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John Ryder Celtics Rewind Knicks Defeat the Celtics in Game 1 in New York

Apr 20, 2013|

John Ryder discuss the Celtics loss to the Knicks today in the latest edition of Celtics Rewind. Boston had 20 turnovers and only 25 points in the 2nd half. The Celtics need to step up the offense moving forward.

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You know what I think this just tells the story right here sums it up. One simple sentence or a statistic. Celtics made seven shots. And turn the ball over eleven times in the second half. That's him right there. Yeah I take. In some listed it's. Simple way of what he had but that ends up being a loss for the Celtics -- 44 quarter point to 85 to 78 the knicks take game one of this opening round playoff series. John -- back with the -- and Celtics rewind we take you out until 8 o'clock. At 6177797937. Text line is a ranking UTT tech slide 37 937. -- after this. Up Celtics lost today I mean will be Carmelo is the Jack for the most party -- -- 36 they made him work for -- and who's not more than what you what you got his final assist. Randy the final bucket of the gave. I would put it inside to Kenya -- and can you Morton was a factor today. A guy that many teams according to Celtics had a shot at. Getting. And they were looking for guard at that point scouring -- in March and ends up going to the knicks he's spent time before playing with Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith in their nuggets days. Anymore it was a factor last year in the playoffs for the clippers in their first round win over the Memphis Grizzlies actually rematch of that that's the stories of what can afford to have been looking -- this knicks Celtics series and I still think this is is this is going to be a series that. -- is a grind it out. Top parred five physical series that will go at minimum six games if not seven. It's and just get you more Jason Terry over five. -- for seven from the floor. The Celtics bench. Courtney Lee was I was terrible. Especially you never ever premier alertness. You -- this in. Basketball -- to get guys I think that the mics on in the producers. But there. Some of them here at some the sound of an out of their little -- done two things that they're going to equate. By the year. -- right well. -- -- you just can't roll on and on. The other end to the board. On the -- him for the hustled here. And it try to save that position but. Put it went right to Kenya Morton now is a key play because that was the fifth file. I'm Kevin Garnett so or rather fourth foul and an end -- being a three point play and at that point 7270. Knicks' lead. All right now let's get to the cause here's Richard Robinson rich. -- -- -- -- Well for me. -- -- -- who. -- -- who were killed. That marathon in twelve good ones who were injured when. Are in our prayers. Well then. -- could have easily covering. -- -- Prison. Will -- get them you know he's. Because his -- Norton threw them. And don't mean we. -- We've been very good villain. Vigilant in terms of you know when we're at events could all be keeping our eyes open. -- -- -- Been going on around -- book. Think that's important to. People who have. -- until. They can. Would the -- security. -- our country. No question. Mean -- -- ever one would echo those sentiments and it's been an extremely trying. Week here and in the city of Boston. And say the least I mean. -- would have -- about the red and they. Well first they weren't comfortable with felt like we do hope that they'll certainly cut down on the turnovers. They better computing in the rough that period you know. About the red one who is. First cookbook from Lackey. Is that hopefully not as. Periods have been used as an entry as they. They -- it looked as you know when he was walking off the mound and I know he'll be back he's on the fifteen day DL right now it's a biceps strain of had cited its he's not done for the year it's not going to be any type of surgery well good. And. As far as like Andrew Bailey is concerned. And you know -- talk about welcome. You know and all star break or perhaps wasn't. As they wouldn't trade in the mean. Look like so far you know that there Bailey seems to be easy. That are closer to. I've beaten him in and -- Well shaky today shaky in his last one Troy Henry and -- it before going on the DL with a hamstring injury. I don't think that right now they're gonna deal either one of those guys because who knows which one's gonna end up being in the closer. I mean they they -- you go back and forth with those guys thanks for the call. Might be the case. -- and looks like one of the strengths for the Red -- of those and and -- I didn't really watch much of the red -- my eyes were focused and went beyond the Celtics. Know that the Red Sox have the dramatic win today 43 over the royals Daniel novel with a three run -- buckles was great and and Bailey with a with a shaky ninth for his third save but. Mostly of this is Celtics rewind this was a playoff game after -- I -- Red Sox are rolling which is terrific winners of seven in a row went off with twelve and -- store. Eight in you know you can make some of those caused -- who wanna get into the celtics'. In this loss today. To the New York Knicks at 61777979. B 370 to text us at 37937. -- wanna bring up his name I think that you could gather where I was going with this. At the start of the show in terms of turnovers and pressured the ball and cutting up those passing lanes this Dexter says we're all the Rondo waiters. A way to get. When he won -- reserve Rondo was at -- point did they win this -- -- Rondo -- is their bodies not on an event to play with him for quite awhile now. And -- for. Team was galvanized got together. But well ask the ball is much different and we saw I even heard anyone. Do the Celtics shows over the last month. Anyone. Bring up their better. And that's with the knicks ended up doing forcing those turnovers the Celtics do not have. We know that they do not have that conventional point guard. And that's this other trying to use so multiple ball handlers to initiate the operates in the pierce had six turnovers today he's gonna be counted on so many times Avery Bradley ended up with four turnovers but some of those -- -- jurors -- and those were passes -- passes. That the knicks were picking up. Jeff Green had six turnovers and -- for those. In the in the second half after having a big explosive. First -- -- green was attacking aggressive. I think more than you could ask for and expect from Jeff Green in the first -- diapers had to be pleased with that -- pretty quiet in the second half the of the celtics' overall in particular in the fourth quarter were extremely -- Couple above other texts. Here. We'll -- thanks as always my goal is they heat. And help. Got to get past the next year I don't ever wants to see another match up with the Miami Heat. It's about -- separated Jennings is saying that Milwaukee's gonna win that series. Yes I think we would like another shot at that. Unfortunately just being a realist here unless something extraordinary or crazy happens in terms of an injury I. I don't see the edit anyone not enough of my beat him I hope I'm wrong would that. A couple of messages here on Twitter. -- -- Ion. Look at forty what was in -- -- -- thanks Nixon father time too much first -- -- father time really was it was. Jason -- the oldest player on the court forty point I study was really the unsung hero of today's game for the New York Knicks along with the the veteran. Kenyon Martin of the questions -- him or his knee is pretty good out here at age 35. Kevin Garnett was rusty and offensive -- defense was there. -- -- pretty good -- -- it's going to be 37 next month the terms of that value with him in -- -- up pierce and Garnett have to be -- in this series but they have to have some of these other guys step -- they got Jeff Greene to step up. Overall I don't even with the -- turnovers I don't think he was an extremely terrible game. That fourth quarter was it was it over the fourth quarter was. Pressing and sloppy basketball is a sloppy start to the second half -- absolutely stagnant. On offense in the fourth quarter those troubles. Flowed over from the regular season into the post season in particular at the end of the game today and we see that throughout the later ports of the regular season. -- 6177797. -- 37. And you can text this is always had 37937. -- the long lines will be back after -- the 92 break. Now Bill Clinton did against Boston most severest missed shots he normally makes. Jeff Green speed I don't know that's all -- JR Smith scores off the window -- that was right that outlook. What you are does to a lot of people that would disable this sense it will. This golf to win this big swing in the pressure mounting on New York now -- -- platform. Aggressive Jeff green's good Jeff -- and the and overall it yet polite ways government Jeff Green but not what you saw from the celtics' overall in the second half an 85 to seven in -- the knicks game one of their big round playoff series. Today New York -- writer with the Celtics rewind 617779. 937. And he -- Texas AT&T -- landed 37937. I get a feel. And -- -- others who die hard passionate. Celtics fans out there I just get a feel. I'd like to hear your thoughts on this but. That the Celtics fans. Or at least Boston bids are kind of tune it out so looks -- they have notion. They have no chance here they're gonna lose this series. I'm not gonna go anywhere this is in this and this might be very well the last run -- his group. We will know we'll see if Kevin Garnett ends up retiring what happens -- all -- years of following this season. But I just have a feel here and I know it's just gave one. That. Judging by tax and other things and I've kind of had this field throughout the later portions of the season that people of kind of who in the celtics' you just feel like all right. They have no shot -- a good run good six year run while it lasted but now it's over -- And I don't think the something's going to be NBA finals. They probably. And tag Tony could very well lose his first round series get knocked out in the second round as well. If they end up surviving the next. A lot of question marks -- this team. And we knew that heading into the post season. They've got to get more Jason Terry has had a rough regular season and he had a rough game one he's got to do better in game two Courtney Lee. I did not play well today all peers do all that he could deal with some ill advised threes at times. But overall I. A good job for mount yours today. I -- Bradley was more up and down. That he looked at him grabbing ten rebounds and some good defense. On Carmelo Anthony. I agree you'll take his game Kevin Garnett. The defense that he ended up -- the knicks -- not a great rebounding team was 4040. In terms of rebounds but. What the killer was with the knicks grabbed ten offensive rebounds compared to the Celtics for -- offensive rebounds that problem by. A good portion of those I would bet five of those ended up coming -- in the fourth quarter for the net. According to. My notes to editors one stretch there -- images the turnovers killed an ominous was only. Even after a fifteen -- knicks run this -- 78 Q 74 game with 540. -- ago. New York head -- four offensive rebounds at that point already in the fourth quarter according to my notes. And they went with Jason Kidd Kenyon Martin Carmelo Anthony. JR Smith the Raymond Felton. Down the stretch and would also was a killer was Kevin Garnett that pit stop maybe bringing him in a little bit earlier and just taking your chances because then it. Celtics had to go really small there. And they -- those three guards and their different stretches of this game I wonder if Doc Rivers. The next. Goes at all with Chris Wilcox you emperor's treasures here Shavlik Randolph to -- -- get some rebounds and also even just -- -- Some of these guys mellow in. And can you more inside. I'd let's get to the phone calls -- go down Austin, Texas. It says all I care is that correct. Hey have you got your man might say your name right all here. Yeah that's right -- and he can it. What's on the I just want to call independent like I don't know the time right now relate take a look at other options besides JP and Courtney Lee and yeah I'm still kind of frustrated and these guys that feel like they've been under achieving all he's been and then it just happened again -- and you know what what can we do besides playing these guys and given them big minutes it. A panel here but I just and seeing their contribution -- It's not been enough if they even had you know it seems like a fair game you know we might even had a chance to win the games by all the turnovers. You know on this one and what you guys think about alternative to them minorities and then. Yeah -- know much now much in terms of alternatives maybe see some more minutes out of Jordan Crawford. If he has his offense going a mimic he stretches of his offense that played eleven minutes didn't -- to shot. Courtney Lee his defense has been there -- like the tandem of Lee and Bradley. -- their defense now every Brett Avery Bradley. I think that his offense that is shooting woes did that today it was good -- seven out of four team but I think that's that -- defense. For points of this season especially. -- -- of port of the season Jason -- getting it going he can get Terrence Williams got a -- up over from China. Former first round pick but. This is a guy no playoff experience that they plan more for him next year. There's not many options you look at that they've got to get more out of bottom line they've got to get more out of -- Terry. Absolutely agree you know enough. No I think put in Shavlik Randolph you know my hope they're struggling with -- rebounding all game and if you offensive rebound you know. You know probably couldn't turn the game four of six point man who would have had a shot dumpster yeah I just think I mean it was as simple as. Rebounding -- from -- is the given the -- a second chance opportunities was a killer but I think that the Celtics on offense in the turnovers from an -- that that was it right here in a nutshell and in the second half and they also miss him a couple shots. In the first -- thanks for the call. Is Robert in Belmont they Robert. Hi this -- that we were. Previous caller points and also want to stretch your point of a lot of the sell their faith or tuning out but I'd like to remind those. So that we know we came within eight minutes of beating Miami games set them flashier. This a little bit from him. -- but. We almost Needham. I just like. This seems a little more slack after that we -- boss them. Clearly KGB's drops DGA she's a little rusty. Don't give up -- but I'd like I would like to see. I have a little more faith in the bench and I think we have not believe in their well offseason going small ball we might want to put. Then why am trying to match up against. Yeah I don't take much out of the regular season with the knicks drop in three out of four. And that and that. Last match up against New York one of -- Final match of the one at home. At the garden at the TD garden the Celtics did not have Paul Pierce did not have Kevin Garnett that game I -- Now there's this one was really you know if you look at one of those games there was extremely early in the season. And in that game the that was the game that the Celtics ended up winning in there was there was no Roger on Rondo and it -- an -- -- I'm Rhonda now obviously but I don't take too much out of that. I do think there's some flaws on the -- sent to your beatable. I think the Celtics can play good three point defense I think they did a good job. Clogging the middle of the name Tyson Chandler doesn't look like the same player and it's and it -- that can benefit the Celtics. But in the playoffs you're out. You shorten those rotations maybe doc Gibbs Shavlik Randolph a couple of minutes and sees what he does or Chris Wilcox. And it's he's with you do they're able to do maybe gives -- A little more run try to get some more offense out of this game. -- or richer all right thank you for the call Robert let's go down to South Florida. It's were ideas they'd be. And I do enjoy -- men are you. That's some good. -- -- always you know in a playoff series. Game one and gained a local team. You wanna deal of talent you log gains even know we really know and export content it was sees what kind of your game. And I did and we let you let it wants to -- and I mean admitted. A mixture of -- it and we just could not slam the door and I do I know we're not going to the finals we're not winning the championship but in the off will adopt luster was here where I mean. I know you can carry going to be there with good way and deserved it and I mean this. We ought to give it to replace Ray Allen are. He's a big shot maker of all he needs he he. -- wore a picture of what is now he gets -- to get. Weigh in if he does I mean it was. Party of war all its points noodle I mean debt. That's embarrassing and -- -- PH has to be a -- today meanwhile in your -- We could assign that got him -- if they're not -- a group -- -- that. People need to think we'll talk more confused. He's sixteen he's got let me give you some rebound and maybe -- you are -- are now lol all. -- -- -- and caring or in these guys and we continue being this is good you five games. -- I -- people you know I. Yet that the bench points 33 to four and I know that stands out quite a bit but JR Smith is really is starting late starters minutes Kenyon Martin played. Starters minutes and has been a different points this season. If you look at it this way -- -- -- -- Chris Copeland had Tyson Chandler three of the knicks starters 293 points on on one of five shooting Jason Terry Courtney -- over seven now Perry's gonna knock -- some shots. Was over before shooting that rate. That's that's unacceptable. But. It's. It's it's really. The you know that the Smith more than those guys are almost starters so I don't try to look too much into that they they were killers imaging -- What they do in this series really could decide the series. -- won't -- at all. -- I know they call our key mobile -- You think he would. He's been intangible player I mean you VA. At a couple bit. A huge fourth quarter crucial -- early in the game I mean that I got to the -- both Smart player it. Think there was in game that we -- that -- -- -- They have to I'm -- this was a winnable game you wonder how it affects. I think Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and I'm sure getting Garnett will be do these fire and brimstone speeches Doc Rivers is a master motivate her and he'll be doing all he can deal. And jury well but will these guys buy -- what they step off or will they feel the pressure. Because I think the next UMB of front running team I think if you get them down late in the game. And an especially against the rival saw -- they could they could feel it as well. -- also look you have to you to graduate all right thanks so called the good golf. We'll continue here up until like 8 o'clock at 6177797937. And you cannot text us. Bunch of those fallen in at 37937. John -- with his Celtics rewind we take a no eight while the Springfield Europe next. Along with the rest of calls will also be back to. New York here from some of the Celtics players coming up for they are way out of here at eight -- up next after the splash from Christian market.

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