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Don Cherry, Former Bruins coach, on the win over the Leafs

May 7, 2013|

The legendary Don Cherry joins Mut, Merloni, and LB to discuss the Bruins win, the play of the third line, Jagr, and other news across the NHL.

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Don cherry my idol by -- dodge he's up par Bull Terrier. A big big blue do -- late dog one of the greatest odds are brand name my dog graveside guy named Don cherry. A lot of great say he met my grandfather was an ice is gentlemen my grandfather and appoints is gap -- The greatest commentator that ever ever lived. We're lucky we'll talk some hockey with the -- take on the series. I was LB talking about to his affinity. For Don cherry -- Linda by as when a buyers this year Don cherry joining us. On the AT&T hotline dot it's like a little Boston opens OK nobody's gonna hang out with -- you wanna talk to you want to talk hockey with you today. I don't know how to come down and that's the bad guys I'm gonna have to work on that now. I'll play -- and I'm not -- that did this is the master of disaster -- in this business because it Don cherry he's my idol I loved everything he did. Jim and I got to be on not on his TV show the great final tie Domi and then and then and I was lucky enough. That dead dead dig graves didn't punch my lights on when he Sami I got an opportunity during the ninety conference finals two imitates the legendary. Don cherry and LB's named his dog after use that his dog named -- I -- I'll tell you I'd I'd be making a good -- now. -- -- you have a great guy to have on the Bruins right now those the they don't have there's no -- that top guy while they have lupica and I really like Darden. But you're dead right and let me right in there would get. Thought I look I love this did this group of guys it -- and I I've I I've bodies have been Prada the teams I was a bit able to play with and these guys are very lucky -- they're gonna close knit. Yeah -- group and then they fighting -- for for everything for each other and I think the got a great opportunity and you saw the best the best of that last night everybody. -- playoff hockey right now this guy gets so fired up that you just like throws us around. I predicted. Before the game on hockey night Canada's that you're gonna -- -- -- -- here because the old story. Let me that you don't they get on the -- -- traveled by the plane and he said that he -- -- all that kind of -- all -- stopped them from behind you know well it. Gobble up the one that they can just go off but I I gotta tell you that it's a way that Barack last night. They would they would I mean you're you're try to be specific. In the third period you know the number one RO. Most of it on the other side yeah -- Don did you feel like that that driver was little bit shaky authority of the kind of rebound that's open he's got to work on as this series goes to game for a -- night. While the diligent the -- -- -- it's the first time that all the experience with bought that I had that there's only about three guys have been in the playoffs before. But art but I thought he was great not quite blustery with a white they're going to be like that you know you guys know what the Lake Ontario but. The human. Or dirt from Ontario -- of the war guys or -- are from Ontario and what the guys come in here to draw that their commentary on you know. Let -- they really turned on because all the families and better here. You bet you bet I just say you know do you think your grades do you think did that that was. As as good as the least Embree and I thought they brought atomic physics -- I thought -- -- atomic turnovers I know you'd go yeah you heard coach and last night you go -- go to turn overs of the blue lines are getting it out Yang -- it and. Well you know for the first -- -- for the first half of the game they had the jitters you couldn't believe the crowd outside of the book 101000. People with the launcher screen. It is square here was it was unbelievable -- the first time to do the platinum mine near. A lot I think capital where there were very very nervous the kids are very very nervous the first the after the game anyhow as they say -- what the heck we got to turn them on and they did talk. I I said on the opening game. Last night you're gonna he would differ broke the ridiculous I'm gonna predict you're gonna do different -- -- police. Torn right. -- -- this third live for the Bruins but a question mark all -- -- get. Yarder at the trade deadline you've covered for many many years in the first couple games may be somewhat disappointed last night looked like a different guys just being comfortable with the guys around you think. Yeah. McQuay I'd agree with part 32 I thought he did lose that gantry at the about the pick up red -- It plus three god they let me know if -- picked it up apply all and done any -- it looked like a champ. While and I am pop formed because of the broad -- I'm answering your -- silly and yeah kid's a stud. -- what a lot of people don't know that then that he went it was sent to the minors by New York. He would make -- six million dollars in May yet he was going to collect every penny at Hartford and a -- thing is. He what he paid more bodies in Hartford. Denny did our word play the miners that he did what they do -- with New York Rangers because the taxes but he on top of it didn't quit. -- -- collect a million bucks. We're talking a dodge area it was able to see hockey night Canada last night Alabama Quaid -- talked about you. You said dark socks where the reason that McQuay was there to get that thing home explanatory dot. Well what what happens is the goaltenders. Looted and but don't tell you have when when that black -- -- -- the not black. You have a tough time like I did last night here predictable and -- with both black uniforms all the time because. And the only -- you have dark you do lose the puck back a bit don't make a little excuses -- like rivalries are good kids. I he'll be all right I I you know I hope I hope the Bruins rattle rattle him a little bit. By you know he made he made some tough series last -- we had to say in -- on the doorstep when he made he made in made the big save upstairs. So it but -- I mean not for nothing and I wish I wish the dark jerseys were worked a lot more for me grapes are 3230. -- ten years I mean. Come I don't know if I've been on that was what was going on and made everybody we're glad our time. I got it started that I I haven't told they've got off occupant Canada with battled -- -- member -- hoped he used to have -- -- All the time and they did vetoed every play out all about two years they're going to block the idea dark view of the general manager Deborah and that. You know that if he -- all. Black uniforms like the broke the bike golf yet they did get the black -- force judges saw that they are completely have been. And I'll tell you that know a series of that they debt is unbelievable that series -- -- that -- I pick that one game they had 92 hits and one. He added that's I -- I stayed up late last say where -- my buddies we're -- garage and I but I made it a hockey night and stayed up and watched everything. And I LA has just I get a guy just sit there a whole different team in the last two games and and they look did they look like they're coming back for another cup for sure. Well affect quirky. He's playing right -- -- -- -- and that's all -- needed euthanasia everybody -- you go -- -- -- -- look at -- last night he got a heart -- Soviet until they're good -- Goalie and hopefully a good coach. -- but Tyler -- is all brought that is game has improved seem kind of fight for the clock fight in front of the net but. The UCL a appeared goals scored just sort of didn't frustrated press a little bit right now have trouble finishing. Well like I thought about it that -- they kind of have a note not an argument put you know I going to give everything that he's been fifteen when you're playing minor bit of hockey. Until it always be. He's got both and -- is that the little frustrated right now. But. He's gonna come through I remember a couple of years ago nobody ever heard of them and I ended they brought -- up for some knew what the planet had doubled. But. I -- -- boxes they -- obviously that I had he debt as go to grab -- -- go through Wall Street. And everybody will be talking about it next game that's what he did that -- a little frustrated now that he'll be there. What did you think about what happened with Montreal on auto lineup that that series got real physical can't wait to watch his game for me yet publicly late -- -- after -- he'll call a timeout did you did you like that -- -- OK with that. Does all I remember the old one that doesn't bark and root score with a portrait called a tie vote Colorado sign an autograph everybody got met but not -- one. You don't do acquitted 61 all he did -- that I coach's corner last night. Motivated. But all Canadian I very simple to me right now all -- -- at partner right now okay. Monday here -- thought yeah this. Well no. You already did was motivate that's all he did was motivate the Montreal about tell -- what bigger -- now they can hardly wait but that. -- one Linda you imagine. A do or not your public how you feel. Well I had -- eyed idealist and I tell you I'd be ready for bear. Died be -- I'd be all this. It be manner in my Newsnight tonight for me I denied -- 556 -- -- whole five vibrant you wouldn't really talk to me the first got elected me graves -- -- in my. But Don that's the question is a coach tonight how do you make sure -- Montreal down to one in this series the focus is not about trying to get revenge and to get paid back but. To try to score and tie this thing to Q how do you manage that. What I -- that I said that bank I would just like Bayreuth. Area that I would walk around before the game I wouldn't Syria I think for about thirty seconds. I can't be ignored but everybody think and I would just say to them. No dummy penalties. No dummy and only real real waited a week. The score we do run up the score maybe thought that but what it called -- dumb dumb penalties when we get them the beater because I thought it. I -- the press conference. Well after that I tell you with total value of close the -- I I can't say I've ever seen that done I know they did the crowd that an awful thing about -- that he was put that ball to right. While it on the big you know they felt like and I I don't understand why did these they did it protect players it would depend on the pitching coach told them. You know he did it through to rub it in and -- -- union hockey as everybody knows -- they have a long memory. You talked about goaltending here in the playoffs or not. When asked if you still confident Pittsburgh Penguins I think everybody had their commonalities to coffins of floors below shaky. Well you -- -- you back here I'm not knock the can I haven't been the prospect gave -- everything Q1 night before me but if you remember with Phillip as Philadelphia last year with which goaltender was the worst and I think -- BP. That's the one thing they've got -- not forget about as far as I'm concerned I don't like the not a kid but I have to be honest that's the one thing I would be worried about a tie with Pittsburgh. -- we'll get out on this. On this and he had some comments about women locker room of people ready to those out of context that I saw the video your response and -- of people who said he don't think that women are qualified to be caught covering men's sports that's that's not why I heard you say on your video of their Hockey Night in -- Well everybody you know everybody like they're when you're up -- everybody likes to jump ball as you know what when he hit that I would -- block this morning. But it didn't government through thick and I have three will -- about to be considered a agreed that -- shouldn't be there but what I belt laws and -- -- some -- he sees itself. We'll wait some of the guys back when that women are there. They say well they got -- -- Some guys -- -- there was two basketball player at a couple of weeks goal put on actual or woman here I put it into any up. That I don't think they're -- by the fact that I don't dictation. Do do you -- I just don't think that they should be subject of some of the guys that the way the -- the guys take advantage of not only that but. I get -- -- and all of the contact but it. I know people don't realize it was back in the seventies you won the first head coaches that that let women in when it wasn't. Really protocol. They only want the very different than any sport is -- -- that I better -- -- gut and then when I got back the part that I achieved from New York I get the girl David beautiful -- -- on television. Hey wait a minute were brought -- here you're gonna let me do the -- -- director -- but it kind of hinted that it occurred what I did after a deadlocked. You can have anybody you -- you name as star. You got that you'll get -- For. And my opposite and that's what that's the way we work depend but it was it was a little different with the structure -- throughout you know they're a little smaller government but. I got that it'd make people picnic on a contact with a chance to take. Dads it's it's no big deal there's you time I. It's one of those things you're either you give the guys robes who -- hold them out of locker rooms for enough time for guys to show our general want. I agree I got to take off -- I love you. I -- -- on the eight year year year one of my most favorite people on the plan on never forget now how awesome you -- to my granddad cracker Jack up there and appoint. And -- god bless -- and kick some tail on the tube tonight. Well out there it debit Democrats they're great tonight okay you bad by the OPEC. Done it could go call -- in the back we know we try to collider in the conversation down we appreciate the time -- And I have been -- we that we. Part of -- couple. -- for some reason I don't know what happened -- him and but then the last -- there and I shook hands and they you know I I would do it's something I've thought it would be that started the whole thing -- I think in the -- was a little bit addictive that you don't know that -- -- one of these approved and all that sort of stuff but. Buried. You guys have made up and good import conflicts and short to go through with the argument so I didn't. I have. And I went that he -- he got a he heard one time. Is that. I would run out united Canada that I did get. You know I had the best general manager of any general managers ever in any sport you never -- he's got the one. And -- somebody came through mentality that well if I mean Paula and it said that would have -- sub decide what you gonna put god. I don't -- that was little part but I couldn't swear words speak it now. A goal called back dollar appreciate taken a few minutes we love about watching via. -- during the playoffs and look for talking down the road. Well it didn't cause any time Olympic about a bought the -- I'd love -- I Don cherry -- joining us here on the AT&T hotline at AT&T. Forgy LTE was speeds. At the ten times faster than three GA TT rethink possible while those like them after an hour and be honest and and Joey tweeted this output outlet did. LB. Sprinted back in a year like it was Christmas -- -- idea asset want to come back and and join us that we relate what gently I I we only know that I cannot etiquette come out well. Kick I don't know that we thought could be here from eleven to 1120 -- to -- when he heard me say it Don cherry next in the eyes little hole. It's it's a come on back in antiques -- sit here like a little kid -- run downstairs Christmas morning. I great thought did not agree to mix LB in there as well. A 61777979837. AT&T -- line at 379. -- three civil get a break and come back. I'll love a lot of us watch the Bruins are called Red Sox baseball or get some thoughts we saw last night at Fenway short term and buckles. Long term in the bullpen keep better.

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