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Jerry Remy says the Sox have to find a way to fight through injuries

May 8, 2013|

Red Sox analyst Jerry Remy joined Dino, Kirk and Gerry to discuss the recent skid by the team. The growing number of injuries is certainly a concern, but Remy thinks the Sox can still get it done offensively. The big worry right now is who's going to close.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think it does you know and is not a down in Texas when they ran into the originated with the ranges than. The regular playing very good baseball that weekend so you lose three games on the day you come back home and get whacked with -- all these injuries. And it it did remind me over the last couple years you know with all the injuries and hope that that doesn't. That doesn't happen again so they're gonna have to find a way to -- you know fight their way through this we don't know how bad -- yet right. And we don't know how bad middle Brooks is yet certainly you know that that the -- -- going to be on the DL for awhile. So they're gonna have to figure a way to fight fight their way through this you know hopefully those injuries to go to guys not that bad. And they won't have to be put on the disabled list and then be able play in advance so so what that. Weigh into it looks like we get to the ballpark today but you hate to see the injuries pop up because. In -- implant so Gooden in and ran into you know you just. I'm so sick of injuries the last couple years ridiculous. I Jerry -- over your playing career and your broadcasting career you've seen some ugly inning just as last night's -- qualified to be in that conversation a one ugly happening Arab. That that was an ugly inning is no doubt about that anytime you play -- defense you know if there is something bad happens and you know that Red Sox up to this point have been playing very good defense and a question it's very are going up. In an unfamiliar position at third base last night and he makes a couple of errors and you know the inning gets out of control. And -- that happens when you play poor defense and and you know fortunately. For the most part of this season they have they've played very good defense which is help out their pitching staff. But that wasn't the case last night but you know. They could have been out this but the reality more -- last -- they probably still would have scored very much. -- -- -- the offense than than that I -- going gets a diamond last night in which kind of surprised me a little bit because when. I saw -- start the throw it to this guy is not gonna light anybody up -- that you know that the scoreboard it runs off him but the other -- -- pretty good so. You know is just one of those lousy every night to -- Now we know was Napoli will be would be the backup catcher Ross can't go. Who's the third baseman is it's or Syria Arco. I would think it has to be -- -- at this point unless they dig down to the minor -- I don't know that got down there at third base but that was one positions spring and they were a little concerned about the middle Brooks went down. Was -- a bit because they didn't have a lot of depth. You know at that position. And so -- you know hopefully it's not battle it's not a rib problem if it's a rib problem. You know back could be an extended period of time for himself. He I I would have to guess right now would be periodical would be the guy. Unless there's somebody down at the about the minor league level that I I'm not aware of that you know playing their base and playing a bit. Are we know the pitching has been very good -- know and we just ran the numbers Demps a seven a better year than Lester buckles is having a -- the of the neither and that's a pretty. That that's the reason they're in the position they're in you worry about the offense over the long haul do they have enough offense. I think they do you know I I think that. You know you're gonna run into situations like he did down at Texas I mean there's just gonna happen. We get their top -- -- and it's not least not -- not one of them has an off game. So you gotta you know you're gonna run into situations like back in the course this is gonna happen 234 times a year. But you gotta be able to regroup after that they did bounce back you know to get the win on the first game. Come from behind win here at Fenway but then they went to a bunker again last night but. You know I didn't think they have enough offense I think there are guys that haven't swung the bat yet that I gonna swing the bat well middle Brooks one of those guys. You know drew is starting to come around a little bit. And if you can get the bottom of the lineup obviously in the back you know it and be productive the other very showing at the top so. You know you've got a pretty tough one through nine there and did you know do they have enough yes I think they do have enough they've got to continue to pitch well the way they have been. Not they'll be a slight drop more often that I'm sure they did you know there has to be beat can't keep it that baseball is more about. Well you -- you gotta win the Cy Young award but the fact is that that I you know I think I think as the season goes on I think the offense has got a quick little bit about a because they haven't really quick one through nine yet. Webster tonight Jerry and they're saying it's just one start for you brought -- goes back and irritations that -- -- goes out tonight. Is up one run in seven innings strikes early guys are they gonna release sent him back down when it's time and put. Not you know on days like this -- a lot and and and the first in the eyes sought. I was very impressed for the -- he's got a good live fastball good breaking ball good changeup. I think the only thing with him as experience and and loading the page at the Major League level you know you can get away. In AAA with the with the of that kind of velocity those kind of pitches. But you've got to play those kind of -- that the big league level and I think that's really the you know that the thing that he. Have to work on up here and you know because on battles on tonight I mean you might be you might consider giving them around because the the guys that electric stuff. And would do Bryant right now you -- they're a little concerned about him because. He's got you know locked up about and a lot with a particular. The whole -- that -- all the way down it was Dynamo for a five miles an hour. And I think you know it's a good time to give him some time walked to -- the try to regain that now whether it be out of the bullpen or just plain -- And -- you know would be in position out of the bullpen recently they need somebody down there -- so that's why they sent to brought down there. Got in the compilation effect of I think there was a red flag last time they they've pitched -- that you know maybe something's wrong so. Yeah it'll be -- see how he does and I webs they and I I I really like in my many really likewise saw the first time. And you know he's got he's got Major League stop now it's just getting Major League experience. A -- this might be a more fair question to ask a pitcher not a former infielder. But Lester Buchholz and and do bronze and I talk a run support here are all getting more than six runs per game from their teammates. Ryan Dempster is getting half that at 3.2 is run support generally speaking just a random thing in baseball and went if you're Dempster do you start looking -- getting your head I don't to set us he'd already be bitch about it. But is it a random thing is totally turns around. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He probably doesn't -- while and then it led by -- put up an eight spot for a you know so. He's been really good I mean I I didn't realize you know how good this guy is until we get to see him pitch game after game. Andy -- I mean he's he really sets up it is well. And he's done a great job for a lot of that response. In the rotation so but you know the game goes in cycles I mean is it really -- you go to golden. You go through times when you're not getting any runs you're pitching well and it was inflated to the Warren. That you have a bad game he might give -- six but they might we might score great you know so. He's been around the block enough to know that that's gonna happen at some point that maybe a couple of points during the season. So I don't think that's gonna bother him at all. It seems like a good team made too many you know great guy really -- an expectant the glare at Syria Arco or anybody amenities for hours on the hitters who don't support I. Do professional that you know Jerry's been around the block like I said and you know he's he -- at all so I mean. He's one of those guys that. You know he's very respected by his teammates he's a really good guy. And he's not gonna show anybody up you know what in the field but make enough mistakes behind him he just he just seemed too much of it is there have been around a long long time. You know he's probably been through many different stages of his career and you know he's an appointed peace right now where he you know he knows exactly where he is. He's pitching Morey wants to pitch -- pitching very well. I know you didn't make a lot of errors from Doug good -- Ever get glared at by a pitcher I guess I'm guessing that didn't go -- well what you. Yeah I did that happen a couple of times and it doesn't go over well. And you know what kind of -- I mean you know bit you've got to kind of sit back and say look that's -- as hot as they can. They give it their best effort I can understand their frustration. But you know it does Fisher often and the if you sit there and he is say look I'm trying to I'm trying to do the best I can but. You know it depends who it is you know and there -- some guys that. Sometimes it comes out just out of frustration on their part you have to understand that. You talk about it you know he's you know I wish you wouldn't show me up in the feel like I've. And it's you know I said boy -- those other guys that but costly -- -- Gaylord Perry was awful lot and I mean he was. Every time somebody made an error -- -- -- -- sit him down like he wanted to -- I mean it was you know there are different types of guys but in the nobody appreciates that but you know there there's an understanding that you have to sit back after awhile as an infielder and say look this -- Bryant -- He's trying to get as many outs as possible and I just gave one away forum in you know I gonna take responsibility for that. As good as he was he still surprised how difficult it's been to replace Papelbon. Yeah a little bit a little bit you know they've there hasn't been anybody in that -- what has been able to. The really nail it down now. -- I I think they have people capable of doing that but they -- get healthy I mean you know Bailey was the one of -- and build a very good job about it he goes down. And Indians record is you know is good. And but these physical things that have popped up like beat the hamstring in the four lumping these all things he's had in the past. And they keep popping up on him you know so he hasn't been able to get it any kind of regular routine yet. I still feel very comfortable with the closing situation you know once they get healthy. In I think they will be very good as time goes on but they've got to get healthy and they've got to stay healthy. But you're right that's been a position that's been kind of a question mark ever since Papelbon left and you know even when he left here it was it was kinda getting to a point where. It was get a little Dicey with a you know it's. CEE you know he was the guy that you had confidence when he came in and ninth inning is gonna shut it down and I think. Before this season than I I think you'll see the same conference the same confidence with one of these two guys because they're both proven all stars. And you know they've both done in the past and it is just so happens that. You know the one of them in the garden the other guy who's got off to a great side Bailey though he's hurt so. We got to pass the time here -- -- -- the dollar can do and then hopefully get those guys back. It Jerry are AT&T -- light is lit up government wants to know who -- he was a club it was a Eck was a little right to Gaby distinct guy. Arab recruited -- but I. Ill the other night in the -- -- -- at at at at what is it that's the -- because they asked. Only was he was very fiery -- that -- hope that I can understand that I can understand that but -- under Nolan Ryan never gave it our help anybody because he knew he goes. Right next you know Greg go to the next guy dislike about rightly didn't bother him at all it. It's CR was the best I mean you you could you could make bad plays behind him and he he would -- say absolutely not but he joke about it in the -- down you know there's all kinds you know there's all different types and all that type of personalities. -- took place in the game last night miniscule point but I need it explained to me after the up middle Brooks Ross collision. Ross got behind the plate and tried to -- talked to the mound Doug talked a lot to the mountain talked to Dempster but the umpire turned him around. You know I don't get that you don't get -- -- with some rule violation that they called timeout for the collision and then they put play back yet they wanted to block call the second time I didn't understand it and and nobody else has meant to. I am I don't have and it's important because you know catches blog talk to the -- right -- they want right. And I didn't get it -- he was trying to gain some more time to get that feeling back in his leg but it wasn't the only applies best came out. The I think he blew that call down the first baseline I think that runner was inside the line. And that became you know another big play in the games. But I thought I was amazed filed and get thrown out -- He's you know he's he's very competitive guy rightly be chummy great restraint last that I could not I wouldn't have a lot so that along with them. What it's like you wanted to get thrown out but he did so that would indicate that he would didn't say as you'd used the term the magic words so he wasn't trying to get. Yeah exactly easily you know he's a very articulate magazine to try to make his point and I I I really thought at one point 12 heated up let you know he wanted to go yeah but the guy wouldn't welcome. You know and sometimes you wanna go to guy won't -- you don't know what to do that. He needs to learn some new -- Seattle vocabulary yeah I mean I got -- brought -- down like our guy and I -- ma and our -- mound he needs to learn magic words all right Jerry good -- you appreciate the conversation will be watching tonight our great our pitcher with Dennis Kelly on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT eight. Our conversation with the red dog -- always has brought you by the great. People at Lexus of Watertown new England's number one volume Lexus dealership. Online Lexus of watered down dot com. By Newton Wellesley hospital and Cumberland farms get a couple things between now on the and the into the program. Rihanna. Wrong and and and perhaps the most outrageous. Moronic statement I've ever heard anybody make in you don't know -- name but you will between now and 10 o'clock. Julie -- and quick update on GA a hop today -- that everybody is. ESPN just updated ease in the -- -- and stable condition. That's all this and that sounds good I don't think in its like he was hit square in the eye by all. I would have you worried that could be a fracture but as we've seen fractured and at least and gushed and oh yeah oh yeah no question. I mean the guy may never be the same as a pitcher but from all indications as he'll. He'll survive. Give -- my caller right now 61793109372. And a pair of tickets to see the Red Sox may 23 at Fenway Park courtesy of giant class and your home for Boston Red Sox baseball. Sports Radio 93 point seven W the idea that once again 617. 9310937.

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