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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/16/13

May 16, 2013|

Damn New Yorkers!

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Mean it's so rude I can't believe that set so -- got them now. This is around you have friends. -- Susan them. And lines unfortunately all good things come to an end it's my job which -- and Ali I have -- quantity and blow it. -- okay. Boulder Mountain View high right now -- -- Elmo yeah dial 6177793535. In that no I don't court. I go to. Before reversed if a kid and now. My job to do that will probably turn off his nation it off weeks all can -- Barry Melrose ESPN hockey analysts predicting the Bruins to winning seven. Why does he given the edge find out. Re rack that story coming up at ten past six. It's about 25 minutes from now person my cup brought you by AT&T WEEI live available on your iPhone or android devices and brought -- -- AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins for the most four G coverage. In New England answered the question you're right after that it's still texting questions 37937. The number anyway we. Just surprised use Iraq other birds as re rack like that total real -- -- -- Government. As his running. Hate us as an agent this small periods in order to thank you very awesome show. And it's going to be town and I'm kinda open with a view of things. -- that we did Mike Duffy from Germany look what what what he says payment. Arco or something like that boy here's some German. If you -- -- next we'll German phrases. Yeah Margaret why -- caucus and go to borrow it and I felt like yeah. I don't all. -- And one. Our system work for the Red Sox. The hours and now it's it's that good then work a reason season is cool right Arsenault. That he just doesn't -- he's now. That the paths they are having short and in the Sox are already the song shorten them down to one syllable that's right words there's already one syllable name. That's right that there at you how the -- Top of the -- and you don't need just a letter for those programs. We've got grabs thank you I've already forgotten I'm sorry sorry. On terrorism. Working had a cubicle sitting down holidays -- it occurred to me that they're great proposition because there are people doing it. Did they -- out. I am now going to stand -- in my cubicle I feel like I guess it's definitely more productive and I feel like I did I change. And it -- I got testosterone. Well two things I feel much more productive. Don't know a lot of people do that they stand up but work. They to have these cubicles that are like they're their desks are -- high ranking stand in tight. But I'm very comfortable the standard type although I like to stand and talk to you yeah -- -- what why is that. I want to do that -- brought to you all the time but it bitter but -- a bar height tables -- -- up here -- made sense but when we're down at Fenway. It's a bar high table you stand halftime most of the time most -- there you -- so it's just sort of a natural. I've -- sick more the last couple days. The fact that there -- a bit like doctor Jekyll and mister Arafat and let us. -- well I'm having no hard. -- -- Had Texas this could know what the Boston can say are -- have been -- -- bad. -- like Iran. Because New York apes and let's get. Our secure but everybody hates. Answer I mean like you can't like him because they hate and they need him for the same reason everybody else does because he's trying to appeal to everybody. And he wants to be mr. popularity does like I want you like mean you'd like me like me are you gonna play for the Dominican you get a plate for the US I don't know it's. Just going to be so hard for me to decide -- disappoints many fans either plays. And because he tries to straddle that fence he ends up dead on -- -- won't sign it like dude if you just said you know what. -- my heritage I love America but the same time I feel very connect OK fine. Hey you know what my family's from there but I just I've grown up in America this is what feels right to me sorry I really available places but this is what makes it okay. Behind you made a decision but instead he -- it goes back and forth and just Eagles so desperate to get everyone to like -- cannot stand him Madonna like a for a little while but you also have those crazy -- muscular -- so what she was doing at the time Michael is all in question and you programs. I was able -- I was like his brother in a -- as a knock -- Hannibal knockoff. Holly. Weird but it and I know. About again. Pocket my term now my -- kids on my property. Everything you own on whatever you don't pick. Think it. Looks like bill that's how it goes to say about your wife tickets for you know I got interested in doing that whether I'm -- -- not what I what I took out of that is that relationship is not going to well. Right -- as. Be read in The New Yorker who. -- there are desk treadmills now. As bad. Yeah okay it's it's good given the convenience of having extra military death but if you really use and it. You funk and up the whole office you sweat about it should it be for home at this and asked -- you think that's her home. Office -- executives are -- looking. Is it -- the treadmill and then your desk is literally right in front of it with their computer at eye level. Really a privilege and you couldn't do while running though right you could probably do all walking for awhile but it's difficult to imagine trying to hype or you're jogging -- don't walk station. So it so you're arguing -- your clothes your work are closer to your normal woman in -- pictures in business that's just -- nasty. -- a sweaty and walking you know don't but it still one of those things where you work out like it mediums where. And and she probably had that kind of back let me. That claim anything going as nasty as -- that one guy -- does it clothes shoes and jeans. New Hampshire it's important it will work out what are you doing. You don't wanna be that guy ignored you wanna work out here. About possible it was the giants upset or edit or kind of bring it up. Have big. You know. -- And -- feel like yesterday. It does is is like horrible moments that don't know what's gotten over just keeps coming back on Jules. If you remember your number exactly where you're. Where did you go to the game retired I was I was. Sitting next to. How that. Actually -- -- -- he kept taking his camera he -- For the patriots scored its its. It. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aware resigned or was there an extra day my man bill. In the same area as Frank Caliendo. Jesse Jackson and Amare Stoudemire stop. Pretty good group and if Pamela Anderson. Strange but I don't think they were they were watching the game like we were. There needs to something else yeah it -- just there -- for the element. To I did not. Yeah you guys a little while it was so good that you've been involved in book -- and that -- -- a big show listeners and. I am when he was amendment she was mad at the show she chased down some of our -- Nominees are. It was precisely -- -- -- mean I don't know I synod bishop out. I really -- -- Jersey school every day even if we lost. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bruins and Rangers. Washed. Up. You have Bruins and -- Throw it and ranger. -- That's a -- Minute. Body was how would get ready for those who already say ghosts -- us. He goes yeah and then I just got to wonder about -- -- us. But it leads -- census records in the proceeding have a right. Now I just use chips and Bruins and Rangers are obviously not every day I need a rhyme with that -- name he got to go he got me. -- I was ready for piqued my interest to whet my appetite now let's -- -- we need more than that. Better not leader girl around -- -- player for real TrueCrypt for real humdrum sauce CA apps sports. That's a pretty good -- through. Not bad is that the same guy that's got to be the same guy who's called a few times -- is he's good I don't care -- -- liberties questions just sucks that. Yeah yeah. It is me. -- I really feel that way. The. -- Yeah. Problem is that a lot of the gas. Man should automatically. React. At our. Government to agree. No doubt that had never die only actors who play it. And that message. He is Simpson's character so. He's -- his whole script. And there was a reason that Texas is softness -- -- Barack. Obama and so rocking the softness. On now. Syrians not to export. And if you're -- now you've beaten. Wanted to come on over here around the Internet well. What could. At Atlanta. The person is said yesterday that he does everything like this -- because he's everything he just uses the word -- right down at the perfect analogy -- As definitely sauces haters gonna hate salesman you saw. That's my -- are about eighteen days official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most four G coverage. In the New England let's answer the question -- It's time for two questions -- question what's. The big question. So -- should be -- on answering. Every. Question it's. Like the text yet new Yorker readers are listening to the Salinas. You know the women cross over The New Yorker I think we do I think we do I think you'd be surprised that the egyptians. That what we do you have a crossover that people who don't radio readers of its most lucrative. International -- and he thinks that. He -- read the comments on news articles that. Well he's not right for The New Yorker let's come down in the globes good good newspaper was about The New Yorker. That's that's what it's a bit of a -- I've not -- that it hasn't. Hurtful in The New Yorker not a little bit more erudite. And it is different league than every newspaper. C'mon it's the questions are brought you by air rest restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager or insurance Brokaw IRS. To injury have a disaster restoration game plan in -- call 877461. 1111. Or -- Solar support -- grow up on us. -- not here. Is our writers here that's what wrong -- Florida Barry Melrose coming -- quicker but it was no writers here. Why is he doing the show for him -- Is appropriate for self and currently does again welcome to our. Ugly uniforms the Bruins who they are alternates or the islanders gorton's fisherman. The guy from gore didn't he die like yesterday. Today the guy who invented the fish died yesterday at the current -- The islanders. Uglier pay attention uniform to look beautiful idea too of what's the worst out there. The worst uniform even including throwback uniforms -- With the Denver the numbers throwback in the -- rose but the Denver rainbow on a brown and isn't brown and yellow or something like that. Pretty horrible green Bay's. Throw barks about Pittsburgh. Terrible throw -- ET Robert Kennedy the man who invented fish -- is dead at age 96. Era. Yeah plans are being made them buried at -- -- the bodies burst forth gorton's fisherman make doing. He's gonna be buried -- seen next to them. I think that's funny -- they put them located just one of the collapsed every of their work. -- crop tool of the questions please jerks can either you guys ice skates. You know I I -- -- Mean I can go forward and I can turn left I find it very difficult to turn right I can't. Tell you a question. About what is your best pick up one. We're married man -- a pickup lines. To get those lives. A lot of alcohol -- my name is Michael -- -- that is the best a couple of I know my wife were at least ten years before we started years. Now in -- -- or five years. For restarted that is perseverance in him -- -- -- him -- -- -- that work for that dead yeah there you name honored to know this is -- -- -- -- back it up and I. Ever did you record -- that did not work. -- I have dried out of the -- my best friend last night as though her last night at my best friends grew up. She was asking me her name is not backward in Oakland is an ex girlfriend who lives from the mayor has a lot of fun this was my best friend Jesse who's from around here. As she was telling me she's marriages -- thinking about this which she was asked me what I thought was the best spot. Or dudes to pick objects to -- your single out there what is the best awkward via Twitter. Oh yeah that's a great answer. That's a great answer it shows like a really weird generation -- what -- that is like I'm usually ready to release joking but there but that section -- a -- -- it it doesn't work out that it would check on Twitter. Just in it -- them because. Problems at the bar you'd think Communists and enemies and tweeted there's no justice no Ayers and interact. I would think. I would think for a guy. It's going to a concert. That a lot of women that you go to an artist who go to a concert. Artists were a lot of women like that like that. Performer where it is on a different no no no. Now does that they're not interested in me go to Afghanistan they're not interested in my menace the holidays and a concert go to who was. Was she came with a accurate part I like when is the funny like a shot. Shot you go to Africa -- in China objects in 1991 okay. Artists are trying to come up your day talking about it and try to come up with infielder as artists -- and an artist. Where a lot of other maniacs a lot of women like them. And you go there either you're going. Because you're looking to pick up one. Where you're going. Because you're getting edited it in either case. Women will talk to you just putting it out there this is when -- done this what do no right to make and it's like him a dump on a cargo vehicle to. Perfect example. A concert 171000 seat arena. And you're one of a hundred guys in the audience. I think you like your chances. Kabul is taxes Dave Matthews John mayor. John Mayer of the problem is how we -- gonna measure up to John Mayer. You don't you're not in the market that meet John Mayer now to the next best thing to rebound guy in that situation. It comes on the -- to -- -- question like this it's like the draft you used a lot of chances is looking into just have a dog I thought walking the dog to the park was supposed to be the money moves out does that not work anymore -- I don't know cute dog I would always go the French Bulldog that's what I have. -- some lab's work. Melissa Etheridge. We'll definitely be a lot of women who gave the go prints. -- -- what is the best place you've ever traveled -- Australia and traveled to Australia the Olympics answered him. Through Tokyo. Bicycle and he's going Long Island I think. I I think for Ed he's got to be angry and just for that or you told me that family stories told. And England colors via rental car story what I've got. -- dad driving and -- I did all the driving access road all week. Crap all week takes overdrive. In two. -- into our. Best part was he panicked drove away. Terrible drive away when you do -- country and the insurance rules for the Lehman note you can contact me in America I use aggressive. -- -- -- -- but just called progressive they'll take care of it I've -- guys kill a bit ago. Over in the states got a dial 011. Before you reach me John Coleman. She -- me you know. Murray concerts Maroon 5 U -- not -- didn't dating checked it like country music or just a bit average so what they do get what what my god absolutely every -- here -- boss yeah it's country yes great no doubt that I have been gone for four years that this is turning to Alabama yet -- talking about to say Justin Bieber. That's too young at NC going to be Hungary check it O'Connor Texas and Bieber. Gaga I don't know that it jerks did you read comic books as a kid no element really you know post -- -- my brother was really intimate look at news. And I wasn't appropriate collector or anything like -- efforts.

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