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Pierre McGuire, NBC Sports, on Jagr and the Bruins

Apr 5, 2013|

McGuire joins Lou, Mut, and LB to discuss the Bruins win, the acquisition of Jagr, and the play of Tuukka.

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We got Red Sox opening day tickets. Goes away coming -- very very still unable free ticket Friday can't exactly what time but very very soon. With -- Lou and LB Sports Radio WEP island of buyers hanging out we start hockey. In every week at this time we talked her body from NBC sports Pierre McGuire let's start the date today appear. And we apologize to you because I've been told that you harassed in the airport by a couple of valmont Lou WE yeah I'll listeners from a much that love you and when you come on the show sometimes that means harassment Pierre we apologize. You have to -- churning its often feeling that I was locked into the airport and bought about a ten minute ago some couple guys corporate pay grade -- mignon and boxes in the morning that good will -- -- tried. At W Greta but larger than eight. But the good morning good to misery to -- it was a review Lou it talked. Yeah it's funny I came back from the West Coast here and now wasn't easy for me these peoples -- -- budget wanna grab -- wanna grab these bags where and that now blew them on front. -- okay it's okay look at I knocked out the -- so we're gonna Herbert on August I think you do what other people before and so -- -- PL last night you know a lot of Bruins fans you know yeah army are realists and the guys who is that the the seeing him where and their -- Bruins sweater and a 68 out there on the ice and he's up there with a couple of kids just year old overall thoughts of -- about their impact. Well you know collection. 1990 -- here Maria one. Chance to be -- in Pittsburgh we dropped from with -- fifth overall pick -- -- a member well we're lucky because like Richie went for keep pretty Mueller repeatedly said that -- to a gold medal and went one. It's amazing taken. Remember that point three years later but it should be impacted that meant yeah I'm a lot of franchise but are are French and in particular and eleven that was playing. In Eastern Conference finals back in non binding one in ninety you can you can attest to that -- just great. -- armor was and he's just a dominant players in the eighteen year old an unbelievable players in nineteen year old and never looked back. And the one -- to your -- just gave them all the time. After practice we had to kick blocked the extra he was such a workaholic. We get a kick off yet that's how much he wanted to be great. -- TR I don't I don't think people I until I you know especially Bruins fans I mean the base they saw him play. And then people of simply people who are stand how how -- how big of like a guy he has he's a -- he's a beast of a guy. He's six foot three and a half fees are probably what 225 to thirty and he'd be -- -- -- -- -- and and he didn't. He can manhandled by any defenseman. And he gets so much skill and the fact that he works at our -- I mean obviously why he's been around forever away you know I hung around here just -- our our -- ask you one thing I just -- -- -- questioning. You guys can -- -- about it at this time of the year is this is it is theirs is it's still. Are twelve to go coach double time. For Claude Julien or -- you know let the guys figured out themselves and and get a get a get a general. You refining right now more than anything else that's always been my experience working with teen says murder. Poll to -- gonna have long playoff Roger refining everything you're refining your car where. You're fighting your penalty -- -- refining and nutritional a merger continually to enhance. -- -- faceoff situation. You're in zone coverage. So that -- -- you're refining right now you have the car you have the Internet everything bill. Now you just fine tune it -- the playoff structure you're trying to do more than anything else at least that's been my experience and are pure luck would quote trying to do right now with his group. But the biggest thing to me is watching the Bruins play last night. It start to get better and the factory and get Chris Kelly back through this huge news because she's really glue guy and nineteen. -- Campbell taking advantage of his opportunity -- -- taken advantage of his opportunity. Obviously important in the teacher Richard -- reform which is good news. I don't to a lot of -- right now obviously the -- situation is gigantic news and you guys are probably more -- to -- that I am but. Missed it and that's a huge hole obviously he's. Only talk about refining right you talk about younger the one thing that stood out last night was the power play they double shifted -- here and efforts are plate plate too many innings seconds during that shift. What's the best way. He used on the power play is what we saw last night so -- that half board behind the net and set up guys in front let him be a distributor of this power play. That's the best thing country armor so good and I can tell you that you haven't done it with a -- -- -- where you really feel really strongly used to Wear me out. Prefer not. The -- lines just getting him to get a doctor Henri spinning control. He can -- at all or can take it to the net. So when you have that kind of a multiple weapon attack from that area it opens up the one time -- opens up the backdoor play continues Tyler saying it. It opens up I didn't talk to other areas of the -- maybe for Nathan Horton. So again that where he's posted right now who watched it last make those -- and obviously they only had. And more power play but. He's going to be a very effective player and down there and he always have a better in this -- we want to keep playing you know it will be. You know you mine and await the the lines and where he would fit it's taking goes to -- on that second line and I think Sega planes general help them all -- be a better player you know even -- back that -- but it's not the first month that's the last month the navy into the post season. Do you worry at all but the kid out there may be thinking too much do you like him in that spot. I think this is actually good for him right now because it's helping -- learn another dimension to his game. It moves through deductible coverage -- understand where he has to be in what we're here on doesn't turn the heavy lift and and so pallor get a different appreciation for what happened to us he was strapped to this generation and are you know they've wooed them over the wing that's his natural position -- it would shutter. And so no I think it's actually good for him right now at a beach in 200 feet and I haven't played 200 feet and it'll only make them better won't hurt them. 45 shots into games you worry. At -- -- has been my 87 a total gaga asked a bit comfortable -- a couple of bruised goaltenders. That's great point and again watching the last play our procedures you know one of the -- to power -- in the league and let's not forget to too crushed or the second -- and -- -- the -- shots on -- But no it's Cooper took his scraper to build and hold over the -- in there about some really good work most people who agreed that they've agreed to them. Partnership going on right now that's one concern I do it and I'm sure quotas concerned about that too. I think part of that is audition I haven't bird girl but a big part of a lot of traffic only the huge part of it. -- say again back to senator little bit different for a so there are some adjustments that a lot of people on. The one guy and you guys probably know that she would not have an atom equator on -- group that I think that virtual bit controlled to be on children. They appear on -- but the goaltending situation as a head coach going in the post season you want to find. You -- -- got a separate -- these guys play at a high level. Yeah you sure would like how warm guy that really didn't do very well. When we had success in Pittsburgh -- -- Brussels that stepped up huge for us it is our guy and credit Peter and we'll knew that he wasn't gonna get an analyst -- got her -- Wendell young knew he wasn't gonna get -- -- must copy gutter near Kennedy Reagan knew he wasn't gonna get -- on the -- -- that our system that worked for us. But you'd like Orton got to just grab the ball and -- and again would appreciate this and you watched. Guys over time whether it be grand pure -- -- -- sector as a matter Ken Dryden or at the moment of the game. Andy -- would be another one Napster might need just one guy that can step up and now the ball everybody knows. But the communication systems are down hole because to go it helps so much about. But if that's a great opportunity I think to mourn right right right here a year ago the -- the you your guys who got too good to. Thrown in there and -- a big win for first place in the northeast. If there's nothing finer at this time of the year everybody loves. This type of games your hockey player going in -- your bro we loved going into Montreal on being held a slap her a little bit and take first place -- from coming get our role. I think the you know the biggest thing more I think in you know -- have been up there and played so -- in Oakland and is alone it is in the building and it's really difficult. Internet communication between the defense and the goal in the actual one thing. And -- -- -- -- Montreal game up there this year Montreal ended up losing back into -- the Bruins came from behind it was a great character by the but the communication has to build a better I think that what -- -- -- -- to get into the -- security communicating download Connecticut is blocked the cycle with their speed. And I think -- a little bit ticked off blast and it played Montreal and Boston. Mature our commercial behind to win that game my cup of -- quite a tremendous game that night they just met a lot of our clock. And the -- -- propped up what they got a big -- -- be a little bit ornery. -- a Montreal tomorrow. Any big tube but the regular season when the plate Montreal has been times like you know what it's like payback time they've lost their cool they've lost their. The composure at times really to come post season gotta have more composure you know we play much joke is that gonna try to get into those penalties. You wanna see that kind of an effort like what you would see in the post season they still sort -- They'll pay back in what do try to takes to bond out we don't like to post season we'll deal that. -- you know what I think -- accommodate shipping it's a fine tuning part of your game. Getting players to adjust to the game plan and make an in game adjustments as a huge part of coaching to. And I think that's something you work on tomorrow. -- but the biggest thing is you have to identify certain players. Again women played any games and I I don't drop the game plans but. Whatever Raymond -- was on the patriot ray -- rural. You had to hit him everytime I mean it on the -- And I replied we have an amendment and they're stacked with the rain import -- our guys would -- -- -- -- straight years and -- -- huge dividends for -- was a huge part of what they bought single and he had a pretty -- should be playing close to 49 minutes a game -- it's the same thing was and it's the same thing -- -- power -- affected yet as mark -- good. But -- that got that overwhelming shot and the ability to distribute any debris cal player. Any detract breaker sold here given the archive free -- he's gonna eat you up you upon stacked deck he's got to be circle before the game and you have to come up with a Cuban general and if you do. You probably knock him out of the game in terms of what he can do. And it'll help your team be better. Well my guess is they got a Crosby rule in Pittsburgh and I know he's hurt right now appear in the try to figure out ways gonna come back but with the last few games to them in aggregate score of ten to two -- this is this a little blip. For the Pittsburgh Penguins or is this a sign that. They might not be as as dominant as -- be in the Eastern Conference this year. Not a little blip but remember now know Paul Martin on the -- had a great year playing with -- or technocrat permit saying whose play -- multiple partners but still being great and if you would -- -- -- probably would have been in Norris trophy discussion -- Sidney Crosby obviously so. You're missing three key components that are what you bring in any new guy is true that without practiced. All practiced forget what they'll practice from laurel. And so those guys are trying to find their way. And it's sold the other night I did their game in New York their transition defense was terrible there and don't covered it was brutal I made the comment during -- game. Wanted to get at some point covered because the Rangers purchased devouring them with aggressive defense meter jump into the cycle -- for the -- or shoot the puck. We just unbelievable -- And so. No I think it's a little blip and it's a little bit of their capacity to you look at Chicago -- they had their big streak they -- next couple games after the streak ended. Pittsburgh had -- fifteen game winning streak the last couple games I've been very good so I think it's just the air comes out of the blue and then you read to it again and again on again. -- -- -- -- -- sleep let's keep the -- going to -- and it's a blue -- OK we have got we have a couple of games and here's begin as a Bruins fans. A clear that we -- talking about three teams -- to -- for some time now Bruins Montreal and Rangers. Surely start talking about the capitals and when Adam Oates doesn't doing down there recently. Number number one in the league on the power play a huge part of that obviously -- to much better shape data entry per barrel the deadline Mike green is a much better shape of a key players for the getting -- like package really -- -- -- middle like this year's schedule and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know the biggest thing muses that atom has done a fantastic job not panic and you never -- what I did the game that they are playing -- of Pittsburg. And the wheels fall off and things were looking bad. And he said listen I'm not -- can I know I'm good this team can be they just get in better shape and they -- start looking into my concept. They are in better shape they are looking to this concept in the fact -- the -- -- -- power play speaks to everything animal storming. Here are great stuff it should be fun stretch year as we get towards the playoffs appreciate the time is always will try to not get you harassed. In any yeah. I love and I think it's awesome fans are great they're bought the passion and the energy is fair tax guide to secure what disturbed and I would you guys away from the range -- we can do oriented ball. Merger -- hot though I mess up a couple Syria will see this week animal CEO for the -- Bruins and -- next Wednesday. -- brought in particular -- about Pierre McGuire NBC sports joins us every single Friday 11 o'clock to talk Bruins go around the NHL. Well appeared joins us he brought you by the city of Boston. Credit union now beginning but it probably be cases on rule. This I think we've seen it before with -- with with trouncing teams just picture our when ever they possibly -- when -- -- anyway whatever problem it is Cuba every opportunity yet. Ever I listen -- appear made a good point ensue bonds one guy was an end of the Bruins the Boston Bruins defense. That Montreal cycle so good if they let those guys starts cycle and after not if not picking guys off and taking guys out of the play hold on hold and forwards out of the -- they get cycle and they're they're in trouble. They're in trouble that Montrose to good. Out we'll see over a dead of Fenway Park on Monday right guys going to be out there for opening day yes we yes -- we're going to be over the baseball tavern near -- -- Be ready -- got a lot of them are run back and forth between breaks to drink on the air is not a big deal -- and I will say this I've just. We'll get before give voice Red Sox tickets again LB got your start as weekend. I've just re tweeted a picture of you wearing the George Q were not making this is not a joke you were in Georgia today. These are homemade cut off George you -- three or four times the white tasks that there we have a rapture view. At Mott WEEI and Twitter and it Joey ZWEEI. Where. You don't seem ashamed of what you where I'm -- is an area in those shorts but you don't seem ashamed of those two. Listen Bud Day. I have worked -- blood -- it because it why can't listen but doesn't -- -- restore it to Georgia because the wine in storage or Mike you're not quite there -- he how many Lister. I thought I spent some time young guy and Z eyesore and time with him god you know we have -- got beat him guarantee. Gave me the thumbs up when the jurors. I am now. I mean I'm an analyst slash fashion designer. Bring -- all know they they would really -- -- regardless Canadian -- when he -- Marshall go to Canadian radio TV podcast -- it's only an -- off the record of the number one watch TV show and Panama where you would not. That would not let you -- to what's on there I were -- look like you're welcome my bull crap I year from now let's. Joy or its might. Lou I'll custom -- all custom make a line -- George for Uga the dazzle -- he's -- -- but apples on there. I could see the picture UN George Lawrence is still doing the fashion -- -- we'll see you Monday over Fenway -- thought LB Lyndon -- joining us ninety seconds away from you getting a chance to Red Sox tickets. At the box in the Sox game with the Yankees last night ninety's act.

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