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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on Game 1 Bruins Rangers

May 17, 2013|

Pierre McGuire joins Tom Caron and Mut to discuss the Bruins young defensemen, the intensity and energy level in the game, and the Rangers offense.

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-- -- -- They've straighter at the play by play Pierre McGuire. On the color commentary everybody here has brought you by the city of Boston credit union by town fair tire. And by Kelly automotive group. You like you're in the colorful right there nice level here it's kind of the thing you're able to sit there and -- called the game right there on the ice with a great deal what's the one on. Hello good morning do you marvel com yeah I know I enjoyed working down marriage tremendous a lot of fun to privileged to be down there. I really respect here there respect players' union coach in the game and you get to interact football coaches and the players and and quite often during the regular she's in particular strand that any. When you appeared to -- down there and doing our interviews and such is the third man give that i.'s lab report as the color guy. Is the view OK I mean I know up -- you can see things develop a little more. But you could probably pick up a lot of the nuance of what's happening on the eyes how different is it as the color as did the number two got a two -- broadcast to be on that ice level. It's not really that different in metro restrained as a player and a coach to watch it from I was never really. Trained a lot from upstairs and I think more is there a problem morphed from valued become with different things you need to look for in. You know it's been fifteen years of doing that straight now and before that culture and for a long -- -- Because he's been on the but it again I just -- Like it just because you can hear the interaction between the players you can feel the speed of the game you can try to relate some of the energy on the building back to the people watching -- all sorts it's kind of a -- palatial actually caught on which are really there -- working. The airlock to pick their -- game let's start with the overtime I felt like the first three periods. I thought fairly even overtime was a A Bruins domination starting with that power play did you feel the same way called -- game yesterday. You know I really all about the whole game and the intention of the game changed after -- I hit it on the Johnny boy chart. And up -- higher energy in the building and amp up the higher energy between the two teams. And it created. -- great opportunity for a novel blood sugar from both teams are but I agreed to and roper -- there was clearly -- overtime and they dominated and you know by initiative the power play opportunities April culpable. That's one of the reasons why all -- -- matters because you have such a raucous crowd there and I think the crowd really helped energize. Boston Bruins especially -- not our -- -- quite. A crew gets the goal I Hamilton and -- cows -- playground Marcos is one of the better players in the game last night the rookie defenseman for at least one night didn't hurt this team a bit today. -- -- and -- again Josh talking about it with -- -- last thing you have to go back. In 1985. When guys like Michael Connell like Melbourne -- for a plan for the Bruins and there's three rookies playing in one playoffs usually excellent truck carrying that -- Kohl back a long way. And solution demand really handle him shall all our crew British ministry controlled the -- Murkowski was physical and skated very well -- Hamilton was really Smart pocked region really good decision that he really insulated Zdeno Chara. In a lot of different situation or not but the -- -- tremendously well. There an end over a seven game series you know maybe in the end the experience will be a more important factor but especially considering what a grind it out first series of -- When you get a couple young guys who haven't been on McCain's crew haven't played it all in the first round and gazing Hamilton in and out of the lineup. Cannot actually be an advantage some fresh legs some energy some youth that maybe helps -- out -- that first game. Great point come tigers get -- -- percent you know what are we go about coaching and to its earlier work with a guy confirming the Scotty Bowman. And watched all their great anxious. When he was caught up in Montreal -- trick in the Brooklyn Dodgers there are looking at the lecture roiled the one time leader Brandt tricky talk degree baseball -- And rather tricky says I much prefer prefer. The intensity. Of -- They're not nonchalance of old age -- you know young wage can make a difference -- can bring a lot of energy to the party. We're talking appear McGuire called the game last night NBC sports network the game itself -- felt like. Always thought it might be it was few teams early on feeling each other out now and trying to take advantage to dig -- Did you expect what we saw last night a slow start to -- teams Rangers -- Bruins play very similar style hockey. Yes and both quote are extremely well schooled in both teams are very good and and bookings have good goaltending. That borders on world class school current contract -- -- -- in several classical -- be true to greet her ball. And so no I'm not surprised that a bit of slow start but I really again. Moderate can't stress loosen up I thought the whole game and -- -- -- change after. Taylor pirated Johnny boy checked from behind that really change in air chemistry of the game and that's good for the series going forward has -- -- and lastly to my interview after the game what kind of answers in the expecting too nasty physical means a I would agree to -- To rescue magic goaltending and we all know what Lundqvist can do but that Tuukka -- now three dollar overtime in these playoffs. I think there was a belief certainly on the national level when you look at the series that you had a truly elite goalie in long list. Against a very good goalie in Rask are we get into the point now where Rask is cracking into that elite status. Oh yeah actually -- virtual that was about to -- for a long time. Not to watch and sisters and younger and didn't shoot me and the one thing is -- his composure level never falters. He's not going to be intimidated by the moment he's not going to be intimidated by a crowd. You know opinion committed by -- traffic he's really composed guy he always has been made a novel opted in the one thing that people don't know -- -- athletic he would. I know bought some fans stupid people around the leaders don't realize what is. Talk about the play her -- Hendrick Lundqvist -- he came in as a goaltender that had a 943 save percentage Greer. Against this Bruin team Lotta people around here a year after the game colon. The goals to give up specifically -- -- our goal soft goals what do you think of his play in the first game. Well I'm gonna defend a little bit here in the chair gore talked about returned to broadcast my dollars and knuckleball well as a floating puck and that's a really -- saves for goalie now. In a perfect world that you haven't yet but. That's not a routine say that are really tough -- coming -- the -- a debate coach -- And then on the crew shot if you watched the replay again you'll see yeah he's square to the shooter we're recruit but what attracted search step on stick. So let's start the water again so we had a little bit about luck is that about -- had a corporate split actually not. But I also think you have referred the exact ruling clock on one shot and knuckleballer offered up by action on another one. Com and the other thing you need to know it is Hanks played so much. Unlike the -- has essentially -- -- on him fact she played so much I think there's got to be a little physical and mental fatigue involved for him at all you know. Here we sit here and watch Rick Nash got last night we talked a lot about him coming into this series and I know in New York they're happy. With with his overall game while league's scoring hasn't comedy you watched last night. I think Chara shot him down there are a lot of the night but. I mean don't they need more out of Rick Nash they're gonna go anywhere here in New York. They need more rhetoric he'd be the first first that he told me that for being so I got to do more saudis feel pressure but they also need to get him some space. And it's not easy to do that you're not pushing through the metal. Are they need more push through the middle whether there -- our -- there step on whether Brad Richards wrote Brian Boyle doesn't matter. They need to push into the French -- -- panel and who played against an actual the last great they got to push the case through the middle and it's I didn't have very seldom in the history of the national art period. Has a Winger been able dominating -- a Winger dominating game and satirist he's playing with condemned the -- If the Winger had to -- all puck carrying and attract foreign Marshall very sold this year where you're able to dominate loosely. Here a staff that I don't -- I don't hear a lot talked about in this in this league is shot attempts a New York Daily News and add their numbers today at the Bruins had 93 shot attempts the Rangers 66 so almost thirty more shot attempts. Is that a sign of a more aggressive team when you hear those stats after game. That's part of it the other part -- to -- power play created more energy by get -- and spending -- time result they're real good on time and immediate decisions on the power play even though. They don't have one power play able. This story to a manufacturer a lot of shots in the recycle game was really trying to manage the puck pretty well. For the Rangers their power play it was basically nonexistent. So that affected their shot totals and also as the game went along and -- -- pockets well they usually do expect that changed on it in. Get it there 03 on the power play appear there now three for 21 do you buy into the idea that a bad power play can really start to hurt the momentum and eighteen that they start to get -- all blog we failed again. On the man advantage creep in your head as a team. Absolutely and that that's huge part of the power play. The -- you know it and scores what they may be would have liked on -- power play what he did do is they created a lot of -- I mean worse and guys out late Girardi -- -- on our. He penalty killer or untrue on the it a lot of the rest on her -- -- power player pitched all Balkan helped universe knock on all that we can a picture like -- mark. There was talk about -- -- a lot here and I I still think he's going to be a factor in this series pressure on the power play. And as you said last night -- watching him -- -- high tempo games here and you know 152030. Seconds Max. What are they realistically trying to get a younger here in these playoffs. Rule law I think he can help our way to -- I think he's going to be huge benefit the current -- have -- ability to dominate can make good decisions whether the -- look where real issue here last night that I made the comment that I made. I was part of -- management team that drafted him I coached them. You know with a look on her earlier career and all the body work he's presented and I know what he's tired when he's not you can just -- reconciled last night. After about a point 530 seconds that's normally forty years all. But I expect that you can help their probable play and I think at some point. They're gonna have to look to put Tyler saying -- background outline of five on five situations especially the second -- -- -- Yeah LB is going to be here later he's gonna say that twos on Twitter last night they put Sega back I don't know why I thought how are -- a tough night. Here the first shot he takes right into the chest -- Lundqvist yet eternal over conclude the -- They score at the end of the period I've fought against Al bought quite a bit what did you think of -- played overall last night. What you just talked about what is your picture and character that such what you pretend like I but I also saw player along the -- you wanted to make it different speed could have been a factor in bringing in a lot of pock book last night. And danger RT candidate in mustang regulations. It is not trigger -- party gesture of petroleum body in front of the -- shot the puck in the net. I'll let you know each guy's huge block shots -- danger are just an unbelievably tough guy and a courageous guy that would reflect. But I do you think they gonna snap out of it almost brick and -- to see music and play that right now he's really close -- or. But rather read -- yeah I saw the -- but. Britain of the -- -- -- -- last night I can see in the warmup I can see in the first two Mercury should you doubt there's like we have built the package and ask equities have been dominant player in the game and I actually did equally bad weather and garlic pork and on but he can't get a feel for what guys are doing what guys do. -- they're gonna ask you read the -- as yesterday but now we're talking about Peter sure -- I heard about degrading high executives and I was giving him an a plus. And I think fans all talk. About the obvious. Kessel deal and what that brought back but I'm watching last night and thinking that you know they got Mark -- All the respect to Byron bits and Craig Weller they get to grass for injure -- cropped to just talk about what he's done the last few years to build the core that we're watching now on the ice. I -- Peter's done a fantastic job along with our entry in Jim dynamic that management trying numbers weren't fantastic and have a little leadership. Obviously above them what -- who really understands team building the importance of character. And one other thing too burned about it well management team. Is identify the need for character. Within the players that they draft and try to cultivate and look at the signing of four recruit and use him as an example smaller guy at a Michigan State coach -- profile program. But I punctured by a mean Jim Benning are looking at that person in the slot like I actually plays to be able play in the -- And you look in on that back to tremendous acquisition and draft -- player that can perform like that. They got a little lucky number -- she only because they could trigger controlled kilowatts to he. So that I mean again and sometimes your best you're going to don't -- and solved -- -- -- he's and a low but I. I actually -- respectable and management team -- she appeared to have major major part of. BP or take me inside the coaching now ranks for a second -- a couple days off now to the range gonna sit around until Sunday afternoon. On a loss last night where he -- -- for a while you played the way you wanna play what what is total -- do if anything the next couple days of preparation for game two. I think just try to -- your power play more than anything else flood I don't think they have to change a lot I mean they're very comfortable on their -- in and I will tell you would have told you for a long time. It never troubled by announcers to lose and always actual other Rangers lose two games to Washington. And game -- being. Prewar and one not being over time I think -- wanted to do. And it came back won the series you're never troubled -- -- -- on on March that's the biggest thing about the sort of learned in over 46 years mostly. So you just you have to just maintain your comported but it fired the Rangers -- one or -- mattresses and haven't cracked two power play and make it better. Here is going to be a lot of fun this year agree to back -- on Sunday in the broadcast 3 o'clock NBC sports has it. -- travel safer and LC at the garden on Sunday. On the way to Chicago right now for game to a more than back to watching more and I can't wait thanks so much and I got to see this month and -- It is such a pleasure being in that building in the trend there and passion that they have an old car and we're just. Call offender list and were perilously commercial played so nice actual experiences taught in the visitor content related to be drawn. Appear before we -- we let you go I mean that's great point and and reviewing your time in Hartford you timer on to England you know how we all felt when they took on the old building we said the new place is never gonna have the soul and maybe it to game seven now on Monday night to get their -- To me it's as loud -- and rockets now as as the old -- -- -- -- not the same environment the same. Sort of -- It doesn't intimidate teams the way did -- but that hockey crowd now the garden -- found its legs at the new building. Also column about a -- group of people that don't get enough struggled. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- a game presentation people -- what they do before the game energized the crowd and make them feel proud to be in the building. Weathered so -- in the band or to the players bought the current players former players. Are passing the big -- and flag through the crowd. By the music and video that they use I think their game presentation fantastic they really do and that's sort of resorts such a -- -- -- Pierre great stuff is always will will pocket next week and I'll see -- Sunday at the guard. Thank you very much -- is doing in my can't take yourself. -- -- up here require part of the NBC sports broadcaster alias on the eighteenth the -- AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds that the ten times faster than three -- AT&T. Rethink possible get all your phone calls and -- what you saw in game one Bruins and Rangers 61777979837. LJ in all your phone calls with Tom care next.

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