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Joel Hanrahan blows first save of season, Sox fall to Orioles

Apr 11, 2013|

Mut and Merloni discuss the Red Sox game last night and what John Farrell's plan of action should be with Joel Hanrahan going forward.

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The pitch -- you know -- high fly ball buried deep to left rising up toward the wall. Got a whole run -- three run homer by amateur I don't know. And Hanrahan -- -- total and complete meltdown in the ninth inning. Has given Baltimore the lead they took five Orioles. We sure it was Eric Gagne automatically confirm that that beard. Not load on -- 37 WEEI your phones all day 61777979378. TT -- line there for you. At 37937. But please don't call what Hillary and did last night in effort will be put an effort into it and there was effort involved may have been a great effort. And Dexter. But there was an effort holy -- thousand old school clothes or meltdown to run leave home run a couple of outs it hit. Wild pitch to about 23. Another home run. And you walk off loses at Fenway default 55 in three seasons over. What can they get for Hanrahan AD NA I can be about the old Alfred tradable Sox John letter injured closer dog he's the closer that -- And have a last night you know and which are remote chill -- -- -- the -- before the year you know are you concerned it's them always you know. Always cautious about -- is coming in here you know I think he's got a track record I think he's going to be just fine. But you'd you know you never know in the market here's how you do know his next outing. You know that that's where I think you -- find out a lot of bottom and expect the -- they're thrown 98 by guys you know with the goods like utter. He was in a spot the other night and even in it before giving up the home run. Where he got burned by location -- thought he would settle down before we get that hit the flared up on that thing was over. And the deathly despite that a backstop that that that tied the game road that's trying to over throw that's a little bit of nerves you never know I mean you. That's the one question mark you know bringing in. Read him in here next big success for puppy years. -- duty in the Lansing clothes and Houston. Into -- close not Oakland you know some injuries health injuries on how -- they adapt. To this environment some do what I think Braly well some don't deletes and didn't know we'll see what shall hitter and has. Well it's going to be a little you know go a little too hard. You know try to make things settle in my arm instead of he'll have my mechanics you don't trust your mechanics and fill -- in terms of its citizens on -- you know you and take situation used to go harder and you know us as athletes to ourselves that slowdown relaxed enough and those others. And that's the other part of this we'll get into the outing you have some thoughts on how went down athletes slow down and relax you he would especially. In baseball is pumped up like yeah right you pumped up yeah. And did you not going out there and to be your best efforts not come in fourth. You need to be the coolest cat in the building he need to slow the game down as the game goes on. He -- the game up and try to do a little bit too much. And you learn real quick now the good news isn't there -- some -- these comments after the game insane you know. He throws 989 now the put away slider. So sometimes you gonna miss your spots and it's still going to be enough police find the notice you know there's some power. It has some guys that can lead the yard and if you mr. spots they're gonna make you pay in -- -- Gary -- -- the last and the Orioles broadcast on your wheels are gone good one through nine are all dangers we saw that last night. -- public after the game well Matt I picked it. You take positives of a blown save wanna give you -- One of them was that the Hanrahan press conference and he's asked about the fans boredom at Fenway Park last. I mean probably the same reception do you know they slither into it. You just look at. There was that big home the two home runs right there in the neck and to lose again though it's some fun in. Does this does not you want your first the end zone get over it -- this is gaining so we got a long season ahead of us. There was I did not hear one excuse there I did not hear. The -- -- go to -- -- can drive through peaceful. I hear. You know excuse about the weather I heard a guy Joel Hanrahan to own up to a -- It was a couple minutes question after question after question. He never complain about some of the calls they could've gotten by the way right -- couple borderline strike calls. There's still pitches that can go either way and it's just a game that's -- empire back there and I targeting come back from a in. Had scheduled their pitches. And you know it's. At that -- this month that no excuses but I and the reaction listens three to two out senior tight ball game NATO borderline pitch. Any other hand when Alec use pointing. And that that hold disgust with an umpire the call lasted about two seconds. You know there was not a slap on the glove when he got to back there was not the dropping of the shoulders there was -- walked in front -- over there's no stared down. There's no longer rubber step off is gonna gather yourself could you so. You know not at all now you're all excited in spite the next slider and a -- We articles it goes to guys that -- coming in where there's no if you heard too much of it last year right that was a craft called I blew the game. -- I've talked to vote down. Dempster right after the first game that's a bad luck cheap home run that you know that give a couple bloop hit to give up three runs spokesman -- up there is okay. There hits what can you do you take a -- hitter. I did make a better pitch it happens the lineup somewhere there appeared a catch a break. Yesterday Dempster on the mound couple hours behind him and I'll feel that's outstanding. And after the game -- a year from -- happens part of the game no big deal. I did do a better job agree on it's it's there's no -- -- -- always meal or me I get screwed. You -- not there and he blew the game and to be honest with you. Stare Saltalamacchia and outstanding game. OK outstanding offensive game and you go game behind the plate. But I think he'd like to have that McLouth that that back up there's nothing he could -- that slider in the dirt it's spike went to the backstop and give the tying run. But the two pitches to McLouth. You know the one that was down in the one that was in six and seven and I think that he would have liked to have those back because framing wise you know that one that was down. He dropped the glove and admitting he -- the -- it looks like it's you kept it off the ground. You know unless -- AJ Pierzynski Joseph Nathan what he Marty fall -- and hit the call for Marty Foster. But the big huge drop their club down like that you're not gonna get the call you know be -- kept the glove up and try to kind of bring that ball land. It was down but still -- got the call. That fastball -- -- -- -- -- we was set up but the weight framed it Mike -- at hand a little bit. He do that kind of makes it look like it's inside maybe a little more off the -- you -- sometimes it's a mile but attitudes are just those two pitches and I know that. Where he was set up -- -- last and I'm sure the when he looks at it he probably look at it as well institute's Jimmy record and a bad job framing both of those pitches. Don't know the -- give him or not but when I saw those pitches I thought the kind of made him look like there were balls that they both might have been. But he and -- exact try to sell. So you mentioned the Saltalamacchia part I mention that before there's two things I take as positives out of that last night of an awful outperform from -- and one is the comments afterwards -- as the velocity. Me two nights ago we made that we -- a really good writing and hit it looks silly when 99 on the black -- kind of swelled and it would be a strike anyway. Last I was at 9798. Against a lot of velocity think the issue for him as the based -- Peter Gammons tweeted it out today. Last fifteen games going back to September has gone back to last year. Thirteen and a two thirds fourteen hits thirteen walks thirteen strikeouts so we still striking out about a guy -- But he's given up 27 base runners in his last thirteen and two thirds thirteen by virtue of the walk. Those walks last night or huge -- he was gonna -- out he put two more guys are much out of -- yard. He's the velocity still there that's gotta make you feel better -- -- the velocity was down was a right reality situation. And he said boy where the miles per hour -- from Monday to Wednesday. Eagle all withdrawal them. I think he was overthrowing and -- McCain actual about a one -- you know admitted it after the game and durable homer against Baltimore -- -- -- -- walk around for appears to go in the last. -- big game. You know because your closer in the game and volume locked and you know it's stuff. -- -- got some of the best stuff were cutter seeing. Explosive out of his hand. You know even when he misses he usually they go by people. You know tonight just wasn't his night but it. That tells us -- against vehicle's door and you know we're gonna count. -- detectors as a David Ross is connection tonight the Red Sox went. -- and American Eagle there Ruskin and same thing on sane is that when when I looked at those two things that that they're caught my AI. You know you not gonna get a questionable call to catch a drop on a bottom dissolved it's just a -- extra pick up the dirt that's all so. We've liked to probably skip that -- up bright economy bring it and try to catch the bottom of the zone. Now the last pitch again he set up water and half -- -- pity if that's throwing 98 and toppled to the slide over there when he missed a spot. So we tried to sell. Graduating that's spike. Into anything with a total Fiat if if it to be fair Saltalamacchia use the globe the size of book quote you ours. Minute of the dime from that make -- -- -- he's pitched out of his mind that's one that unsung stories that this year's how good you we -- pitched. Tackles my favorite thing why does we are is club and I have eight. Parity Twitter account at this point the thing is humongous and it's big and it's George policy from Poland. That being said wanna feature phone call seed -- one John every belt already lined up at 617. 77979837. AT&T -- line is 37937. Question becomes we get these phones. Would you -- tonight. To -- -- -- John Ferrell I think you when I disagree. -- what John Ferrell should do tonight 3 June ninth inning as a closer position talk about that in your calls next. This like the really read you one day you go next -- so. It was just goes in and come mayor of whom already got. That is Joel Hanrahan last night blown save girl left -- Red Sox lose all the five and three they go for the win. In a three game series is the Orioles tonight hear it here on 93 point seven WE DI your call 617. 7797937. AT&T text line. Is 37937. I think that there's no question Hanrahan is the closer. There's no closer controversy knock on Bailey a -- we are not on Andrew Miller most guys all pitched well. Cameron -- critical to the Red Sox team we agree on that yes. I wouldn't pitcher tonight any circumstance it's crazy like. -- Because that's the life of a closer it's a life of a baseball player. When you glow appeared to have an awful night the last thing you wanna do listed on. Wanna go back out there and played a game to a race that ballpark being -- in that game and whatever happened last night behind you. He does this for a living. This happens you blow saves. And he come back the next night and you get it. In you wanna put him out there an amount and he wants to be up there -- amount. That's just the way it is that is that best for him to -- tonight we have set after I jail yes we agree whose great after the game you know -- very very well. But he says I was probably rushing too much well if I give him a night off and keep them away and let him go back and look at that outing. Think about OK why I rush so much maybe have 88 a breather sorts today. When have a bullpen behind its pitching really well be one thing to -- also pitched well behind him and I'll have a chance to do two things one. Get this guy mental health day after he blew his first -- Red Sox uniform without a Tampa Bay coming in pretty important series with these divisional games and 20. The guys behind a pretty good my effort to get the ball the Bailey or we are or does our has now excuse me at this point. I don't see how it -- and I think that's going it only benefits him. You know she's the clothes I think are a barrel said that after the game I think terrorism because a close up there OK. Bailey goes and it's an inept and goes 123. What's what's what's being talked about. What's what's the feeling all anybody valid I know the manager you're right maybe this thing gets it blows out of proportion this has nothing to do with that at some point in April. And over the same discussion when it came to David Ortiz. You know as a -- put them out there right now know the guy's a better option because in April early in the year. It trickle what was great about this it was I need this guy. And I'm gonna stick with this guy in April some more about sticking with players and showing them loyal because you need them now. Does it for five times in Iraq well utilized up next couple weeks that's fine. But you put him back out there. You show you have confidence in him. Everybody has conference didn't you think -- I want to sit out there in the ninth inning and watch Andrew Bailey go up there close that game. You don't think he wants to be back in -- -- why you don't think he's already watched the film before he went to bed last night before you left the clubhouse and so did wrong. Has got a chance to select the baseball play becoming the next day short term memory pitcher hitter fielder doesn't matter. You want to get back into the next night don't give me the night off. Hopefully and get it back in there and -- again close to the over thirty pitches last night pitch Monday then pitched again last night and the perfect opportunity to get him the rest on that arm and let him slow down and Italy's opening night talking -- things -- you wanna sit there instead I want -- -- -- next to 31 pitches okay. Widget dock in more big give a mental day which is the -- worst thing you can do. Gonna come here Margaret ago. Yes on the first of blown saves in his final formula so. The thanks for the game -- Just. So it goes sometimes. And that's -- last -- -- -- but the closer. On this -- I wouldn't debate that. But if I can get him a little bit a time of year while my bullpen pitching well I feel pretty confident. And that group behind him and it helps you and -- and look it's -- them the biggest reason addict of mental help -- number one reason why would avoid him today avoid going to him. But the pitch count you know you went 31 pitches last -- sixteen on Monday. -- not a big issue so I went -- nothing I've got 37 pitches. In two different outings and a by pitching tonight we'll sixteen ultimately reporting on a high number that that's a as an -- That's one inning it Tuesday off. 231 last night. Now if barrels look at its I don't want poultry got a four days at 230 well last night okay but mental day off the absolutely worst thing you could possibly different. The absolute worst he said about Jackie Bradley when he struggled and again they did they know not the start opening different now. Could start it was not a mental health they'll Jackie Brown did you get -- -- -- inside left silent work on this for gained it back out there Wednesday you're talking about eight closer and you're talking about a kid who -- -- -- past double leg. Who just get -- beaten up till it's over the always you're going from Pittsburgh to Boston which are two vastly different markets. We all think that there is at its for a lot of people there's a little bit of grace period but hey. An exception period need to find a market how he reacts to failure. Okay and unfortunately when -- Red Sox signed free agents all make trades. And they talk about playing in this market it's not difficult the plane -- market to win and be good. That's not difficult. At practice -- no better place to come to be a great player but it's difficult to come here and fail. The one -- the ones that don't work out here in Boston other one the -- and hit for a deal with failure. Well how they handle failure do they make excuses step one check no -- does not listen to him last night. Read all the quotes. Doesn't make excuses -- step too hot as he rebound I wanna CL a rebounds. Is the debt that's the biggest difference here. If you fail and -- -- -- get no idea and it in his pressures in this fans scream inaction -- pressure and in in the in the states it would packed house. How do you react. That's you need to find out. 61777979837. To keep Texas AT&T text line at 37937. Jobs in Woburn. Is we get your phone calls out to be -- and I joke. Yeah I don't I don't look what's that. -- got as high as one at that point I mean you're all over our border and on our actual European. It's a relief pitcher and I don't Yemeni in the end -- quote. Now maybe that he did not shall pars and here's another one right there at right. Bailey is the eighth inning guy -- -- closer. -- not mean I don't really pitched a solid he's -- now. And no problem going for the win -- all while being -- play every Red Sox player is a key player in my adult net but it. Bailey as such and such a strong getting. Why would you bring Bailey also a source told CEP he'd get another route and if he's still strong why aren't let him finish off the union reps and Henry spooked -- to the all the close out. But -- he can get a win while forty Shanahan she'll light you don't block a logo is at all won't get a win. -- doing your job. And Billy did his job enough -- for hander ended do his job. I understand that prohibited -- -- troubled pop out on the right I guess that is a great -- I think he's a great call and I don't articles a lot of in Clark's book Anita back. Eight than what you can committed to -- did last night well it it typically into an -- -- or was it like it didn't announce. Now when I was entering -- a test. On the closer on this team I mean listen -- and -- although social sorry guys make him knowing you should do whatever no that's not it. The guy's got a job one of the great things about this ball as we talked about it to Joseph is it. You know at the defined roles everybody knows what their job is so it's your job to do it Henry last night didn't do his job to get another opportunity is he's the guy. Our blog or that's your opinion on the idol top amid a much on the dollar -- traditionally -- well I don't agree pitches I do we get a great -- -- ball terribly good and established great. -- good -- to joke is you know it is the first week of April. And dump it up people asking a wise that we are owning only one inning -- during gold 56 pitches and I can barely make you said maybe start the ninth it's you know it goes in it it is April IndyCar wanna. You wanna extend if you use Bailey for two innings -- and know that there's -- but it may be when he Billy Marta and you kick as he goes to. So the month of April. Andy -- Francona do this before too with with a guy like pat aren't much donating every single every single out in April in May. And got to the point we're in September and it told -- he is strong now. The news a ball was bullets and implement in all of sudden in September when it when the game's on the line when the and it's there when new wild card berth as the air whatever. He can go come in any eighth inning you know and get an out or get a two outs and then pitched the ninth it's early she also gonna keep and I'm workload. Buster only had a column yesterday about closers in their shoes -- and nearly a closer slump but he points out. That most closers have to work -- -- -- on the mound that's tough for this team. The people texting and saying democratic critical of the controversy I started by saying he's the freaking close. Save for one day let them work there was issues away from the park away from on the mound with a Baltimore Orioles and two different outings have hit -- pretty damn hard. That's not saying there's a closer controversy saying you've got a bullpen for guys were pitching well right now -- obviously sees the issue I don't to -- -- given a day off I really deal. Peter John Jews all your phone calls coming up LB Lyndon -- next hour on the bruins' effort in New Jersey I'm going to.

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