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Dave Wedge, Boston Herald, Joins Butch and Bradford to Update us on the Latest on the Boston Marathon Bombing Investigation

Apr 21, 2013|

Dave Wedge calls Butch and Rob and gives us all the latest on the capture of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and the ongoing investigation, what the next steps in the case will be, and any potential ongoing threats for the city of Boston.

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Sports Sunday live from Fenway Park I'm Butch Stearns and for Dale Arnold along with -- rob Bradford. Lot of questions. Going forward now. That nineteen year old Joseph -- society -- has been. Arrested and is in custody in remains -- believing critical condition in a Boston hospital. The case against him. The aftermath were left to deal with a lot to talk about and we're joined right now on the line by. Dave wedge. Of the Boston Herald Dave rob Bradford and which -- how are you. Order order it did -- well -- Let's start with the the suspects and the latest with him is he still in critical condition you know. I think he's in serious condition is what I call racially and he. You know what I'm older cities -- heavily should gated in and out of consciousness and I -- under heavy guard you know this is over -- hard to imagine. You know local and we need this guys -- -- snap out of trying to escape so this who has. Doesn't that pops a little hospitals fortress. You know the Senate's all -- question is sort of -- So that he is awake and looser and it's important election you -- a lot of questions going forward. I would actually in New Bedford where they they -- -- couple of people other friend is on immigration violations of -- what was going on there. What they actually belongs where you -- in the fire at the police you know they had at least six bombs that are including. At least one that you -- the pressure cooker type bombs that were used in the marathon textual. You know what what was called on it and we shall never got it that's what happened earlier and I can't square where. There was some sort of -- around Olivia and three people that were taken into custody and and that's kind of just fall off the -- What's the corpus so I think gave it a lot going on right now they're federal investigation. When Dave when you look at obviously who we don't know for sure how this is gonna transpire by. What do you think this is their realistic timetable for this or is it just going to be a long -- what we saw this last week. Where. They don't have to give some time tables can be a methodical investigation. And it will go from there. Yeah I I think they're you know I think that there -- The feds are preparing to protect they released the pictures. And said these are the guys. I think eight. Probably have pretty good evidence as it is so I would expect the -- it happened quick. I think it will charges very quickly and I think we see possibly even something this week as our chargers go. It is in the -- shall. You know. Well look at -- if you look at some of the federal -- -- of the federal terrorism trial date date and ambled along pretty quickly they don't want these people. Honest. You know sit around and and it will just wondered -- -- -- they wanna bring people just. They when you talk about the score back to the FBI for a second while. All of us are taking comfort in the fact that he's in custody. And you mentioned in and it's in your article today one of your -- many articles and Harold. That they've arrested two people and taken him into custody on immigration violations in New Bedford. Clearly the FBI behind the scenes cannot afford to say that this is over by any means. Well yeah -- you know way if you read read shortly never won on the record as saying you'll get there you know and in other folks say on the record you know these that you guys to root ball. Don't want saying there's definitely don't want all involved. I'm in the broader scheme of things but it hardly marathon bombings. So the official I talked to -- record as saying that these that you guys are old law that said. I'm just very -- they dictate to people into custody in New Bedford. You know sure that the care -- are looking beyond you know. I I don't know at all I mean. I really don't know ought to know how many people are all the other all right -- -- trying to find out a contributor and Chicago -- was -- another attack planned. So it's it's so it's definitely a wide open investigation right now I'd say that every federal agent in. You know in this country is really working. David -- this in this week we're all remember different things a lot of different things. What are some of things there are gonna strike you the most from your perspective as someone whose government. Well. I mean obviously. And right in the middle of restraint and -- -- Mosul there. Shortly after the bombing happened to you all to remember that in the chaos and capital there and partner you know the folks I talked to the media after the and then. I was so they're all night on monsters in higher actually yesterday after -- Porsche on collier was ambushed while those cowards -- those out there -- maybe in Watertown. While that was going on and I mean -- Personally I'm on my personal experience and remember this year that was going on of that whole neighborhood among. -- Arts. In the media and in the residence that it would just the fear and uncertainties that. They could have been a ball around any corner and nobody knew this -- -- and you know there's just. Like you know just rolling. Condoleezza. National armed police vehicles armored police vehicles and -- some producer real loose with nothing on the scene and I'll remember that up -- immunity at the DA what it would not to mean the most to lose in this. Just unilateralism. Outlaw these firefighters in the skies and police officers and the doctors and nurses or accounting or just a regular people like -- and it probably -- to. If there was a lot of last seen -- and I think I think -- from all over arching message to you know for missing is that. -- could -- you know 304050 people that the there was doesn't the last scene because absolutely people that it had courage to stick around health. Element into what they would do or an age ECD. Loving people of medical training and unfortunately a lot of those people who write a machine and can't initiate a lot of Latin -- We're talking to Dave wedge of the Boston Herald confined amend. It's David dot wedge at Boston Herald dot com people wanna reach outdated and it's David wedge on Twitter. And Dave wedge WE DGE. A Mench did in your take on going forward now. The level of prosecution here and the case on the three levels federal state and local level -- you write him when he or articles today. You know Middlesex County for example Watertown and Cambridge are planning to press possible cop killing. Charges it's like you know everybody for the right reasons is gonna want a piece of this guy and a piece of what went on with this then of course there's the hole. You know this is the United States she deserves a fair trial. The the Miranda rights aren't red as you write about today which which allows the defendants. To take a different tack it can you talk us through the three levels and how this is gonna play out over the next couple weeks. Schobel all the federal -- -- obviously take precedence and you know since the Patriot Act -- 9/11 you know that the rules change when something is deemed terror attack. There's this kind of the rules -- obviously heavily favored entry of the government's we can kind of do what they want to be the first and still have to retrofit trial public. -- Question and that's what this country is different rules were basically defense you can a good angle sort. Great breakthrough on -- from the jump into the charges. As a terrorist. If they decide that's what we need to be charged with probably some sort of masculine. -- and then the locals could charge him with a weapons violations or things like -- as I mentioned this story today Middlesex counties are saying. We're gonna file charges of crimes that happened in Middlesex County. Which would beat -- murder of -- on collier shooting in the MBTA crop of discharging of weapons at all those options Watertown to a -- explosives. And carjacking. Arm postings caller you know life in prison. Crimes at state level. Whether or not it'll have a -- goes to trial. Goes but we obviously Amy Bishop. Who was the one that I'm. I'm terrible achieved. Yeah she's from Braintree in my hometown and she killed two -- teacher down in Georgia right. Right and she got federal or -- death penalty -- down there. And then -- and state charges he so -- -- multi jurisdictional thing you see a lot. It's really just trying to cover the bases you know. I'm but I would suspect potential primarily dispute federal -- -- peace -- -- -- important state trial. -- -- I'd be in in regards to. When you look at our -- did you get a chance to that they kept the game yesterday at all the -- -- I -- I -- I've been pretty much. Worked in around the clock around. No I and I understand that you've I try to see the opening thing and of course like you know senate senate election -- poppies. You know that's iconic moment in the battle forever be at Boston -- you know. Well that's -- as far as McKenna asking is that as -- as not necessarily reporter -- someone who's losing grain in this community around here. How what are your feelings about it I mean it's it's hard anytime you cover anything you have to kind of take is a different sort of angle at different sort of viewpoint. But have you had a hard time. -- use of cutting doing that being measured about it or has -- driven you more to find out the facts and find out what's going on find out what will go on. Well you know. I have to like enemies and neutral reporting when it. You know this is the city where I live -- -- reason. Here -- it just occurred to columnists that heralded. -- we will live to the city through our entire lives since. Sort -- not to have not. For -- not to take it personally but I try to leave that recital they won't do much reporting but when you're in the middle of -- fire lately with some guys trying to kill police officers -- going to be a ball around any corner. You know -- can't become part of the story -- you are you know you're there I'm not mr. applicable. You know. You know my car was trapped in the conference in the crime scene for hours the other days before the caption this. So you know I am upset. I was I was happy they -- the guy it was I was it was a real emotional you know because. A lot of people -- -- it without -- occurred -- -- my daughter. We put out there all the time when I go to Starbucks all the time we go to the Apple Store in -- And that's still that's -- how it's it's. Really disturbing amount -- -- Old street shut down -- just you know I just took my daughter she's thirteen and a leader Dunkin' doughnuts for breakfast and it took -- a memorial and she was scared should -- seated but they wanted to see it. What I really wanted to see was. You know police officers and firefighters. Out -- guarding him. Let -- know what's out there who is not a -- more taxpayer. Election over what -- it watchable for. It goes a long winded answer I'm very upset personally about what would it. To -- notebook can leave from the -- a discredit to the facts we emotional. We're talking to Dave wedge reporter for the Boston Herald. You mentioned boils to street in downtown there touching article in The Herald about. How you know the local businesses that are down there as you mentioned it's a memorial scene right now but they eventually need to get back to work. There's marathon sports LensCrafters the forum bar that. Sugar haven't which by the way I treated this article out -- I forget his name right now but there's you can go to my tweets and see it. Was an article the other day. By gentlemen for Sports Illustrated. Get his name in the next break who took his thirteen year old daughter to Fenway Park eight year old daughter excuse me. Last year there were first game went to sugar have -- -- when all the bombs and if you gotta read this article. It is he did a follow -- What are -- guess it is an out of phenomenal look article because. He just talked about the whole experience like many of us who've been there said he could have been there and all his daughter wanted to nose of the people which -- -- were okay. Would cause they could seed in the background and all the news coverage but the question is about all those businesses and going forward as his written in one of the articles in The Herald. There is terrorism insurance but most companies don't take. So can give us some insight into that you know the funds that are coming in of course most of it's going to the victims. In the Stanley what about the local business is Michael Ross has commented in several stories about how the city and try to help out how to big contract. Yeah I mean you know that is the mayor to look shall be its opposition that's part of it is. Hasn't practiced. Seized approach to get respectable in the first phase. -- -- -- And the second is it is helping these victims get that this services that they need you know the same legal access the rich it's Italy. Devastated you know if you know it must -- look at -- daughter now -- -- -- And -- and -- six. And it mother and now that it's got some serious injuries and it's unclear how. She's going to be going forward -- -- family that is gonna need all sorts servers from from making or maybe kept accessible. To simply. Financial and help promote its -- father goes back to work through this you know -- particularly after the hearing so. All these things -- going online donors again and ask the iconic moment. That in Dorchester capital in 2000 people there in the middle of the night and you know I -- in Dorchester you know not far from people in. You know those. People helping decently so that's seen students stage three is what I don't know where people. Most businesses forum at all you mentioned children and employees. The -- paycheck to pay their bills and see if it -- so we got to find a way to get those people back to work. Some point obviously to the FBI crime so we can just open up the steps aren't idiots when -- drinks but. It's gonna happen at some point so the city -- CO we do that. Indian remarkably peaceful it may be a combination of federal state and local -- and maybe it's some sort of you'll understand how to get through this time. And I think. In the long and what you have -- people need to go back -- patronizing businesses. And on and help mode everybody's got to do what they can. You know what kind of upset at me from talking like Russian -- glory days. He'll -- because no coverage for terrorism to me this is almost criminal itself. You retail money for insurance or terrorist attacking you know congregants just boggles the mind. Gave continued. Who will the following your stuff he's doing a great job an easy job -- that's a story like candle other. Good luck and rescue coverage of the final thought from you is -- to go on and on what might be coming up next or something surprising to people are or whatever. Yeah well you know I'd just like to say that I think you know I'm I'm proud of that Harold. In what we've done and I'm also proud of the global I think is done some great -- and probably most of media that cover this item I'm I'm also very crowded. You guys -- Sports Radio the other stations I think. You know -- was -- a lot of class on your part. You know you don't want to get that looks are important what. You guys really realized how old you know how much of an impact this thing happened I think you that -- coverage has been great and it's an. On normal times so. I think it won't really pulled together and we just need to continue to do this -- forward. So it assail anyone's healthcare listen just it is anyways can help. The people who -- impacted by this letter to business sir I am here. Or on school you know there's a church Trinity Church schools -- -- -- any -- can help slightly altered picture. Our Dave banks are based -- okay Dave wedge of the Boston Herald again you can find him. And his coverage in the Harold and you can find him on Twitter at Dave wedge WE DG exports Stearns it's rob Bradford. Sports Sunday on WEEI live from Fenway Park continues after this.

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