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Bruins heading in one direction Red Sox in another

May 10, 2013|

John, Rob and Kirk started the show discussing the different fates of the Sox and Bruins. The Red Sox seem to stumble when adversity strikes while the Bruins excel.

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Also subtle I didn't catch at the first time minute and -- pretty good. The I don't know re talking about good morning everybody. Jerry's take a long weekend and in his place is the one the only -- as the mobile rob Bradford probably I don't recall that at 6 o'clock in the morning -- elect at wake up call and I'd like them apples are great great until it's like Boston -- with Mike Tyson which you can just get knocked out four times yeah yeah. -- vehicle you'll understand the rules we gonna do this long term thing. Analysts analysts my worst out of -- video card and I've heard yet. But that there are rules here tolerant -- you -- you're aware ideals alt well that's that's after the show 10 o'clock Mel it's got to feel on the floor right -- -- you can hit the snooze button four times. OK and do that yet to to do is maximize your sleep with a lot for. Four amend an and I profile went back down for fifteen. And handing him for twenty years yeah what do we should sit for 45. To -- on the force you get an erupted 25 extra minutes. Would feel better with five extra minutes on no news no worse ultimately I'd UP nine TX at 3 o'clock. Allies -- yeah. The other -- chip sector close up the night before. Like he just sleep but I mean I don't know of a matter of fact is that how I assume that you have a but to be grappling for browns suck for the black saw 4 o'clock in the morning why would -- use Sox -- -- absolutely were on nasty which it out the -- to be cameras -- to speed up anyway welcome thank you thank you it's seems to me. That the comparison. Of the two Boston active sports team -- RRR is absolutely unavoidable this morning and -- and overall blanket statement and we will we will drill down into this in the next four hours. Is the following. It seems to me we are watching two teams going in the opposite direction now nothing is etched in stone and everything changes and usually does but but. Does not appear on the surface that the Bruins who struggled toward the end the regular season. But somehow some way figured this out at least so far in the series and again this -- chase tonight that you get blown out six to wanna lose the series but I doubt that's the case is seems to me that what ever -- the Bruins at the end of the season the regular season. Fatigue. You know mental fatigue. Injuries whatever the case may be or just trying to get in the playoffs. They haven't figured out the Red Sox I am not so sure. There also seems to me that it's easy to play well when you're playing well. I think that's sound stupid but it's not it's easy to play well it's -- -- 700 baseball when you're playing 700 baseball. It's -- to get back to 700 baseball when you've lost six out of seven and found creative ways to lose ball games now will this set the tone. The Red Sox for the rest of the season is what we saw prior to this little. Rough patch the real Red Sox is this rough patch the real Red Sox or someplace in between this is what we're going to find out of course next month with. With a baseball yeah well what they've been eleven errors in man. It was eight games -- -- not I think that that's a small part of looking at this team and saying -- -- aren't playing as well overall and and yet there hitting OK look at them they're still months and up. Teams in runs in OPS and and they're pitching OK although they now all of a sudden their bullpen as this for the month the -- a ton of innings. But overall you look at the games they're planning and forget about the teams -- -- to the player who would better teams. But I wouldn't call Minnesota so there were thirteen and fourteen to make him in here and other not -- us support another update other -- about a lot of tolerance right. But I did -- -- just not playing as well as they did it I know that simplistic but it's true it's. You out of the gate that's sort of things about the Red Sox team you said oh look it. They were working on these things in spring training and then it carried right over there playing everything that you want. In a baseball team but what I eleven errors in the month of may. Eyeball test -- -- they're not playing that well but isn't the isn't that the more interesting thing why why are they not doing this and again and again. Comparing the Bruins in the -- in the Red Sox here we're talking mental toughness as an example. Rask down through goals to none could allow allow the third goal in -- lost his mind down to nothing that previous game in Toronto. Didn't do it made a couple of critical stop one on castle as a matter of fact. Wednesday and scored the next school who won and they were back in it so there was a mental toughness the Rask demonstrated there. As opposed to oh I don't know let's say a duke duke Ron is asked to command and and and eat up some innings because the bull -- got chewed up spit the bit. Did the bit about just. We don't wanna -- that talent though I mean you don't doesn't these kind of guys go to their level. And we're gonna we're finding out what may be what you brought and it's. And we're optimistic about him last year but. Right now that's not the pitcher than ever thought I was gonna get maybe the entire team is seeking its own well I think that if you look at this let's focus on line a person. If you focus on the Red Sox lineup I think the reality here is is that you have a few foundation guys which. Are gonna be expected to purse -- perform at a at a certain level consistently. And the other guys are gonna go up and down I mean this is one of the things that when they go out and they don't get the superstars and well why -- they superstars. Because they do it all the time. Why didn't it work last year because the guys who were superstars on the team. Who hate that way to do it all the time didn't do it all the time. So maybe they went to this year instead we can fit certain roles for certain guys. But if you do that you need a couple guys to not falloff and even the last couple nights. Ortiz have a great year and and he hit the ball hard the last three times yesterday but still you need that production of guys on base. So my point is is that I think that they have to get more consistent performer report before dances across the board and they have a. It always happens you get got to buckle software insane start -- -- off to a great start when they come back to reality and -- teams not that good of the things -- listen nobody picked this team to be really good now the coming back. Two we thought there were going to be on the white people should be surprised. This is who they are they're gonna be I think right around 500 this year the promise they got such to such a fast start the coming back process is gonna be -- Everybody picked them to finish last or next to last most people picked them to finish last or next the last receive but in fairness -- the blue jays to 130. Games well I was gonna say when you talked about getting superstars as this first when it is 20% 17% of the season. Not proven to us that superstars on a team or loading up but -- you look at our angels the angels the Dodgers the blue jays it just you know acquiring superstar does that mean you're gonna win and -- it really doesn't. No absolutely about might I guess my point is is that the guys that you have. Who are perceived that way have to perform at a consistent problem and not indeed you can do like the Red Sox but to -- point. I think that. The most important thing is getting the pitching. I think that's why you're semi optimistic about this team is because it's like -- until tonight there -- this team is reeling. The value of laster -- Colton Dempster who has better numbers in last right so all right that's optimistic while you're not optimistic is because in the lineup. It's because all of a sudden bolt the bullpen which was supposed to be the the be all end all in the American League. Isn't it I think this is the big you forgot about a lot of forget about the starting pitching. The bullpen to me is the biggest concern right now and it has nothing to do whether Andrew Bailey can close out games. It has to do with also you have to rely on Jose Della Torre in the seventh hitting import out. We think we know what the personality of this team is an and it was touted as you know a bunch of good guys they've changed the culture in the club house. And and everybody sort of rolled their eyes when they heard that during the offseason and then when they got off to a good start all the said well maybe we were wrong maybe maybe a good culture club house. Has some effect on wins and losses. Now we're finding out that that that may be our original thought was it it it's a matter of playing good baseball it's not a matter of guys liking each other or having each other's back. But -- -- -- but it just talk about the bullpen to talk about the starting rotation and by the way. As Jon Lester not need to stampede as -- the ace card tonight and doesn't -- need to step is. I'm the ace card because is that the living breathing embodiment of an ace is a guy when things are going bad takes the ball and and goes deep -- game and single handedly willed that team to win -- Here's here's my point he did that last game that's exactly the same situation. They go into Sunday against Yu Darvish one of the best which is an American League you can -- Lester going out so that's your guy -- if he's gonna do he's gonna do it then and he did it. The problem ultimately give up well -- Olympic well yeah but yeah okay by you went up against your -- Richard you went head to head the problem is all of sudden you have Clayton mortenson pitching the ninth that. Having Lester wasn't great there but you know we -- I was I said the book about it in the last and as having you having chemistry is irrelevant I mean I've always felt that way I think it's about pitching in -- pitching as well on -- right. Now guys in the bullpen hurt. And you know I do wonder of closers going to be sharing -- sort of Theo Epstein shortstop and you know he just hasn't been able to find -- -- -- you talk about lancet. You -- on and ran to dogma Bailey who's been hurt now. Jenks was time back the other two year deal presumably having to be a closer -- 2012 -- in the worst of all they have not been able to file their but the money they've spent the players have given up to get a closer and it hasn't worked. Giving Lackey is. -- do you think -- Hanrahan is is headed for surgery yes it would seem so. He's done I mean what the percentage of people go to see doctor Andrews and don't end up having surgery will leave you go through the timeline of events here you have flexor muscle which is protects the elbow ligament. And after -- that happened on Monday is injury happened on Monday. That. 23 days later it's still hearts they send the images to doctor Andrews. After seeing the images they want to fly to Birmingham. So that that and that's a good -- event and they put on a sixty -- the Al yeah now it's it is not -- while forum are taking away from baseball to get to one -- hockey into the discussion as well and and and and again you know pitching hitting and bullpen -- all the all the but the the material things that make up a good winning baseball team. Talk about the psychological things here. And and we not seeing teams either do or don't respond to adversity as an example. Boy chuck and Horton got drilled in game number four came back and found a way to win found a way to win. Ortiz and Buchholz ran into their first adversity. In this entire season. And since have somehow. I don't wanna say melted. All of those certainly come off the mountaintop and aunt and you can call coincidental but I don't think it is and is as you know Kirk called eight and an amazing start. Bye -- Buchholz. The day after the start was actually literally the day after he gets called the question about maybe he's cheating -- doctoring the ball and the day after David Ortiz. Answers the questions to shank Shaughnessy. About PED's. His hitting streak ends in it and again and it doesn't get a hit last night coincidence I don't think so I think this is about a response to adversity I don't think that's a good. -- was how does that work that was wonderful did you love -- how does that work so Buchholz to buckle to -- melts down with titles they've melted down a controversy but that has its worst -- would you agree yet okay good good start immediately terrific start to -- one point game retires having nine -- 07 -- -- had a bad first -- and particle physics of -- -- at the -- -- -- second inning -- just forget about all this pressure. One visit when the Z what is the what is it worked when those were bush did work in the first inning but it -- see when he pitches. When is it -- The December pitches tomorrow are in Ortiz and a couple of balls I -- hard last night I mean there's the ball well. But although now so I mean how does have put so commanders read the ball hard because Utley touches that. You completely dispel psychologically completely -- psychological approaches totally illogical but it is it's purely physical needs in this case yes it. Ortiz don't worry about. And he's very worried about it he sits down with Pedro go down at a television. It's all he's talking about why they typing yes well at the strategy being asked about it was not a distraction that he had to deal with when he was raking in the first that I had quite accurate so now his routine has changed and we know that we know nothing about major league baseball players. They are creatures of -- They are are slaves to routine it has to be this way this way this way and that way. And how would somebody comes up to a good start asking about TDs and what he's talking about it Gomez it's down with a exits down with Spanish radio talks about it that routine has -- just like I know for a fact that -- and all of a -- the first time after these allegations came out. Every time he went to his forearm every time he stood -- -- he said. They're watching me. The cameras -- around that's -- -- don't let you know for a fact absolutely. Don't Ortiz to -- -- and he's facing in 96 -- I don't want employees these these few Charlotte and a nice -- power fastball that 1100 of a second he's thinking Johnson he's not thinking Shaughnessy it's it's it's not that dry it's the it's a situation where his routine has changed he's been taken -- out of his comfort zone. And for whatever reason he's certainly not thinking about Shaughnessy up thinking about east. But things have changed it's like it's like golf you try to play golf if if if -- yeah I try to play -- and if you're playing well. That you feel like all I can get the seven are over the water 155 yards and stop it on the green. If you hit it in the water the next time you get there while you may not be thinking about hitting into the water you your your your psyche that's enters into the flaw. The argument is that it was buckles to your point. When he go when he's going to his forearm in the second inning striking you know second or third innings striking out six or seven guys are thinking about it and he's nuts at that moment thinking you know all right in whatever but we're talking about the second inning he had a bad first and given Ortiz. When he hit three absolute laser shots in the last three at bats we're talking about two days since the shot a CP schema right so two days so patted backs. And the last three of them he absolutely frozen ropes so. -- what was he thinking when he. Got up there and did that were things different for David Ortiz in the in the in those days around those -- Patrick went hitless -- yes it's different for Clay Buchholz in the days before he went out there and had a horrible first inning but he buckles and demonstrate mental toughness and -- -- smacked himself -- the face after the first happening is that on get your head out of your grass here and what it's like look at any debt. But there's no doubt in my mind that part of the reason that first inning was shaky that was on -- like is because his routine changed up to them he was somehow. Off his game because of all the events of the two -- three days prior. Here's a big day. Your point is it up is about adversity right about overcoming adversity right I think your pick in the wrong guys a big big guys that you should be effective may be Jacoby Ellsbury. Who as I said before he's perceived as one of the stars on this team he's perceived as a guy who asked to be consistent throughout he hasn't been consistent. And -- -- -- or even that Mike Napoli a Mike Napoli like it or not is now a middle of the whatever. And he can't have this good game bad game kind of scenario they've been -- so I don't think we're talking about two games to have Ortiz. We're talking about one inning with clay buckles. So I don't think those of the guys to focus. Was Pillsbury inconsistent when they were twenty -- yes. It in spite of his inconsistent I was no serious flooding intent by early -- boring not his -- -- issues -- -- the -- I mean he had 32 home runs two years ago right is that what the recent -- it would where was were reported just had a conversation with him period I cannot control. I don't know. We're just however this 32 home runs a couple years ago. I think overall this day 500 -- since he has four home -- I don't think anyone's B do you really think he's gonna hit 32 home runs it fifteen. Well maybe he still might but still the fact is is that by this or that he gave you would take fifteen right now that's season ended couple years ago Baltimore right I'd -- do next governor -- hit four home -- in -- pretty surprised and yes I would have -- -- that's -- point. Yeah no but while there's no question about that's what a comeback -- -- is that there's a few guys on this team and this is one of the biggest reasons forget about. They'd be you know it last year -- Bobby Valentine and everything else will be the biggest reason is that the highest paid players on that those teams. Didn't perform didn't perform like they were being paid or expected to do. And Jacoby Els buried like it or not is one of these guys who's expected perform at a consistent level. And is it possible the Jacoby Ellsbury is pressing he's thinking about this is his walk year this is his debut year. Scott -- what every day every put up remarkable number well like he got a 200 you wanna talk about your adversity conversation yet but everyone handles that different we know that. Right so -- so if if you will greet the fact that that's something like that can weigh on the back of Jacoby Ellsbury is mind as he's entering the season and I'm not saying it I don't know you just don't in the trap. My god I got to you got I -- -- You know what a predator -- so what -- -- there any any and it pops up with two guys aren't even warning you about it did show better say it's got -- wants me to drive both of these runs in collecting get a bigger contract. Well now -- thought about it he's thought about it at night he thinks about it at some point during the day he thinks about it at some point when he talks to Boris when he looks at just numbers and exit but not at the plate. But it has an effect and does not or can't have an effect it could I don't know detailing what -- -- psychological things at play here on every -- athlete and every apple already by vivid I guess could you walk into my torture chamber which is. David Ortiz to clay buckles were the best examples of this no I I well we will find out. Well you'll find out will find -- impossible to argue very huge sample size so much. You gave for David Ortiz. One inning for clay buckle correct OK right. 6177 so I 79837. A lot lot of hockey talk today deal Arnold join us in the 7 o'clock hour. Jon -- grouse are pal from ESPN that -- five. I tweeted this out yesterday and non dimension is a number of times of the course of the morning but we have an absolutely. Astonishing the practice of auction night is -- a and -- but should budget -- -- Tibet benefit our friends at the Jimmy Fund clinic and Jimmy Fund overall it's for the taking the tiger's golf tournament which as you probably knows when to play on Monday at the international by the way. There are. I believe eight spots 88 singles spots -- bill becomes a force to twosome you can come as a one to me if you like. To take the tigers dot org and tigers dot net but the information about that. But here's what -- raising some money today with this auction item and this is outstanding. Our good friends at foxwoods. Finest place in the world Scott Cutera by the way the presidency you'll put this together so you know a five star type deal might stay in the presidential suite. At the MGM grand at foxwoods. I stayed there. It's like bigger than most people's houses is unbelievable in fact if if you win this auction item two -- in the presidential suite. You can invite friends down at a party I'm guessing it's nicer than Castro's house in Cleveland a little bit yeah and there are so many locks on the door is accurate is actually read this story -- and I am about the water pressure Mohegan Sun. Being so happy about it well it is tremendous and -- the same to him their it's very are sort of be better audiences is tremendous and I put this together to two night stay at the presidential suite at the MGM grand at foxwoods. Two front row tickets to be sold out Steinfeld -- -- -- -- August 3 at the MGM grand theater. Dinner for two at Kraft steak which is a tremendous restaurant there and it couple's massage. At the lovely -- law. In foxwoods. It's I don't like worth a million dollars of the case. Got it all benefits the -- the tiger's tournament for the Jimmy Fund and Dana Farber. Get to the team at tigers dot or in the tigers dot net but if you wanna -- on this would be a wonderful Mother's Day present. Guys it was all perfect yet I got a question now what you do the couple's days as couples to saw couples massage coupled with gosh if you win that. Yes what -- take you take her record Terry. He's he's -- but I don't know -- that's available on. Neither one. So poised to build on this and opening -- of 500 expect I'll bid 500 bucks on at 6179310937. To place a bid would you rate.

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