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It Is What It Is Cast: Tackling the debate surrounding the Patriots Hall of Fame

Apr 11, 2013|

In the latest edition of the "It Is What It Is" podcast, Chris Price and Kirk Minihane talk about the nominating process for the Patriots Hall of Fame, as well as the chances of first-time nominees like Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison, if Bill Parcells and Willie McGinest have a shot and whether or not some members of the current team could make it.

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Are you ready for some football football. Is what it means getting. Test test software. TV is what he is -- Christopher. It's. Time. Welcome back everyone this week we are joined by Kurt cleaning and we're gonna chew over some of the -- hall of -- stuff like -- on Twitter. Unions formed by column where IE. Voted for one of the reports from a -- -- -- digital data so once I'm hijacked is why -- via my -- expert in my apartment I saw -- -- on this call me the picture -- All these guys forty and always broke yet. No women no women no women when his second that I hate Augusta National it's a woman before that pictures often public got a question that the request -- -- -- this is it's full of its its formal writers -- writers. Former players Andre Tippett part of the group. Solemn guys who work for the organization guys were separated Donna brochure and equipment manager who passed where -- -- here for forty something years was a it was a report your position. In we all get together -- 93 and when she was there exactly there Steve Burton. Run run cops in new capital and completely completely different yours for the patriot -- just to the real impressive group that's how does that work pretty Disco and we go to -- reveals. It's absolutely actresses -- we get to sit there. We get to eat lobster rolls and talk about football which is pretty much the greatest about that via -- and we get to -- we have three teams. War finalists and then of those the fans vote on the finalists system it's going to be like you in years past we've come up with. Troy Brown was though with a little Lester was -- he was one of the redeem one of three finals at Parcells was also -- -- finals via -- years ago -- kind of slam -- -- I mean it's been added they've -- no -- having guys like what took -- a program this year it's uninteresting I will say this -- Whatever we talk about today it's immaterial because the fans are gonna vote for -- -- over Bruschi is going to be the guy -- now they have a senior community who are veterans committee who meets every three or four years rule. Pool and got one player John Morse or patriots a couple of years ago in now work. Charged what is the idea of getting all of these guys. In -- -- you know there's a big group this year of the starting last year in coming into this year you're gonna have a collision of guys like. Parcells and guys were your duties and rights you know is due to Hartford -- were talked about bright home agreement Claiborne. Leon raised about certainly -- is a guy who voted for the past deserve the spot at the table chapter banks doesn't it was coaches and coaches and yet. Now they're going up against the current group of guys like Harrison and -- -- wasn't going to be noble there are eligible next year McGinest. -- I Kimmel whipped Bruschi has again this -- true because there's going. Rodney Harrison -- parts. Warmest day this is where this is why I guess here because. I runners to require obviously trip the patriot. But I think team all things created for guys like -- ski. And to a lesser extent guys like Willie McGinest Willie McGinest is a patriot hold him he's easily Alter policies and -- and sex. He's also kaposi's immigrants that third on the third on the team it over the course of his career as an exact science accidentally eat sesame civilians you don't a good player for a long time contributor championship teams. I think Willie McGinest had more for the New England Patriots. Ended Rodney Harrison and I guess it that to me is the definition. Yeah it is it has it -- to report of looking at his numbers went back and it looked at that -- was -- on the -- about the -- went back California folks on Twitter about it. That over the course of the first half of his career. Medina's really you can make an argument the reduced under a -- The -- did not -- do you view the type of production you're looking for from someone who was drafted in the top ten now starting in 2001. In really going forward. He put up impressive rest. Really -- arrested over the course of the hosts the first five plus years of his career itself. Belichick sure yet exactly and no -- might have been because the schemer in Austria whatever but you know. Bottom line is heated up the kind of -- and you look -- from a guy like that in when Belichick arrived here he was able to maximize his skill sets -- -- -- spots in really now to a fault that he's the guy that they look for. Really that body type of long lean body type you know whether it's Sean Crable or. You know Jim -- Jim Jones yeah I mean you know -- last year -- last year was she thousands. Five or six has a 66 the coming years as terrorists because he wasn't there for 2007 Harrison was here from 2003 to 2000. That's going to reflect I just -- at the end he was he he viewed in a policy to keep yet -- -- brought how many years was Harrison a truly impact full. Defensive player on the team I would say from 200322. So and so. To five years in McGinest. You're saying he's really going to be 67 years is that the franchise for. Twelve. It's close yet so give it to me you -- nurses and here's the thing so next your log gets him presumably. Eventually Parcells again and like you said -- you're hitting any at all he's -- lights and again and -- -- -- think that's like. Harrison and again this might get a message to -- it's -- journal -- Exactly and that's a great debate that's a great debate -- it's interesting being in that room because there -- policy that school two schools of thought but there's a back and forth. Between some of the gold because of the younger guys in right when Willie's name was brought up. Some of the older guys work real crazy about it -- I'm going to be beat the expense of someone else like over him Claiborne. You know again Fred -- or similar that -- in that and that was actually interesting back and forth that we have was over Fred Marriott in -- -- In the idea that different -- it was a really was his back and look at his numbers Fred Mary was really went in and did you to listen to this. Go back and take a look at his pro reared his resonated very important really good numbers for -- for a long time -- the other question was. Did you the year Fred merry go over the middle late Q feared running -- And I think ultimately the question was and I think units being -- to the question is at the old. It goes on for twenty years from now their Archie can be saying. Whoever this next group as you can certainly basket right here is that diet you'll certainly if -- touch yeah exactly and in its in its. All of these guys. Really the same time because remember me the patriots had a mass exodus. After the 2000 you know after 2002009. All of those guys go out yet. United treated to retired or whatever holing a studio for you after -- threatening for use -- four years if regions impacted if anything it's four years at Cushing and three pages -- fingertips. But but. Yeah how of an entire generation of guys who were really good world world really important part of this franchise for a long time. Or -- and giving it -- because the time it went when to when you look at guys from the eighties. I don't think some of them are gonna get it because though the -- most of America gets a logjam right and it really is do you think. He did use it to do and entwined and she didn't -- it -- to -- it -- These files couple times -- finally stop -- this year yet he was not a finalist at one of the finalists come out of the leave next week all right restaurant final union the finals -- -- -- Believe it is my belief is an afterthought to some of the veterans some people on the veterans committee -- it was going to be voted in this part of the trees and get kids and I don't a couple of touch it in as in the Catholic that -- guys -- -- -- the matter what you think about the history of the franchise. Their guys like that. Guys like Ron Burton. Who really do is two billion in you we talk about Parcells think Fairbanks is not a great discussion because serving really. Turn this franchise branch parcels are for exactly analysts you Italian I wrote this in the Indian beer repeating it. He really brought the 34 defense as it's known today as it's played today from college via. In in Belichick has talked about Fairbanks in his impact on the modern human difficulties right. You know he he he talks of -- you know that the the the -- language that they used back in the seventies. The adjustments would be grateful loaded -- just -- Internet. I'm having the guy's -- story well the guy's a million -- active and that's the other thing you have a tough. Pre season in. Vinatieri Vinatieri should do you get to -- mores and again and forced him again although I think some of these guys who into we talked about this with -- grade and Fairbanks and Parcells. You if you talk about their career yet how to talk about how it -- here. You don't. -- it index in the part of the discussion but it's part of -- -- that it's it's part it's it's part of their history part of their career so it's -- to talk about Richard -- betrayed you what he didn't leave her on the best terms. It's hey look I don't put a lot of stock in that room would do their guys. Secrets. For the college. So Richards mr. Syracuse right thing. It for. You should he should be that he should be in the future competitor that. The two biggest plays in franchise history he should do it is again it's -- they -- sign the -- all we do booklet you know the military. We get. On to say look we meet the finalists should you be you should be should be of course he should be -- he -- -- last year to. -- I -- -- -- too -- a -- And the -- sports. I mean. It's because -- defense Hewitt with the with the pros and cons are. I would say it you know you look at it if you didn't think he slipped to third to third to four years and what -- -- -- Okay autopsies will be much more than much -- the case. In the air guest doctor was the case for against -- Parcells from me. I was like this before a vote for now tutors a row Parcells was -- transforming. In history. Which was a guy who. And -- and beat them grow along with obviously with craft templates so he -- -- -- he'd jump started. The -- of success that continues mostly going to be Tuesday. People there whoever probably. The guys who believe that he could've handled his exit better fashion and one person said. That if he waited until two weeks after the Super Bowl -- and took the jets job. The problem right no problem right but the way it ended it has to be figured into his legacy. Iron but he say. That without. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean there's an old. The crap and don't go check -- the street if it's going into the Parcells there this -- was. Right isn't there to short that was a big case men and it's stupid SE CU three guys. And it is less -- it was that year it was like it was Bledsoe Parcells. -- -- Yeah yeah that's another two minutes to people that we've worked its way. Was really good year -- I I put him by Parcells asked again because in large figure in history -- fresh -- like cocaine and all of -- I fail Parcells came here it's a horrible 115 team or you wouldn't yet. In -- workers they'll be good because it did not only that you wrote coaches for a heart attacks -- mean you couldn't. At one point -- in the year. In the game and again that -- wanted to -- in the next year. When he won his last four games in five and for the first time for me. For the first time since accessible -- adults are patched together. You felt like -- is actually this is actually X. Their buildings. Were building right and in but he -- -- think Indian a lot of people alzheimer's. Especially in the way it ended in with Bankston who waited a week all in Washington right. That really sticks in the crawl. But it's Kraft and Parcells. Longer is it -- hours ago I mean. You know they're not. Drink it right there at a fair picture that's Nazis. It's Fairbanks senior -- older Linksys. For banks is still eligible to be used discussed was discussed in anything that you could again make the case. -- Fairbanks was parcels before Parcells because you know we don't -- coaching he. Bought the groceries right and yeah ourselves term he was here when so many Eagles pro bowlers word you know. Grow beyond grade on and most on -- all right -- brothels called about the got a call in -- from 311 team -- three team. It was for the roughing the passer call on Oakland noticeable -- the chances that they witnessed in this chance I could easily put him in. So how does it -- how long is from when you guys sit down when you guys leave along surprise couple. It's Coppola and people will make their case people will bring names up and they'll say. You know I think this guy deserves to be because of this in this guy deserves Debian because of this and in people will into their names into nomination I think ultimately. There were. Maybe ten guys. Who were nominated this time around. In it's it's a relatively I -- do it it did their duty evenings. You know -- Jensen annually in added there's no you know there was no meeting to Walter. It's a real candidate -- -- -- title field and I think it's going to be good group but I do but it ingredient liquids and told -- It's going to be Bruschi. Probably Rodney Harrison. And either Parcells -- I think those three years ago I think the most beautiful. Yeah and I think -- and doesn't matter -- again next year that's that's the thing it's when you're Ty Law in name you know -- -- to an awful about it they'll be part of the veterans committee and give one a little guys -- -- people well. Rutgers multiple Rutgers -- for an upgrade right. But it's. Alec affected the I mean Everett sucked like the fact that there are risks that are action got six guys want exact. Idea that you -- in three years even as good as the patriots back. You should experts -- it brings the day is debate the ducks and it was it was great it was really it's always great to be like this immunity from me. That's one of the great perks my job and truly honored to be part of that group. Because it's. You not only get to talk football yet to talked football with a lot of guys who really know McCain -- the list of people were unhappy air. And been named it should stick out for a lot of people it was -- -- yet so what do. It's easy sale us does talk he doesn't talk a lot but when he says something the entire room is that. Because he's been around this franchise for you know since the mid seventies and Fairbanks brought me. He's been around you know and on and off Bermuda but it means he's been around he's been he's been closely associate with -- French final or of course he has a year. Who and so which he says something about someone. It carries a lot of weight and conversely when he says nothing about someone to you to read into that as well so. It is. It's a group of guys who covered the team for a long time the hall of famers and there. Under temple was in there Steve Grogan has been there for awhile from year to Steve Nelson was in there admirably when your. Column and a lot of writers who were influential. The writers are gel and oh yeah officer Jeff -- is there any encouragement part of it for a couple of years and so it's. It's nice to -- case for modern day guys because of a lot of situations. -- only touchstone that some of these older guys had a right. You know we can talk about the influence of -- adjustable. Rate selection errors and little. In oh terrorists in in the wake of the warm -- release. Really kind of galvanized young secondary kind of brought together was able to. Help guys like societies become your. Risers so much pullback and -- guys leave to go back to before jumpstart that surprises me and that's. They may be right just would never crossed my mind making a case. -- four against the guys I -- -- I guess it is an organizational hall saint that you don't really think about -- you get you gotta figure that equation and it is probably not fair if probably enough for instances but you have to figure how they left in -- that given the third and I'll leave idol picked slot back. Was there much so level that the alacrity to think it took. He took more money more money and pulling it up to the front page pissed I think if you went to have. And Seattle I think that the -- -- -- -- exactly anger would abuse you know -- anger but the feeling sort it would be -- -- -- -- -- -- Another guy and a group who. Left on bad terms -- I think deserves at least some level conversations you know -- right I have -- -- -- for great twice in both form this year. But Leon gray is a guy who. In there -- some veteran guys that -- -- we are brutal best office women limited so if they think that we agreed deserves to be in the conversation because. That thinking Sydney patriots seemed set a record for most Russian Russian tea over 3000 yards is a record that still stands today and I think. We voted the same Cunningham and who. From Yahoo! to account for most yardage of John you know of course you users being in I think I think -- agree deserves as well because I think that that team. -- gets lost in the wash because of the recent success but you go back and look at it into that that team that intensity six -- 92 -- team. The -- really conflict really good teams in it it thinks that did that were gonna lose sight of that as as the years. Continued on the road cart so walking through the did the dates here now from now until the actual election. It is he wants people fifty always -- -- -- gonna release them on patriots -- stuck on the early on my -- yeah yeah they're gonna release the three finalists that people were patriots are -- vote on the three finalists and then. Usually mute delete summer. You know specimen and they have a thing about the whole -- right you know the rejected -- all -- you know all the all the veterans come back him break tonight signature bits and I was there there for -- and I -- that I think -- really Smart thing to -- yet at every you know I like it's a Red Sox do but I mean it's it's. But you know mama and weather aside to address sex -- people a lot of people that like the fact that the patriots again it's Smart. You picked and you choose you know. Guys contributed sort of Stevens was nice player nation page at all Marty pair of socks off I mean I think it has got to be some about it doesn't get deeper ski and Kristi and you think. Republican and yet the three finalists at -- Bruschi errors and other -- Exhibit and the senior at the senior communities and at a guy's not this year but -- like a year to write in it and that's going to be used in toys in enacting that probably is going to be -- -- situation where you're going to be it was a senior guys. Vote on guys from the sixties so nicely you know Leo -- Because finalists to be. It's the other that's -- doubt he's been. One Burton should do is crucial patriot via column in the media for banks as part of wells so I think that that's going to be wayward those those other guys. You know from previous generations are going to get this is everything that it as a senior I think again joked the gesture ST it's it's it's a tough issue. It's a tough it is I think rocket. Attacks from -- you know what I believe -- -- book but you look at least Korea and look at history it -- go hunting for his career. And undertook the second effort for so many big plays. Physically he seems like the kind of guy I remember the time he should -- -- the -- might not survive. Belichick you know it is -- and he's been sort of raised his fourth pick there was a lot of hall. After the 2001 season. He was going to be exposed in the expansion. Right right -- that was -- that he wouldn't. Survives he wasn't going to be back in 2002 and sort of the pinkie was oldest veteran pitcher for a long time regularly skip the Super Bowl ring kind of -- for the -- and contribute more. -- -- When has he sort of par for the unformed and under -- some sort of Federer gets. You know kind of happen overnight but that's for meaning -- things -- -- -- -- to that to talk about in in the room is that. We really was fortunately with the regulators in the locker. -- there's there's -- reason locker was right next -- Right you know where workers -- don't. It's drug -- Yes it was -- walker for for the voices the F. In inbreeding was -- always did you. -- -- -- was. But there -- witnessed hours when old house was America. You know meeting. Holding -- 566. Reporters. It will just walks going to switch. To stop. Never spoke again and Jimmy's. It's a -- sat forever but that's about it but but but he was -- I think that was good for us sport might -- and -- -- -- roller to. We're able to tell these veteran guys. Will it was a huge influence the -- Proposal as a judge others. Little bit yeah but I think that that you'd be -- You know he was a guy who is very important the -- Wednesday as as the guys who. Really was. Forced the aggregates and yes. Bill Parcells. Yep -- -- has to -- -- has taken him out of the socket in this year Parcells has to -- in to get in over Taiwan next year it's you know. -- -- get -- over mcinnis it was a it's it's -- that's just the blessed if if if it's McGinest and -- trying to think who bleeds over you know I think Parcells and I think he's -- -- agree Parcells is going to be great to be over. Ten years. Nobody fault again right you've auction is popular which do you should get his portrait. Again that's I think of a risky with Maginnis thank -- -- things are created for guys do you think Tim Wakefield exempt at fault yeah perfectly it's it's actually -- auction and you look on his numbers you look at it on YouTube -- -- he is he's trooper. It's lesser extent he's Trevor -- -- quite a player yeah I mean you reasoned thoughts -- he was was sought to force in the locker room put -- such great numbers. Record over the first out mr. He's another guy for Joseph yeah he's he's a guy you wanna talk about a guy who didn't you -- you put up ideal number of the first group write a lot of that though frankly in this debate today. He was horribly miscast as a feature back there recently got a one year Carol yes sexy think about -- now consistency but you're right that's -- -- and yet so -- Justice but it but it but it -- you're looking at a case where -- Parcells eventually and I don't think I you know doping against its. If you get go this week he gets in it's going to be. When used on the Manuel Sanders yes and Clinton corporate. This is definitely what this is definitely. Molasses Mike Jenkins how better be able to attend the ceremonies that's that it's a we'll put it -- Attributable to a what do you larger in Nebraska this -- an urgent requests of specific questions and you illustrator over the -- the and don't Jakarta letter for the guy who should just. Update on -- -- -- -- -- -- just. -- dating your territories -- make the case would -- -- hurt they're really appreciated and thanks to everyone listening to another edition of the it is what it is podcast ticker will Ortiz and.

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