury excavating -- repeat what he can't be you know I think that the data -- fought and you know fought against what the Canadians and -- points and seven games and -- minus player. If you played 21 minutes a game Albert can you be so. You know that's when I look at Lundqvist just let our needs to be better the -- and return this series and they're. Let's get the young defenseman because. Earl yes today of the skill with -- hit the puck off the skate -- power plays skate around the -- like he owned it. What what what do you do it looks like Seidenberg -- practicing side -- -- contact what do you do when these guys combat. Well Seidenberg LP agreed not to play he automatically goes in Russia and I would expect you play with -- now at least two regular sharks like -- you want to block shots which means. All those foreplay is -- everybody was healthy you know parents and written and the two young guys I I'd go with the young guys until racially they can't handle. This match against the -- is now if you're lucky not to advance and let's say you play Pittsburgh where you play Ottawa L which please give you a better match up against those you know against those opponents. And navy and actually could gain became depending on how those but. Which not put the cart before the horse but I would stay with young guys they've given them an element -- vacuum that they haven't had all year. But that mobility their quickness speed in their plane whether or in an abandoned confidence that you want your players to play with in the postseason. It is so fun to watch Africa we spent some time with the on this when you were in last week and I'm with the until further notice and your parents accompany great win. You guys set up a level money when healthy and I guess the follow up would be you mentioned giving the Bruins something they haven't had all year is that why we're seeing them. The Bruins seemingly so easily with their defensemen with the puck. Getting it to the ranger ran that maybe the Rangers were not scouting for this and the reason the Bruins didn't do more this during the year is because. The personnel now dictates with crude and -- -- -- especially. Hey those guys thirty the past they can just bring the puck into the rage -- about themselves. I think it's more team speed but you it you know it State Street -- were trying to play -- -- -- they believe they wouldn't jump off the page at you as much because Geronimo is a fast or eating lately more up tempo they play a quicker game. And the Rangers in the reasonable at the broad and we talked about you know that that mere image Twitter a little bit more far older a little bit more heavy. They try to play physical in match I'll try to Wear you down but they don't have the what -- say that Toronto has now these guys don't joke old -- because Ronald back pressure it's quicker than the Rangers back pressure. They're truly -- -- -- check -- -- quicker -- the -- to Munich air support checks so this is a really good matchup for these three young guys because that they are skating. Does that the reason meant while we have maybe seen more of proven he came up the data they thought they had mark husky traded but there were some injuries back there and yet. Don't give up their 41 game all year long. Other cable has -- like it was pretty good having the same and be treating -- yet so all. But marked by coach he was the first -- up at their twenty a couple of back from a province because he was the most any already. Talked to bring you are gonna swing because -- really oversee what's going down -- -- development young players. Our coach he was the guy used the most NH already could handle physical aspects of the game. And -- -- and he will be your best either automatically calculate the top of that list we talk about people on defense and it's important to -- guys to what you want these young -- would cut about their mobility in the skating you know how quick it can get through the neutral point gain entry in the operatives. You got to watch and went to zone two and I know what only two games but your technique is very good. You know for Gary crew to understand leverage forty positions that position against the guys -- like Brian Boyle didn't win that battle. That is the impressive sight to albeit in that nobody wants to talk about because the other stuff so I topic. But their defense of skills through two games at home they're friendly environment. Have also been not built or certainly to me that they understand we can be I'd be -- get the defensively in order protect the front and. Who the coaches at at the Providence level need to give credit you for that these guys were ready to gold that quickly defensively -- Yeah alone and head coach is a lot of credit you know I would guess it now there's been a terrific job and a it's the consistency more than anything from the American League in the NHL systems. How we coach -- it's. How we have it at the back pressure from the forward you know you want to win games in the American League you wanna be a profitable organization. For your job is to develop your job is to help Boston Bruins to win the Stanley Cup or certainly compete for the Stanley Cup and the way you do that is. You develop players and you want leading to be part of that environment because they're good for confidence. But either teach these guys when you go to Boston you look at a late this way because this is how we do -- this is how we believe you win. And it might be counterproductive to the way you play coming out called to come and -- junior welcome it from another organization that you have to have the bar in. And that's where the the coaching in the credit to the coaching staff in Providence. Rick when you see that second line not you know score sheet -- first series and now -- Marchand Bergeron kind of clicking here. Is it just match up would you see different Brad -- Expo -- on. You know. Natural way to credit the high burden is improved play other than the Marshall and so some people may -- feel about. You know Mark -- reaching out to him you know just being criticized for -- sub par play earlier than Ronald series let. You know he just too good player he's healthy he's not gonna have long streaks of or play in it just it's magnified in the post season it would seem like you've been in a slump for a autumn months. When it's not the case but he told me that player which really helped the second line but you knew the Rangers were really concerned. Because they split up the Iraqi police that a combination that they play. When they played against Washington peaking plant for OPEC to. He didn't worry about secondary scoring -- much they worried about it against the Bruins with a creepy line. And Bergeron line even though the virtual on why didn't do much until really games six and seven against the -- so. It had an immediate impact -- with those guys and you know just a little flood work Pierre. You know -- -- -- -- up the -- courage in the dictionary -- have Girardi I'm looking for the work for game two actually picture. Played on the ice for five goals that stealth when for him that. On that second line no Marchand Bergeron kinda clicked in right now and -- with the limited ice time down there and -- third line. But I thought there was more differently the better in game two any thought at all about now getting a back up maybe not those two have confidence. I still be your best -- as a lineup is -- Iran that that unit with Bergeron and -- on an -- out sing and play with Kelly apparently. It allows you collected a goal. Make that adjustment you'll if you want to limit that guy like him because it's more beneficial to him. Could be more been intact for player if you. Reduces waste and shortly ships that allows young Blake Blake say in the vehicle you know an extra shift or double -- you don't. Three out of our troops very -- with different combinations but you're right I agreed of that conversation I had with a number are you people on the Internet. You'll you'll look -- -- that the eliminates him while you get the one time on the power play any. You know he didn't well all kinds of opportunities and what could be leaving people wide. But it probably escape he competed is for sure people in three minutes of the first period given. You know the set of circumstances -- going on a couple penalties. It's the way the rotation happening. But he had an export battle and it'll only get the popular support steadily gotten to know where he -- out -- passed back to the point. He had a breakaway opportunity -- that he would area right here. Maybe that would get goers competence level would take. It's great body contact in the neutral -- actually not one of the Rangers in on the ice so yeah I thought that came our highest compete level I've -- Prompt state in America. Andy -- the -- joining us what they where you can get him throughout the rest of the series before and after these games and NBC sports network -- -- we joked about two or Oliver we have some fun. With moralists Allan view in here on Thursday. He finally after what it was all players in Hagman and six different times and 32 seconds said he stinks. On the power play what you think about that and the idea of calling out a player by name when a unit the power play is not playing well as a whole. I don't assume he's got a great relationship with a player that that's not an effect. -- and in the slight. You know obviously I haven't retreated absolute total rose. You know press conference throughout the year you know you have certain relationships maybe maybe it's kind of relationship Francona has with you know. I don't know -- that Pedroia that we could you could you could use the media just a little fun but you party talked to the player you know exactly where the hand and and and he's not lying it'll like -- I'll leave but he and played at a speed option from a I'll play. You know to -- -- -- -- -- -- but I don't think the player who was affected by that title but it seems like the. It took -- Rask those outstanding and at second period and pretty consistent and I think you know a lot of elevated his game but he certainly hasn't gone out there and and a worse so would -- be seen from him here so far his first of. I want is -- actually love this game you know Callahan beat by the break away. You know he looks a little -- plea to the short side that and it jumped on a little bit part. You don't hear no criticism from me from took his game I think he's been that everything that you want your goaltender. He's gonna give you an opportunity to win every night and make the state support and make no shot goal. And betting big stops at critical times at bat which wants doesn't -- to -- acrobatic. He doesn't EU you know all over the place up and down. Allowed McCain to accompany the beyond an angle where control your rebounds. And I would say I'm noticeable. But he's not a guy that says wow that would compete on this ask. Performance tonight he just doesn't he's not he doesn't with an efficiency. That you want in a goaltender. And goaltenders get worn down if you move in you know Europe and down here in the butterfly you know -- outdoor parks and you know using a lot of nervous any trick up your own -- -- -- where article under -- that hasn't happened arrest because of that economy of motion that he used to -- Brick this series shifts to New York games three and four Tuesday Thursday -- all the pre and post game stuff. Was great and was able to watch -- not being at the building yesterday is the plan the same on NASA and not to go now before and then immediately afterwards with the pre and post game. Actually literally you know we're like the Bruins themselves we're not gonna change saying you're going to be integrated -- new -- Got eleven out pregame. You know it's so that we can. He will we need to be with in the building within the rules set by ABC actual. Rick great stuff is always enjoy another trip and we'll talk to you Wednesday.

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