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Kevin Millar, Former Red Sox 1B, on Sox struggles

May 17, 2013|

Millar joins the show to discuss the recent Sox slide, Jacoby Ellsbury's lack of power, and hitting in the big leagues.

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I the second time you've heard is intro that the first time we've heard a -- we had his voice -- live on the air a couple of minutes ago apparently it's the real. Real thing the real 15 -- -- joining us take have -- vacation much like you are on most Fridays -- Tom Karen in the house today Howard about. They -- up a lot Kevin. But what's going on eight that's funny because that's what -- out against -- when -- -- Jack enormous house and you got overpaid when you played baseball guys phone been ringing it. If you happen I saw this. I saw the segment the other day on the show you can't big -- a bit later so clearly we can't give you a hard time about it. So we had a pretty big hockey game last night in town Bruins lead the Rangers won nothing TC did you guys on the -- or -- Campbell -- fast as you know Kevin I have sources everywhere and my people up in the beautiful city Portland Maine tell me that when you were setting. The -- Kevin Youkilis record of getting on base every -- -- -- -- years. With the sea dogs you actually went over to the civic center Portland where the Portland pirates played took part a little organized demonstration and as I understand it. They call its score with you've got the board in front of the net you nailed it -- 120 feet away is that right. PP true story -- all out there and back and we had a pretty cool little team and we had like so I think they're probably twelve or fifteen but that made big league but. We all on the ice now let me play I'm not ice skater I don't go on why I'm out there and look they gonna be of the red carpet. So law -- I think they picked five -- think meek -- Josh booty. Was out there but if you guys in May we wish -- just popped so we're like three quarters of the way shooting the -- hole. Obviously I think you went like a million dollars or 400000 -- was. American Airlines. If you make it. What that does little area just for the puck goes through and I'm not hit yet I I I get shot at. It will ball -- -- -- droplet gets on one leg get back and goes right in the hall. The play goes crazy I'm doing the running man the old school dance you know your -- moved TC -- -- -- -- now doing the running man on the red carpet. And and they can do that 100 grand here I am making 900 bucks a month for the Portland beat out. That's going to be great wall. We don't win a hundred grand that would have been for the public to 100 -- we're just kind of like the Portland beat out there were -- got -- -- -- lot of data on middle seat -- -- -- -- Like a Portland Maine and New York to get tickets to a future game -- body. I've just again it's I used to work for that to grab for a kid got to work for that -- before you were there. And the obvious that you -- cart or is that regular carts like a hole in one thing but you know charity golf tournament and so you go out there and the guy gets you saw a shot of the year I -- -- -- -- cameras done it -- Well the problem is through the exit Leo if one insurers on one guy so we got out you know forty more home games to deal. But the best thing is the insurance company regulator calls us and says yet let's -- and he didn't release the pocket until it had announced the Blue Line off your insurer -- 12819. Feet where not to from the car. Also we got a call this -- -- -- yeah there's an issue we'll talk about it we finally got publicity -- got the card given to him you know. It's like a hole -- -- you know you drop and that first one and you go to the guy -- got insurance on more than qualities that the tournament is usually the insurance is only for one prize. That's unbelievable tip that the thing about it is that I mean debt that side is just about a quarter range Dugard did socket self help. It really -- territory you know you'd never gonna make it and natural -- issues like while. And you grew up playing a lot of hockey I'm sure you've seen all the just I didn't highlight barrel up and it scalpel and the bank obliterated I'll be to take. Idiot and a we. You've you've told us a lot Kevin about a hitting so individual it do you believe that hitting you begin Tate is the Red Sox were four for forty runners scored position. Before an ending couple nights ago the went five for five and inning last night they had two more hits and all of a sudden. The start to score some runs cam that at any level such individual active hitting be contagious on a team. 100% what happens is is critical both ways. When yacht fire as a group also need you just try to live that wave as long he can all -- legal cold and you can't buy hit runner and scored just you can't buy it. You know the same game and you're gonna have been shot the article all the plays the next couple weeks. But that's part of -- all of -- hitting but right now. That's what happens they dropped or reporting they can't buy hit the sky is falling my goodness gracious they got called for a little bit -- -- -- Meadowbrook comes up -- -- change about Fernando Rodney -- and the gap -- -- all good again. Yeah it was still look at that that it Gavin -- laid off the hundred mile an hour here right before that that was the pitch via -- how do you not bite on that. What you know what you're right -- whether your full whether he's sitting on this debt breaking Pollack what he says in the interview afterwards you know that's the thing about. -- we talked a lot about this cannot talk about what Chris wrote you have to have some -- instincts. I don't wanna hear guys say I'm just sitting fastball and I'm gonna react the breaking ball on the Manny Ramirez somebody special guys that could drive the ball right senator senator field. They're blessed with that ability. Fine maybe 1% of what you have to have an idea there's other pitchers in baseball and that's what's been so frustrating to watch at times. The high strikeouts going on like -- 240 strike out a year acceptable. And we can -- swing for a home run. You can't swing for a tool fastball all went to when a -- got split finger so meadowbrook showed you. There's -- there's hitters instinct you have to deal they have put out a lot of best bet is that is the changeup he rolled art that's why he's special. But his best pitch is -- -- is that changeup and you know what get my game plan we're able themselves. Mel -- been one of those guys striking out quite a bit early he had a big collision -- David Ross of Fenway. About a week or so ago lot didn't break her with a -- separated -- floating river to everyone a -- where it attaches. I all of a sudden he's got seven extra base hits in the last six games of some like that and and he's almost admitting that maybe the fact that he's so far he's shortening everything a little bit does that make any sense you get to get an injury like -- bit -- make you shorten -- that you make you better -- Now and I know I did -- get better as best thing -- ago had not say -- -- about the injury you don't wanna give any crutches any any excuses the bottom line is right now his swing better shorter and you go through these periods period and the good hitters they. They're -- robbing Peter the Great thing. That I learned it was critical -- went out at first base I think up like -- point 429899. Whatever was that had a few few days in the big leagues and he just said remember this one thing there's three types of hitters. There's a average hitter who making adjustments the next day. They're that good hitter who makes the adjustment. At bat. And then there's the great hitter who make the adjustment the next pitch. And so in this level you'll see those three -- typing it or you might go all report was slider in the -- -- ball under and then make the -- next day. Or they got it strikes out slider in the dirt that one at bat and then make adjustment at bat or. You see a guy like boom Chipper Jones won the best changeup in the dirt still full Gosling had that. Broad -- next pitch and you know homer so -- kind of hitters that yet you have -- debate big league level and -- young hitters like will meadowbrook built part of make the adjustment pretty quick. We spent a lot of time couple years ago -- you Kevin talking about -- Jacoby Ellsbury in at thirty home -- season had since the end of that year since the final day. Yes five home runs in the year and a quarter cents and I'm curious when you watch him hit. You figured out that was just sort of an aberration or is there or something he's doing now that's that's -- outlook forcing him not have forced him but. Ending up he is not the power hitter he was that 2011 season. He's not the power hitter in it he'll play tenure 1015 years and basically he's gonna have a career right here he's got a clear down here. Okay he's not gonna hit more thirty -- -- again in my opinion that's just my opinion now. Understand Ellsbury is a fine player he's a catch. He'd say Ryan he say offensive guy but he's not a power hitter you know saying maybe Mike -- never hit thirty plus home run again. The ill will. We we sometimes. Also you have the career early on your corner and you chase that year the rest your career but may be held Barry is who he is. Just -- walked or hit 300 plus give up there's still forty to get you back. Play good defense BWR. What you gotta know your role and you got a look kind of hit your your home -- to our actions those are the days when you know what doubles. Now the next year -- Nine or ten home runs that you hit. The next gear hit the wall you -- -- cancel true power hitter Albert that your that mean now thirty Almonte is -- in the Major League level I never sniffed back. But is it true partner I'd say no but he's a double guy he can try to get hit forty to fifty doubles steely cricket. You know forty to fifty stole -- a year and I think that's the player he really is. I don't wanna get back to what you're talking about with the strikeouts as we've been talking a lot about on the show this year you guys have as well. You know the Red Sox are striking about nine times a game as a team second most in the American league baseball as an industry is on pace to shatter the record for most strikeouts and you know I think coverage you called -- generation K is it just. A different mindset now like you said it where when you came up to the game you shorten your swing to strikes you try to do something different to get the ball like. It seems like -- got another view strike -- because singles don't matter that much either worked the walk. Or you slug -- that's how you get GOP yes what is it about these hitters and it just did the strike outs are an all timer. It drives me crazy coming in driving tricky because I should be embarrassed to strike out. Now I don't wanna hear it out and out strike out is yeah you're right it is going to be you know lineup at third strike out here right now that is now but. You know there's a cat and mouse game your plane into a hitter. And at that picture and it was me against him period that was my mindset who better -- I was embarrassed to strike out you go strike out thing you know you're sitting on the wrong things idea that. But I see absolutely 200 plus -- -- -- accepted 180 strikeouts -- accepted. I mean if somebody did not competitive at bats. You know and and and I'm not gonna mean -- -- you -- -- -- Tokyo they're just. Swing and really heater and it's -- -- at McGrath I saw the Orioles play the Yankees and in that series and I mean consultants when I'm like. They don't look like major -- that time. OK the game's not easy -- about the guy sitting here saying oh it's got a lot -- but you have to grind you have to choke up you have to go no batting gloves you have to give. Do something to change. But -- out and struck out to work on your immediate unacceptable -- hitting coach lets go boys we're gonna make this adjustment I know homer day. So that's what happens now. -- K so guys got to get paid. But at some point you gotta have some hitters instincts and grind it out in part appreciate your head probably I can appreciate your but you've got to changing grind. -- -- -- for me we have buster only on on Wednesdays and in he was talking about Bryce Harper and that he loves the way Bryce Harper plays but he's he's got to sort it. He's gotta amend that and -- the outfield he's become -- becoming smarter player that reckless way that he plays that we love his fans. Eight could affect his -- dirty mentioned Eric Davis who played for the reds -- it was effective because he ran into the wall. So many times and of shorting his career. You believe in that -- of Bryce Harper just play the way he plays and if he gets -- gets hurt. Play play I mean let's and he he -- -- nowhere is that you don't feel we got turned around he ran the wall we've seen -- that he'd do it in Minnesota we've played on the show that day. It was one of funnier moments that we've ever seen at times you get turned around and you forget the warning track you got to step or two and you're gonna hit a wall back yet. I don't wanna -- old planet down -- Josh Hamilton east -- in headfirst into home plate separate shoulder you know Detroit a couple of years ago or last year without it we. Tone it down not -- -- I pay you big money to play a 100%. Some guys get hurt some don't like harper might have a lot of old LP -- -- -- play the game the right way every single night at over 4000 -- Some guys play the game really thought they take one swing and you know their ankle turned in the blocking her out for six days. You can't dictate gets up I can't stand on here that his reckless abandon all he's gonna play itself out of the c'mon c'mon what are we talk about -- baseball and it's refreshing to see a 147%. It's funny you said that like last year people -- called Jacoby Ellsbury soft again because Adrian Beltre -- couple years ago when it was agent Beltre crushed as a man breaks for -- -- injury prone. I just received these rebels are probably most people are. By Hamas fastball -- -- -- -- bad luck on the inside bomber doesn't mean I got toned down the wily player take a bit so I love the way -- are replaced. How long ago last October last. Is entire 1820 year career. Because this -- -- watch you don't get that swagger position player wise you loved to hate amenities on a -- eleventh so. I wanna hear -- -- tone it down because that baptists are conclude on this. When you got a guy like in and I never forget it's like you'd see excited guys like Griffey junior or -- in east side of these big -- because they can run. They can hit homers they can do everything and appealed possibly get these big deal but also about Iran because we don't wanna get hurt. -- -- -- -- We get -- you can do everything on the baseball field but do everything on the baseball field if I just want hit homers and out of paper produced a homers. So that's what I got UN that debt -- -- at 42 on the business side you don't want to -- and could steal bases but. Yet probably -- -- stoppage of play the game hard and and let it happen. Don't you dare go easy on. -- -- I never saw Kevin -- city ever did awful awful. Oh I put it down. I fake Canadian cowboy a lot of odd -- are joining us here on the program once we did get through his voice -- brought you by -- insurance by commonwealth mortgage and buy a -- -- Tractor corporation's 6177797937. About an hour from now. On that part cal ski rookie defenseman the Bruins had a huge game last night he will join us Andy prickly a NASA joins us next -- calls as well look what you're.

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