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Did David Ortiz's "potty mouth" cross a line? The audience is divided

Apr 22, 2013|

We talk about David Ortiz and the "This is our F'ing City" line from Saturday at Fenway. Most are okay with it, but some are not. We debate whether it crossed a line, and whether it was okay to do so in this instance.

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-- says David Ortiz after. Cursing at Fenway Park and on us and -- on WE EIL wants the FCC. Said it was from the heart the FCC. Said it was from the hard and that they stand with the big poppy in the city of Boston and yet I would I would bet. I -- fifty dollars. A 10050. That the guy who sent their tweets from -- Well he was born in Brooklyn the head of the SEC Julius humbling quarter -- born in Brooklyn are always get a house keyboard of Brooklyn but grew up in New York. Born in Brookline -- group company and the FCC former Harvard law classmate of one president Barack. Now the head the FCC Anthony's. He was cool with it and yet unfortunately. With the altered and listen now and -- so -- you cannot -- -- -- warning. You cannot have this conversation. With people if you go to mock. The argument before they even start the argument children argue everybody okay but there's other there's other that you appoint Michael as to whether or not this was the appropriate what -- -- -- -- I'm asking this because I heard it I was listening to it on the radio I instantly image that is here now. And then I got a lot of that text audit that yes it did here what about it -- so not okay in the crowd was intuit. I can see -- say that but being there. And I guess it anybody who has dared tell me you did you feel like. It was out of place for the event the event was let's remember. The people who have helped this recovered let's remember. Those who lost their lives of those who were injured was that that. Was that the space where does seem out of place and I I can't answer that because I wasn't well but but it was two things it was partially. Remembering and and thinking back but also it was starting to. Two to think positively about our city in Boston strong and what that means there was a pep rally feel to it and Ortiz had the big rallying cry. Robs in Connecticut -- assault on. Well are there or -- Yeah I mean I wouldn't call about you know David Ortiz -- and what he said -- dot. All basically what do content onto it hard to explain your child what David Archie said or what's been going out -- -- -- -- -- Some people may feel like these that would -- all the little action at all I'd I'd feel within the -- and I mean it all. I would've done the same thing you know what but then you know you have your kids. Watch you know and everything like that you know if you -- -- mark Richard you know a young boy which are dotted I mean how do you explain that your child in all. Yeah I think. I think -- be a difficult that would be a difficult conversation I think that's much more difficult explaining that the loss of life is such a young gates -- Who's who sees. Who watches TV and see someone -- each may have you're nine years old you look on TV and in an eight year old. Lost his life for yourself and you see an eight year old lost his life Mets and you go to your parents and him back. You ask those questions I'd imagine that's difficult -- fortunately. I was not in that situation -- isn't there are really too young to. Two to understand what -- happened here so that's not a conversation and then out. I guess in theory we're looking for somebody to argue the point that that the first caller there -- that would Ortiz said it was so horrible and hated it. I'll be honest. We're not seeing those on the phone lines Aminu who's got all the full months totally full and I'm looking through all of the calls and almost every one of them is arguing. In favor of water or he did and hard or take some or models but I just again. I think there's going to be some very local mine are what happens with a -- that would -- Greg. I just I don't think there's going to be a whole lot of people who were going to argue against David Ortiz is what he did it really wasn't a big deal it's alcohol at W media David Ortiz is language apparently is. Sending people off the fact that David Ortiz curse. In front of the Fenway Park crowd said this is our belief in city. And no one is gonna take our freedom. Her group of people and I think it's a minority but for group of people. Inappropriate they -- If you wanna have an argument about whether or not it was trashy. As I see text message hearsay AT&T tax 937937. Lives a little trashing OPEC. You want to criticize them and say you know David. A little trashy occurs like that in public get it if he did it all the tiny price be right but. David Ortiz is not trashy and that's not the image I have of Ortiz. David Ortiz spoke from the heart and and at least in the house I was in and I was with couple different generations people reacted strongly and positively. And saying you know what I am right that's exactly how I feel Ortiz added -- I thought he also kind of broke the tension of the moment. And a lot of salt McConnell laugh. At the quote unquote inappropriate use of it quotable I'm a little yes it was it was it was in it was and loved it. It was inappropriate. In general in a vacuum before that situation. For me listening and wasn't there -- -- that for. For me listening I didn't have a problem with it now I don't have a problem with. With. David Ortiz. Saying what he says. I really don't but. And I think also in this is for. This is going to another check mark in the in the column for those who were defending what he says. If if this -- the beginning of the season. This was their first home game of the year. When he comes out he says. A Boston thanks to support and us this year we're gonna win the bleep and American League east. That's one thing with you can't just say. Well he said that in front of 30000 plus people. Consider what had happened the night before and the night before that in on Monday and think about the week. It was -- -- -- holy. It will it was mean. Unprecedented. Situation. In the history. Of Boston kept hearing peoples and the largest crime scene they've ever -- we've never had anything like this. The shutdown of the city the whole thing it was unprecedented so he comes back and they give them a microphone. On the game was canceled the night before because of the manhunt. He comes out and says I'm not gonna let anybody. Do this essentially nobody's gonna do this to -- and our city not live in fear will not be terror. It really summed up as a bonding moments I thought -- so many ways summed up the thoughts of a lot of the idea that there are people out there who who took what I thought was a bonding moment and what the exact opposite way -- that I guess I'm surprised. And I think you're missing the point Jose's in the car hi -- -- Think that's what you thought that. -- discovered an American Dominican. It's unfortunate. That what you say yeah you know but that's -- spoke from the heart and now. I just wanted people get a life app state. I don't even open it was a mistake get a life -- just end it with get a life Jose. -- And that I -- -- which is a lot of Minnesota it was on the bench holiday in great city. You know unfortunately. -- like SA today in all as one Boston. It's about social on the in the I guess they keep that -- get over -- Greg's Winthrop high ground. -- It. Back yeah I think it's slower than struck at -- moment and listen to it -- -- get it. Give a call a charming because I actually talked about this high school teacher and I talked about this -- my classes today because. It's been a good amount of money in between class -- addressing people's. Addressing students and there are. Follow language. Arms perhaps arms and and one thing it's rapid at least in my school is -- work. And I you know -- addressed it every time I hear any of that because. As I -- This surveillance I don't care you know. Ward doesn't mean anything you in the word doesn't mean anything to the person you talked to Britt. Pay attention to your surroundings and there's other people the community you. -- you have to have some self control. And that's one thing that are always talking to them about it so control. Did you think that yesterday was a or did you start Saturday rather. Was that -- that change anything to that changed the were -- make it worse in some -- Well let me -- -- -- I mean I at this point in my life I'm 43 I -- I -- Marcus said don't swear but I rarely swear but it's not like I'm offended by either you know -- -- my choice. When I was a -- yet. The Volvo but win. Wing adults even if I didn't know them as they were in earshot I. We ended up and I agree -- this is a special circumstance and I hope even as an adult I'm not gonna square in front of people I don't know why. -- I agree that that's fine and junior year. Crusade in your school against people using phrases that are insulting to others are more four man and I agree that the problem is we've taken a couple of words. It did start with the letters at Ann Hanson a couple of others and decided that the they have some special meaning. And the -- necessarily hurt by those words nobody's injured by them they do not they're not necessarily hateful. In the problem with some other words that we don't like is that they're hateful 888 connote something really awful about another human being it. They relate back to years of suffering or something else it's truly correct ultra. Does not hurtful this -- does not symbolize hate -- -- does not symbolize anything other. Intense something that a bunch a puritanical decided it was with problematic and or you have into -- the puritans but. We were talking off the year and thank you mind that a series on the here and there are times but if you do a little -- I don't -- -- -- out actors and got another go at it but I think. Do you agree that it do you view. Constant for your parents say it now off and -- and you do you never did as acute right. Off and well. You do it on purpose as acute. What you did you sit down with your parents -- thought the story to about you know the guys -- -- my parents would -- this -- got but I don't I don't. I don't know that I had but I but I would think it and it meant that the the point is. I think you have made the distinction. That there are certain places you'll do it in certain places you'll outside of the. There's that the world and the word class comes up there I think is a -- one of places where things are appropriate to say and other places where there are not in. And and maybe I fall fall into that but the but I still think anyone's irked. Or injured by that language I mean if you wanna say David Ortiz was -- it was a little less than classy. I find my argument that would be. It was the right time to deal that was -- it was not an -- it was like he was at a dinner party cursing -- to record he was he was in the it was the right. The ballgame. He was he was a ball game were everybody was rallying around this. When reasonable well it wasn't a ball game and knows the ceremony. It was a ceremony at at Fenway Park that was a moment without about the game that moment was about. Remembering and honoring. Those who survived. It was but it was also about survived it was all an attack by terrorists there was also a pep rally for this that was going on the I mean it was Bart Bryant who we've talked about this it was there that remember he can do it in the middle of the remembering of the people that had fallen. He did it is at the end that's -- -- let go or drama -- -- defend our city frank is in his car hi frank. -- -- -- -- -- -- For somebody who has electric experience over middle school. Principal and -- grandfather. It is being very narrow minded -- into a learning opportunity. In I have five kids ranging from sixty to -- And that's what -- you -- explain why people achieve that and wife somebody. Words are tracking our city. Exactly that's my center earlier Franken couldn't agree with you more. -- -- -- -- -- actually my -- why -- people are in our country use putted great earlier Michael. I don't know why they do what they do I can't explain it a -- and understand that. I swear I will do all the time but when I do I get people's attention. -- that -- be would try to do is you putting an emphasis ought to either be angry about it when I don't let my children understand. Our. President okay -- -- that it has no Letterman household. He's got that now if we can now doubt no doubt that we really have to listen to him about his. He's gotten to that point -- don't take this. Edit at -- -- -- outcome of matches before this is the greatest job in the world by -- -- -- -- the -- job. -- -- Being on the radio. Custom ordered out of it radio really now. You're too -- because you can't do it there's a here's a block of time. Twenty hours a week where you cannot do it before on the radio because that much. Before I -- kids. Adding -- that much because much around it is they probably hear me when I don't think they can. And obviously no -- on the air. Limited windows in the office. I see Andy. Andy hasn't been. They just make me cut this. Low blow don't look at the -- bad behavior on me. It may it may may I can't help. That's sort of their personalities that's right. Exactly especially -- couple text messages here -- it's not just a word by itself with the fact if you let the little things go it leads to bigger more serious things being let go a lot of our -- down on values and morals is because they slowly let the little things wolf first of all I disagree. Second of all why can't -- Like why does this have to lead to something else other people I'm gonna go to -- in Prague and take a lot of people off the putts I don't know him well. I'd bet you there are people out there who weren't who who have that exact same point of view we cannot let the little things go world's that gonna lead to the big things. -- at the same time have no problem with the fact that this guy was memoranda. I'm sure there are. We can't let the little things go like David Ortiz cursing which harms nobody. But Miranda. I really hate this guy so forget memoranda even though it means something so vital from the bill of rights of our country talk. All I'm just say hands off if you wanna make that distinction between the big things in the little things -- I hope you're consistent on. Well I hope you're consistent -- nine seconds six or 77797937. Salt and only W -- Definitely polarizing. I said most of the understatement. It's possible places annual chemistry you can't walk five feet without here's somebody persons or defense. Now I guess maybe heart of parts of Boston. Sewer while chemistry and Wellesley against me well. No probably not talking about with the cliche. About its funds. The hedge fund money -- talk about my body is talking about my hedge fund money wills in Connecticut Iowa. Well. Will go wants. We'll go to our hey well with me. -- don't that -- -- I -- I had a little corporate world are earlier -- I completely agree viewed on David or Jesus shop you know. Teach kids who isn't isn't appropriate to. It's not. -- and even if he even if he did say something that was deemed inappropriate ticket teaching opportunity to say well it was a unique situation it's not something that we condone all the time. This is something that that occasionally people say to really emphasize a point about how mad they are or how excited they are or how much pain they're in or just the the tension and drama and everything that it bubbled up over the last couple days was unleashed all one time. We should mention also that by the FCC. In essence purposes. SEC really can't do anything. It's cable TV I'm surprised it happened more often like cable. He he could have done something. With the radio. And it was broadcast on on -- and and on with ESPN dubious in -- article simultaneously and how to live but there were they did bleep it out yet on ESPN while Disney. That's who -- the SP yet. So rushed and out there prize -- -- there remotely does it is by the refugee could possibly do. Steve is embossed eyes. Steve turn that rated you down in the old. Sorry but there this was. A lifting guide I just wanted to chime in on this. On well. I guess I'm gonna call it unfortunate. And word. That happened on but I I think it's more bulk respect. And the region land scene that is because. You know that the grandfather. And he had a seven an eight year old there. I can absolutely respect that that's why they have reading the movies then you you you try to Shelby you children. From that had continue to what you got this in you know use it as a learning opportunity that. I think he was upset and I think the point is that. Today you got it's still talking about that on May be kind of glorifying it in -- wouldn't be -- if we just political. I am glorify and I thought it was a great moment Steve I I thought it so perfectly summed up my feelings and even if it was not necessarily. Quote unquote appropriate in general it was appropriate of the moment broke the tension allowed assault a kind of I thought it allowed us to move forward I thought it was great I am gonna glorify. I I think you you were pumped into it and you probably surprise and I am just guessing that you but you need to respect that. Debt gentleman with a seven and eight year old at the same time. I know I got a fifteen month old and soon I'll have a seven or eight year old and at the same time I should have located where we'll bring myself to get angry and dolls I'm -- to cancer that and I just hit you don't put you you okay how about this is ousted the way you don't know what you're talking about because at seven. -- what you think -- do. When your when your kid is seven or eight years old. I mean it's a ridiculous premise you don't know what to do that too and at that point you have no idea. What you're doing a pretty good idea at -- when -- and you don't know I really do. And I thought about that -- it's something I've never thought -- get out about figured you know I've made the same some of them right. Try to prevent you from making the same mistake that I did when before. People would tell me people and tell lies well now I am -- -- People would tell me about parenting situations that I would run into that would list. And then I would run through situations and I'd say okay. I guess they're right I don't know but my oldest is warning half. I don't know how I'll handle certain situations when he suddenly I can think about it but you think about it I think it about it seven years ahead of time. Know your thoughts at this stage completely different in seven or eight years all right my thoughts on on on -- Are not going to change I mean I still have thoughts about what that stuff means. That doesn't mean I'm bringing my daughter to go see those -- rated. -- thought about these things -- I think about them all the time. Because I think their big important questions and and the idea of you know. She's going to be harmed in some way I just I don't see what amendment and I think all but that's going too far that she's going to be harmed in some way I'm at nine point. You just don't know how you'll handle the situation -- have a fifteen month old daughter. Fourteen -- fifteen month fifteen you know fifteen month old daughter so you can tell me. That seven or eight years from now you know exactly what you're gonna do yeah that's that's just a year while you are what do you have a special skill you know what's gonna happen I hate you for. I'm glad you know how to handle it. Instead it just I don't much better that's -- -- -- about how I'm glad you I don't know how the hell you gonna have -- you're gonna and you'll. Our -- in Springfield and the ridiculous. It. -- generator -- was that. -- Gloria. By doing all right. -- wanted to point out in my career -- in my eight years that I now feel about the Red Sox. I don't talk about the Red Sox that you're not going. It. You know I really -- kill anyone that and it take their kids to you know especially to -- -- any part. Is gonna have to realize that you're gonna hear much worse it would be -- said you know in his short time he held the Mike -- it. I would think so but you know according to holly you know we what you think in the morning you may not think by that afternoon taken everything could change eight year hey I think it in the morning but by this afternoon I may have a totally dollars and one that's that's eight hours verses eight years days and Hyde Park -- -- Let's go through the company of or look like outlook and there are just completely dumbfounded by the public opposition so and in this. Second that the rookies you know wearing this hour at the city. Out -- people have forgotten everything we went through the week before. That we celebrated. War are we talking to an hour prior to that speech. It's suddenly became I can't believe they're rookies -- -- It -- -- completely that Dave that's what -- they got big race. Gave a great point that's a great point that you wouldn't think we're sitting here thinking how to get back to normal. You know it's gotta be tough. And some people got back to normal by saying. Oh my god you're -- -- aircraft. It's funny I didn't know anybody even thought that way until I got on the air today -- -- a couple story people on Twitter rice who were upset but I didn't know anybody actually felt that way. I wish I mean I really didn't. I don't I don't know anyone personally who feels that I didn't think he would get to. You know to this to this level of just how would you Michael -- techsters weighing in on him a lot of people call me a horrible person saying -- -- full letter cardinal -- normal person for different reasons to have to do. With profanity distorted out because there you know what on the other things other absolutely right -- I'm right on the profanity thing for the rest of my life kind of evil person Joseph is in April June oh -- about it. We do and I'll throw that everything some horrible person because I don't mind the occasional curse word. Well I can tell you I'm I'm yeah I mean they're pretty opinionated person and I'm split right down the middle on the web. I mean I don't perfectly clear that much I definitely do not like Twitter and employment children. And I believe we all know that the -- in incorrect word. And they obviously anyone who -- you don't see them in certain situations. But in the situation that puppy did I figured it was appropriate and I thought it would separate. But I don't completely wrong on the other aspect on. Children should be taught he children -- -- content -- if need be help accountable and not saying it. Because it didn't -- would you do let mark the end -- will be looking to follow. Do you feel about the Miranda thing welcome -- stop I'm just curious are asking a question. If you let smaller things go where things fall how do you feel about the -- that were left off the hook their what you gonna keep -- I'm just asking the question. -- of more than one and into. The other welcome Mary in the late ought not getting our own Gideon. You'll probably won't lie and it didn't believe what -- at the time they believe that a lot of a lot of them not to do that went a lot of -- -- You don't all of a lot that did believed that it would do I want the I want that. Well unless lawyers able to convince a judge down the road that they shouldn't have done that that they interpret the long correctly what -- -- -- -- -- -- up for interpretation -- -- that's the issue is that is that -- it's still up for interpretation -- -- I don't necessarily think they -- -- -- by the -- I just think that. For everyone out there who's who's she and half. Forgets -- Murray and they only act arms these people are horrible they just deserve to die immediately. Well look I think all of those things too but that's why you have -- and in place. To prevent us from from overreacting at times out that this would be there would be but it prevents us from from doing the same thing. Every situation and I would see you you've asked a couple people that. The couple people that questioned me and neither of them. Use the easy answer. There's hypocrisy. And we're most of us are hypocrites so if I think one thing. About language and I -- another thing about screw his right he has no rights. And forget about. You know going through -- process if I feel. You really if you'll forget due process now and it wasn't a bit of they felt that way if -- if if you were trying to trip them up on that I would -- does come back on the hypocrisy argue they are being -- Awful if if if there's a double stay right -- -- you'll recognize they did hypocrisy that's -- dead they did horrible things. And have a different elements in the -- go to break. There is a lot of people in Cambridge. Who were talking about how -- knew these guys you've. And they were -- you know they were nice guys there was one guy on Twitter lucid and speaking of inappropriately which went on Twitter -- No matter what happens that's still my -- That's you know term of endearment for John Hall are gorgeous car. Pete you told -- report. These people -- consider this. He was in Cambridge. He was in Cambridge. And if he's telling do. It did -- ask you on Monday if you are going to the marathon like your voice your ports you can be quantity it to be a Boston tradition. We asked if you want to marathon. It give you a heads up. That you know maybe you shouldn't go to America know these people are crazy when they say all he was my friend he was not your friend. It was not your friend I don't think it's that complicated to figure out you know what happened. It was -- it was a farce it was a charade he was playing. Everybody. That we're playing people we do you think he was always playing casual thing. I barely know that I guess I don't know that we don't know why we know that. Because as we look at his Twitter account -- it was very friendly you know the constraints -- Perry's. If if this -- these people like I've known for many years and I never saw this coming go back when he was going to was high school. To work out with his wrestling as former teammate at that same time. That was three months ago if you look at his FaceBook page. Three months ago. He's going to is high -- saying hi and he's being friendly to everybody at the same time. He's got these jihadist. Post. -- page. Wake up. -- was just a superficial relationship. For him to get what are you won it. To get to this point. That person Jerry Mike up next alcoholic WEEI.

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