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With Opening Day on the Horizon, Dale and Bradford Preview the Upcoming Season for the Red Sox

Mar 31, 2013|

Dale and Bradford step back and take a look at the upcoming season for the Red Sox and the start of the John Farrell era. Callers add their two cents with the guys and talk Jackie Bradley of course, Will Middlebrooks and his importance, the potential of the starting rotation and the general attitude of the team post Bobby V.

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Our number two sport Sunday Sports Radio WEEI as you heard announcer voice say Dale Arnold rob Bradford hearing till noon today. Our baseball season technically starts tonight although we're not sure you can count Houston Astros games the start of -- -- kind of start kinda starts. -- for us for those of us at New England that starts tomorrow afternoon. At Yankee Stadium against the Yankees sometime before 3 o'clock they would get the official word Jackie Bradley junior. As I made the Red Sox season opening roster. Will find out the subsequent. Roster move that frees up a spot on the forty man because he's not on the forty man roster and I don't know what they'll make that official are they are -- to work out today do that. They do it's. They can't officially say it's -- work out because their collective bargaining agreement. But they basically open the doors to the players if they wanna come work I -- John Farrell was very very adamant. That they could not ask the players to go. By if they want to go because it. So -- you know and those guys yet because it's everyone's. Feeling good about themselves and wanna get the season knowing and you know it's could ship lollipop right now and you know mobile can stay that way if they win if they don't that -- well. Interesting piece on WEEI dot com cheap plug and it's like it's like Mick Foley going for the cheap pop. Chief -- -- yeah -- dot com interesting piece on Jon Lester and you know you look at the at the contracts out there for for top flight pitching and I understand that the east cynic would say well based on what I saw Lester this is not a -- like it here I prefer to think that was the aberration not the norm. Because based on his record and his yearly numbers it is the aberration not the norm. I actually think he's gonna come back bounced back nicely and have a very nice -- -- these. The four years leading into next but until last year -- you know certainly you know elite status I -- com and is yet to prove himself there's no question about it I'll say this about Jon Lester spring training I -- not remember. A more dominant. Performance by starting pitcher and printer and that Henry Owens. If you guys photo courtesy and that is true nobody was more dominant throughout those twenty people watching night so it actually 21 Alex says. At this this -- before everyone. Gets going about this means absolutely nothing he could go out and have the exact same year he did last year. But I understand that having been down there and watching him. That that's about as well as you can view heading into a season and to speak to the contract would attracted. Lester yesterday about it. Couple things number one he is not -- -- them about a contract. Which still surprises me a little bit because I would think that the team would come in and try to get him a little bit at a bargain basement. Number two he said he would not talk contract during the year. And he also had very very adamant that the thing that he took away from the Verlander contract wasn't so much I gotta get up to 180 million wise. -- is is another guy along with the Felix Hernandez along with potentially Clayton Kershaw. That their intentions -- to stay with the same organization and that's his priority. Which you know you get the free agency that changes. I I I sort of see where based on last year the Red Sox might. Wanna put off discussions I sort of understand. As I said I do think that was the aberration not the norm. I do think that they've got the right guy managing the team to help this pitching staff not on a day to day basis he's not pitching coach -- He doesn't have time to -- work bull pens -- them things like that. Which are already seeing. I think it just simple things like take the ball throw. Aria with -- colossal losses yet but watching -- -- use the same way yesterday. Yeah and in what you have is. I also think that the -- dynamic people were asking about John Farrell and having a pitching coach what would be that you like one year of his is very very confident in what he's doing. And if he's his own guy and I think that John Farrell. Really really respects this guy to the point no way you know while I know pitching but. I can just flat one take care of this particular that in -- examples throughout the spring training where one yet this has been the guy not join Ferrell. Who have really steer these guys on the right path one of amalgam Webster L Webster who was won't talk of -- camp in the last couple weeks yeah California office. So. Yes so that's that's a good dynamic but to go back the laughter. The reason I thought that they might approach him -- because. I think that they feel like he's gonna give back to where he -- And if if that's the case this is the perfect time to do you bar in -- They did it with Josh back in 2006 and save sixty million dollars. So. -- Even the Dodgers wouldn't take him out on me now aren't there are 6177797937. As telephone number Steve's a wealth and pasty white. Big -- of an area. Bill I leaned heavily towards you -- the subject to Bradley junior discussed and it just makes no central business -- -- to them. Especially. You know -- a year by. Important for nine days but and it's funny you got rob on the ropes for a little bit that they would open boy -- if he does well. Why would you send him down I mean you would find a place -- then -- -- you've gotten to I think if he does well it'll be harder to send out of those twenty days. I've brought that up it's no -- at 325. When David Ortiz comes back I ain't gonna send out. And in tears to answer your question if he does well and the team is winning it will be harder to send him down I understand that. But we're talking about may first were talking about. Players that you signed multi year contracts -- or blocking him from playing every day that the thing here is this hasn't -- terrible the middle Brooks and a couple ways. One of rule which is. There is a mandate that this guy is gonna play every game to play -- read when he came out. But Jackie Bradley if he's gonna play on the team he's gonna play every day so if they -- second if there's no room if -- if they're blocked for not talking about. For the first couple weeks of may. And you wanna see still what you happened to god he signed multiyear contract through while you allowed Jackie Bradley did get his regular bats and pot docket. That you can do that. Yeah and and they -- your other guys can't be moved before June 1 annual youth Ortiz yeah working them sort. And into I don't understand this -- -- If you play him every day here he does well and then Ortiz is helping -- -- returned. Then you know how to send them out at that point but. Here's a here's might argue here's my point is that Jonny Gomes -- seems to be the guy right there where identifying users pay you know why you can -- Jonny -- down. They like a lot of what Jonny Gomes delivers he knocked it Jackie's -- have decree Jackie Bradley junior pro probably is gonna have. But -- like a lot what he does and that's why the signing him to his contract so after a month. The -- -- gonna say you know -- all the things we liked about yet we're just gonna sit you down. Today and I heard -- brought this -- platoon with David Ortiz. If Turkey does not platoon when anyone once he comes back. That's what you need to there's w.s and get. The American that contact -- is the the biggest power that you would not the limit anyway. But it's funny because. An amateur authorities in -- feeling a little. Gun shy because of what was -- -- -- -- book about like all they only want the sexy players they want the guys are gonna be -- make the impact. And it it almost securities and now the point where they they can't win in this situation you know if they bring them if they don't bring them up. Then they're they're criticized for not bringing up the appealing the best but they do bring -- -- up. You know they've got burned is that the last year essentially and big placated to the candidate -- But that's why it doesn't make sense because maybe if you truly believe that this organization now is is down another path. Trying to build from within they brought these guys and good character guys good competitive team but their their goal is you know these guys like. Meadowbrook and Bogart. And Bradley unit that's what they're long term goal is -- just that makes sense. Yeah this this is the sort of move that it it feels like something Houston Astros two and a or the Miami Marlins do you know where where you're rushing guy up because outlook -- by a star but if there was in that our opportunity. To Billick get those twenty days which I think that they feel that that's going to be there. Then it would be a totally different argument. So but I think -- I think that that's real pin. Now look I hope you're right because I really do think that 162 games at the other end this deal are widely important to this organization. Going forward I hope you're right. But this is the sort of thing that can buy the right. Sure -- -- YouTube with a promise of of that he's gonna stay up and he's gonna be called up and stay up for the entirety of the season. Because he's the soul on fire in April and in -- gonna sit down these other guys who you do value so early in the season. This doesn't add up to me now another -- texture on the AT&T Tex lines says. That. You know April baseball's all about starting pitching in not Bradley junior well I agree do that and that's another reason why I think. It's important to have Bradley around for this because you look at the things he makes the team better not. He works the -- he gets on base. He is good base runner. But also he's a very very good defense the player. And while they're waiting for David Ortiz to come back. One of the ways they're going to be able to get through that is by having good run prevention and that's the bass fraud prevention TB can put out there. But W rookie out one of our Twitter followers a Tony Branko tweets to vocalist nobody had a better spring in the -- yes seal is that -- In a five of the promise and I I've -- things I think it's. But as Tony points out they sent him down to preserve the extra year of control. And sooner or later. Sooner or later you know that the Red Sox are gonna have to address I can promise you this they won't give up that other year the other. So the -- pay the price now for nine games where they'll pay the price later in the summer for twenty games and and here's where -- Here's where the lack of knowledge comes. If he stinks it's going to be easy if he stinks at the Major League level that easy to send him down for twenty games are going to be an issue at all. I mean at twenty days that's fine -- nobody will have a problem. Because. If -- -- If you if you start him tomorrow here. You're gonna have a hard time finding a way to buy those twenty days -- complete but that's my point. You won't have a hard time finding it might it be considered performs like like Red Sox fans seem to think -- what you're gonna have a -- Time finding it. You. From the -- perception absolutely you well if he goes out at 315 the team's winning you well. But if everyone's healthy it's twenty days in the minors to get your regular bats and is nothing wrong and I would just say in terms of -- status. If if someone in the -- in the dodgers' lineup with not available where he could fill in for for that time the situation might be different. 6177797937. As telephone number the AT&T -- line is 37937. Our Twitter -- at Brad -- at dale. Most these guys this week to learn from. Already ago we played last week and next week. Of the plane were ready to go to the -- -- himself I think definitely celebrated. I hate to say at that. That is an incredibly important part of this baseball team that Garrett there as will -- Brooks. And him remaining healthy is going to be a huge part of how successful this team will be this well this look at the concerns of this team. Mean -- besides the obvious one which of the starting pitchers don't come for. I look at Shane Victorino Shane Victorino hasn't hasn't impressed me at all yet spring training. -- is the -- is supposed to be why he isn't going to be middle the order he suppose you're supposed to allied -- that you're paying thirteen million dollars a year -- You have that will Jacoby Ellsbury be able it -- the kind of power close to the kind of power he did a few years ago MB that dynamic kind of player. And another one is the depth. -- at third base that we we thought we were we were that was smacked us in the face and will middle Brooks had that in him and earlier in spring training. And knowledge don't you really have a logical fill in there at third base but. This team. Without Ortiz especially. The power isn't necessarily going to be easy comeback. In middle Brooks is a big part of that. Text on the AT&T text line says how's that possible nobody's talking about little brook spring or Iglesias vs -- the rule is a dreadful shortstop. It is somehow starting shortstop when he gets back. I I would disagree with the techsters assertion these dreadful shortstop before he got hurt. This spring -- of the march 7 there are raving about them. They really really liked what he delivered is the Iglesias in terms -- range. Now. But he's he's -- he's all they they need and the Iglesias argument. Is on guard is he he was more impressive this spring and what was most impressive to me about a -- -- was in the last two weeks he actually hit. Which he had done in the last two weeks of any other spring training -- pitchers start pitching. So that's encouraging but to me if you have your choice right now I don't think it's close you'd take true. 6177797937. -- in Warwick, Rhode Island Iran. I'd I'd like to talk about that's why -- had a different region Bradley may have been -- as opening. Gloucester. I I'm not sure but I think -- that we work well. I think that John LAM. To -- our interest in me. Ensuring that I'd -- value. A lot -- -- You know I don't think you're looking at. You don't the opening day as Shipley an opening date I think they maybe also considering perhaps. You don't get picked it up to -- are very popular with -- very popular. Player that they may be -- -- -- or. I don't think I don't think the popularity of the players important but I do agree with view in -- prioritizing the fast start as dale said earlier you wanna get to a fast start every year. But with so many home games in April. With how they -- the seasons that they've come off of him and the fragility yelled the organization as a whole. Don't just want to feel good about themselves again. I think it's important and how does Bradley do that. I think that. Starting pitching has attacked -- said before starting pitching is important he helps the starting pitching he helps Salina. -- absolutely and I think that -- -- out the other trajectory drew it should. That was a big mistake anybody need throughout the -- -- Stop stop with that -- stop. Welcome our look at outlook and didn't tell me what tell me what J. D. Drew has to do with Stephen Drew others in the fact that they sprang from the same parents. -- probably try to Ruben -- Wait a minute -- it just ahead. -- aren't there okay and talked to. Got a -- fashion. How many other people. And I bet happened at all argued -- mom and Ron and -- at. -- it -- -- you go would you go to a specialist. One of the news the experts in the field and what we're talking head trauma. And that person is telling you you can't play. That I don't think that there's really much of an argument that he's you know one he's he's and he's not playing when he should. He took it shouldn't -- you've got a concussion. He's on the tee there there's a new. DL designation a settlement date concussion designee disabled list. He's probably going to be ready you know at the end of the seven day DL stint. Pitch and yet but I'm gonna call him -- jaw hit here's -- in and here's the counter argument for why he was talking about. I was sitting behind home plate when that happened it hit him in the head he went to first base he stayed in the game. But he needs to try -- why yes. Though I mean new low as soon as they signed him that was gonna happen rate portion of Red Sox Nation. It was going to be all while just like J. D. -- it's nothing like J. D. -- the injury a year ago was when he had his ankle she baton. I mean can he -- his ankle shattered. And and now it's he took a pitch in the head and he got a concussion. Out logical people won't be another but there's a level not logical people -- although if you knew that I know I've I've never noticed that before Johnson Hartford Connecticut -- John right. And it Obama no logical. To morning. Good morning you know what I think guys that I sort of look at in town I'm here are -- -- they Whittle is -- middle crux. -- -- of course. And I -- Napoli. All of that in the absence of -- Those are the guys are gonna have to really drive and run by an -- I think what we get out and felt -- in what we get out of victory now we don't know and it almost feel like great -- I hope they both have. Eight years but I I really am -- count on either of them because I don't know what we're so -- -- -- felt very based on the track record. We know it's fascinating about Napoli and I agree with you that also and is it. Much bigger burden on applicants Ortiz in there because you don't know what you get power wise -- Barry middle Brooks is still improvement. Now please only hit cleanup twenty times in his career. That was baffling to me. For a guy who hits a home run every eighteen at bats. And at these so Bobby's certainly is certainly showed that he can do it but yet to stay on the field and and what I'm trying to say is that he's never done this before -- never been put this position before. Yeah and I opened opened yeah I have a pizza guy that can really look at bat and get overwhelmed with I OP just sort of as well. You know I belong somewhere in the middle middle of the order and an -- have these errors so. I got a job to do. You know that'll -- there's an old cliche. And and people use all the time eventually they'll be with the back of the baseball card says they are. And in the same way I said in my opinion. A guy like Jon Lester last year was the aberration not the norm he'll revert to what the back -- the baseball card says he has in Jacoby Ellsbury is case. That season a couple of years ago was the aberration not the -- zero -- I ever knew what what what -- You'll find with Ellsbury is he's around 300 hitter for his career 162 game averaged. 35 doubles six triples sixteen home runs 73 runs batted in the 32105. A couple of years ago. We'll probably never happen again. Oh yeah I am not a I think anybody -- trying to tell a Matt is -- in the -- -- All -- feel a little bit like Brady Anderson here on the. Well I'm not I'm not gonna go there with you because I know what. The the you know the the inference -- making -- and I don't have any evidence that that's the case but what Jacoby Ellsbury has to do is he has to -- that weathered it it's the swing plane or the conference or whatever it is. Back and when he came back last year that was. It was it was our policy was like Daniel Bard but it was he was all this -- -- related and certainly not confident it is the swing the bat like he did the year before. But he testified that he didn't he hit any home runs in the spring. Greg cobra and told me hitting coach told me said we have to get back has said that he can hit home runs again. So maybe it's just gonna click one of these games early on in the year but I think it's important because all things we talked about this team needs power. John's on the cellphone hey John I don't. I dale or -- Earl think that brought -- two questions basically all the same guy up. I I wish all the hoopla what are dweller like the mall but I could never quite understand the love affair with Daniel now. And technically at each of the BB primary back up for space that are indicated why are on Barack. A previous like Nava better I think that they feel like he's a better player and when you asked why carts on the roster. They they felt like his versatility between playing first base and left field was more valuable than Ryan Sweeney the punch off the bad. Condoms -- off the bench was better than Sweeney but if you're gonna ask why they're taken nov -- over car. I just feel like they feel he's a better player whether it's plate discipline. He showed that he can play of a pretty good first base. So that's that's basically -- And they feel that you should they ought to -- -- to better. -- other Ryan Sweeney. Yeah -- number one they feel like you more personal that you plated two positions. And I do -- at -- defensively Ryan Sweeney's better. Even better I'll feel that Daniel -- I don't think there's any question. But in terms of the entire package with the -- Nava brings they -- he's a better place. I thought. That appreciate golf thing.

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