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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/17/13

May 17, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon today.. Joe Thornton and disappointing former Boston athletes, parking in Boston, buying jersey numbers and more...

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Now. It's totally -- The -- board or more than me -- We solved. Funds rate W. -- -- -- -- -- -- Psychic readings. And start reading. Last -- -- -- back there do we need some video quality of patio swept swap and very well could you read all that sound for herself because of the dividend. I kind of socket rated. Last night Joseph Thornton of the San Jose Sharks blew late game lead and lost to the LA kings to fall behind two nothing and answers. Who's been the least successful star athlete to move on from Boston team. Either go mobile on first of all are now I would like to -- should read every day I think I should be our new thing forget -- reading this I negated by the discovered an -- and suck it reading -- -- -- -- if nothing else will help you with your reading that's what we do here this will be like. -- the NBA things where they'll go read -- or is that you're getting -- -- BA cares we'll do that within these reality can be -- with me there -- few months you're -- heard or read better. I'll go Mo Vaughn because he left with such fanfare the angels that simple things were disaster he was injured at us so often and paid so much money. But the -- on. Host Boston career what's the -- Okay is that to be somebody who just didn't -- former someone -- been performed to expectations like. -- -- -- if you don't have some good numbers really here's all we had some good years a good year. In Philadelphia. But they -- them after that the hitter and you think about this people left the patriots in his prime. Now -- about 227 years old. 2627 years old. Got a big contract. From Philly. And they gave away for a couple football's. To Miami this is to Atlanta. -- seventh round pick yourself up so I would say. Some guys some to somebody like that who you expected really big things -- David Givens. But didn't those what I was an injury though. There was vigil was Malone and I think he was a star in New England but no thanks you. Know -- ago when -- Was in his prime when he left the red phone -- At the one good year and then that was really it but off the bat well. Demo was I was back you know we was data gazillion dollars and did not put. -- do patriots safety Adrian Wilson recently paid off cornerback Kyle Arrington to acquire his Jersey number 24. By giving him a year supply. And his wife recently keeper Kyle junior few months ago. If you can receive a year's supply of anything what would be. Baby sitting services -- I guess also known as a nanny whatever it is for a year. I would take that were a year all. What's the what's the map views with. Us a lot of money significant -- -- so -- amid what Kris what. The price -- and -- actually see the bills for the hypertension a -- about it is dot com do you think about it for talent. So you -- really I wonder if they've really gotten to the dynamics. -- three months. So one -- forgot that the newborn diaper right. Then he got to move up bright new invariably don't finish what you guy you've got like tons of left no I don't want to throw you don't want a year's supply of newborn diaper now we have though -- a Grogan he's got to go to that that -- three to six bumped -- -- And then you know six to nine. Somewhere in there. -- a lot of money the same diaper problem I have for my wife was like no we're not used hoagies or Pampers we've got to use these crazy ecological. No chlorine what you gotta find them and hold it now now you on this front. Now how about those -- huh. About those folks who -- -- we just use cookies to grow old school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Cloth diapers to you for another go all right I was not gonna happen who does laundry every -- certificate would be awesome it's bad enough that you got to put the stuff in the diaper genie -- -- -- -- still smells nothing completely. And teens that smell. The year right Michael babysitting is the key. That is the best fans are trying to come up with a better answer yours and I can't -- anybody who has kids nothing would be better than free babysitting for year. -- move back to Boston tournament there -- here. Your parents watching I can't you can't rely on the grandparents for this I can't get this it's a novelty at first for them and then you guys moved back you're so far away. We really miss you when you go on -- at your back full time. It's hard. Remember it being this kid thing is hard when I was raising you guys. I cut the deal this was for a deal like -- in moving back out there are parents -- -- -- -- -- a great job you can work with Michael all off and I'm like yeah. I don't know what you're watching the baby if I come back yes absolutely about this year's supply of gas that's a good. Somebody -- we. He asked you get bored with it after what happened your supply -- I'll stick with us. Pringles. Snapple's film unless they got that I said with a truck loads up pretty -- -- it's probably you and your supplies. You get an extra salary if you get -- -- salary it's called your salary next. -- Pitchers have lost Carlo open Brandon Hedrick on the defensive line -- Tommy Kelly and Armond Armstead. This is a net gain or loss for the patriots defense of well they're certainly getting older with the addition Tommy Kelly right -- Kyle Love and -- either one were world that old. It brings them -- level experience though in. Going. Under the radar Michael is the reshaping of their defense of one that's gonna be entirely different. On the edge -- still look pretty similar programs have Wilfork obviously. The Kelly brings an interesting dynamic his ability to get after the after the passer but I don't think love real and he brings that ability to shoot the gap occasionally get into the -- backfield -- -- -- investment -- -- -- -- -- not -- it was -- a guy -- Tommy -- can -- -- -- to his ability to stop -- run. Generates an inside pass pressure on earlier now. I would think based on reputation. So. Excuse me silk. -- reputation it would anger -- seal. There's very wreck argued would have gone your dad -- -- an elevator and -- -- that was fun believe me there's an anger still. On paper reputation. I guess they improve. But outside of Ted Washington who was a big time game changer they brought him in late in training camp in 2003. And he really reshape that defensive line they really relied on them. They wanted to stop somebody's running game they would put Ted Washington. Into that gap. And he shut it down and many of those guys anymore -- how many guys. So they brought -- how many free agent defensive linemen have they brought in who have been successful. Tough. So I don't know me based on what they've done and other cities you'd think. Pretty good a break from their history with. Interior defensive line and yet they've never seemed to suffer for the fact that they've gone from got a guy but you're right when they had it at Washington it was a different team even trailer. Was pretty he was good oh yeah he wasn't incredible it was good. Washington was -- as a starter but it was really get a trailer was the starter Vince Wilfork as a rookie. Started -- man behind -- while trailer that was and the two of them together made for a hell of defensive line tandem but it would. Expert team that. For position that is as important as it is in the NFL. Other than Vince Wilfork it's been awhile since we've had those conversations about patriots that are really excelling at the interior defense of -- -- while they're running or the 34 that there wasn't as much room for anyone else to excel there be curious to see I like Tommy Kelly he's good player. I know very little about Armond Armstead I'll admit I know is coming from the CFL. And he was highly regarded had that situation is that some controversy UCLA USC I -- US excuse me. Went to the Canadian League and would have been. Based on whatever it would of America's second or third round pick. So that that could be a nice acquisition reform. You'll go up and. -- the question of the day we've been hearing all day about -- secret free parking spot by the what's the absolute worst place to park in Boston unseemly. Pretty absolutely refuse to pay for. I will easy answers for both here number one. The hardest place to find parking right and that was just pay for -- I thought today for the beltway obvious is the north yes. It's almost don't want ago. A lot of it is the parties are much -- to -- and as it is -- -- -- a master kept. Get captured her up from. One to the north end of the park drive apart in the -- I was down there was just. Mostly tourists you know like the tourist. Tours grossed people. Asked if he's talking about people. That -- mean the people who ordinarily and -- it's locates it's not that and Canada not the people live in the north then that's not what I'm talking people live in the north and great. For years I went to the north and loved it I'm talking about the people who come in the north then on Friday or Saturday night. And it's it's. Taken them -- and that's what it into the next that -- you know that's really the point I'm not going there on the weekend. A deal does anybody have a secret parking spot north and probably not no you cannot part it is at an all -- give it to the valley really difficult I categorically refused to pay for parking permits -- -- a while Harvard Square just never -- my whole life I've always gone are its -- never I always one part. It is like a personal child okay -- got a place I don't every spot there is to look for my place it's been -- It's just too much -- not to see if you if you got if you're gonna Gillette Stadium. And they charge you an arm alleged parking at forty dollars fifty dollars whatever it is really have no choice to go around the street a little bit. OK if not 403035. And then you're walking you say -- I'm gonna cave in to -- into a secret about a prevalent but at Fenway Park. I will not will not pay for it I would drive around and I got a little spot -- found one we were down -- few weeks ago. And you -- me I was driving around for awhile now and I came running back on studio secret spot. Very proud of it and notes unlike your secret spot there was not a ticket waiting for me when I got back to the -- Ever markets open by resident of the area you park residents -- now. Floyd concert with it's super guy come out of his house you know. At fifty dollars and -- ticket but you know on Sunday it's easy to write. New. Came out ticket. -- it. Course jerk about notes -- The -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Despite your worries that were not good reading about you rated very well other four are gonna -- -- -- -- figure whatever whatever lowered the bar whatever school you went through should be for a -- reading ability and it against you one of those guys who's not okay with after shoveled out spot. The rolling the during the Cold -- the Chara there's the spot yet it's. When you you would do that. Where you would do you can't claim the spot I'm sorry we leave your car I don't know I don't know when you gotta go sometime and -- did the work. You shovel it out on my I've never had a live with it's I can't. Did you how did it deliberately -- with that I if I -- -- I'd be -- -- -- -- I spent four years living and he's Boston when you shovel -- your car -- by the way and it's and -- -- this crazy you know because it's not just -- shoveling a foot of -- it's everything the plows have pushed into our car so it turns out to be like four feet of snow. Once you shovel that out in the freezing cold the rain in the misery. And that you have to go to work you don't wanna have to come back drive around forever and a -- -- of -- again but did have a neighbor who shoveled out their spot in a parking lot and shovel all the snow in two months now -- -- -- and then and so it's a good buried -- -- OK then what happens if somebody does that. If somebody if somebody removed your chair when you're calling neighbors. Their mortgage or your -- in the park there. She's what happens you know what you say that right what happens -- -- I live cities Boston for four you are -- and -- really like living there. Don't feel like -- cable that's the rules of the of the land right now. Somebody take your spot after you put a chair there he put -- there. He slashed the tires right where you can either cars and actually try to -- critics -- do we delight. And slash somebody's hires because they Portland -- -- car don't you think somebody would do it to you us. Does it -- like this moment like I can't bring myself first of -- slashed the tires with -- like I carry a knife with me. I'm not panic either car and I imagine getting caught doing it. And the idea that they would then come back at me and see me so I was totally afraid to do anything with somebody part to MySpace stole my Conan. I just sort of sheepishly when somewhere else. I'm telling people -- If you call if you call the police. Some had some -- slashed my tires. Because I parked. In the space that they shoveled out. Costs might be like challenge to grab. You can't do that don't you know there are single body feels sorry for you that's the scary thing -- if you move that -- no way you move that cone. I would note are going to do Obama wrote to me all the time I just figured there are much to offer you receive a strange object to sort of share their way I want soccer fans that are stripping out earlier Dresser -- Dresser drawers out there I -- some very interesting people much time spent -- -- Boston the guy who lived across from me. He's kind of a story for another day but he he was in love with this costs. I don't mean like you like -- -- I mean like he was problematic -- in love with his car. All day 24 hours a day outside touching a -- I've never seen anything like it issues. I mean no we got -- -- is nice because it kind of protected the entire street and they were to happen he knew all about it because he was out your daughter -- all -- -- tough day card and most of the night just kind of rubbing the paint on his car has just too much remain -- interest has too much from Rihanna trying to a couple of text messengers here at Fenway symphony garage fifteen dollars five minute walk to -- -- too much yet. But yours better than fifteen dollars or not but you're right. That or or redneck picnic in -- -- because of -- say. How much it is then you figure out amen reverend still a lifelong east Bostonians parking in the winter is all out war greed and reverend -- if you shell out a spot it's yours but when you move you lose the spot -- -- -- sense -- might as long as I'm park tennis. Well no kidding it was gonna be -- along those park and it anyway the idea is if I move I get to come back no kidding. What you're saying makes no sense that we -- -- side streets. And somebody's doubled and out and you disguise you got to find some -- support. You can't you can't go into this not your neighborhood this guy says 750 all day at Fenway in the long would garage. Really 750 all day. Really don't know the long would garage -- a bit of -- high Calumet and now you talk a long wood which is Indies like the Bane of any existence don't until the hospitals stuff up on perform out. Any wants no part I thought you -- gonna come after them there was artist was the park. -- -- -- -- that's why -- can ask me about my part in Canada and I would do no such thing Rob Gronkowski having a another surgery on his arm but that's not the bad news. The bad news is that there's a back problem the good news is that I'm show after says it's not that big a deal is it. And there's additional good news more -- even more good news soon literature board -- look at your board. Bruce tickets -- -- -- given them away next stick around -- tied at a win tickets for game two and they Rob Gronkowski discussion you're gonna wanna be apart of salt and -- WE yeah.

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