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Mustard and Johnson Give Their Take on the Appalling Actions of Former Rutgers Basketball Coach Mike Rice

Apr 6, 2013|

The boys discuss the video that was released this week showing former Rutgers coach Mike Rice belittling players by means of physical abuse ie kicking, pushing, throwing basketballs and even using derogatory language as a means for "motivaton". The guys were shocked and disgusted by his actions and even further appalled by the excuses from the school's president. Sure, he may not be the only coach in American doing it, but that surely doesn't make it right. The guys get caller reaction to the pathetic display on the infamous video.

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It deals and there's it's going to fly ball to right field this is it well I think it's. Evident that that's not. At thirteen. My belly landing a bullet to the opposite that the reds but then it is 41 Boston. Every game we're we're here to win it's. Potato mixes -- places and producers. It was a it was a fun game it he's really into -- and you know as you can ovals are. Mike Napoli and being in the three plus home run drought. Four of the old town team the first Red Sox don't run as Joseph said middle Brooks added the second in the ninth inning and yes Larry Johnson's. Quote unquote likable Red Sox -- jump out through a 31 start with a 64 victory last night. In Toronto. -- or you don't like. Now there again it's the first. We what what would you like he was delisted they're you wanna sit here and analyze. Rick Pitino war -- where would you they're about Mike rice what do think Mike rice I think is deplorable. And that's another subject that we can get into later but I think any person out there with kids. If you don't bathe your kids with love invade them with the understanding that you have the craziest person on the planet and if anybody messes with their child. It dot they're going to be -- to pay in and it too. In to allow a an adult. In a power -- position. To abuse. Young man. Like det tripping balls out of minute and it just that the video was terrible I and I'm sure this is going on a lot of places high school on up. You get these insecure. Adults men in -- all women in power positions. Who couldn't make it themselves so they wanna take out their frustration and show how power probably our end and I'm sorry. You have to instill in your in your kid even if you're college student you don't have to take that. Amazes I know they got scholarships are up but will fight legally or whatever but you do not. Have to take that kind of abuse and that's one thing you have to instill in your child from a young age coming up. Would never let anybody tell you that that you know -- that you have to tolerate this. And you don't would be easy thing about it is it you know we're going from the quote likable Red Sox to the despicable. Mike rice and everything. A surrounding that Rutgers basketball program and certainly there's no debate no one would. -- -- condone what they saw on video it is horrific. Is something we saw samples -- certainly over the years in Bob knight's practice behavior and Algeria. No that was that was during game but remember. The thing that did -- in Indiana. He grabbed the kid by the scrap of the neck and push them around you know and that was not the amount the them believing him certainly not condone anything Bobby Knight did. What I wanna know is. Weird as this begins this culture of coaching. That allows people's essentially. Coaching young men to be tyrants it -- I learn that where was -- where -- model that. Behavior after -- out today one thing in in it's almost the criteria are standard for any questions you have about anything whether it's politics or religion or anything. Follow the money. And when you receive it when you win look at that -- the guy from former around the closely -- that team at a guy gets a and I asked field guy gets a low eighties she's like a really upbeat guy he's got a great and the kids the government everything but when you win. You can go from making like 500000 a year -- to a six million dollar contract so winning. Gives you an opportunity. To make a lot of money I -- or is it worth it is though I know Lawrence is not a six or maybe it was taking his frustration out because they weren't. The really believe I don't know how proud I frustration I as they are the youth minister for 23 years and I can't I I don't understand how anybody in a power position. Can abuse people to that point that you -- supposed to care vote in encouraged. Now I do to right drive believer in discipline absolutely I don't think there's enough in the world today debated openly younger people I think you need discipline. But at that point. Let you stand around and whipping up basketball on somebody in and kicking -- -- Dragon him by the shirt I love steer -- -- the other there as sorry a monetary needs of those and I know our money SBA and I know it's a Disney Channel and its lead ansari. If he had done that there might cities that I -- went up to the school and drop them and I feel the same exact. Way these things out which two things in amaze me when you watch that video and I'm assuming you have watched the video crew who has it right. A it amazes me that there was not a breaking point for any of those kids understand the ride scholarship. And they are taught that the coaches all powerful. And they're just meet -- players. Just pawns in this game of college basketball and that they would lose their scholarship and they still probably on some level. A lot of those kids. I believe. In the dream that one of these days if they if everything falls exactly right -- they follow their coach and do exactly what he says and endure all this abuse that they too will play professional basketball maybe not the NBA but Europe they can make some money playing this game. Well. Even talking about favourable -- Have a good luck they have an older tolerance and if that's the visits that somebody says I hear people say. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me to the contrary. -- -- I have been in in ministry in the years that I've been involved with -- people I tell you that you take away somebody's self esteem. And it it it takes years. In years to try and recover from the abuse. So I think again when you have somebody they are we supposed to be your protect -- -- supposed to have your back. And they are just physically and verbally just beating you down. That's a great point you have two sons in this every person who's listening out there right now you have to analyzes. And what message do you take back to your kids who were growing up you want them to be successful you want them to be on the team and be one of the better players. Just make sure you talked to them about but at what price. And you wonder in just from a purely pragmatic point of view I would like to believe that Mike rice's. Motivation all these years was to make. His team better to give as much out of each one of these individual ball players as -- -- led the U physical and verbal abuse. And respondent a productive way to basketball do you anybody would tell you if you want you to teach. And once you put in place. You want you kids to go out your kids or college Q on the -- him praise in him play freely if you have a -- year element. You know I used to hate that about pitino he would just be on the sidelines just screaming and screaming and screaming and even when he went up to the pro level just constantly -- screaming. I know you wanna win and I understand all that but there are many ways of going about it. And anyway I'm glad you brought it up if it current -- be athletic director finally resigned. In -- brought up a very good point too. Legally -- systems is set up in such a way that you can't just always go out to be obvious and just our I would just rating him. There ross' certain legal steps that you have to take to make sure to protect yourself when you make a decision like that. I just dumping her and Eddie the athletic director a three game. -- -- every game three games of three weeks' suspension. In 50000 dollar fine east notional looked into it deeper because a guy kept doing it. Yeah but did he need to look at any more deeply then what was. Graphically evident almost the Seattle -- kind of contracts these guys signed McConnell causes are and they -- behavioral clauses or whatever but. I I just think that. But if you think for a minute in and now look at that look at Auburn. A couple of years ago when a championship now there was an article up by Selena Roberts in Sports Illustrated I believe in. About drugs academic fraud. Illegal payments recruitment violations being made it's like the they're making so much money the NCAA is making so much money out there that they really do look. The other way and a lot of these infractions so I'm sure this is going on directors. There are other people out -- doing things I'm just glad that guy got caught. Because maybe somebody else out there who's doing the same thing we'll have to Stoppard re evaluate himself. You know you talk about that Auburn situation and of course my favorite line written by he has grandfather great uncle comes to mind from Casablanca. I am shocked shocked. That this corruption going god. In college sports I think all of us even though we're sort of desensitized. To all Larry. I think we were all affected by what we saw at that Mike rice raptors practice a couple of weeks ago. Where actually this week wanting to read about it it's another thing to act as yet knows apps you just one of their goal for the TV I like it did you have young voice. You -- a culture but did that to my kid I -- -- your wife would be up incorporate them -- it always comes back I hate to sound like -- but it always comes back to Nixon in one way or another you always wonder Nixon had those -- and here as in years all we did do was get rid of -- -- tapes even admitted to David -- two or three years later in the in the FROST/NIXON show. That if he just destroyed the tapes his presidency. Easily will -- survive you wonder. Awfully deep distrust that is what I don't know at least written accidentally says language was insult you all about it all -- -- determine what deleted -- and so they re release the transcripts from the water guys. Great question now but of course this this whole thing went on and ended it you know into goals back to a point Greg where you're tying it all back in. To the team that we're watching now. As is you know Wall Street is really what the unemployment situation going on. There's so many problems going on in this country and in in this world right now. So what you try to do is escape to the -- department. Turn on the game today. Montreal Bruins tonight I can't wait and in -- -- for opening day in. Accurately -- you not mention this is. A college sports -- this is the centerpiece of college sports the most Saturday night I mentioned are noted -- amino vital for this is the crown jewel. All NCAA. College sports forget about the championship game it's like January 8% to 300 billion all the games this is this is more important in the championship game on Monday night this is the the berries at the pop outs as a college basketball and all college sports that your -- be watching. Louisville. In Wichita State Michigan Syracuse. Even mentioned that. I do you interpret you know like yes but wasn't in the context and as -- Basket and I am again the only -- I don't watch nearly got celebrity collector car car I would tell you this I think. I think the viewership will be fine tonight for CBS we -- that -- -- Is largely different college sports in particular college basketball about local team involved. I think is Mike rice thing completely overshadows both games tonight and in the national championship on Monday night. I I really think it really casts a Pall on this -- of that because you really believe that Mike rice is the only guy operate that way. No not much at all now but I think it at the moment in the way -- -- that it. It's a great event. That kid who it is uses that it is in Malaysia where. He'll be here is an emotional event I'm just saying locally I can't wait for the Red Sox game today a complete them saying that. I can't wait for the Red Sox game today in the month ago game with this -- monster are you you'll love of people. Who were complaining about our hockey season being too long. He's -- -- and -- that on a game the other night it was incredible hockey. And Larry doesn't overreact. Model cracked not because. Oh did you watch the game. The you can always tell which people watch the games in which people don't. -- ice is fabulous game it's that all's I know there have been everybody vision. Which is -- or you -- yes. -- -- Overall I'm only saying because it it bras it was a great team and you like the the doubles game it is like the -- debut with the as -- at all so I picked -- about -- out as an up tempo game in the like the goaltending. It's at eight this is about something and right right now I don't know if you're right now. Saying that's on asset. Now because right now if you're a sports fan right now -- get excited about the -- when you're excited and interesting and fascinated about what the Red Sox are doing. In the Celtics have brought them up at Randolph -- excited now right there it is you know if you are -- 20 but this is your plate. If you are witness to follower of the game what you're looking for right now from the Celtics is not so much on -- plane but. Which players possibly out of what you're seeing might be able to help this team in the playoffs in Jeff Green. They just -- I've gotten -- in -- got to count on him in the playoffs. And inches in and get a colleague Jeff Green that we bruising of the late in the words Leon as Larry is the row and terror inside. The second point -- wanna make that I heard right from the beginning I'm not sure you'll -- is that all of these practices. Were public. Right if you look in the -- of the video -- people in the stands. Nobody says anything for three years about anything. It wasn't just our athletic department there were people there. I don't understand what happened. Call. That's scary that is just I -- the -- needs no comment whatsoever that the president of Rutgers University Robert barking. That is I guess his alibi. Slash excuse slash reason for not responding. Win a the videotape. Of Mike rice abusing plays verbally and physically at a particular practice. Was not disclosed to the public as we know until Eric -- -- Became a whistle blower and released into the public only after he was fired. I could take this much power to the globe and they had little feature on -- high school sports and we used to do I used to do little cartoon -- -- to go along with that I won't -- the high school. But I went to a basketball game in the high school COLT was really abusive to money it's kids. Grabbing him by the shirt and and and shoving him around and then slam and amended chair. But to the cut tuna at the next day and the -- to try it. I don't understand how people can just if you of people sitting in the stands and you're watching that. Well you know that's but -- he's the coach -- he's holding a winner right and under and that's what you have to do. Without themed areas. No gain. And the president talk about CYA passing the -- Nazi yeah SE YA house thinking of the the Catholic you -- youth organization basketball league in this case recovery year you know -- And claiming that he did not have enough line is they were so many other duties and responsibilities. Too many other things that he was involved and at the university. He couldn't dean to possibly. I take half power -- date look at that videotape and then about passing the -- not to adjust the athletic director. But to all those people that went to the practice. Should've said something. It would and he need to step in making a a responsible I -- they just massage -- -- -- they were business as -- yeah. The heck -- the people thinking sit in the stands. You would never go to anybody after per hour to watch it one of practices and they listen. Sorry to -- and a basketball coach he's really going overboard with these kids so. It's it's a valid point but the buck stops. With the president yup and you made earlier and you said I'm not necessarily making this compares and bought there are some eerie similarities between Penn State. And rockers of course there is -- as a matter of fact Christine Brennan and yesterday's USA today Larry. Said at rikers is ten state all over again. It's another sports program at a major university wanna block where the only thing that's different is. We can stay you're talking about John. Innocent. Children. No real homes. Parental situation mostly father's not home taking advantage of such a vulnerable weak. Kids. His bat in this must think it's any better about the basketball program and so much more puzzling to me. Because these guys like that what nineteen point 11 -- whatever the college student right is a big difference to me I'm sorry at some point at the companies say something. Right but here he but it's all about power and trying to hold on to that power. And we know that the person was all understood everybody understood Jerry sandusky. Was a child molester he's a -- everybody understood that. But the orchids a year and a half ago wasn't so much on -- dusk we all acknowledge all around it's the people around the beginning we -- to visit I did my job. I passed it along to the athletic director -- no follow up joke right who passed along to the college president we all understood that Joseph Paterno was the most powerful. Force on the Penn State campus was this this is the quote the Christine Brennan. Uses -- -- column yesterday asked repeatedly why he took so long to look at the videotape. Markey said he regretted not looking at it last fall I can't answer exactly why didn't. The thing I can -- in retrospect. Is I sure wish I had. I was trying to find my way between my house in old queens without getting lost debris is put it stopped just shocked that they were sending the police me. Getting lost on campus at that point. -- -- -- is. Behind the office permits home because he was doing the job he didn't have time to look at the video out of it's the Peter principle. -- know they it would be impacted by decision was seeing the video for the first time period. Took -- five minutes. But it took you six months to finally see it. Unbelievable I got lost in my late in the office war. I had no time I can duplicate the video. Hey I got three words for yet she he asks. Unbelievable. And although he does is jobless. Yeah you know again it's very easy and retrospective scope to see what you should -- done what I should have done and for me to say young -- should have. Again remember that Tyler -- situation was also bring it to me the whole thing is for Aetna today. I'm still trying to find my way into my house and and old queens without -- officers and police out for me. Getting lost on campus at that point -- these are all running you know. -- -- -- -- And don't forget to tip your servers along way crash this guys will -- obvious -- Do you think there -- other programs out there -- -- of course thank you very much every way higher as Hobart race somebody's Dodd stepping up and blowing the whistle. There has to be something in place and the a eight. Where if a violation likes this takes place. That the players are protected from losing -- scholarships. If they blow the whistle. Because that's the Fear Factory are really Uga are you to tell young kids out particularly to girls like a government W jerk guy. And he says or don't tell your mother I says that's up for assigned to stay away from anybody who tries its way to keep a secret. So I just hope they -- put something in place. We are different with different abuse situation like this takes place that the players do not have to be fearful of losing his. Chip I'll tell you -- you know if if Steve Sweeney is not available to working giggles tonight which is that this guy and he is just one -- where you're assuming you make is a regular club ticket I'd. Every time they show that in the showing it continuously I can retirement look at shark. And if Chris Christie is the leader we all think he is. Did a terrific job. Mitt Romney might disagree. I'm bringing in Obama after the hurricane sandy situation back in. Late October early November. If he is the popular and powerful governor of the most popular governor all America but it most popular Republican all hole. He's got a step in and say you know what this guy cannot be leading is remember rockers is the state university of New Jersey. He can be leading this state university is any shred of dignity left that all nominee right on Tuesday confided diseased -- -- I have no idea capturing probably does unless there's some sort of out of balance there not a bad.

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