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Fenway Park Opening Day 2013, recap

Apr 9, 2013|

Mut and Merloni recap the sights, sounds, and events from Monday's Opening Day at Fenway Park in which the Red Sox won after a great performance from Clay Buchholz.

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I -- a clear this up right now. You're down the field and -- lot of people on TV on a couple of guys that the entire mess in the first opening day by the way I've ever. And announced at Fenway Park congratulations as my personal a candidate field and a few years in the league in his fellow. That the -- -- and many -- -- whose Katrina. To get introduced an apparel that. He stole Jerry's baseball you I don't know -- there was going to be a fun patients there on the order was getting it -- I don't think they're getting from the broadcast. They say that on the TV either. But it was just how it was reported today. Listen we squeeze -- sort of he would get seven guys you count and I was before one little left. Lester was some confusion Lester thought he had to do it on in my own -- -- -- -- -- -- that's my guy my kids that don't join you get the girl. -- you get the boys are cola got my guy and focused and not look at anybody else. The guys to -- me -- gas -- -- -- You know call for it she told me of those beats seat -- -- Those -- just ice was a great catch. It one step in Jerry's like gimme the ball and Anita ball quick -- your ball. And a ball. Had no idea what was going. We -- the video evidence and it's gonna be -- birth -- it's it's it's but the longer process that the picture is that video. It's -- Jeremy. Want a certificate of -- what do you have against -- not a well it's about this at any -- just you know this is about -- knows Grammy goes -- -- some obvious technical fault alone read it the -- -- anger for hours days upset being marginalized he's in a -- -- studio. So his goal is to make everyone around him miserable -- with in any about it and yesterday. Joseph he can account and it's over Fenway Park. There at the apple mark miles -- good yesterday. Except for many hand -- yes except for a minute I walk around -- it down. Quarks sales -- -- notes means that ought to be nothing giving him credit -- walk up and how great the show sounds with him and him compliment that handles and you know. Whatever. And really nice to meet with that is always a yes or no when you when I heard that it was not surprised because he's trying to bring everyone. Everyone else around him out. I don't I don't it's not up to -- -- not about signal. -- it's Dana Farber Jimmy Fund awfully well the truth and the truth as -- in this video you watch the video above all should be about the -- on the field and in two. It's about the truth and there's a video and I feel a lot better and I know what happened the truth is -- focused on the wrong. Dana Farber patient the cute couple and sure -- -- and it -- -- the backstop but the back. Let's go to his right at two balls coming -- him great -- -- OK yes it's a ball. Jerry -- the kid threw the ball. Up to a left and it rolled into balls let you know -- -- it was like the backstop them. When the backstop was is capable so come off the mound like with the -- Gregg V Georgia. It took after the radio boost yesterday -- your follow. -- we know -- pretty good as I've thought that well force of crystal ball you seek you can see on the video -- -- open -- glove now like to give it up baseball. And you can see other kid that -- both -- the -- walks over like they were mine and some great Jimmy Fund the -- -- on. I'm running the baseball somewhat by reverend. This is not being critical Jerry -- not being critical of the job -- would seven guys it's about the true it's tough to figure out who's who get that whole process of different people for different ceremonial first pitch Alice what Lester to me it's always my guys who has yet. I was it would -- -- the other side. Be careful -- look at the ball and help all of BP what do you think 86 they have not all the goes on that those are in the -- missile. Missile. That was good experience it was it was it was a lot of it was the barrister early on just -- part of -- -- that it was fun -- -- He's bringing back some pretty good players in -- meaningful people in the tradition -- joke with Jonny Gomes and Dempster dug -- the deal that's a lot of tradition. A lot of great players. An opening day break at some guys. Violence often laughed and then at least people couldn't you ask for the people on it could. Welcome Ted Lindsay don't -- that there is silly to light evidence. Jerry Remy. Rumor Loney at Jon Lester. Jarrod Saltalamacchia. And will little Brooks. And welcomes the studio where those guys doesn't -- and bystanders the steamer -- heat -- Pedro was walking around I mean notes. I. At first impression I think was little more -- It was it was good to be exist just sit and Pedro before talk those guys after Pedro wake tech and just. Watch a game fewer of those guys -- does not in any on the field result -- appeal that -- -- that like you look at the day was drawn up we got there yesterday Jeremy sport grow at about 10 o'clock and I thought overcast crappy day too bad. By 1030 it was sunny and almost seventy degrees it was a perfect. Baseball they weather wise and then you get a four -- game into the seventh and here comes in a model will talk to about 115 today. And comes up with a huge home run a guy that was last year 180 target as from the right side. That -- is that we easy get on base he crosses from the left side of not right side he struggles it's 185. The problem monster into God's goal pretty good and sent people home happy in -- forcible and stuff after that but I mean. Did you draw on company better if you doctor Charles you've asked for a better set up nice day. Great crowd energetic crowd -- a three run bomb you went 31 your five and now. League continues -- Miami and opening day could it could have been any better in New York -- -- win two out of three go to Toronto two out of three -- -- Ford took to be any better opening day could -- continues shined up a home run win three nothing exciting game late. It just continues in just. -- to ride the -- lesson and and I know we'll see here all day long and everybody I'll say it first for you okay only seven games. Only guys spring training and -- opportunity. The journey okay. He should be there -- right good. This is it's he's great stored in order to get it to him a little bit more but again. Say again at seven games I get it I understand that. But if you're Red Sox -- seven months of baseball which you've seen the last year and a half has been so miserable. It to sit here and say -- please and show me anything yet I don't enjoy watching it's only seven games wait they'll do this wait don't do that. That's just being miserable to me. In this and and that's fine having an agenda well I don't know what got you yeah or that other people who have not -- and succeed is you don't wanna talk about the team because you can't. Could got to be one of tools a lever like that however. You know and I understand that the Red Sox -- when they're winning the -- people bitching because that's a -- That's what you do to -- baseball pitcher right and -- happy -- performances in the unhappy with guys playing in whatever it is. But that's normal -- back to normal being a fan. Are you can't like this to my high -- like which you've seen so far it is a 180 -- -- -- seven games before what we've seen in the last seven months. I choose to enjoy watching this team play. When you saved your Red Sox fan so it's only seven games -- your Red Sox think you have to acknowledge what the interest of baseball right if you're -- only some recovers the game you're somebody out who's not. Definitely a fan that is watching this team. It every honest you go boy maybe better than we thought I this -- for 79 wins and -- -- fourth place in the American League east. They still could finish that. But it seems unlikely that they'll be in that position -- the way they've started over again. Less than 5% in the U 67 games also less than 5% to -- small so you -- -- that promote pop from rate baseball perspective Red Sox angles good. Right that that's been miserable for a year and a half. From just that baseball standpoint -- seven games that there are now seven games are not an errant field. We'll get it's on the pitching numbers that they are outrageous and much better than they were last year. It's a really good Red Sox start. It's a really good baseball start to just from the way they pitched. But execute at the plate to make it past the -- on the basis for the most part a little aggressive at times chain victory know and the way they field a baseball. And ascending getting into the way this team feels around that you had a chance will talk about it on the show get a chance that is the up close and personal pride to document that you. Have some insight that nobody else in town has yesterday in terms of the -- But the biggest thing is the picture right they're gonna make a run it's about the pitching and yesterday. What Clay Buchholz did and -- local time and Lester have done. Is the biggest reason why can start to think boy maybe they're better in the forcefully fourth place team excuse me in the division will talk about that 92. Sellout crowd at Fenway and once played finished the top of the seventh right here readers at second -- score of the game. Two balls two strikes two out -- the stretch. Here's the pitch. Slot on in this directory appears Jason Miller. He slams the bad against the skin and discussed. He goes down swinging Buchholz who struck -- on -- the Orioles with a man and do not score in the top of the seventh. You know always -- when you know think. After that sort of thing and going out there it's you know it's sort of on and inferring my -- and now there's so it's it's and it's your job that you do get going up point. You know -- -- in order to get on because it won't alternate -- that's what insults. It's fun if that's an especially when every -- in the just. That really have one thing that was working -- sales up in his own. There was couple balls early there were Oregon now. It was. State your report so. Or not it was. Sort of grown in their room. That's gonna -- talk about his outing yesterday but -- 937 W we unite and my comment hearing him say that after the game was that's a grind. What's it feel like when he feels like he's on his game if say never really had any of his pitches going never really felt in control. And talked about a couple of balls -- got out of the ballpark. I thought he was pretty good yesterday and if that's sort of the bar for him I'm struggling -- gonna go seven shut out. Against the team that won the at least a year ago that started the year pretty good offensively. This team could possibly sustain the early start you're not a paste on -- -- gains B a playoff team. But it's on the right are ball colts left on the Lester and the right are buckled yesterday grind is it was pretty darn good against ball. Our girls -- -- would book yeah -- mean. We had our bold. Statements are bold predictions and -- They buckles when Cy Young -- -- and just bold statement torn out there whatever just off the wall type of stuff. Sky's the limit for him the question is how many innings how many starts can you give you. He'll remember the guy that came up and -- the no hitter he was forced seam fastball 9690 cents. He was 126 curve ball just devastating curveball and changeup that was one of the best in the game from a right hander. It was there. But then it was a Taylor Heidi get through innings he came back went down at a modest change not slow as -- things and found his two seam fastball. They couldn't feel his first year in the big leagues. Found that slot that played out great in the minor leagues are talking at the -- and as you have a sliding as well actually he's lot of great open to the news. His curveball in the minors. He just for some reason doesn't feel forced to basically. And -- he came back in 2010 a year that he had he put it altogether it was the strikeouts went down. He became a better pitcher because he's patient contact is getting ground balls get double plays attacking hitters with. With a two C manic -- slash slider asked about it you know do you very. Again I don't want side of the plate in my cut a little bit the other side of the plate against the right away it might. A little bit more break on its slow it down turn into a slider and he said that while this kid he gets it he understands you know still -- it changed is different variations of cut it in a lefties back to order lefties and more troops out of the right he's. He had at all you know -- this and in it all came together last year tough start the back. Now when I look at him this year we talked buttons spring training the last start spring training struck out six guys the twins. Any through circled five looking on this two seamer in the lefties with a ball comes back starts at their hip and comes back it's insect corner. Josh Beckett when he was on member -- When I see Josh stone to human lefties that's -- call strike three. Packets on that he's on top of his game. Clay starts throwing this pitch announced it competence and asked him after the game robotics what I -- Josh to a follows years and be successful. I feel like I can deal. We worked on in Kansas or Josh Beckett in a positive impact on pitcher here -- -- if you look at guys what do they successful what -- -- -- great -- and that was one at things that Beckett had. Yet another -- still obviously but still so he perfect that pitch. That that could be lights out. Really -- mean for left handed hitters that can be ballgame because if you're a lefty facing play. You know what he's -- you know it's got a good two seamer down ways and try to rolling over on you don't get 94954. Seamer he can elevate bowled by -- you gotta worry about the changeup and it's still probably is best pitching got to look -- have two seamer changeup everything else that he countered that with a cutter in. Tonight put some Nelson guys' mind he still bust Meehan. But now what the two seamer forget about it. You know it is -- -- he could freeze you want it got to worry about the fastball and coming back you have a chance over the cutter. They're so many ways that he can attack hitter right now it's to the roof. We go to a game and not feel like he had anything. Visit his curve ball for David changeup -- or maybe the cutters work and maybe the change it's not working in just go changeup two -- of there's so many options to attack hitters right now that he's extremely dangerous the question is. How many innings can give you can get to a season healthy that is it I -- -- only thing that's hold them back. I think that wolf -- -- to let these I don't know what he's a personal. Special report we'll the world live out how to overplay it if -- saw him him him that it is so. I was able to throw a couple good cutters -- for purpose pitches and then and then consider at all littler run back and through a couple of good. Good receivers -- -- So. There is there wasn't one that. Workable. Why the curve ball won a couple times and it was Davis and the sector Adam Jones and -- -- or breaking pitch that. Yup I forget which guy was just sort of stood there -- cassette walked out of about it and that was Jones in third the first service at 32 count and I think. The pitch fooled them grows more than it was a great pitch. Because three to adrenaline at first and second. It Duma curve ball but you look back get at that ping hung up there and that was a high striking not the best terrible withdrawal date. He just said Jones looking for something completely else he also to the back door to -- human right. Nearly throw off the plate with a hit it would give up on it and come back and get the outside court -- -- on that went. That pitches is and a protector was dismissed it what are to -- can't strike guys out with four different pitchers. And he met the state can. And execute he's right because it's five. -- -- Because strikers -- with five different pitches well have I heard tank -- ask you about this on TV. Oh is he surprised that they let buckled up there for that seventh inning and couple 113 -- so went through starts to start the year. He's gone seven innings in both of those starts he went 94 pitches that start New York you what 113 yesterday. I wasn't surprised but I was encouraged that makes any sense -- that some. At some level you just said is exactly -- out in the red soccer again how many innings to get adequate buckles. Because that is the only hurdle he left easy to -- inning guy and maybe that's not realistic. They have to be wondering if they were wondering about his health of the up the back was any -- sure there was any building anything a baby him early in the year. Doesn't come back out what you heard -- after the game her vocal after the game -- Was -- game go back out there get a cell. I thought that was encouraging is able to go one of the seventh goal in thirteen pitches because that is. The last thing you're looking for the last sort of part of this is how many innings getting Gaby -- to be -- ace in this league be considered -- -- group. The innings are still part of it. And the 194200. Inning Platt told that area Lester. That's step in the right direction yesterday right 113 seven innings that announced. If you know last year was last year. I think the we've we've heard this before and and I don't know through some McCourt saying but it's more of a baseball thing where. That they started looking at. Three outings. Pitch count for three outings in L-3 2340. In that range three whatever this whatever that number is it's. The so they can make up these sort of innings -- 94 in the first eagle 113 and next may be ghost 1992 in the next game -- you don't know. But I love the fact that he left them out there so that they can watch the pitch count. From outing to outing maybe next time he goes out there it's five nothing you know in the sixth inning any sit on 92. Knew that aren't well will handle the bullpen and good job -- to -- thirteen. -- last outing but I loved the cinema there's a questioning send about -- 00 it's one nothing. The maybe keep an -- and maybe go hitter to hitter but he busting his butt out there for six innings out of some jams early on that's his game I -- your nephew John Ferrell. And he did you put up three units sold with it's it's a it's a no brainer -- up three nothing in a ball to bullpen we're joking about it up there and a sixth in the -- boxing you know. I'm also sure. Must -- last year buckles was up for the seventh. You don't we talk about lighting eagle off the end that I -- there's that walk up three Nelson. Last year wanna be shocked if he went into a hitter in the -- You know maybe give up a couple runners and got hold it was the right time to do it I love the fact he left the -- -- let's have them. You know clay once again consistent with what has -- and spring in New York. Seven solid innings -- but the two strikeouts particularly Jones. Our earlier in the ball game and then that last out so to pierce. He had very good stuff today I even thought there were number of pitchers that could probably gone his way with I thought -- had a consistent but but tight strike saw mark Darren and he can't say enough for clay did force the way -- pitching classic pitcher's -- and one swing of the -- becomes a difference and today. I have Beryl street honest after the game talking about that start for buckle to elect his take Alec buckles taken and overall so far. And the two guys as a combination. Let this one settle in before the break we come back and talk about what -- on this pitching staff -- your reaction. And your phone calls and text messages here's that here's the early season line. Jon Lester is 210 with a 150 ERA. Clay Buchholz is 210 -- micro is a micro optic point 64 ER easy for music. Are they are four and L combine our Lester Buchholz. Will they one point 04 ERA. Now that may not stand up right the idea they're gonna be anywhere near those video game numbers. Forget end of the year come June -- July is not realistic. But you know we say these two guys in the key to a playoff spot and we stated that the team was going to go as far. As those two pitchers brought them and the early returns would be. This is why I brought John Ferrell here this is why one the davis' is considered a -- good this pitching staff. Your two guys you're racing your call waste of this team not baseball but this team. For all the one point 040. Could not have asked for better start most blood and that's why not have before about how they do what. You know Ryan in is just about winning because you know. But he said these two guys what 40 with a one point what is it one point 04 and if they -- -- a therefore no video game with a 535 combined. -- at such -- pounded out runs anger at some unexpected hits from guys write plays wins early last year right elbow Wednesday the aren't exactly clay it was 41 -- eight point three very early on. Was it winds but did you feel good about him. You know these not only are they getting wins but they're dominating lineups years you know Lester one bad inning. -- get -- get out of a jam but on the net they've been given outstanding. So. We start going to begin the offseason but talks about this team you know what expectations whites can be difficult for them to wins because they have. Thirteen fourteen question marks on up through 345. And that two of the big ones were right there overseen Buchholz and Lester too when you see two outings like that he's okay. It's only two outings but it's exactly. What this team needed. In order for them to compete and -- -- playoff contenders. So it's only couple starts in. But at least you've gotten you know couple check marks early on here in the year about some of the things that need to happen at this bullpen needs to be as advertised check mark. You know guys step up -- clutch hitting Victorino some of the new guys check mark you know Mel brooks' young guy responsibility you know the order second year player -- handle. Check mark so. You check off some of these things seven games then. Has changed my expectations. But there's definitely a different feel and a different attitude down well that's. The question like that here text on the AT&T Tex lines they still think eighty wins at the most. My question Red Sox fans today knowing it's again under 5% of the year. Are your expectations change for the Boston Red Sox in 2013. I it's it's seven games right and if you if they have. I'd like to know why what part of this team has made you change your opinion but had your expectation change after five and -- start about how far. This team can go weather and up in the American League east your phone calls at 6177797. 937 the phone number all your baseball calls 6177797937. You can text us. On the eighteenth -- text -- 37. 9370. Expectation change listing you'll get your calls and voice of numbers from last year that the Red Sox pulled. Way ahead in 2013. Keep -- here.

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