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A huge night in Boston sports starts at 7

May 1, 2013|

The guys get ready for a big night in Boston sports as the Celtics, Bruins and Sox all play at 7. The guys pick which game they are going to watch and discussed what tonight means for the Celtics and Bruins.

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All we got some choices tonight -- we have some choices tonight Buchholz -- and jays in Toronto that would be 7 o'clock. Celtics knicks game five Madison Square Garden that would be. 7 o'clock. Bruins and leafs at the garden worst game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs but I -- 7 o'clock. There's no evil but -- was no DVR and you could only watch one. Which would it be and post up -- think about this problem but process that your mind. What would be the one that you watch tonight entered the yard broke in the camps which channels which would be all starting at seven. Celtics for me an elimination game but said the Celtics I would say the Bruins because I know what's gonna happen in the Celtics has not been. I don't feel like. It's the -- suspense there I mean that might show some pride in my code that impact well in -- -- play yard. Go down a flight but the -- My inclination would be to say the Bruins just because you know -- ramps up an extra level there are some questions about how they ended the season you know are they going to be physical as Lucic gonna show opposed to the going to be all that sort of stuff. -- first inclination was see the Bruins because I'm curious. But -- sad to say after group minute hand here it's only manage patient game. This may be the last time we see the Celtics for a long time and we will have to opine. On how this thing and did not -- -- bang but a whimper for many many many weeks to -- you. Do you feel like Q don't know what's gonna happen tonight I need to see what's gonna -- feel -- you don't know what's gonna -- -- -- -- an -- and I think -- you know -- -- -- is -- They're not that good that's another discouraging thing -- -- -- with sucks can't go in the Madison square garden and win one basketball game against Dallas -- not do that no possible now -- yeah I agree with JR Smith should be over now. If they didn't get that gift suspension from the NBA if he had played game Ford be over and it will be playing golf between that -- that game and and that their next series he said I'd be playing golf now what I've got a basket like guess I don't know -- -- with the break -- I don't know. I'd be long break -- need to get couple rounds and it's a sweep you have plenty of time but it don't you guys agree. That it had he played game four it's over probably -- I mean and they went to overtime. They they struggled in the second half they scored thirty points -- another terrible. A quarter or more and and and Anthony was awful -- thought the knicks were terrible they went to overtime. Here's the most discouraging thing have you seen the stats. Throughout the series all four games Celtics steps first half for the second half but I mean it's screams and old basketball team. Up points per half in the first half 462. Half. 31. Field goal percentage in the first half throughout the series 482. Half thirty. Three point. -- percentage 35. Second half when he -- and the turnovers -- just about the same eight point 3% eight point five doesn't that just say we are old we are tired we can't. Does that -- the case though. Heading into the classrooms -- many big first half second -- drop off there really hasn't so I mean he suddenly got old when the playoffs started and played three games in forty days and you think to be rested enough for people is either they're getting older than being out coached -- adjusted. It's -- and some would view the next don't look good to me at all and that's that's the case I think to make the Celtics -- about the Celtics -- I don't buy into the next and it makes a win tonight but that's that's my best hope heading into the -- up the -- -- great. Now the Celtics are great other not saying if you make it a case tonight for the Celtics to win it's dark so the fact the knicks are not a great team the Celtics. Don't have a ball handler and don't have a big man other than that I think they're in great -- definitely they don't mean -- but they don't. You know Brandon Bass is now gone now you got to cover Carmelo -- Jessica and I guess that don't have anyone covering the fill in the -- regret these in Islam yeah he's in a phone call -- all the anti open -- right which to me is remarkable I mean you think it shouldn't be just dig in on defense you know armed struggle and I'm not in my shot. I can't handle the ball on the amid a slump on offense I'll play harder all play better on defense but for whatever reason. He's struggling on both ends of the floor and you know Jeff Van -- says that bush yesterday I mean who who takes the ball up who handles. The ball Paul Pierce sides despite a green it's my committee if it changes from from from possession to possession. Think about this why tend to agree with you but I'm still don't know if if I had to watch one I wanna watch this just to see how would finally ends as it said with a with a whimper and not a bank is we're gonna to talk about that. There are going to be a bunch more well probably a bunch more. A -- games we know there's going to be fun at -- like to say Red Sox game but think about all the things that have to go right. For the Celtics to win just this one game tonight have to figure out their second half woes to begin with that's an overview. KG and Paul Pierce have to play like they're not on the back nine. Somehow Felton has to be limited Carmelo -- goal often have just date you know forty pointer 35 point game. What else they have to have somebody -- rebound they have to have some to bring the ball up I mean six or seven things have to fall all by the way Jeff Green. -- asked to be the good Jeff Green not the best ever -- -- details about six or seven things that after the celtics' way just for them to have a chance yet. And -- you know I'd love to see it that I love when. -- team like this has its back against the wall wins on the road -- forces that pressure packed game six back in Boston. I mean it would be great but there are a lot of people. Who have or expect in the wind as these lines to eight probably -- -- anybody -- anybody expecting the Celtics to go in the New York go it's a very hostile crowd to its tough place to play. And you know they got all these issues that all these issues you have to wonder how much confidence. They take the core with I mean I think pierce and Garnett always have confidence is -- green take in the floor with a lot of confidence is Bradley is is green as. Is pass the -- of these guys stick in the fourth and I think we can win this a lot of -- cystic in the floor with a lot of confidence -- I think he always goes here's Doc Rivers. Now if you'll listen it's like a total what's the difference between. Being down 03 in being in the game seven is no different as the elimination days. The differences -- mindset you know and it in a game seven. You're thinking -- win it to win it again when you're down 03. You ever though you may have a couple guys imagine magician Lance and not think you can do it. So it's all about the mindset and and that's what I -- guys with four. The game the other night and that'll be the masters field you know each game you win. You it is the game seven to advance just advance to another -- ends of the next round. And that's going to be our minds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The Carmelo and harassment -- five -- spike the one game and the reds gonna go out there -- have a good time to those that they're gonna have a good time tonight sadly. I am and I don't know what's gonna happen in the -- -- does it feel like you know what -- -- like he's gonna -- right -- like Korean delegates to -- I think -- -- will be competitive tonight -- for the Celtics I do with -- quarters ago you know -- be sure who's gonna win this game and the next one up winning but I don't blow out you know what they don't need another -- at the -- And the third time gain any day and -- ago cold again. And keep them in the game but then -- -- to score but that score more than thirty in this economic think that would be good. And you know what they got a good game -- had a good -- appears would you agree. Outlook turnover for a little okay Garnett and Coca-Cola it's not like peace in in on core he has hurt you know -- -- -- these things happen. You know pierce went on Garnett I mean they're they're they're not the problem that you don't have a guard. -- For the group this is important program -- does not -- defense if you're wrong it's happens you're right now that's okay. Apologize and move. It. Okay okay it's it is camera. And there were better without Rondo for a one game stretch. And right now they -- use them what do you think Courtney Lee did you think he did something wrong -- talkback class. Get buried here. Now again you know going to four -- to. They want to get a -- a -- CD and I want to get a doesn't do himself and other guys to play guys you never -- before you know I think Kevin steak and got like eight minutes ago I don't. -- wing crack locate them off the bench looking for anybody. To take the ball up to handle the ball to play defense. Was a damn good defender right wasn't I was a big part of when they played so yeah it's a mystery by. -- is docs say I haven't heard him -- what happened to Courtney Lee I said the right things you know we read the literature only comedy gives a good effort we believe in court you know that's what you don't Courtney a shot. At Raymond well wouldn't that -- -- -- we do that mean. Jordan Crawford. Things. Stinks. I I think what doc has been saying is we need more offense in Jordan progress can give that to us. And I can't think Courtney was a battle principally -- -- profligate history study re Bradley bad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And debated. And you directly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And and the question I think something like and are you -- is it time for. Fans to panic. Based on how they ended the season and beginning the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight and -- -- game and tell the panic about their chances and -- absolutely positively not -- at all these chapter and -- is historically a -- Who won the Stanley Cup and how the finished the season the regular season went on to win the Stanley Cup talked about the king last year and so and so forth. His little gauge monopoly 95%. Approve how does that happen -- like Tony Rio we give them points and wondering as I'm serious rep -- you Brad for the debate and you can text -- So techsters made the meter go up yes well as fast. Does it Jack questioned well does goods hobby and even as they're in the middle there debates it's called up and down all it's cracked on yet people are talking -- you -- -- who won the debate. Let me give Rick I think corrected by like they take such a love six to forty -- and I know my muddies up there. It's it was an ultimate panicked and all of a payroll and yet they haven't put it correct. -- guess he they they only won two of their last nine or -- is there anyone goals in the last night exactly there's no offense the penalty kill suddenly sucks the power play continues to suck that's the whole thing. But -- the analysis seems simple. -- Kessel got -- physical play get off to a good start work for the Red Sox by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- No no mean do you think they win three rounds of who could not great of course not so I mean echoes that's and give it yet he has to be great I think he will be. That you would beat him to almost 2011 of course -- -- everything it does no such thing that's happened but coach. And -- have you seen any sign that -- -- in a crack. Don't let that you'll be okay to be good be good but again that doesn't meaning when the Stanley Cup by the -- good -- result in Asia cup winning -- -- including the -- -- Yeah I mean I think you'll be fine answers -- when the series just six or generally go down in the playoffs. Yes it's -- grind that's much like the NBA right in the half court sets except in the series has no fights except in this there's going to be flights yeah I'm trying to fights Toronto is far away the leaders in and penalty minutes and fights fighting majors. Do you think it just changed their style -- used to be in the playoffs that home on the cup and like fifty years the -- important and mile Lucci to wake up this morning and say. Then I -- and stuff -- gonna do tonight. Yeah yes well no question no question -- -- how many games I think if 44 fighting rages in forty games a lot is good that's pretty good in the economic entities in the crowd so. Hopefully there's a few bouts. But we gotta go over their futility again at some point it's amazing they make. They make the break in Chicago -- clicked in New York Yankees historically it's incredible when you think about that up at a hockey. And how futile this it's just pathetic been over the last 7080. Years are those not the most loyal fans in history. -- have to be then don't read it -- -- forget you know there was some curse here in Boston in the -- -- and the people kept showing up. Yeah those would be up an ever know the post season make these -- they gave you a little distraught there was hole. There's open pulpit throw open the fans but it never never filled. Right right no question it's it's amazing I didn't realize that the women over last time the play that looked and place and it sucked for pepper. Ever what and they still up there 11 division since 1938. And -- division one time 2000. And they show how does that all the other suckers 6767. So there close to -- in -- in this would be and they don't -- -- year 46 year yet won the presidents' trophy they'd they'd. You never think about these kind of assume they're okay right at the since Toronto -- SP OK so do you admire their fans for that loyalty to called soccer hockey Toronto where -- in India you know what it's like the ticket program truth shall we don't have to put a contender on the right. And they they think and this is the year and Alex. They'll be happy ago seven games in the first series of people opened -- is out of school. Hockey and for our third team tonight if you wanna watch a seven I think you have to go to -- plus. Will -- -- that -- -- -- believe they are nests and platoon was right instrument is that right that's true and I told Jon Lester will pitch last night and they score seven runs wouldn't like nine out of ten times you say they win nine of those ten ball games. Yes last night us I was all set to say this is that the -- They came back they got -- -- -- -- or they can Beckham one would you be sent for a while now for a -- I wouldn't give an abuse and that was one hell when. -- ago on another launching point beginning -- every game of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals will be live on -- and joined dale and Berry and gore tonight at six. -- full series preview for the puck drops on the Bruins at least at the garden to the Bruins -- -- and as we told you you can find the Sox jays game on -- and plus channels. Find -- at NASA dot com slash S and plus. 6777979237. AT&T text like 379. ED 37. Other Rem dog old Jonas from Toronto during the 8 o'clock hour a couple of other guest -- trying to. It in there as well we'll tell you who they are 92 to now take a full.

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