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Brian (son) and Joe (father) Lawlor share emotional story on Boston Marathon bombing

Apr 16, 2013|

Brian Lawlor was minutes away from the finish line when the bombs went off on Boylston street. Brian's parents were waiting for their son to cross the finish line and were just a short distance away from the explosions. Brian and his father Joe join Mut and Merloni to talk about their experiences immediately following the blasts and eventually finding each other a little over an hour later.

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And will continue to get your phone calls and share your reaction to what happened yesterday your stories of what happened yesterday in effect the president. Are poorly can deliver another statement in the White House briefing room and eleven. Thirty. Yesterday was eight. It'll had a four year a very personal of that for the city of Boston. Because in a -- not only a holiday Red Sox game and a marathon and one of the runners in yesterday's 178 Boston Marathon Brian Lawler joins us here Brian it's much -- in Boston -- you. Are already so -- wanna make sure I have this correct and please help me -- you were part of and I'm looking at the picture in a lot of places but. The Boston Globe on com -- they stopped. Literally thousands of runners in the one of the wave that was behind on the first waves behind the two explosions you're one of the runners who were stopped -- correct. Yet other track is who we're approaching that aren't happy -- underneath that bridge commented I kept my head although I'm pretty I had an electric and it went off and. Runner and actually. -- knew what was that report pretty confused. And then we're approaching that down past they're actually bought the cop standing right there and we can't go any further -- analysts pre compute the appointment -- What was what was going through your head at that point that you said you heard what you thought might have been -- -- had gone off with a with a anybody trying to fill UN on on what. What was happening ahead of him. Anyway I asked about cop you know it can I indeed go to the fact that my mom and dad were actually at the finish line now. I'm gonna mention that there are. I explore -- or not. -- by the finish line and I. Pretty much can Aaliyah and on the is there any chance we can finish centuries in the senate now Alison. -- likely so that point in time. I was helped by to call it in on the site at outlets open and -- those. Reductions apple in a lot and to be around Elliot hotel there and -- helped -- -- Very much so. And that what you do then because he's the running you mean you don't have a cellphone your parents are waiting for you to finish line that but he trying to make your way through the finish line like somehow war. We try to do and talk to them somehow. It -- it at that point I said I was without cellphone wallet and using. You know that can help me at that point and I went to LA hotel make an -- more accommodating me. Did you blanket because -- was you know I predict this without anybody completed 25 -- failure at that point you're you know you're ready to complete the Iran. Constantly in the Watergate and I I can -- parents know called -- -- through so know about an hour and a half later right on my dad on the landline and that was. Pretty much -- my day truck group trying to somehow you know make sure that everyone okay. While -- -- joining us who was one of the thousands who was stopped short of the finish line yesterday. You said you you could hear the explosions Bryant -- your headphones how. How close did you get to the site of the two glass up to the finish line. I'm like that would afford where they would let us and we got -- separation and after that point I went out content out on and I was. I had -- let them standpoint. So I went straight to the hotel and then -- so walking a little bit. I'm assuming Ottawa urging -- to task -- and apparently it's just that one point. If there try to reach them and then try to meet up at up. Where -- they they move the masses. A lot of those people things that try to bring them down to the common to try to meet it was a fairly area. Yeah exactly this is -- Iran has no it was but here's I didn't have any idea it would hurt. You know sort of model and I just wanted to stay where I was put on and in the strata. Still a bit of energy in me with a banana or water and internally that -- locate and it was pretty sort of experience. You know there's been a lot of a conversation about the graphic nature of of what you saw around those blasts and as you approach and try to meet with your parents Brian do you. Do you see some of that DC EO that the carnage from the -- in the finished on. I didn't get to quote it to be honest I mean it was just complete chaos in the city on the at that point in time -- and -- -- there was other. On the doorknob so we're really just didn't know what to do I was trying to. It out city as much possible. -- when it. And up my debt and out after hours later and we lucked out away from oil and combat area allele that you you know -- -- patient just kind of get a cab. -- if not gone on and to train those pretty chaotic. You're talking about the marathon next year in same probably record numbers you train a long time for the marathon ever imagined. The minute you exit your bodies by beat -- right now be probably dots already on running this this race next year and finishing. It. Yeah I mean I pray for the Boston Bruins foundation they could have been more helpful to follows. Circumstances and that's -- and I already notified them yesterday evening that I'm not insult. I'll let you know let you know that cowardly -- to -- on the great offense he's got great historical that we have gone on here and actually. Bryant thank you so much for for your insight on on the day yesterday we appreciate taking a few minutes thanks so much. Brian Lawler joining us and is he said he was waiting for. News from his parents his parents waiting at the finish line and up Brian's dad Joseph Lawler. Nice and at the join us as well they -- it's -- Lugar Boston -- you -- You hear your son talking there. You take -- back to your thoughts as you are. You receded across the street you want it can be set the scene for us where you were when the first and the second explosion went off. -- cure with my my wife my brother Liam Neeson we were basically the grandstands -- such -- flying. We've been tracking him on our iPhone so we knew that he was really close. We knew he was within a mile or so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know so we went down the skinny it's against the barrier rated to grandstand and -- -- shut. First on one I knew right away when it was I -- -- elections and a programming between you -- leave and my molecular we can't -- Ryan -- in the second bomb went off. She she got pretty hysterical. -- wanna leave etc. and you have to leave immediately now you know my brother on list. Trying to convince her that -- -- it was really hard to get her out of there put. I promised her wouldn't leave until actually found him. So long search on after the that had to -- the plus side and I went up -- since I was only in a million average at that point. In the and original plastic in -- and get on the collapse pretty horrific scene. You're certified ENT correct. I was a workable documents from number of years. You know I've gotten. But it did work books in the us their communities. And honestly it's my experience that I can a lot like going and he's doing to Boston it never seen them much -- one place when I'm so. Although. -- -- some serious injuries received. Number of people -- it once was so it was pretty pretty incredible. Now you're you're standing there at the scene and you were pretty good idea where your son is -- the did you stick did you stay around there did you continue looking for your son. Down the road I knew he was close but I didn't know exactly where to us. So much for a start the following a street you know -- -- it was kind of a surreal experience it was like who's who's going to slow motion. On the Yankees and -- them and no police were running to the scene and then people were. I'm swinging in the event from one of the things that you know particular minus thank god here -- need to be the true heroes. People running away considered you know they're afraid and you have these these men and woman in uniform who are running right to the scene. They didn't hesitate they had -- -- there on Syracuse. It was crazy in and outgoing because knowing my -- -- -- somewhere around there and and I had to find him. When I got there. You know honestly the AT&T'S. More all over the scene I mean it was incredible people. You know being treated. You know the -- content people people who lost limbs -- -- -- amount of blood of some work it was it was pretty bad. When I was content to. Everyone was being treated. In Tikrit and -- at that point moved out of the area. I'm glad I was cognizant of the fact that another could be you know devices -- -- -- full back in the day. So while the slow going on a stick and you know I hope hope that happened at a -- consistent with. I want practice in the staging area -- because my homework. On how to approach for an hour. You know struck a long period lowest. Because it and we welcome their but it was actually -- and I wasn't sure what else that happened because we ignore access news and access to phone. But and -- -- into it you know of course and I'm pretty you know wired up and you know get a little emotional and I got a call myself on telephone -- recommends an Internet movement cycle male and hotel. -- said that you know he got here and I told stay there you know come get to. So I could walk through you know -- is the question at a local around and it was quite a work more closely. Who walked up to overcome one in in it's a pretty emotional reunion. In people with bill Elliot hotel where it's incredible that took command no questions similar. Pick in the blanket agreement in the get more of the criminal -- you know because -- make -- call. The folks in Boston Bruins foundation Barbie -- tarmac where we're credible they were. Reached out -- trying to make sure that my subsystem I can say. They just an incredible experience and there's no doubt it I -- true heroes and -- between police fire in the us and first responders. Joseph can you explain when that phone rang he picked it up with your son the feeling that you had. Just -- for -- -- it was -- crazy. You mentioned your experience you know -- as any empty seat you you walk up on that site that the reports this morning are. Three casualties 176. Are injured right. Is based on the site in the way described it are you surprised that -- the death poll is at 3 this morning base in the carnage that you said you saw. Yeah that was stunned and there is no don't let my mind without hesitation looking into these police -- -- let's just say we're. You know gross. You know traumatic amputations and they were on seemed so fast in treating these injured victims so quickly that they -- like this there's no doubt that it does certainty. It was learned that the -- messages the mass hysteria people running around. You know you running into people -- going the other direction just running all around the statistics. Chaotic scene. Yeah it was it was really chaotic. Police did a phenomenal job trying to get people out of the way. At one point to try to stop me when I was going up to boil symmetrical -- of former him Tina let me true. You know it was it was cast but I can say that it was although it's chaotic was controlled just because there's no doubt in my mind that you know that. The date have a situation under control and this is what control what you can exercise in the situation. -- -- really directing people temperature. There are they were great the -- are telling them by Simmons what to do. The first respondents that is. I'm pleased where we're directing people to in those cities to get out of harm's way. There weren't directly -- -- could be you know devotion to leave so I would say -- -- majority of people couldn't trust and public safety officials -- just phenomenal -- mean. Which -- so fortunate in the -- possible to have you know the public safety officials who have. You see you assert your son before he came on you're listening says gonna run next year we be there to support when he runs nominate these marathon. -- he'll be there I'll definitely be there I wouldn't you know. And wouldn't necessarily put -- -- -- that's an individual decision does would implement what make an -- but. You know in my mind and these people -- -- the end you know I know got what to try to do it to turn it still journalist -- and worked in. You know we're gonna continue to liberalize and then another -- and trying to -- to respond to -- in -- -- Embargo by our lives and you know it's clear that's where we're lucky to look to -- -- country. Joseph thank you so much for share Joseph lo wood had to have been emotional experience yesterday and I'm glad you and your family are safe and dolce next year's marathon. Joseph Lawler and -- before that his son Brian Lawler joining us here in the show Brian running in the marathon. Sounds like with a picture on the front -- sports section today tragedy halts the marathon you see all these. Runners -- thousands of runners -- their -- combat right before he about to go down under that bridge. -- -- was right there are Brian joined us that he told the story of the that his father side about waiting for him wondering for ninety minutes where's my son is he okay. I'm getting that call ninety minutes later or -- imagine next year. Record number of people out doing -- -- says next year all of us and I mean all of us run the Boston Marathon. That steady stream of three million pouring into the streets of the greatest city in the world run jog walk crawl doesn't matter. And you could see. We'll come back we'll talk to Ryan and Joseph anyone else who's awaiting -- shared their thoughts -- wanna take your phone calls all dates here today it's 617. 7797937. The AT&T text line is 37937. In addition to your calls President Obama will speak at 1130. You'll hear library here in 93 point seven W media.

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