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Steve Simmons of the Toronto Sun on Bruins Leafs

May 6, 2013|

Toronto Sun columnist Steve Simmons joined the show and said that Toronto is buzzing for game three tonight. He also told the guys that in his 33 years of covering the NHL he has never seen a player as odd and uncomfortable as Phil Kessel.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LTE the -- probable columnist for the troubled son Steve Simon joins us -- morning Steve how aria where New York. You're up pregame column I'm sorry series game one call the -- were right the taking. Didn't seem so depression after the Bruins gave one domination of the Maple Leafs but now that it's 11 headed back to Toronto. You may be -- something my friend what you think. Well actually I thought I thought the end of the fees and what I -- from the Bruins in the two games so far. I would say I am not aren't there any day. When you watch them play -- -- locked me in the final month of fees and built -- a -- -- law a law that way. And I don't think they look like -- of all of the community can -- but they absolutely dominated game one. No reasonable in game two. And encode that he'd been having trouble I think the Concord and creating the offer has been -- -- -- I -- the final games of the regular season if not the team I've seen so far a field well Julian and the players are proof that they are going to be ready to play in the. -- you now the game two went to Ronald way headed back to Toronto for game three tonight. Which. And that he got more of an emotional boost from that game to win the team the fans. Arm and I I think it -- They were absolutely obliterated he gave. -- be here I think it was one of the most one guy did not show up for the playoff Chernoff performer that you could have. Yet the Bruins -- -- game or beliefs were horrible. That can we could see what this team's record of pregnant they're committed and -- propelled her lose the lead you know. They have handled like is gonna Chara. I'll get a goal to have -- -- one can have a breakaway republic being freed up if you wanna call. I'd I'd -- -- for -- -- emotional lift and -- looked at all. Or did you emotional lives matter Steve today as as you saw the beginning of the game we -- Bowman came out -- of the Bruins banner it doesn't get more emotional that that. Place was ready to -- It didn't matter you know run -- -- out there and and I'll play them anyway and all that emotion just kind of fizzled out. You have as you point out first home game where -- Crowd gathers outside there and whatever it's called may -- square. And first in -- playoff game a while and first chance this team has to do anything in policies in a while I -- Place will be going -- the whole cities go nuts does that matter. I don't think so. And I got a big -- on the road in the playoffs and -- unlike the NBA. Is almost regretted it. EPA if you get in a year edible. -- for putting you're in a balloon to take an error in the building. And I think everything -- -- bear -- -- eating you talk about emotion and Roberto. Any -- of seven period I've covered. There will mean no relevant. We need a running game to game to -- every game is McCain. It is O Ed. And I think that's what how would hear about. Being at home it's great when you have the lead. -- what would your title behind I think the country just make more typical of a home he. So yeah people are drawn or go to be felt right there are big mural in the that you never beaten bill the other -- never seen a -- out there. -- you do you look at this Cassel struggles against the Bruins and they come. As team struggles in other -- to have when -- guts of the Schneider has a goal and it was a terrific goal does the whole team get a boost from that no one that may be there. -- their best offensive player. Can get out -- can get away from Ciara and actually do some for the beliefs. Well I I think Rupert -- won yet yes it is. Built up quite -- you don't know him. I'm one of the audit people honored athlete I've never know I'm just not as comfortable person. Outside the pop world outside that part on the -- and he doesn't really fit in. You know the way the star athlete you know you look at you know about current facility comparison. How comfortable Bob Brady is in the old news or. A big -- or somebody -- -- the very uncomfortable and don't. Go his way of or it -- covered anywhere you go on the act. And if he's not -- that. Entered you know all the pressure of you look at -- I entered the -- to -- before -- Never -- that they're terrible I thought I thought we're ready Carlisle did the other very frankly what we could go back. Coaching job or feed you and 33 you're covered you're Carol I just thought he needed to bar code -- movie -- away from castle. -- -- movies -- -- movie you're often left read from right -- from brightly abruptly switching Largo far out. Very very difficult to do that as a coach could be very -- if -- he'd been at work in the league -- very. Those Phil Kessel teammates think he's a good teammate. He's about 5050 probably. -- -- you have got to go back. Which is I think an important figure for all. -- oh that is one of those wrap of all trade kind of -- and really important at least spared him. Significant I think those -- -- built into the big screen more than Phil will bring himself. -- Who like most teams and you know you're not gonna have that would you guys really you guys all get along and all our friends. In the return a funny bunch I'd be confident that the cap and then I would say. Not the world's most popular -- -- -- believe -- that offered -- lawyer. You know he did. For lack of a better word socially. Almost deficient. You know. Believe it is an odd because people. But. -- and I think more than anything else. Performance to be at a very my pregnant and a bit closer together. Talk with Steve Simmons from the troubled son -- to circle back. Two but something I find fascinating at the long stuff. What is the mindset let me just shortly speaking the are they frustrated are they angry or are they sort of like cub fans. Resigned too this is the way it's been all these years and probably not gonna change. I think if you look at the retrain -- currently there. That the mood you're eastern for example. We're in Iraq -- there are. Belief that those relief might have the boat. Remarkable franchise in -- port. I don't know eighty -- that repeated pattern -- this -- Grow a third base. And raise prices they rate at a -- -- 7% for the twelve. And nobody is -- A PR guys -- -- but they told the ball. But my point -- I don't know. They -- -- Yankee go law five years in a row people they'll be excited red -- while arguably to all the people of the Greenfield. Are you targeting our product franchises in Dallas Cowboys. Release have something going on here than it almost panics when you have been a really different radio they could post game shows there are big game. That that does this make their fans loyal course -- to the point guard because you're stupid. You know frankly I mean. You know they have. They -- they loved it seems so my. Back. He could do all these terrible read them and you know that I had thought it would I'm New York yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I think that do not believe -- -- A last night in Ottawa for a 53 panel these bites all over the place -- lines fighting. Guys fired slap shots and other guys is there any chance I mean Toronto -- -- physicals any team in the Bruins are pretty physical -- there any chance -- periods in two a game like we saw last night in the auto. There were coming around during. Back period on people are because doing -- Added product called the -- -- of the big fat walrus. You know lack any clue who your whole culture of playing class who have no -- for its ethical or delete can be and as you know. Rude way that gave all the time. And visibility added feared everybody's very very. Vote do you complemented Randy Carlisle Carlisle complimented you and everybody loved everybody. The -- could use a little bit of animosity. It's common doesn't always take cup -- usually pick -- games gave more to. -- will be in the middle of it I assume. -- -- and unless you think the enough things sets off the Bruins because there was no suspension I don't think there should have been but it wasn't stitches on why do you think there. That that might start something. Again -- I don't need to carry over here that wasn't much of you know I. I didn't think the fair pit frankly was worthy of -- it's written about it was to you know. And probably because I would -- So. I don't think so far there there were debated and it is and it's created by our baby boom could be read and -- Now negated if something bad it gets real mass -- Yeah I'd buy it happened so far in its -- or are you. How far you go. Well first it was like our public men and boys. He. There hasn't been I haven't heard a quote. Frankly I hadn't been right out and remember from from anybody yet it maybe you do because of -- life. They say get out it's one thing to win a hockey game. But the way. Win a hockey game the way the -- did in game two. They played with more composure they played with more -- essentially they beat Bruins at they're good don't own game. The -- Bruins for crying out loud 44 to 35 is that why Carlyle said after the game. There was some doubt after game one but tonight we eliminated that -- Oh well that was huge got to -- one bright orange -- frankly you know. They look like they were brought up well feed it paid more than it. Are you I made a list of players who have not played well and gave mark Eckerd located at work. Even when he got him graphic and -- bit -- over appreciate her heart you know. You'd be your best players that'd be your best player -- and what are merely very Apple's board got -- pollute the emotional leader of the -- or twice. Are you -- we'd -- what a beautiful poetry that over gulf war. Your goaltender played reasonably well although it could affect you need to know he -- -- you know right in front of the American payable on rebound control. Arm. Goalie came through. Your read that or came through your emotional leader. Your -- what you did. It. -- would you do that. Important and really how the other night. And a lot of that you know but the role players in the big guy appeared -- or do you go from. -- -- more it will maybe one guy who died. You look at that -- value trump who gave to Wear baby fat guy to go full value from Carol how are you who wants or. -- -- -- -- I'd be out and -- our department there. The final question there was a -- become a way of thinking around here. Prior to the Red Sox winning the World Series of the silly idea sort of and I'd be interested at this in any way translates to north of the border in Toronto and it said as follows the Red Sox managed to win the World Series Sox fans a won't know how to act and -- will have their entire identity change in terms of who they are what their DNA is all about Mike got a life you guys were in the cup. I'm a big believer in the old -- could have very never win the cup. -- -- -- -- They'll quote every year. And and you'll see that the fans think the next -- year next few years ago. We're so far away in the Phoebe. I mean this year we make -- brigade were going to be yeah it can be in my god what exactly this is going to have to be. -- are horrible. Elites are eight marginal playoff seed I'm not sure -- 82 game season that I'd make the playoffs yet. They're out there Gordon in the right direction it. And we know you're -- the respect that they are. So far removed from what I would pay you don't Stanley Cup winning ability. There's nobody element missing I think you re -- can win a cup and so. You know -- think -- -- -- slow. And we agreed frame can be yet -- a little bit presumptuous. -- at the mad at the troubled son our friend Steve seven's you -- the time enjoy the game tonight. -- directory and don't forget by the way I -- yes. -- -- They would go to one rocket Ismail is going number 1% this year -- come and I don't. We I don't even know who's going to go don't don't -- true either of those knuckle heads up in the square -- there already one's own movement police square wouldn't call. Are prepared -- haven't ruled out a bag yet but -- earlier you detect it. Enjoy the games people talk to down the road back instead of to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TE was speeds of the ten times faster than three G.

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