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Andy Brickley, NESN, on B's losing out on Iginla

Mar 28, 2013|

Brickley joins Mut and Merloni to talk about Iginla going to the Penguins and the Bruins collapsing once again in the third period.

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Got much I'll take you down and show up I'll kick your ass like -- no problem doing and bloomer loan. It's the money in Maloney -- come back. Big fans know Maloney century fox Sports Radio WBE guys. -- -- finish for the Bruins last night in a tougher overnight the trade market model -- not a three point seven WEEI. Every week we're we're joined by any Berkeley usually on Wednesdays -- -- today to kind of get a react to what happened last night and works out pretty well because. Not all your calls on trauma gamma not coming here record of Pittsburg and any Berkeley joins us on the ATP hotline so how did you work a -- did you go to bed -- the Bruins said. We're set to acquire draw McGill a wake up today and find out differently. Well at the garden after the hearing that Montreal and I sort of studio water chocolate metric to do that can -- -- and I get a couple -- and they -- or destroy it kind of all or what's happening. Army knife -- -- -- Montreal to a lot slower and our expectation when we left the building of those blows a done deal -- Jarome Iginla was coming and we were well aware of what. Steele was what the torture and offered. But we are treated as if the deal had been completed and it's a good thing we did because. When I did finally get home from America who are -- any show you know and I -- Although I actually did a radio interview on the right call captured -- -- he we. And we discuss. You know the possibility -- probability I would -- a couple of blocks -- long should they couldn't use that interview. Because before I like to sleet snow likely exceed that this deal would not gonna happen -- -- somewhere else. It brick of the rules have done anything it seems that he'd just wanted to go to Pittsburgh put up the one thing I says maybe a week it to a golf they're more aggressive and made this team look a little bit better. As opposed to a Pittsburgh has done may be then -- maybe decides Boston. Who maybe Lou I know we're not privy to those guys -- Taiwan. Maybe drove the Q what are -- -- movie maybe and submitted a short list of change if you consider being moved to you don't know be anxious to those staying so. And I don't think it's the timeline that the difference here. What it comes so soon and this is a -- surprise for me certainly. It's bill Calgary Flames their ownership their management team and their responsibility. To be a fan base. They need to make the best deal possible. For the future of that franchise. That you get back up but to deal with Pittsburgh offer and the Boston offer there's no comparison the Boston offers better. -- lead you to believe that you -- commercial vehicle. Should commit to one team. You know what the -- were on the table. Says and I'm not socially Calgary made the right played here I understand their loyalty to a guy that you mentioned much of that franchise but I go back to that responsibility. And it reminds me of the port deal in and again I'm not privy to those conversations -- The Bruins you know did they make the best field they accept the best deal that was on the table or did they not want to treat him more than he's been called for an -- It would be truly put a better offer on the table at. You know most of the things that we don't know why the decisions -- made and and it's also begs the question to leave it to the Eritrean as well could the Bruins have sweetened the offer. And we don't know Calgary went -- -- -- even given that opportunity. We also don't know it's a good point -- Did he always have Pittsburg in mind the it was their chance the Bruins were used as a bargaining chip you know Mariano Rivera is a free agent back in the day and he went to the Red Sox got a salary and bone. He gets it is deal from the Yankees do you think that's a possibility that. All this time he knew is going to Pittsburgh in Calgary use the Bruins the kind of bump up the price they get from the penguins. Well it actually -- have been really worked very well. You know I mean you feel that first round pick that they get from Pittsburgh going to be somewhere between 25 and thirty. At least two college guys and and they may go farther out very sure Russia Poland may be really good NHL careers who go slow urinary Joker out of these guys itself so we are many people who. And then let you know where they go between than men and one they turned pro this is very unpredictable so it'll close you know predictable science but you do the pressure coolant. -- they are projected to be toxic scored by any means so. All that considered either say you know you have an NHL ready to such an impact -- can -- All but -- Coco -- post would be atop mine for that steps in to be the projections and and that seems to be across the table we've got a lot of different people feel its place. And the Boston -- would probably be in better condition the -- expect at the end of the -- Yeah I'm guessing that Peter surely Kim -- too happy right now but it it's obvious. That they're out there and they're trying right getting in on and begin knowing getting -- tomorrow possibly to his walls -- you've heard. What's next now because it they've shown that there is interest they're trying to improve this team. Yeah I get really Leo look at this you know -- the Bruins need to look like when -- start talking about you know the end of April it. They -- airport shut till they they got it -- McQuay okay they got to have Kelly Pelfrey. The yellow blue Gigi Gordon play and now I'm more consistent game and you get right down not just playing great part of game one game every read your. You know because you look at a seven game series each we try to repair. Noted neither operated below sharpen that edge there and -- hope that you know hope. That does that work in congress feel trying to put street only get into the post treatment. And then you have to add to that they definitely need I'd love it essentially that no question about it we've seen it. Every single year that guys go down the post season. And I just put that guy that's 678 defense when they got to try to find somebody can you look at the top four certainly in the top five. That it was definitely no question about it. And they need or it doesn't change you don't think -- was the perfect career at least we tried it once why in this so we talked about unless daily life and I. Because he had. He has taught learned the -- to position positioning cup and I certainly the air Toxics skill but he has -- twelve attitude meeting -- first. I understand the system I'll play the system it's all about wedding and -- can fit the bill across the board along listen bench talent. It's great leadership all right well you didn't get up and Greg thought. Now you have to move on to -- plan B plan C. I'm sure all the time during the fires are man in the warm discussing you know we can get them which is where are we going next. And and that's what they're that they thought they get a deal done it hurt for you got a war. You mentioned defenseman on with your brick and listen to what Jack yesterday on the station he brought up a guy that did you watched escape a warmup for the islanders and if I pronounce his name wrong I apologize but. I think it's mark strike the defenseman there was going to be a free agent 35 years old. And Jack was relaying how you watched him yell in a morning skate and came away saying a while. That's a player and I think a lot of that is a good player in that type of guy that need to go look at between now -- next Wednesday. Central have been on my radar and then I'm sure a lot of people radar because he is immensely skilled great skaters -- blocked a shot I think Smart on the power play. You know. You -- probably play well they got the real good news -- -- -- -- can't cheat at times and wolf played out cassette player -- quite positions that position but that's okay. I'm not everybody has to be you know it was they archer. Are you I really like this kid we all comes down to look you know. Do you think he's too good it's. Can you forum and what's the price to get them you know it's always that lets all look it's almost -- -- are all the variables but he would be definitely got that I think broad and would appreciate. I think it treated lightly here. And I think he can abroad are more options to versatility and flexibility of the fact. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm I'm sure he's willing to move her I'm sure they'll that is bliss to looking that he would accept the deal. I would definitely great skater I -- question is great -- to be honest with you. All of -- -- a lot of guys they can really skate but if you don't know where to go and -- to be there and you're not going to be the play you should be with the skills that you have as far as moving your feet so. Maybe he's got a little flatter over the last year true but. You know he's not in my top three forest -- acquisition. One got -- can really -- and some people actually -- a better -- ending gala would be Marty Saint Louis. Some he got a copy is left and it -- take a 565 cap hit that be something that maybe what you wanna stay away from because of that. There you might we -- correctly because this hikes but different to recchi was a -- to finish every check. He's not really that type. But he competes like a -- fair and just saying no loan. Six straight Q a vocal we get a guy like that because he's a very good offensive player he's a virtual complete both wings -- -- -- ops guys. He hopes create. When you play with a guy like their coach -- unbelievable finishing touch your numbers are gonna be there. My expectation is that number it wouldn't be quite the same here because you don't have that sixty goals scored the complaint with. But he would be good at pictured. I guess I'd like your attitude that they're pulling his career words you know he's not. -- much dispute not happy every two weekly score of the bank. You know he's -- QE2 and hockey games and has accused north Stanley Cup couldn't believe has that kind of attitude it's infectious. You guys know where he is in this career that he won before you know what it takes to win he would be good addition to it may -- that is where -- -- weird explain it. -- let's talk about the game itself because it was one almost fund regular season games of the year it was a bad result but. Two different two goal leads they're in the third what 42 and 53. In your -- what went wrong for the Bruins in the final what ten minutes for the give up that lead eventually lost in the shootout. While working Ibekwe couldn't and I and I heard coach speak after the game and I agreed with -- -- Didn't he mocking god where -- side last night would look look what happened the sequence of events. That record tying goal and that's you know which are calling for putting in the -- out. I think it's -- -- didn't hear the majority of losses for boxes of the access and ability to. Make please. -- hockey games when the game on all I need to turn the puck over or they can't finish -- -- potential for a those two elements combined -- -- you know that's not a good combination of them and the and and you when you -- Montreal's speed and your ability to create offense stirring defense and offense. You have a problem than and that's why they lost its lowly -- certainly one of the tools which was a result of that. The canary that they happy -- -- at go to that well aware that. They've done a better job they were there against Toronto they were pretty good after the first 101112 minutes in the first period as Montreal last night but you're winning -- -- Jack likes. The phrase it's they need to get better that's such an area that they need to be better before you get in the postseason because you won't advance as far as who want. The clean that but he gave up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get the point I think epic game last night -- high stick I thought it was a high stick Kinnear and the hole by Hamilton thought was a whole both guys might have sold it but we have to get beyond this Montreal's a bunch of -- as far as those players scored -- for -- way to beat this team. But just talking about the flopping. Yeah there -- apparently -- -- -- -- -- so as I got to -- a flop last night on those are big. Guys you see -- you know abroad in your you know Larry I noticed teams blocked shot he's got to shake it up have been. You see some guys not even be able local weighed on the -- make their way to the bench you don't and you see super I think it shut the wrist meets where. You know that I have not go the theatrics and you know it gets under your skin that players to your point Bluetooth as players. You can't go into the game with that kind of mindset you know that these guys get the skinny body got to be so even keel over and play your game. And not pay attention to what's going on and you know I mean or embellishment. You know -- and it's when he gets interfered with a little bit by taking a look at and neutral O'Sullivan. You eat it let that bother you it's easier said than done because the Montreal host Angela the decades since. In -- in the fight for the division crown as a whole year with these guys. But it it can't -- you might separate -- market upstarts like you had last night there were brought to. It a little bit more concentrating on trying to get body on body when there was a place to be made on the puck. I got off to a slow start it's gotten behind and even though had a big game where they wanted to be in control those two goal leads. It took a lot to get Garrett shouldn't be that way you're LA that Montreal new York and Montreal you're going to be in trouble. Last one for me is again lost in the shuffle of a a bad loss for the Bruins had a bad night was the player Patrice Bergeron and a -- I know it goes it's set all the time but in watching him play last night. The way affects both sides of the ice brick he -- that top group players' final week right in terms offensive. In defense of talent that combination of one player. Well yeah you've you've you've preacher and a quiet and let you know lose this kid has impressed me from day one I remember go to training camp gave -- one when he was eighteen -- training camp didn't one of the guys that collection plate junior. He came up comedian rush like sixty Bergeron we know you thank you went in there at eighteen -- saw this this uncanny hockey sense so. Early in knowing we're the people I get scared all the moving parts since. And then you saw our compete level even an eighteen year old the value that's sport to where he is today at how good he is the Helio people in this town and export structural same sort of pay this -- five million dollars to be effective -- -- you know and and now they've finally come around there are important to actually see how that this guy is in our. And he still not getting used to -- your your hit the nail on the Eddie's show under appreciated that. -- -- how much we trump trumpeted kids there almost in a foreign debt fears at times but I think the hockey community here and the average. Clean and outside of Boston is that really appreciate what if you don't well. Rick great stuff is always a -- enjoy the weekend get back to work this weekend would you please what -- talking next week. That was the most disappointing about last night it was guy -- you get to call it right. Hit it was absolutely thanks Rick I'm gonna order any Brinkley and -- there back to work Saturday. Against Philly thank you Jack. Our conversation -- are brought to you by Rick we'll bring Bob Draper in the entire cast the characters up there. At toy -- of Nashua proud sponsors are many British currency -- -- feel cheated when Jack does -- Bruins Canadiens games. To meet personally -- -- our game. -- he went to Bruins Canadians and Jack can't do I was cheated altogether writing get. My guy doctor amortized sat next to one -- are bottle up -- level -- last night -- with him curious can see SC eight bowl after bowl of Swedish fish and drank cup after cup of pink lemonade. Just in just anything else in the but -- it was just straight lemonade and the the kid Eads say -- So much sugar these kids these days they don't care about sugar Swedish fish popcorn. Pink lemonade high C pick one any which is delicious but just the big. Cup sugar I love my Swedish fish but the pink lemonade interest there are some other candy to -- Ava Jolie and -- Fairway and so I had a drink something compensating yeah. Hello you all up and say is setting oh boy Easter may not accept -- the clock is why -- -- this Saturday at midnight as we speak. 617779798378. TT tech went 37937. You mentioned -- been talking a brick the U. Set on a Twitter last -- about the game because it -- big picture. And was -- to be upset -- Montreal but for last night. Diving an issue -- always your own team we'll talk about that next day's sports here. Caddie it's yeah. Sports removed 33 point seven WEEI AS finish up. -- dot com.

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