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Rob Gronkowski may need another surgery: Did his nightlife contribute to his slow healing?

Apr 9, 2013|

We talk Gronk, and the conflicting reports about whether another surgery is needed for his broken forearm. It inevitably turns into a discussion about Gronk's active nightlife, and whether that is affecting him.

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Don't let the other part about -- -- There it is the hop. But you know his kids. After hours activity has bar activity. Is that. It's it's obvious he's many opportunities having fun. Is what gets people's attention with its worth getting European wire and quite frankly I support it I like that that's who Rob Gronkowski is I think it's part of what makes them global bull on on that. And I try not to be that media member that -- guys for for living out of bounds just a little bit as long as they're not jerks. They're not out their smack their wife around door or having an effect they're playing or just being a total jerk to everybody. If struck just want to go out how fun. I really don't see that is the in my business -- equal we in the media. Try to clamp down on that an Indian -- -- we -- -- wonder while these guys give has -- quote all I don't know because anybody tries to have fun which is just them to death. Until they have to live their life. In in such secret that we don't get to know -- all guys like that. -- distort the old story of of the Bruins kidnapping. Is it is it as spoke. Spoke it's her right is it possible on the brutal kidnap them stole from -- hospital bed took him to the ball arsenic and I'll go out drinking imagined that happened today what ESPN first take and everybody would do they go crazy. And yet there's so irresponsible it out there than it was mobile already that's part of what in years friends teams to all of us. Oh -- -- be crazy student out of found what I'm gonna do this in this movie plays scoring on us saw someone do funny things like that. But I don't have I don't have a problem with the Rob Gronkowski and I don't think. I don't think this latest news that Drew Rosenhaus is it. Is denied personal -- that committed to the denial for the actual New Hampshire people sought to get weak a good job reporting -- by Ron Borges and carried region in The Herald. Reporting that there is going to being another surgery for Rob Gronkowski that there is a stubborn infection in the area around where second -- -- was installed to inherit his plane and left forearm his readiness for the season is now in jeopardy. That's part one of the story. Part two was that denied while part through -- Drew Rosenhaus. You know him from next question next question that Drew Rosenhaus is that guy. And I represent a lot of people who works all day all night. Really energetic enthusiastic guy and it times. He will try to deceive view. For the for the benefit of its clients -- you guys decide. This merger rosenhaus. We have a sound correct. Never -- Drew -- listen to him and tell me if you think. He's telling the truth when he says this is a non story or it's not true whatever he has to say about how -- Rob Gronkowski. -- sure what's going to happen yet. There's been a lot of speculation. I can tell you that I'm going to be talking to the team doctors. We're gonna talk to the experts. And we're gonna see how it plays out right now. We've got plenty of time until the season starts weathering needs another operation. What that operation on tale that's very preliminary. That type of speculation is way off. No determinations have been made there's no surgery scheduled and what I mean sure he's gonna need one. I don't believe one thing to have curtains back. Any single thing competitor without operate for years that there is a lot. It's like a court surgeries have been scheduled. But I called doctor few minutes ago is that I'll call you back and there's many holes and everything these holes. Hold. Everything that -- that if he's heated through they are yet you're playing with -- words there. I don't think. Defensive Gradkowski. I don't think that his lifestyle has anything to do with the infection that's reported on by the Boston Herald. I don't think they're going and I have no idea -- and I'm not gonna pretend to be a doctor Michael -- does -- doesn't certainly Michael we got -- relationship with Newton Wellesley hospital or -- -- doctors in Texas can you tell -- if it hanging out. In having a good time at a bar with the cast our. Team and and I don't think that the issue -- of not that kind of infection different kind of infection. Is hanging out at a bar. Got a lead to a setback. Why don't think it's just hanging out at a bar up at what else do you think you drinking eight Holland are drinking does a lot of drinking lead to an -- I don't know whether it does not -- he says he drinking water does it well does that I don't know what he drinks. I see the lifestyle. I've no idea what really goes on a lot of avoid jumping to a conclusion and saying he's doing things that there's an art that are specifically problematic. But when you -- that lifestyle Michael everything else and I asked to go right for you or else anyone who can put to a two together instantly says hold on a second. You're telling me you're out -- leading the crazy lifestyle partying in Vegas clubs. Jumping on the ground and eighteen your friends -- you've got this cast on. And they developed an infection and I'm supposed to believe that the one thing has nothing to do with the other. How can I possibly know or believe it off to deal with -- with with with the other thing it's a persona part of -- -- persona that would Gradkowski told you what he when he wants to do you want to come today he wanted to come into the NFL. And make an impact check double check on that. The one that one of the greatest starts. To a career from a -- and brief history of the game share. But he also wanted to have a lot of fun and do crazy things. Is he doing all the crazy things that we think he's doing. Is it just our imagination are we giving Rob Gronkowski more credit he deserved to be as wild and crazy guy you think well I'm actually a wildcard you guys just an act I -- putting it out there I know some of the stuff that Don and I know that he's taken his shirt off that had a had a Super Bowl party. I know that he did this move with his brother. I know some of the stuff but I think -- -- in the -- with a porn star. Nothing against that nothing criminal there. But she never spoke to durable too broad I bet you didn't I that if he did he find a way in order to still support into the prospects are we given too much credit. We are not but I know that I -- a crazy like I couldn't do any of those things with -- apple without the without the effects of well. I could not behave like that without alcohol I just listened to that you don't want to but you don't want to be -- he says he wants to. You think he was drunk on a day was drafted I don't think so. That the whole thing with the all the Gradkowski the -- -- keyboards when they had announced that gras like this draft about the patriots. He's just that guy Elliott is in Boston -- -- A -- down the gauntlet show thanks. I think when a coach Rob Gronkowski is a big need honestly that big he had that auto pilot the only reason why acting being skeptical bow our actions it because. There have been two instances where has present on the field help the president. Could ever bulk of it or not come directly. Help you Rob Gronkowski may -- we look at mobile and help him Rob Gronkowski maybe we get past. Baltimore you look at both stated directly and say if he's healthy now those those. Injury had not gonna do wit and party in but you look at him -- say if he's healthy he's a big difference maker. With -- a difference maker that would -- you know. In -- is PD team is -- with a wrap our -- I'd eat if I'd -- too -- or not can barely get up that it gets tight end and who you are dependent on and he's hitting -- -- you know brother and then you get an accurate arm. But I'll. Are you not what you would put together help you Rob Gronkowski is the best tight end and -- -- period one at bat out is that we've seen come through here. And I hate to be that guy right -- -- -- I'm sure you don't want me because you like rocky like the -- you think it's on you like rooting -- like having him be you -- guy you don't wanna be that jerk it's like hey. I need you to stop hoarding to -- much I want you to just tone it down you don't wanna be like like Julie Bowen. In in in Happy Gilmore were just trying to -- -- just -- -- with it but don't throw the club like you don't wanna be that -- But at the same time if you if you do all those things Michael and -- have an infection. How might not supposed to do the math and figure that one thing has to do -- -- point 777979837. Your calls next up Ali. WB a growth is infected. According to The Herald but not according to his agent Drew Rosenhaus. And I have to decide who to believe Leo wow OK do I believe Ron Borges in an anti patriot story. Or do I believe Drew Rosenhaus saying anything I would go Borges really guests I don't now are gorgeous over Drew Rosenhaus. It's breaking a lot of rules of mine. -- you don't you don't believe. Laporte this question marks a parent regions apartment night and has kept the double bottom line there. Now AT&T. Text line is full of all count the Crocs -- four against in different whatever but mostly for against. This techsters says they realized what a surgical infection involves. It is internal under the -- You don't get them from lifestyle choices. Or dirty floors accolades that. I I am inclined to going to agree with the texture. I'm not 88 or your doctor you were nurse I'm not a doctor. Not a close to a doctor. I'm not even close. Think it I don't think his lifestyle. Choices. Have anything to do with what is happening to -- that goes completely contrary to like thirty other text messages we got which also -- drinking alcohol connect negate the effects of Muslims that navigate they -- in the gate. The effects of whatever antibiotics are taking in order to fix. The infection that you I don't know whether he's out there drinking as I said. I couldn't imagine doing some of the things he does without the lubricate the effects of alcohol. That's neat gronkowski may be different but we knew we -- present that -- -- an understatement when you residential rock -- there may think yes there's been a difference but when you present that image it's so easy to put two and two together even if you're wrong would probably all our. He can't couple wonder whether or not things would be different. If he didn't have if he wasn't living that liked these guys are all over its excellent 7779. 7937. -- is in limit -- on itself. Probably good gentleman. That separate are probably aren't ready. Out of my erratic old and well what -- under the impression of this if you've tried so. Her grunt attitude per -- lifestyle you can get one in effect of football player this is part of the package you cannot have your cake and eat it too. That's part of -- okay. He doesn't he played like enough. He's got an attitude he lived with an attitude he played an attitude that it electric and actually sorry so why don't try to complain about. But can't because -- an injury. When Jason Alexander Robert L a review I think the question is and and made little find out the answer today or tomorrow ever. Is there is it just bad luck for him is bad -- what they -- -- or hold on let me just ask questions and you can you can democratic. Is about is getting this infection is that as bad -- it can happen anybody or was the infection caused by something he was doing I don't think I did just my guest. I would say -- bad luck. I did an attraction because he's had the arm operated on several titles but I think his legacy may very well be right it might be bad luck but when you live that lifestyle you open it up for questioning when you don't live that lifestyle and I'm not -- he should stop. But you can't tell me I'm not gonna question it when you live that lifestyle and the and you wind up with this kind of an impact. Question I mean look okay so he'd go out at the time -- may have had Derek and that's all you guys great athlete. Albeit. They don't smoke twenty doubt that they drank. To make that you're right we got out at a leading all the family of remote spot. The only griped about it lifestyle. I -- a lot -- Isn't there a difference between right big -- everything is going well and then when things don't go well raising an eyebrow and saying I wonder if this would be happening if you were living your life and different way. Well -- -- -- political play different weight and type of. And I'm not telling them to do that I I all I'm with you wreck I will take the trade off in order to get the gronkowski that you get out in the field. But that doesn't mean you can't ask a question more stuff from the AT&T text line. Oh my god put in right on my god he went OMG. This is such a this is such crap says attacks that are. He's a drunk in a moron. You guys are -- as cancers. Oh there's a alternative maybe maybe he's a -- a Mormon is a heck of a good tight. I mean again that's to pay him to be is a great tight -- the only problem is that right now he's not able to be great tight end is not the game. There there are many instances where you can say all that was delivered with the probe patriots. With the with the appropriate trees -- are viewed through pro patriots -- We've really gone far in Sports Radio. If we think without real Carol. All worked out some injury expert that we think we can just figure out. Arnold what caused the infection is still lifestyle of -- Rob Gronkowski holocaust it was he was hanging out at this club he -- don't have. I don't know let's be real know what causes guys infection what. The same thing about. That Antonio Gates to bid Jimmy Graham if it's robbing cows given Dustin Keller. Any tied at a football as a setback won't know what causes it meals in a car -- -- soccer ball. Pentagon. That would -- immediate dislike. How old he Geithner the bitterness and what does. And but he is not the only player Buick and in bella got crooked and you know -- -- make -- -- all the money and they're doing you know Olympic do at night. It on that particular field by. -- and that I think the problem for the patriot players Aaron you know -- -- in the media really like try to keep everything out. It came to like you know the display and that you know I think that if you were in their health that there. You know that can happen. But I mean you know ever published a book and everything out. You know there is you -- you ultra media I mean. You at all display. And I know that much -- you know packed with Happy Gilmore thing you don't want to make an L or you can be you know a lot I don't you know pick -- -- well the clock back. There is an -- in the. Well you know what -- -- to write it I don't know if your socks in his earlier. I you don't know what the cause of the infection is but because of the lifestyle at least a lot of questions. Have like the lifestyle that he has period that that industry -- it. -- to scrutiny and where you're you're a great player. In the National Football League they're going to be scrutinized regardless whether -- boy scout war you've got the the -- persona. I would I would my my view of it would be I think what you wanna think. It. This whole corporate thing a perception is reality I think that's bogus. -- your perception is what your perception. And it may be realistic maybe it's not but it's not my job. To think about your -- which -- perception is I'm not trying to manage that maybe the patriots. Will think that way they usually don't either. If I'm not doing anything wrong bad happened that happened to have a step back. From a surgery. And you think it's because I was out there being a moron -- that's not the -- -- think whatever you think doesn't affect me at all. I've got to worry about getting back on the field six point 777979837. GM is in his car hi Jim. They might Gloria. Good arm. I got a little bit advocate with you that -- -- -- talking about a I didn't minute Tuesday is out there are linking -- the product. And then you're on -- Politico. -- do you know. Nobody don't know about it don't get everybody crucify him being up there beating up people. Nobody is a fine MGM take it down a -- nobody's crucify him and nobody is making claim about what he's doing. -- you know because I see the pictures are on the Internet every day they're on TV I see him out their party -- I don't know what he's doing what he's drinking or not I see him -- they are a whole lot more than I see other people out there. Out their party what are you -- not quite that simple one year -- -- -- -- -- See him on the Internet using them. But why do you stadium reporting it -- my. Parents house and don't mean rock house you're getting wasted together in the basement it's unbelievable you should come join we get a Disco ball on the basement it's a great party man you're really miss -- out. -- you. Ought not I did not have a great time. I have a Disco ball. You keep quoting people but you know you think you should keep an idle comment out there like he's trying to put our. And these days he's living the lifestyle. You don't know I don't know -- lifestyle he drank it -- -- How can. Act. Out and play packaged it up like he's got an infection. I -- I don't know what. -- -- when you present its pilots all but I have no idea Michael I just think when you when you live like that way when you were in the public eye for those reasons. Questions are gonna come up -- little. Happened I think it's fair to ask questions and then we find out whether or not the what the real truth that is but why don't -- it's fair to ask the question. Isn't it -- it's fair to ask the question -- all -- and have a problem Dylan and I was asked a question from the perspective of Gradkowski. Who knows how he handles it if ominous situation. You can ask all the questions that you want. You may be accurate may be your far off but he can't really get caught up in. Well how what's gonna look. If I mean it looks to people. Out there Bill Belichick calls me and says in my in my care how much it looks to Bill Belichick about it yet he's the best the boss. And if he has a problem with anything I'm doing if he's if he's. Monitoring my rehab or the team is monitoring my rehab and they've come to the conclusion. That I'm doing something wrong I've got to pay attention to that of an infection develops it just developed. It happens. I shouldn't be concerned about what -- optics. On the radio. We shouldn't be concerned about what I think anyway I'm just some nobody eats at -- on the radio talk you all day. But he may wanna be concerned what -- about what Belichick things and I don't know whether Belichick puts two and two together this way may be does may -- doesn't and we'll be talking to him this season we can ask him these kinds of questions but. I think there were the questions to worthy discussion today to have and they be at the end of the Michael we saying are these two things are probably not related and so -- do what you do -- maybe we say. I think they could be related and maybe he is out there drinking may be drinking does cause. The infection to take longer to heal maybe that's why might not be ready for the regular season and if that's the case that I think we are fair to wonder whether or not changing his lifestyle would help I don't know that he should do that. And I think the first -- get on right when he -- you try to change drunk you may not end up with the right kind of player you may you may take away that essence of what is made him him but I think they're off their conversations and questions. In which to ask you fifteen minutes -- one of -- something folks when when I mean. Up next more across Aaron brooks' excellent 77797937. Salt and -- W yet.

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