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A great night in Boston sports

May 2, 2013|

Mut and Merloni break down what turned out to be a great night in Boston sports. The Celtics, Bruins, and Red Sox all won. Mut and Lou argue over what was a more entertaining game.

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So yeah it's sometimes. It's don't. Nice nice to be false and sports fan buffalo got a 37 WEEI Red Sox win. Celtics win Bruins went three capitals they with you guys today -- revolt will join us in the 12 o'clock hour about twelve point 5% and night. It's a fun night one night and you could drink the crowd in an enjoyable way that I was thinking about night. I had a couple Beers I go to the ground but it was that it wasn't like you're drinking too. Really shake off the nerves it was more celebratory right -- -- I'm a liar as I had one good glass of it that's it that was there that felt like you know. It's more of a stress thing late games it felt good. Felt -- all of and -- greatly itself. Why it wasn't so respectable 11 o'clock so and -- -- nobody near the result -- result so don't go that though the pressure of the stress was off. Nightmare to get three games on it once I do need you would wasting any three off TVs in my liberal -- looking for work he -- went by your place the Maloney -- -- -- it's set up the TVs for. -- how that works. After stuff by my place. You mean now it's one -- sync with a Red Sox have so anymore -- you soon. I -- push them to the side. Celtics Bruins last night. What was the bigger win Celtics in game five. Or Bruins in game one. The bigger wins me over the bigger win -- I would say you know -- talk -- you lose eliminated. But to me when I looked at those I looked at last night and thought -- get the Celtics much chance because that surprised me anymore. And I was curious it was the unknown of the Bruins. Ken Ken and it's flipped the switch try to say that a thousand times but still and they do it that's one and become the team that we think that they were early in a year that we think that they are and it happened given what you've seen. That to me. What I saw from the Bruins. Was it was awesome was awesome -- they have not played sixty minutes like that. All year and I know the -- -- minutes into the game but that was complete domination that was everything. Everything you've complained about where is hitting four lines consistent play all the way through defenseman. You know possession of the clock tape the tape get a puck got -- -- control up to the neutral zone get in Toronto zone mean everything. There wasn't that the lazy mental mistakes the turnovers the sloppy play in their own zone copy of get the puck out. Now they controlled that game they controlled the play of the sort of look at last night -- listen -- Celtics no question about it. Obviously you lose your eliminated the what I -- from the Bruins last night was what I was hoping was still there and I was shore. Us turning the corner so. I think that's one of the things -- that they -- guys were focused and ready and that same time I mean we've been here before -- of experience behind -- Played a solid game. But I would argue that everything you just said is also applicable to the ball seeing the Celtics played a certain level during these playoff -- we've seen them. Beat teams are pretty good. Along the way and we've seen them most importantly. Yeah when they are counted out by everybody respond and their situation last night on the road. At the knicks a team of people -- talking about maybe -- in Miami Heat a run for their money in a couple of playoff -- down the road here. They're down eleven nothing on a Carmelo Anthony you know 101 dump the baskets eleven zip before he can relate. Sit down and enjoy that first couple sips a crown oil after 7 o'clock last night eleven nothing on the road game five and the -- eighth. Our expectation was they get down early forget he can write him off. I -- -- I wrote wrote off in that game last night in here they comics settled down by the end of the first quarter after being down eleven zip. It's 2220. And by freaking halftime. On the road against -- and JR Smith and Raymond Felton was. Still the Celtics in the series you are up six. And you are. You are feel good about yourself Jason Terry's duel in the jet in MSG. Trace at Kerry was a no show the first three games this series. Was a no show -- the play offs. He's doing that jet on the road the jet take golf. And you get throwback performances from Paul Pierce and -- -- seven man rotation with somebody needs -- Williams. Like casual -- and Michael -- is this. And you win that game on the road I don't know I. I feel like it Celtics. Until it was Celtics last night they got me. More -- ants don't knock on the Bruins that was an important win for them but on the road elimination game five Carmelo. Arnold Aerosmith back the entire district category with what you would do for you. Mean obviously the greatest perform the night was the electoral that we do get that later on but a so that was obviously -- it will agree that that was signaled it was the greatest performance of the night eligible -- -- -- screwed up our conference call that it would be sick -- Stephen Drew. -- -- -- the date yeah if you talk about the beginning we talked about yesterday you know like when does it. Does it settle in with this team you know will there will there be if they fall behind will there be those moments of people. The the shots of guys in the bench with that that's there that look of Paul Pierce is this my last game of the Celtics KG is my last game in the NBA. You know a lot of these guys and eleven nothing to be honest with that they're going this but this is not gonna go well. I -- I'm shocked by I was surprised pleasantly surprised. You know eight. If you if you if you doubt this team and I've done in the past they -- to Bernie because there's so much heart there but I just I think they had in them. I didn't at all Paul Pierce -- -- first quarter of Mike you know they're gonna win this game it's gonna be -- You know just -- convinced. That it would if you're just really judging what I've seen yeah three to -- for six for the rest of the game you know six for thirteen shooting or was there but it was a balanced attack. There was a guy Brandon Bass that. Pretty much. Get a free pass all -- long -- like. -- we talked so much about the Rondo injury and another plane now and in this -- -- -- in this guy meanwhile Britain's best was a complete no show. The entire season he did not see anything that you saw from in the previous year. But today it was the end of the year and throughout the playoffs and reasons why they gave an extension of the game contract it -- yeah I didn't think we mentioned it yesterday. But which admits it was -- -- -- stat line but -- what he's doing his. He's he's on Carmelo. And he's -- now a lot of defensively at that assumes that he's he's played very well this Ceres even before last night discuss -- play defense will last ninety. He gave -- exactly what they need especially early on McCain. Victory for 39 points. -- the line I mean everything that was the offense from Graham best early on. And and that's what part of it right because if if Paul -- is we're -- -- thanks if Paul -- -- -- cold quarter rookie Jed has -- plague in the fourth or whatever it is -- the next guy that's gonna kind of pick that up. It appears that -- well need to KG. Bradley missed the first couple shots and it comes Britain passed with nine points in the first quarter huge to get you back into the game huge -- to stop the you know eleven all run turning into a a twenty to six run. -- just continuing. You brought life back that team. He brought life back early and then he hit the big shot late of that at the game dig get tight there and you watch on DB RC felt pretty good about what the result might. Okay but you've got just under six minutes ago Anthony it's a couple of free throws they cut eight after the sell the public that we're gonna run away with. A play Edward Brandon Bass hits the seven foot turnaround bank shot that shot that he hit. The degree of difficulty there are jailer to get a from eight acted and sick and settled down that the Celtics offense after they had on. You know they have led by as many as fifteen. And they it was a seven all run by the next he said who is gonna get the basket that was -- was turn over Garnett rebound. Jason Terry missed that passed -- -- -- Garnett. Who was gonna settle them down who was gonna get them back on track in the final statement it's African Brandon Bass. Turnaround bank shot. With a contested turnaround bank shot and oh by the way. We frustrated -- -- the proper course backing him -- He went 23 minutes and five seconds at a field goal I give a lot of that credit -- and a bass last. Couple days ago you predict that it detects an agreement that you regret it now. -- regarding -- persons which want the extra motivation at these guys are motivating playoffs they don't need -- -- It was naive what -- -- -- are realizing that teams can be motivated even more so. In the natural to them in the post season correct we're talking about a coach if you wanna mister member of their Roger Clemens about coach and motivation. And Claude Julien not about outside motivation like college players are being mode ready for -- Target and hit an elbow -- -- motivated you don't think that's different than coach motivation. Afterward talk about Claude Julien have -- a motivate these guys in the playoffs in my pot as well the coach has the motivate also Celtics we're talking about the Celtics. It's maybe a little extra motivation that you don't need motivated the post season just whatever -- dissident. I don't agree with that depicted. You can get extra motivated. That for example. The team starts talking trash the New York Knicks talk about a funeral talk about where black and and they actually do it. Are you kidding right -- let's go to England last that's a good lay them down Julio. We take it one time which ones who have. It's but we here's what we come to a funeral today. I mean that well as what that basically the words ever hear -- All the picks they'd be out with your -- all I think you're gonna get them thinking that -- you've been reading you every good pitcher where. Now being given them against us when that. To get a Celtics team of veteran team a team it's like -- listen we got a little more class than you. We've -- a little bit more than most of of people on that team at least the the leaders of that team in intersect call for a funeral. So you become arguing in a game for you call for the funeral. And they actually do it. We're -- once picked -- the locker room was like when you know play acumen that man. They actually wore black. Of this game we did that there's a little bit more motivation I -- -- -- discusses the post season and they got to be motivated enough. Those it's ridiculous that you connection motivate policies while I. And number in this conversation you might be making this up I don't remember quite for a almighty god but I would say this. I was frustrated that it took Jason Terry told down three nothing to show when he sort of emotion. In the last two games they've showed Ottawa this motivation conversation is that you Mason home I get a Mormon does -- argue about. I don't accept early I just I don't remember this conversation at all -- like Julian motivate your conversation but I about the Celtics. And it terms a last night due to concussion. Hit at last night -- -- -- at a couple popular game. In terms of motivates motivate we don't turn the ball over three quarters I don't care what the other team does. But they didn't turn the ball it turned over early -- -- can say six of those in the fourth quarter Oregon and starting to get a little note well a little bit sloppy. But for three quarters they did a nice job for the first time in this series keeping control the basketball. I thought that when you look at their offense. That was bigger than any motivation talk about. Doc Rivers talked about it after the game offensively. They debated this issue all series long when the knicks did the same thing over and -- they trap the trap and the Celtics -- turning the ball over. Every single time they trap and while it last night they got through that thick skulls what to do. You know listen they're trapped when they're moving the ball we -- -- -- further amounts they -- in the half and who was what we're tome of afforded him. The world's most disappointed in the us is that we were not taken advantage of their traps. Tonight we did that was why we got three just that Barbara and got easy basket. Wear pink orange purple black motivates motivate -- turned the ball over gonna win. He saw that last night and shockingly solid Terrence Williams in -- -- That couple -- parents and we legislate. How about wait we Angel from when we -- we -- a -- and we agree we did before and we're talking about. Terrence Williams got called -- anymore Terrence Williams or. And he we're talking about oh Courtney Lee need to get him in there and it's -- this is what we've come through that a courtly Terrence Williams. On the gonna be a factor. We could configure the -- Courtney lead the level what the hell happened there still under the bottom line is still you know that the big guns on this team. Mean it goes like six deep right you know start fighting at Jason Terry that those six guys Bobby of the impact and you want to roll from the other guys well. Parents point to meet its sixteen and half minutes based almost seventeen minutes. She's gonna see some minutes here now there's no actually no question in game six. -- of the day it was last heavy shooting guard ticket a basket. And actually kick out great but when penetrate remember that covers I mean. The goal of the guard so far the first four games have been get the ball over half court stop pass to somebody help you can and so that that's -- Mean literally -- it like three steps over half court impassable even to restart the office in the top of the key got over half court that new job next. Williams. Last night I'm sorry this that I did see that would come and at all prepare him. Need to get him in their its size -- can rebound lobe that is controlled the ball he's attacking he's aggressive he's confident and nowhere second quarter of my game notes. -- your name can you brought up I'll give you credit Terrence Williams dribble drive foul line kicked out Bradley jumper and we see this this series question mark. Williams did that on a couple of occasions. And was able to set up teammates and be ease -- the bigger guard -- just gives them. Something that Avery Bradley's not given right now and that's it won't get into its supply on the course the four hours -- If you salvageable now into the celtics' -- dock in your Avery is he salvageable. But -- we saw that from the Celtics and from the the Celtics like playing in this pressure style at the big thing a kick out of that game is that their their. They're better under pressure in the next hour and a knicks about to close out games -- have struggled here the last few chemicals and out. I'd say -- about the Toronto maple leaves I gave that team all this credit for want to play physical and tough and elect crap. I brought to plot or cultural play and that's style hockey and I -- given Toronto. Certainly gave one way too much credit for it got a lot they're physical they're gonna stay composed. They try to be physical. And they got on composed in our goal again this can Bob related was a disaster. In his first playoff game last 941 Bruins well. As far as the -- go meaning you look at that team and -- for a lot of -- that we've talked you know it's that you know they should handle the Toronto Maple Leafs their physical team their deep team did this there that. And they're they're tough they're experienced. And what you saw thought last month that I have to show anything that did the reasons why we believed in this team. And then all of a sudden last night. -- are all back again. And approves odds Toronto on this series is more to deal with what you -- from the Bruins what I saw from the Bruins because it's what you believe them to be. You know it's it's the -- gonna see those same characteristics that we've we've followed with its reasons why one of the hottest teams in this. In this town right now -- at the roof. Is because you watch loving them play the physical reality everything. Dominate defense. Seidenberg Chara. The EC charges. You know. Turn the puck over coming out of the zone pass the puck to guys in on the boards covered you know I just like what the -- that in traffic what. Article there meant -- mistakes left and right. The coaching gauged first line was great secular it was great. Third line up talked over the starting game they're light dinner and you gonna get to the start the fourth line was outstanding ago. In that game. Out standing. The questions about that -- -- mixed Bellic -- sometimes look around going what the hell milder with Doggett who. Got a lot of the enemy to dog man a variety -- dog and the dog not to yarder that are illegal dog -- Ottawa is updates like like little little kids are trying to like get the puck from -- a kid at the mean he's just. He's dominating he's written a puck on people's out of in the -- and a stick for people. Ethics attempt to shake his head up there -- they know what's changed now you just when you looked at the game on no but up and down. Sixty minutes four lines. Three pairings -- defenseman. The best game we've seen them play oh -- -- you'd really Utley got to match tournament in the fourth line. Wade freaky and red and always at the fourth line wade red and join the star of the game last night. As several predicted -- redness or gold -- they -- and -- like opt for a Wade Redden. They're gonna be the difference we sets then I'd say -- broke we all said that yesterday going into this special night Boston's sports at the start the revolution late last night I don't patriot fund. Good scrimmage and there. You're stars in the ideal spring game going up the signal we did we do -- -- stars tonight we put it Wade Redden Terrence Williams Stephen -- like the replay that. And so we start there with a two playoff games you know what we into more what -- more jacked afterwards. I think were a little bit different to me it was the Celtics thank you was the Bruins make as the Bruins through the playoffs just starting. That's more than I more because I I believe. That this team has the talent to make to make a run. And wasn't happy it was a -- what you've seen last night. You've certain field a better about and I believe I picked the Celtics win the series wavered a little bit easier to be honest but I believe that -- it's still give you that. Written balls effort and focus and they did an app brought me back in a big ever forcing game seven here. How great depth -- -- back. And we start football those things in your phone calls a -- the Celtics. And the Bruins 617. 7797937. The phone number 61777979837. Detects the show right now the ATP -- 379837. Up Bruins itself -- on the table your calls next.

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