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What does Jaromir Jagr have left? Richard Durrett from 103.3 in Dallas gives us the Stars perspective on Jagr in 2013

Apr 2, 2013|

We talk to a guy who has covered Jaromir Jagr this year on the Dallas Stars. What does Jagr have left and bring to the table for the Bruins? Richard Durrett of 103.3 ESPN Radio in Dallas answers it for us.

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Chicago when it was his way but just. Overtime winner of the Dallas Stars take it. Go to Boston he will be here tomorrow will not dress in tonight's game against Ottawa that would be army or younger came into the league in 1990. Traded to the Bruins from the Dallas Stars in exchange the -- give up. Couple of prospects outside the top ten in McDermott's fighter Cody pain. Is a young player who could turn into something maybe a power forward type either guy. Is in their top ten in terms of prospects they also give up the conditional pick that will be first rounder if they advance of the Eastern Conference finals a second rounder if they do not get that far but Michael the question. And it really is is is almost the only question is what is this guy have laughed. Who is. Army or younger at this stage in his career should answer that let's go to Dallas. Bring in Richard you're one of 3.3 ESPN in Dallas co host. Fitzsimmons and Darrent Richard Tellme already answered that do we as you army or younger at this stage in his career what is we have laughed. I'll tell you that your Bruins fan I'd be pretty excited today I mean he does have something well I think you'll be highly motivated. He came and wanted to try to prove that he could still do it. And I think he did that we shall help in Dallas when when he first signed -- deal in the offseason surprised folks. The very first thing yet general manager Joseph Nieuwendyk about with the -- get the keys to the arena in Frisco. So that he could skate because he liked to -- it weird time that the practice so I mean does that. So right away and there was there was something said about what this guy is how hard he works what does. -- or all of that is to. And I will tell you that from what we've seen in reality it's been streaky at tar okay. But there is something the -- there. He this skill is still there yes he's an eighteen player but I think the highly motivated at 41 years old. A 26 point fourteen goals twelve assists. It got a couple of game winning goals eight times. In certain -- was space literally off and I think there's enough fear that this does make sense of liberal and I think -- give them a boost. Housing in that room. There there have been a lot of a lot of reports over the years that he's a diva he's high maintenance tough to get along with what have you heard Richard. I thought he'd been fine in the room why haven't heard anything like that the start that other leaders that are trying to put together leadership group as they try to figure out what they're doing -- branch site that. Is reeling a bit right now let's be honest there added three -- -- he's -- without the playoffs. And here in this market where it's football all about football and football and baseball basketball it's really difficult. Up for the start to gain traction in this market if they're not winning and are now winning. But in that room with young players and and and things going our -- response I I didn't hear complaints about that whatsoever that you're that. They needed his own -- I mean he he was mingling and talking to players and in doing things I don't really think. And maybe that's parties Specter there as it's 41. Media understand -- he doesn't have much time left. And an historic -- two yarder. You don't need to have a no trade clause. And yet the general manager Joseph Nieuwendyk called him and today just talked to -- little -- say okay it would that you wanna do here. That's the kind of respect they have for this guy. So you know I I don't think that's going to be concern. Well you said Bruins fans should be happy with armor yarder -- wondering if star's fans are happy that they got any possibly possibly a first round pick. 4041 year old player was the response like there. Well I think the response period disappointment. You know that this. Little routine and at least some thoughts with our elected and who. Really it was a pretty good treaty years ago that Joseph Nieuwendyk need to get a guy who got -- struggle Becky she's in Atlantic get on the second shot. And and it's become a pretty good goaltender. That okay bill from the air out and things can happen but this team as a total mess at the Blue Line they haven't had any kind of consistent flow. And and it's been. There's just disappointment here in general because under the trading -- now trading -- they have raised the white flag which they should do I agree with the decisions -- -- -- making this week to hell. After last night he had little choice but to sell two straight law. -- board up and lost last night to the ducks. They're not making the playoffs -- you looked at the other three points out there's too many teams they just in my opinion they don't have what it takes to get their. We've got to get something to these are restricted free agents or you lose him for nothing in the summer and that's what he's doing. But yeah OK yeah it could be the first tropic is the Bruins make believe that these -- proper spot become the first trumpet. But. People here just kind of disappointed that yet it's going to be eight I -- straight season. Without -- -- year five straight years for a team that won the Stanley Cup in 1999 it was. At that you know it used to be really big screen go to hockey game here it was it was -- you wanna be seen it start now not so much. Luckily got Tony Romo for the next 25 years or whatever they designed to assumption that make up for Richard during one of 33 ESPN. In Dallas joining us here -- and holly and WEEI he's in the AT&T hotline last thing on this is is. Does he by -- When he shows up here quote Julianne is more of a defense -- minded system does he buying into what the Bruins are trying to accomplish. Interest -- I guess we'll see I think he -- been for a chance to try to win a cup. Thank you buy a -- chance to go on a playoff run so that means buying in the ecologically and system that I think nobody and I really. I I think a lot of this is over -- you you're getting it got it's still got something left that I think will be motivated. By winning. And it's amazing what winning can do when it comes to guys buying insert systems I guess we'll sing at the jury's out on but but my feeling is. It also got -- like this movie -- gonna give them just enough to help any you'll be incorrect I really think this could. While we'll certainly look forward to Richard dirty ESP of one of 3.3 in Dallas thanks a lot and we we do appreciate it. Are -- -- Richard Garrity the AT&T hotline and that's certainly a positive review of what he's got left at this point and what he might buying into in the bruins' system of your Bruins fan and we are pretty split on this apartments are polished off. Guys -- fairly split on this today Iran I think we've it's been pretty much down the middle almost. 5050 between those that -- the trade and those that don't like the trade those that think they gave up too much and those that think that he's going to really help them and -- helped the power play in their offense and another to think he just doesn't it with what they're trying to do we not combine in a when you hear somebody who's been watching him and has been around that team in in Dallas all year say -- he's gonna help the team. Dean he's got a lot left offensively -- he works hard and like you selling your fears at least now. If you look at the Bruins. Did you think when you were just trying to analyze what was wrong with the team -- -- you know what does this team needs -- to get back to that championship level. You think they solved. 65%. The problem today get a break it down that way is that that is their biggest problem of the lack of here's that phrase again that everybody in every NHL -- says. Then lack of puck moving defenseman another puck moving defenseman or was that the inability to score a critical time even though and had great they've had great opportunities. In many of these games like they haven't been able to create them Tim Newman finished. Is that the biggest. Problem. I think the Bruins have had four problems recently. And this all sequels don't not a certainly equal but but it's hard to -- it's hard to figure out because. Much like in football one problem kind of leads to the others right they're all sort of wrapped up in each other Europe Michael one of the problems is that they've not been able to find the back of the net with the pot. And younger should help that that that the power play is wrapped up and that he should definitely help the power play should help them on the back of the net. Who is that they haven't played it -- -- -- with enough sand the is that the phrase -- -- and paper in their game they haven't hit. Merely enough for a team that is built on -- that's too. Three they haven't skated through the neutral zone with any speed -- the puck moving defenseman -- -- and then for -- haven't played great defense they played good defense but they've been just a few too many defense of slip ups. To me that is by far the smallest. Of of the of the pie for why they haven't played as well recently and and I don't think that's what they're going to be looking to take care of at the deadline. The first three things are the issue. Are they playing with a rough sandpaper in their game are they putting the puck in the net. And are they moving the puck in the neutral zone with speed I think if they find it got if they can yield two of those -- holes. That will be enough to get them to where they want so -- more. One more so one more so it's either puck moving defenseman or somebody who can be somewhat of a grinder and by the way they have Chris -- coming back before the playoffs does he not provide some of that -- on that sandpaper your talking about. So if you added defenseman now puck moving defense and maybe it's Boyle may be its -- I really don't care who it is I just want that type of body. And now you RD attic -- Mary -- and you get back Chris Kelly. Are those three things enough to get the Bruins back playing the way you want them to play yet it's probably enough to get them back. Playing at that level you expect. But that time the question now the question is is that enough to get them where you want them ago and what you expect I think. And the Boston Bruins. Is championship contender legitimate championship in 61777979237. What do you make of that Dick Armey -- Yonkers coming to Boston. Will keep buying in dizzying need to buy in conclude mailed his system around what jogger is capable of Angelo is in every Euro. Soccer players don't Angelo. That I got a couple -- wanna make felt good about what does your army you have left honestly I think that I can make an impact because -- got lifting -- to -- 41 years old I don't think you've ever seen -- my anarchy literally. -- But I got. Time that's -- what's going on there and Angela how. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So he's gonna walk and he walked in the the entertainment center and economic you know -- purple and elegant always got to be proof that house now. You're telling me and I got to be you know what they're all out debate group since they want. -- -- -- But no matter what about the Red Sox I'm. I think that's our blue jays in a red dot can finish wanted to -- Rondo is like the -- president the Miami Heat got some talent they -- the pitching. Getting open. I didn't read sought the -- -- -- like sore spot one game and you're right. But I think that this team that they keep it up they can be very very competitive in nearly. -- Toronto are out of I don't know about the Miami Heat Angelo and good luck with that baby proofing and don't have bureau don't have your son walking on the balance beam into -- can -- can't do that's a long time off like every time you open a drawer -- got to reach in and on baby proof that being my wife went nuts -- magnets. Did you do that we have to use a magnet to get into your drawer. All got to him start magnate magnets. Every time I wanted to get into like where the trash was I depict this magnet up officer Morales. And bring it over and on magnet high is the drawer that held by the cabinet that help my trash. I know I haven't I haven't heard of it I haven't done that was before the baby could even movie ads and red ready on dealing with a -- the baby can't even open that the cabinet without the magnets but I got to use the Mac. Such as my life that's that's that's an innocent question to -- Of the best way to. Baby -- house and magnitude and their bit which you must have heard it some thought she bought the thing Amazon the next thing you know my entire article useful magnets. And don't let our houses full magnitude that's why I'm here in -- it's it's it's. It's just you still -- -- -- in the matter knowing how it's not it's not my problem right there are no magnitude earlier -- kind of hoax is -- -- work are you in are you are you aboard -- what Peter surely has done today for the Bruins Dallas 61777. On 7937. At salt and -- W via.

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