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Chris Price, WEEI.com, on the NFL Draft

Apr 26, 2013|

Chris Price joins Mut and Merloni from Gillette Stadium to discuss the first round of the NFL Draft, the Patriots needs, and why the team decided to trade its first round pick.

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When you think you feel bad as -- fan you sat there on your couch with a cold beer. -- chips durable control we can actually change channel kind of move around last night -- in the draft at 29. Your team in the patriots trade that would appear media members on the patriots beat. Sitting here to -- stadium waiting and waiting and waiting for the pick in the post react from costs Dario and -- checked everyone else like Chris Pryce who might have been here all day I had worse -- fans did yes. Yeah although you know what though the Fed is pretty well. I don't believe they do that over here and ultimately Dave -- fed has been so there's no complaints that you know it was a long three hours but. In the -- did pretty much what we all thought he would do and in freedom of the -- -- but it was interesting to see them. Pick up you know four picks along the way I didn't think it was going to be that at all but you know in the end. They're gonna probably at least in the sweater today I can see a scenario where they end up. Packaging the tactics -- up to. Early stage is the second round going after one of those receivers going to want those defensive backs and you know one of those guys deepening the economic impact is -- Was the hall. You say more than you'll that you thought a lot of people thought that was that the fact that there wasn't maybe next year's first round pick -- higher second round pick in the yielded the reason why they got so much. -- guy right I did debts I accrued and and a point I think it's. You would've liked to see them turn that into -- be one next year but that you know that's draft currency that's the weekly -- with yours you know do as many -- as possible and you'll meet the -- and sift through -- -- that's what Belichick learned. At the foot of Jimmie Johnson when it comes to approaching the draft pick and a bit of light of it last night announcing that this is gonna. You know Jimmie Johnson Herschel Walker cast of where you can turn one taken before it's not that hall but it's it's. The kind of thing that gives you a little bit more flexibility. In what they locker when it comes that the order of the draft -- -- right would have been the fewest. Of of any of the -- and about the -- six -- -- -- those in the seventh right exactly yeah you know in seventh rounder if we constituent talk about seven foreigners and occasionally guys like doing you know the men were countered David Givens. Better exactly right to beat somebody up props to agree -- it -- you can find talent in the seventh round. But I think when you look at. The four picks that they have over. I think it's thirty some tactics between the second in the third round that cluster -- I would expect them to do something we vote -- some sort accompanies the votes in an attempt to. No surprise but we all expected to -- -- but all the -- budget picks and I was wondering also vesta Williams -- -- before. Was there anybody in your mind commit drop that it changed. They've approached changed even -- great deal what they were down. I think the only guy that media wouldn't change what he did was Shareef Floyd the -- out of Florida -- -- Belichick house and affection for. The Florida guys going all the way back to you know his relationship of the Urban Meyer and you know we've seen solely fla -- come through here the last years. I think the prospect of him dropping to the mid twenties. May have caused the patriots to rethink their overall approach as opposed to going for. You know a defense to back or wide receiver the chance to get a guy like -- may have been you know one of those things that. Claws into Jimmy B -- -- calls around Steve anyone's interest -- -- -- your -- they could dip you know maybe two or three retired but I think really he's the only gonna go in -- The when he writes yes -- -- if they offer up your zinc dropped back in the Korea for almost prepared that -- is that the town that second third fourth round to. Kipp believe -- -- dropped now what are we gonna need to give up to move up exactly but do you think any -- community. Tweaked it a little bit the past with the traded up two or three picks to get a guy. But you know we've we've talked about -- before they've never. I can never remember them pushing all their chips to the middle the table Leo the only thing that came closest that was Chad Jackson back in 2006 and that was an unmitigated good. Player well. All of the other part of the district Jennings who got a -- they wanted to value I understand that. If they hadn't gotten a value would they have still think it would traded the pick -- did they have on their mind when -- need to get. XY means the or was it we're trading -- -- matter what the best off we get -- twenty now we're gonna trade. I think their first thought was to trade outspoken when they've looked at the entire board from top to bottom because again I honestly believe that there's a group of guys when you're looking at their need. Who are available from the latter stages of the first round -- middle to late second round guys. Who are really fundamentally the same skill set and now working with a such a broad brush with. You can go up and down look at guys again like woods like gallon like hunter. Did they think they could gets acts let's say 35 to forty as opposed to 29 and I think you get a shot again next graphic they're going to do. Now our title before the Yahoo! go back to the tide and draft the running back draft. I think is to be a wide receiver drafted -- to drop back to. That shot and two with these guys two guys that you pointed out that you've really liked is -- delegates and can woods yeah you know from USC. Hi how they fit I mean what what is the fit for the east of. These guys are in. I think really when you talk about the patriots passing -- in and there's not a lot of deficiencies there I think these guys would fill that role the people. Did Brandon Lloyd could've filled last year with that expects receiver spot. That big guy not a huge burner but a guy who can get some separation of big physical guy who can go up and yet it's who can. Out muscled a defensive back who can make the tough catches can go long when you need him but that's not his primary goal when you look at a guy like. Justin hunter when you look at key you know and when you look at Robert Woods these are those type of guys in I think. Those guys would be glued fits in this system I think those are wide receivers that the pictures to look at wide receiver pitchers look pass -- -- the guys that look. A change of philosophy the waters and if you're an organization. Debt has -- its success since 2002 in drafting and developing any -- since since branching Gibbons. Did they start questioning -- -- look at the wrong things at this position to -- at the right things at certain positions. When -- get to wide receiver you have to do is readjust what you thought the last few years because you. Missed I think you do I think you do weigh in NIC I just up and down the line it's hard to point out one area whether it's miss identifying talent. Whether it's an inability to. Draft at the right guy develop the player for work within the confines the system. I just think it's broken down somewhere along the way now. Maybe you have to rethink your approach when it comes to drafting -- after rethink your approach becomes the offense review after rethink your approach when it comes to overall offensive responsibilities for some of these younger guys. But I think that these are guys who again we talked about this on the air before -- -- I photos really interesting that nick is stereo. -- out of his way in his pre draft press conference to point to the programs that cal in the programs. The the prohibit USC southern cal. As to programs who have -- ability to. Produce NFL ready guys at that position when it comes to pro style offense is looking a wide receivers looking at the wide receiver corps. Of those two teams. You think that these guys are going to be a little bit more ready for the NFL and maybe some adults coming out of the. Well and here's why I like keep an alum of the more than woods and I am unabashed and hope they take them at whatever point -- -- the second round today. He's more physical the Robert Woodson when I watch what -- Wimbledon did for Joseph Flacco he made Joseph Flacco better because physically go -- make catches. Keenan Allen did it with a quarterback -- an amateur -- people know. Robert was there when Matt Barkley who might be the best quarterback in the country in Allen's still caught a pass. In 33 straight games he -- goal leads cal deal I'm leading receiver to -- five catches there. At that school. And doesn't have anywhere near the quarterback that Robert Woods Steve and like that with the practicality. To me that's the guy today -- Hugo open you get a guy that he's not gonna blow by every defensive back but he's gonna fight for every ball has got really good hands and seems like. He slipped a little bit based on a month ago people on the best wide receiver in this draft he's still there on -- Yeah exactly and he's the guy who. Most people have computers and Wimbledon are you see it here sign -- and in Davis signed the -- years and Wimbledon before they can now Padilla. For looking for. Physical similar skill set when it comes to overall approach when it comes to -- play. He is more likely than Oregon you mention effective physical. He's fast. He's not a traditional -- he's he's not he's not know he doesn't have that great -- lines the -- at the reports that say the the -- faster -- faster on the field and he is on tape -- and he is running -- the other thing to combine that speed. Again I want to stress this it's not great -- it'll be wide receivers -- but he combines very good speed. -- is a good ability to get separation from physical defense about it. Who if he comes up on musical line he's going to be a guy who's going to be separate from defense about it yet enough -- -- get combined with the -- -- that goal and yet it. I think when he was one of thirty of these -- that for three draft visits and you know you keep track of general Kyle looks -- with a patriots of these kids with a quarter of those. Where wide receiver do you believe that that can be used as a sign that. There interest in the position of the player. When a guy is one of those thirty the patriots have a pre draft is pre draft -- that it did a really tough to get a giving him on I think you can look at some broad strokes when you're looking at pre -- visits and look at -- guys but. Political activities a couple of years ago when they canceled on Neitzel. And you know -- -- -- and -- epic obviously. It's tough to get it's it's tough to get -- the patriots approach we regret visits. Because it could be a smokescreen. It could be a chance to get into field on the road it could be changed it to check -- medical you know whether shall whether it's whatever so. There are a lot of reasons why guys why do you bring guys in for visits though. I do think however the fact that they brought a lot of wide receivers if you're just looking at the big picture stuff I think that that's something else I think it's that's something about the fact that. They swung and missed that -- -- and I think it did date being. That they are not done when it comes to restocking wide receiver position for 2000. Another position at the they've swung and missed recently has been in the corner position quarterback. Peter King says -- he talks of people they believe that it could be a record number of corners taken a second round. -- You would think that they don't look at it fort depth that developed a leap in a one year deal. Viewed the began almost at the change your mindset again it seems that they stick with these guys that are. Fort down corners rather -- got it can actually cover yeah is that when they go next year as well. It's interesting to look at the drafting and development wide receivers for that the defense about it because they have had some success -- the defense to back position the last couple years but it's been. Like weird under the radar cases you look at guys like Kyle Arrington an undrafted free agent who's who's in and who's now you know the number one. -- slot corners is you know a lot of snaps Euro last yours obviously been up and down but I think in my opinion more good and bad. You look at to leave they brought in here is you know treat you look at -- was a seventh round pick who became a really important part of this defense going for. -- I think that they are going to yet at least one quarter in this draft I was very behind you wrote that wrote would have been one of those guys. Who had a chance to slip into the second round. League -- physical guy really good press coverage. But I wonder if there rethinking their process because you can point to -- between 2007. And 2009. Will be just they'd be a fine defensive backs you know whether it was. You know old child whether it was you know it in -- guys were considered better than us Darius Butler areas -- -- you know on and on in -- just talking about you know under the radar equipment -- spending -- value -- a -- for Duane -- yeah that they'd had a decent draft pick for doing spark yet it's just it's. If you talk about the Achilles you because at this franchise's. They've done a really good job at finding guys are identifying guys for the system. In building through the draft whether it's tighter and words on this team turns a profit of Lima like the right. There -- acutely fuel at least the last few years looking at the last ten years or so has been defensive back wide receiver. Two positions and it got back and we think yeah I am arrested I I think I think that there I think they're gonna go let's help them understand it it yeah exactly exactly -- because their guys who. I mean that we -- in years without being able to find you know they got the agreement here and Watson in you know guys who were good. But it along time not you know trying to find a tight end. And now they have two of the best when he you know so that's clearly not going to few factors thinking. -- they -- have to -- it can refocus a little bit and look at you know different ways of developing -- whatever but you know that's certainly not going to few. It changed their line of thinking of the union guys are gonna get it's also important remember that. When department defense of Mexico stereo the other day we talked about prepare press conference. Really was impressed by the level of versatility of these defense the backs in this draft when you talk about a guy like -- hour ago I like at a South Carolina. He's played corner he's played safety team may be looking at one of those guys Leo whether it's that supports prettier tomorrow. Now we like we talked about did they were certainly ready to -- you know we had a few players that we actually had in mind that we were gonna talk about to consider picking. And you know then we decided to to make the move though we did so no question we -- players so we will but a player we were we would have taken. Vick -- -- are talking about the patriots approach. Was there that guy there they would've stuck -- -- says so. Rounds two and three begin this afternoon 6:30 early evening Chris price WEEI dot com we'll be there he's here right now. Taking your draft calls in the patriots approach at 61777979837. Can text us. On that AT&T text line 37937. -- forget who we talked to round com buy time told us about. A Zeke you Lanza who was this freak athlete. And we got all excited about it and at that time you've got on the -- soap bottle -- you set all this the guy again guess what. The -- wet number five overall -- market again him but you've got a story today you like to. About the got great stories of Detroit drafted him. So his mother -- -- -- -- in Ghana does it really know much about football whatever just knows sounds really good at it. Came over to America right to be there in the corporate she says the she was so concern has seen a -- poachers she wants she came to seem put on capping count. And graduate from college. Now -- strapped by Detroit. But after the draft -- the -- Detroit Free Press. Elizabeth and asked the BYU coach Bronco Mendenhall that after the alliance took -- if it was still possible that. He could be drafted by team in Utah off. So she was hoping that her son of lofted out there Provo Utah and excel obviously it's a graduation so proud of she wanted him to be drafted by continued to she won in the state. Utah Jazz panicking over -- -- a good story. It was so sweet on the list -- sweet -- -- about it it's a day like today the question are from on this show absolutely. We'll talk to chuck and -- all your phone calls here 12 week we spent a lot of time on the the potential -- Ryan now I I told Lou earlier today if I get -- top. Ten pick in this year's second round or -- second round. And he was something else minor I would trade Ryan mallet and that means three setting at the back -- quarterback position but I view that as good value turning. The third round pick two years later in Ohio second round pick. Would you do what you think it's likely they trade -- now that. For a second round I would because that represents. A positive return on investment -- big time yeah you took out in the third round. You want something for the time you put in with him to meet him. And -- rated quarterback now I don't know how hole. You're gonna sell teams on him I think it's going to be difficult sell itself for some teams because yeah I -- what are your phrases that they -- Patriots -- exactly he's got sink and patriots Collison said for years and say hey if you work for Belichick and Brady kept -- nose clean. Why wanna work for -- got to be something there -- wealthy that plus the fact that he threw for 8000 yards in three years the college. I think in a gross system exactly when perpetrated at the level of quarterback play across the lead right now. I think you could get some teams to buy into -- however I think that something might balk at the idea given but now -- that but I think that's. There's a real good chance that delegates move before the start of the I think he's the most treatable I think he's -- single most treatable chip. On this rock but not necessarily today not necessarily today how it would always equal and -- Saturday. -- 0740. Earlier third round pick. The -- -- -- I thought were right up put that right now I wouldn't give up anything less than it at this point if you goes out there in the pre season. Lights it up. If he hasn't been novel pre season looks good through the annual looks good summer. You know -- skeleton work out some kind of deal that we orbiting building process is only the record is that we don't at this point you could convince some more teams often. Yes yes I think all she Mike Lombardi up -- Cleveland you know there's -- enough connection there with around here and a lot they don't have a second round pick. They get the 68 pick ethic in the third round now it was 74 made its undervalued that. Maybe there's some speculation that committee next year's second round pick and say like a fourth or fifth. This year organic humble you could get a com politics I think for you if you if you came out and said. -- look at media annually -- -- to four or 54 you know down the road. I think -- represent positive -- but I think what the patriots are looking at right now look we spent a third round pick on this -- were -- one week we spent two years with them. Two years in our system we helped groom him and make him what we needed medical rated quarterback. Let's get a second form let's get something positive and be -- Yeah -- to a one of what you two thoughts in an AFC east because when you look at it. Dean Miller it jets take him ninth corner already in New York Post. Basically this in the next readers which. Is adjusting for the cat no pressure to rush out and Richardson defensive tackles legal defense. Buffalo raised a lot of eyebrows EJ -- the first. A fascinating picked that -- a fascinating -- policy and I just I think there's a lot to like about -- -- one word but I don't think that he's a first round pick I think that's. He brings a really unique skill sets the table in our wrote this back right off the come buying. I think if you look at for the next Colin tapper nick got this draft. I think he has a -- it's a chance to be that guy announcing he's going to be I -- you -- -- -- skill -- cubicle would bring to the table you communal came to that guy you need to -- for -- And in my Miami continues aggressive offseason equal to three. And a lot of people ahead did the diet drug -- Floyd at predict a lot of people had him at three of the moves up -- -- thus there -- Johnson was not that a lot of people thought that need that offensive linemen they go there. No they go -- -- on Jordan. Have a situation pass rush just so -- you know it. Mr. Cameron Wake the young Jordan Dick trying to beat -- the patriots. Yeah I will say this did did Miami which really aggressive in its clear -- Jeff Ireland is working on a plane to him down there. Working with the idea of -- regular playoff team this year like what they're doing like the direction that the going. Their -- -- in -- and -- passed it really -- I'll say that but they meet -- real interesting additions I just. My biggest fear is that the ownership down there will blow it up if -- -- make. Kaposi's you know waited there it is exactly -- if they if they happen impatient ownership which had the past -- They're gonna wanna move on if they don't win twelve teams and yet reached the conference finals this year. Just let it grow trust the process let the team Bree Austin team building approach that they have in place. And maybe a year to go on the road they'll be legitimate. Your calls at 6177797937. Chuck is in California and chuck. Yet they don't want -- -- actually -- that's -- -- morning out there can hit you a duck and not the captain -- it -- defensive backs. As anyone even brought Arafat are on Matthew's name. Yes -- you know what chuck we've got more text about the honey -- today. And any other player available. And you want and the draft dimmed today in the second round as -- -- open for. You think -- get value -- her bra think about Indian it -- It's a suspect in the draft -- be yet and second or third draft. Relentless so is John growing group in the last night -- in -- went back in -- it why don't we take it as I honey -- he's got a YouTube video. He -- the best corner in a market in the draft psychiatrist got a -- go up and let him go back and forth then. I go back and forth on the new vector man I I I I think that if any team is gonna take a chance on him. I think it's going to be this one I don't think he's I don't think he's higher in their draft boards in the second third round maybe if you lasted for the fourth yes. How -- the Columbine has has talked about the comics you'd be amazed as to how slight he has. You talked about a guy who's 5970. Something pounds. Who's really a slot corner -- projects -- the slot corner in the NFL in you don't necessarily go out and get slot corners. In the second round of the draft -- were looking for slot corners third fourth you know that's not a high value position. At least on the you know the first second third round maybe if you sit there on the fourth round I think -- he needs to do ultimately he has talent he's talented guy. He needs to get into. A system we have some accountability and discipline got a ghost in New England goes to let's -- the giant Oakland -- For exam yeah exactly -- open he's going to be -- he's been spinning off. -- Asked if you talk about it he's obviously good football player -- -- special teams and deprive from a slot corner and he'd be fine. It's the all the -- -- -- where he's admitted I was suspended. X a lot of times I enjoyed marijuana more than idea of football and that's different right I've heard this argument that. You'll bill takes these guys who fail a drug test. I think his love for we'd. Is a little bit different dispelling one drug -- he's failed multiple drug tests and he is proven to be on reliable for a college program. -- as money real money in the NFL he's -- passion for something you know. You don't have the luxury. And really you go to the luxury which you don't take a second or third exactly he's not a guy. Who you should consider part of your nucleus party reports he is a guy who. -- special teams value. -- is a slot corner is a nickel corner can work in some different packages but is not going to be a guy who's gonna be on the field for 95% of the. Is there. In the nick Satan is draft is over. -- BAA shocking pick position wise will. Well look they draft a safety surprise you if they draft. A running back shocked Q if they draft they've run stopping in that linebacker. Stop you. A shot you're running back. -- -- a running back would be surprising I think that that you go down the line and you look at their draft approaching their draft history. The always give one pick to Dante Scarnecchia so you're always no matter what the depth is on the offensive line you're gonna get an offensive -- The always get a quarterback either in the -- around there's an undrafted free agent you know they beat us they subscribe to that philosophy having too good when the noise bring in someone in here. When there's a camp are what so you look at the wide variety guys if they're they're probably gonna bring a big body. You know a defense of -- ideal little bit surprised if they brought in an inside linebacker because -- -- seem to be. Fairly well. Boris speak at -- covered yeah well what's your -- -- yeah exactly a team Fletcher and I know that one of the big topics this offseason is and you bring in -- Linebacker who -- -- -- and chuck yeah -- is what you get it right it would shut integrate outside I didn't running back you know some of those six division guys. -- -- wouldn't surprise at all and asked if I expect their defensive back who completes some corner in some seat. I think if he brought in a pure safety. That would surprise according to safety -- yeah recordings. The two positions are running back -- and tight and it will be complete overlap with what -- -- at anything else. You could --

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