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The Red Sox magic number is 161

Apr 2, 2013|

Mikey is overjoyed that baseball season is back. He breaks down what he saw in the Red Sox and Yankees first game and his expectations for the pitching staff.

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Learned this we need. -- -- Today you hunt no oil in -- ball. I'm battling a spirited and writer writer writer yes yes some here I'm here present -- yeah yeah -- has always dagger right between dollars and anybody Bruce Springsteen soon. -- on him saying in my eye with a real reason says I was to -- like Bruce Springsteen you know sent. A little bit. And I didn't do it and -- always got that done -- -- And on the burden that is they're. I don't I had -- that I'm a good men or your gas feel better today than ever again I I had a data were. You know what this works out well for their attacks because they -- that tremendous bullpen of others asset perfect pulpit there and how how often can you say. And life on the bullpen for the Red Sox has been perfect all year. This to replicate this could be one of the last times that we don't know how one's gonna go and we don't know tomorrow season the Yankees now and we yankees the items that -- Retreads and asked some I almost I if I was I don't know more of. Manly man. I would say you know I feel sorry for the Yankees right now on the Yankees and as acute as you progress of that yet. It is too which is definitely you know we've had -- we've -- yankees have bad starts before it come on strong at the end in certain seasons where they just you know make -- future. But at this point time I don't know where they're gonna get it I don't know honestly I'm look at zone where the Yankees begin a thing. Whose pitch tomorrow Buchholz but colts against Kuroda but keep colts baby. We should restart you're horror or is or aren't usually I don't get -- we get it to the bottom of that it's what. Well I've heard numerous pronunciation is on this well actually to know you'll Mara. And -- Laura and I've heard I'm are below power. Below are from from the Brad richards' -- from John Rich a generation is not the kind of guys you know from the worst enemy -- and I've worked with John Rich for many years. He's not the kind of guy who's gonna make a mistake no he is a stickler. For perfect for teaching yet retail Jesus he's always on the money when it comes of that kind of stuff so yeah if I had a bet I'd probably say that he he found out already. And it's who Har officially. He probably well we know rich is fluent in Japanese so I'm gonna go with that he spent some time over there. You know you know he was the one that recommended that bonds I tree that you. I know but I know and Gaza and it was a good suggestion how but the time you take the story about how we go crazy and ripped through that rice paper wall after -- -- his shoes off a -- that in fact. Well that was the reason why because they've made him take issues. They made it a yes right right that he had used his -- for menos karate he's well over -- You don't want -- there that I can't reach was still wearing one slice of -- in each -- so when he took off his -- over their two and -- whole -- went -- -- out they'd understand that -- it is it's a custom no one else says there is so old old -- issues retreat column around here just that's kind of genocide at all I wanted to also let that information now -- but it's out there now. So let's see. Aware was we got is so much talk about personal yarder your your thoughts please quickly my thoughts of time and if -- weren't. First round pick you might feel -- bit too much but again if you're reaching the Eastern Conference finals pretty good you're good shape and they need. Some help on this power play he doesn't have a mullet anymore no biggest brought back memories you know here at Boston that would be timed leak is ever would know it was him. And these days if you get a mullet in Albany for her current one of these places you know great clips or something via a week or so ago. I told my prefer to have my hair a little bit slightly longer in the back the she's that you don't want them I'll. Get -- well I'd cut. You've you've -- quite a bit of salons in the past including that we were is that -- state ballot we had the a models. Cutting -- -- -- -- yes I don't Mansfield doesn't yet that's not counts yeah I -- -- America. Cops -- mitigate recent. The Red Sox it's thing is to talk baseball tonight mostly but of course we welcome any of your comments about the new Bruins acquisition. And what he might mean to the team -- I think they've really honestly lately writer needed kind of a little bit of a spark. And he's -- policy forty cent at 41. He's 41. So it's looking over his career stats and other while -- point now -- 59649. Points out that. Not too bad -- man I'll play it would rubio in smothers would still get a hell of a player and helps modified alternate. Sure he has to -- three years in the league ER -- younger course the wide jays are all silent. That silence or like Weis. You know just in case you those crazy checks. Those cookie nut balls so that's a big story for today as well as the -- getting ready. For game two and I've never felt actions and Nancy never is little more time. Since I've felt. This surge of positive -- that ran through reais in a -- because they didn't beat that thing yesterday like it in a Workman like fashion. The manager managed. The players played date date they simply looked over the pitches. Lester was good I mean I heard somebody. Say today on the radio or member Wallis. That. It did Jon Leicester fell apart. You know after the second or third in the fall partly yes it was hitting it got -- don't get scraped around a little bit elegant nick -- -- if you have a couple runs but he was it was fine in a little game yeah I wasn't dynamite. Probably -- too many pitches there he was like just -- -- good enough yet you hold. The New York Yankees don't care how depleted they are in their own home opener to two runs for the entire day bullpen comes shots and down. Lester did his job we do defines one Nolan and we can't I'll take that oversee -- performance and OCC historically gets up to slow starts worried about it but it. Velocity here on nine years since you don't gonna try to do tonight writer I just thought of his patio of poker game for pat. -- try to get everybody. In the whole town Boston I mean we probably don't get a -- everybody Boston. Well covers the Red Sox. -- come on the were on the radio words every single yes every single one. And yet we just decided you know is that make all calls and talked everybody you know space as a joint missile bit later on for his weird -- worlds are gonna get. You know try to get some writers you know -- -- covers the Red Sox as a matter of fact if you're a writer. A beat writer for the Red Sox are so recovers or your TV anchor. Who's a sports guy or you work for one of the cable outlets you you're you're listening. Call into the station okay because we're gonna put you on the air -- would try to get everybody I like to -- -- -- do things off the -- exact line nothing planned once you plant something writer takes the fun out of right in oasis of the unplanned stuff that I like to do. A sort of do that there and most importantly as always we wanted to talk to you Red Sox fans out there or fans of other teams. It's a baseball discussion tonight for the most part for the entire evening at 6177797. 937. And it would -- we do this because opening day really has already happened not opening -- of the Red Sox that's coming up Monday but here we go. With Tony thirteen baseball season and I. Don't have a single negative thing to say. About this year's Boston Red Sox nor does writer if you could think -- something negative right now coming up yesterday but that's just I mean this may be the last time we can do this all year. MW against the Yankees tomorrow Buchholz and those eleven a lot you know an exception and Napoli middle Brooks is deal with the flu -- him but I'm not too overly concerned Willie great you don't. You brought up Napoli -- -- -- five middle -- is over three or four yesterday OK. So but that's not fair that's a negative. No I'm just saying that. That overall this horrid as you would say nitpicking. Answering yes to an eight to two shellacking of the of the yankees' dugout much declared an African units this earlier see ya know varieties keen on not I'm just saying that it wouldn't want to bring up Napoli and middle -- say -- -- -- I'm so happy -- look you can't. Not because of what that way they played eight -- two opener. Over the Yankees out here how depleted there anytime you beat the Yankees yes they also -- a producer in Russia Madrid. Obviously wanna announce right now the top of the show is on nine pounds -- down nine pound you write about that because they're wager as usual yeah -- the show again and I -- 86 and a half. I've been diligently. In my notepad with a pencil not pen yeah because have been a racing. The pounds that you shed in -- current weight and you're right nine pounds nine Thomas who actually is good it's good -- feel very good about so. Which are baseball played long and what about what mention quickly before we get your phone calls and we're gonna get everybody's phone calls and has -- be a fun conversation -- -- moment everything you want. We're all Lucy Lucy feeling greats. I -- I you know I got a new car towed to writer because I get another one tomorrow case -- you know what I got to graduate trump. I think like the customer or the week it Watertown -- at people don't usually walk out of there one week with two different -- yes what. They should put a picture of me on the -- offer by two guards -- -- Yeah I've got getting a fusion -- infusion tomorrow and have navigation runs -- never get lost gold good late night bars. Ala -- checked these out in the parking garage in your own parking garage which you have here you have a separate park where I do for me. I get texts on how to pronounce. You ready and one guy says it's you you horror. And the other guy says it's all or a Y Horrow I don't think -- lie cholera assistant dom. What -- is what -- and we get we -- -- operation pronouncing him yesterday and you're right I mean. That that paper wall but he did end up tearing down in Japan this -- has Koji you horror. You horror it's it's you wanna wanna do if we can do this one of these days soon. Get Daisuke on the -- no let's get him on him Koji. And his translator. Alaska. Alaska import like -- whose face IDC unit. -- says Napoli suck straight disasters over five -- -- ball jump on that real quick I have 35 home runs this year right. -- he went to the boss sucks media day today inside info is one of the guys we got the Dodgers is clocking at over a hundred miles an hour. Wasn't Webster. -- -- -- -- -- -- a hundred yet as human those guys yeah. Webster's the one that shocking easier about him as a sinker ball patriot in spring was get up there and I ninety Zamora find out if if ruby were let me called -- And let me be the only one that calls that the navy can have your -- pronunciation for a lot of power or you are. You can come -- murals on you week. Mike he's got a Ford Fusion hybrids such an awesome car way better than those pre uses you know there ago. But I know I -- to navigate your right my new car tomorrow writer writes from Watertown -- will do that. Analysts say hello Maria amigos over there and you know Jerry Carson -- -- amigos and left went to stone for which is another tremendous Ford dealership. So he -- they're the they're gonna have a third -- -- which will be announcing very soon with Bruce Whittier and and of course that the inevitable one. Peter King yeah I think I know that -- Yeah or just amigo mine. So we know basketball tonight right -- you think should -- not -- best moment of the Celtics have been in the doldrums I don't -- keep that off over here on the back burner and I really -- they have this actually programming note for later on tonight speaking of that. I'll be talking with Ian Thompson of Sports Illustrated in the lead NBA writers at 103 I know we have very well hello guys very -- answer -- for writer yes. Our first caller of the evening and by the way Texas if you wanted 37. 93 set you know who was it was so heated said that about about Lester. Somebody just texted me about that he said today. He said that that in here -- -- like crap after the third. Well his last inning he got it he let me get one base Charlie struck out two guys is lasting -- -- -- he's got high standards I guess you know for these guys play I give up two in the fourth. That's -- -- John is in New Hampshire and that's the state we love John how where you. I'm glad to here that everybody should be -- daylight today although it's you know what I -- -- held -- that cold now. Can't seem out -- it from where I -- because we cloudy. That we can't see it either from where we sit now normally can you see it from where you are. Absolutely wow the whole presidential range. Absolutely. High -- mount Adams the best. I ever ally the story story fountain. Hotel Arctic about you got screwed and they end up put -- for a week -- Didn't get the right reservation you know wasn't realizes that we him what do we -- ideas might these be -- deal worked out not a surprise. -- -- took good care -- didn't you know mount Adams is not just one of the presidential -- that it's also way of life. You know what I also lived in Adams. You met many many admitting. Adams mass. Now Adams beat our human 000 yeah that's the word pretty drinks. That's right yeah I heard about it -- in -- seven so what should customers -- John what's going on. I just wanted to say you know our I texted my alumni you -- -- last night or yesterday morning and I said I feel like it's 1967. It's going to be impossible year. And we're gonna win at all I really feel that way and it amazes me how parks and them. Who to really you know and it's the worst human they're in the league. Certainly think now we'll go 162 at all well. You know anybody noticed that -- really -- -- Juno is really high and some kind of Barea Terry my Astros negative abusive but yes you're right -- -- Talladega that's just out of control of course they're gonna go once succeed yet because I you know all almost all of us would settle for you know 140 and 22 yes I would I think ever would sign up by that. There's bad days happen. Congress -- it was a great year I was a Yankee fan -- in 67 what happened and wilder being impossible dream okay so that's what -- you. Jobs and blankets and yet or not get to the -- -- that -- going to depart for a ball in the bleachers and we got caught up in that you've changed your. Running ways John. I -- my brother was in Yankee and rest is Saul and he brought me up. You know loving Nikki and and Nokia. In open 67. Comedy is that I spent in saying you know I love. Dickey and -- those old yankees were very very colorful Whitey Ford they were interesting you know they had Phillies with a harmonica incident at a lot of cool stuff going on that team. But does them and the best thing about about the Yankees back then was -- his quote ability off you know tremendous -- you today he said he -- time he said John. Always go to people's funerals otherwise they won't go to yours. Here he meant it. You want to -- I don't go there are too crowded nobody goes right now so yeah it was it was. Should -- out there what was generous to its shores right restaurant he said nobody goes there anymore it's too crowded you guys watch he Mickey -- documentary that HBO it is yes. It was -- -- -- -- it agreed to Ted Williams who knew you can hate the Yankees only one you can't -- -- not Mickey Mantle Kenya. John so what's your real call what's your what's call for a site give it to mystery here. We're gonna win it. I always felt that way ever since you know warm until we're out of I think we're going at all ever since they had to Jonny Gomes aren't yet big giant cell is not. Dick Williams but I think you have brought. The first year we -- well you're really -- -- your real time to keep him last year when they hired a I don't wanna say his name honestly. It was it was unbelievable I nearly went back to the other side in the dark on. Our new air and was miserable all year and I am just so yeah. Everybody was there -- -- you know what last year was us if we all know that it was a worship such had some 65 OK that's over. They're not gonna have a year like that in -- died there when it was kinda good it's him it's a place they're gonna win more than 89 games. Steve in Fall River and it nobody but me things every Steve thinks that Steve. Well I'm the one adamant 92 -- I just. I don't care what it's like -- a two run shot to help a lot higher standards and the rest all sports are about to great. I -- all the teams that helped sink. I hit that the Cologne now had an article take you should name Kennedy were locked out this. We do some concessions old. I hit it right after the -- Why people complain about it O'Keefe. First of high standards thing I think everybody in this town is held the same -- that is championship or not that. You know huge army which which -- of Steve. Listen to meet the fans of which team the fiesta which Steve art -- (%expletive) right to be less than a championship I'd tell me. -- -- you all showed their Red Sox are held to a higher standard necessary standards that championship -- wouldn't. If the red Sykes got into the playoffs -- a while current second wild card won the division would that be exceeding expectations for most the season. If you if you ask people at the end of last season yes but if you talk about what it is. Then another yeah okay another with a championship cater to the World Series only a win is good enough. Yeah but I would say considering this team of course were greedy in the standards should be considering recent championships but still might or just the standard is the same for all the teams writer every single one he got us here I don't think expectations for any real World Series for the Red Sox this year. Like pit stop -- stop about Valentine a flashy belt tighten its belt it -- and all the sudden. There was some it's it's again it's all about the players we didn't act. One healthy lineup in flashy right we are we at 69 win and maybe remember. A lot when we traded all about it would away I'm like got. -- -- -- -- And we not only don't know we're the history Steve not aware that I got a few legitimate concerns that people knowing and help. The last three months. I mean it should -- believable. -- what are you talking good news. We're being nonsense we're talking about what nonsense. Winning -- or do we -- that -- -- be as specific. OK -- -- that light the way we all need a law. You know why is it probably didn't deserve it between galactic mean that's history now. Played and they all got shut out all albeit -- opt. All right when you called the station tonight friends and we invite you won't -- yet. Try having a point. And a -- you can get to within I don't mean that. As otherwise it's just not fun for all of us rate -- correct I like people with -- -- -- tried having a point as. As Steve Martin said to DL John Candy in trains planes and automobiles -- When you tell a story try having a desperate AJ should Lebanon Connecticut. No agent you know how are -- that they should take my call was going on. Nice to be on the program rookie to shorten sleep. Very positive note okay while people stopped and other Red Sox didn't go round -- you know get the big high profile free agent. Addition by subtraction gentlemen we got rid of the -- in the clubhouse. This team this year my -- Pamela superstars. But we got guys in the clubhouse that are competent they're composed. If they play as a team -- and I'm really looking for -- app style of these quote as we haven't had an occult. You know I like ability I have a feeling that -- presents the very presence of Josh Beckett. Whether he said things that were negative or not at -- wore on everybody from Lackey. To block colts to Lester him being a round I think was a weight. For all those other pitchers don't you think maybe the mere presence of -- Jon Farrell's gonna help that may be so yet because they had a joke when it came to the pitching coaches in the manager last year what a joke. For the Holy See your pitching coach show Bob McClure -- Valentine it was unbelievable AJ. What are swimming champion come championships come down to gentleman has good pitching staff that it once again they might not out superstars which are going to be consistent. That we can get them back into the apple and -- pull through. Was you know you're prominent of them have -- shut it down we have a legitimate shot Arctic you know what are actors. See in the picture and Harold today of of Jonny Gomes like rejoicing in scoring a run -- our you know our guys -- -- I was -- there's a lot of that attitude runs rampant throughout the team has kind of like okay Wear on you do one thing win win win. At that then it's going to be contagious. It's going to be now. Could be the second -- will be getting into politics even updated on the championship here we welcome anywhere it's right. Yeah of course and you know what Barbie for me to go on a limb and say something to positive after one game AJ but -- You know never rapids does that have thanks for the call on have fun -- -- You need to keep this guy says a text message -- writer who Horrow my daughter speaks Jeff I believe him you know and look at the way fanatically did it too. So I think we're on the -- that there I think it is low power. -- -- I don't -- enemies like I don't mean. Good afternoon or some well they are known as gift givers Mikey you know if we could get somebody to call -- that is actually Japanese. I know we have listeners were chip Wheldon who make perfect sense when earlier on when highway -- -- you'll wearing a kimono so it at the end call makes just perfect sense it's a Yoko -- Kapono. It's very special. By the way is she eighty yet. Yoko we've got to find that out it's important information.

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