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Jackie Bradley Jr- Tom Caron and Mut debate

Mar 27, 2013|

Mut and NESN's Tom Caron have differing opinions on what the Red Sox should do with Jackie Bradley Jr.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI -- taking a our health day. Back tomorrow Tom Caron TC. -- set for another full season. Of seven hour rain delays already NASA -- tomorrow he's in studio today buster only will join us at noon Greg -- ski Yahoo! Sports. Up puck daddy's reporting today on Jarome Iginla and the Bruins will join us at 1 o'clock your phone calls -- baseball. Why not with -- opening -- now five days away 617779793. Sevens the phone number 617. 7797937. The eighteenth -- decks -- 37. 937. So what did the rights expert coach said he never heard so yeah I was there before obviously as the new pitching coach Red Sox. And then -- 93 games what is probably the thing that -- notice all the most about -- last year over the last -- I'll give you and I don't know whatever else thinks but the fact that they took so freaking long banquet pitches -- Becky I don't these -- -- thirty seconds I don't trust me another one waiting to go on in the post -- Atkinson and he was more annoyed by it but then make sure. -- -- Why do you evidences a dinner at a early in the season early in the pre season here had any a bullpen with clay buckles. Andy is stuck behind buckles with a stop. And every twenty seconds -- pitch. And made buckles pitch at that written buckles came -- and that was the best open system that. Buckles then went out and through four innings one run two hits. If you watch buckles these last couple starts completely different case -- Lester -- great and now Lester has picked up on so you've gone from Beckett. Who is again -- to about a -- off the field but even when he was effective. Part of his all strategies within their loved ice the joke is trying to get the fall asleep at the plate and sneak one by. I don't like a Papelbon Papelbon was was slower than Beckett you know not as big a concern because it was the ninth inning and it was just for the one inning in the game's on the line is closing. But a couple of guys who were your pitching leaders. Who were amongst the slowest pitchers in baseball legend young guys -- gonna fall the -- Now you bring in Latvia is back like he's always been very quick worker Dempster is a very quick worker you got Evans who is strong believer. That you keep him off balance a little bit you dictate tempo you dictate that if you're Wheeler and dealer as a pitcher. Great for us wanna come on in two and a half hours three hours after game rather than four but it's about the lately I'll wait out the game if they're going to win. What you have seen here in spring training is immediate results for both let both Lester and buckles and they both believe. A big part of it. Is a return to a quicker quicker rhythm. And forget what you said about EO. Guys like us that -- wait for gained an eagle on do a show or broadcaster would ever go look at Pedro Martinez right guys now back with the the organization working with we think. The pictures of the spring training and working with these guys in giving them advice on on how he pitched. When Pedro was going good you would get the ball. Bring it to a set and he's already ready to pitch again almost before -- get back in in and -- tells a story about Matt Lawton who Matt -- steps out a game. The next pitch. It on the kneecap Cincinnati not gonna -- address will be down where is -- was slowed down. He got this hitched anywhere oral refer to second base that I -- I see he got in this. Mental -- And if he's going to be that sort pitcher who was able to speed up his delivery times able to get any rhythm. It's gonna make him better is gonna make him harder to face public defensively for fielder's -- got to believe I've heard enough I say this last year plus. You feel better defensively -- -- written defensive behind a pitcher who want a work in a rhythm and not slow the game down to the you know become a human rain delay as some of these guys have been the last couple years. I've been -- it's it's been really bad and so to bring back to your -- -- percent originally about the prospects of this team -- is all about the pitch. It was all about the pitching last year they scored enough runs last out of the office will be as good this year as it was. Last year but I do think Napoli at Fenway is gonna have success. At the plate they're really gonna miss Ortiz obviously you're gonna have to get used to a team -- manufacture runs moving runners along. You know first to third base it's going to be very important for this team. I don't think you'll see a -- of bonds but you'll see stealing you'll see some -- to move the dialogue. -- -- You know from from from -- -- in New York I think you're gonna see a team that plays like anything you've seen a lot. We think the Ferrell as the return of Terry Francona he's not he's a different guy if you watch what he didn't draw more aggressive. More aggressive on the base -- out the steal because as a pitching coach have talked about this as a pitching coach he believe it really affected the -- If you're constantly worried about the -- of the base past you know now you're you're getting a way to think maybe you're speeding up the home plate because you're worried about the -- -- that's one thing. You're also gonna see a shift. And we haven't seen a lot of cure for go to get a little bit. -- -- Bobby Valentine knew it had come into the game yet -- And offered a but you you're gonna see a Big -- Pedroia in short left. You're gonna see Pedroia out over and right at times short right more often not -- short right. As you can see Miller Brooks come over and be that middle guy I mean you see a lot of fun that's going on and I think it's great I think it's been a long time since we've had a Red Sox team. That is a waiting for poppy and and Gonzales is and and Manny before that it just hit a three run. See you don't go to inside baseball but it's is it a Brian Butterfield who's the guy in charge that shifting there was a great story John morose he wrote this about a month ago. And talked about how defensively last year the way to use Brett Lawrie at third base up and Ronald. Was all about Brian Butterfield and he's so obsessed with positioning and you actually sought on sought in Sunday's game. Where they had Iglesias and seemingly nobody on kind of a mundane situation. -- the middle against a guy and what would have been a base hit. Place is right there -- second base there but that's Butterfield and if if that's gonna help -- huge save some runs his pitching staff check and help them win some games. Federal -- patriots got it can help bill -- -- obsessed about patriots team but you're right it will look. Different the question I Will Ferrell is. The the the stories you heard host Toronto. Were not gullible know there were issues with Yunel Escobar now playing for Tampa their issues some of the veterans up -- spoke out and said. John Ferrell didn't handle. Things very well John Ferrell some peaked in Toronto said. Able -- -- to become a hot hitting in his office and didn't always interact with the players the way they expected it to. I feel like it'll be different but -- -- jury's still wanna be out until we prove -- that it's different in a -- one sort out liar the throttle that did not go great. How does go here the first month of April to get to a bad start the team's not playing well people were killed a team. How does barrel these guys react -- at -- start as a really really good point by you and I've been saying this since day one of spring training in February. They don't regret it out of the box but -- -- -- three -- -- the KB two and twelve thinking happy for me you know come back from this road trip three and three. -- I'm in the Steve Buckley -- Steve Buckley takes the streetwise if you have the diesel. -- joking theory about five teams finishing with 85 -- going to Omaha on at around Robin turned and -- are selling a hundred times that Comcast and it's so I don't watch that -- I've only heard that once. Odds the. I -- belief that you're gonna have everybody within 23 games. In the American League east I think ninety games when the division. I think the Red Sox are an 87 wins ish team which you'll hire the most able to carry higher than Vegas. Which we -- 85 or 86. Wins. George good July trade away from knocking on the doors as well you're an -- on a wild card no question. And I think they -- that I really do because I think. Let's just point. Horrible -- last horrible September the year before. Body of work that then. As of August 31 2011 rank him with anybody is good lefties in the numbers four straight years -- race in the -- the lefty the American League east found that tops it doesn't -- baseball and strikeouts per walk ratio. Top six in baseball in winning percentage. -- I don't see how a guy like that turns to -- over. Does that mean he can come back to be an eighteen game winner with sub three happy or not quite there -- either but it -- fifteen game winner. Pretty easily I think buckles. Buckles is like an apple last year she splits last year who could win loss records first that he's mortal. Not a great win loss record and second abbey but pretty well equipment again in September but by and large numbers after the all star break ranked top fifteen days. So I think I'm -- -- -- boggles at all. Again this is a lot of -- and this is bolted. Is John Lackey again like you said not last year is last year year -- he's back here over here yeah you know what size is that right now is red light that. We already three and a half the RA yet afford happier but he won fourteen game. If you went fourteen games as John Lackey right now he's really fifth start. I think Dempster is going to be okay. I'm worried about the brought in -- Annapolis like when he showed up is more like two years ago. Shows up a little bit Od shape you know last year prior to last year was the year he stayed in Boston was in great shape and -- away this year comes back. By all accounts he's doing okay pennies or does that play along can't because the BBC's he's fine he's in shape now. But I'm a little worried about well. And if you're worried about you brought RE were about lack your -- of 345 they were abysmal a Peter Gammons had to settle the time how bad their ERE was their 345 start one of those guys goes down -- Buchholz or Lester. The -- a depth of esteem. He put out of the pocket a much of the next guy I'm not sure who that guys you see yep that's the that's the six starter honesty Alan Webster. Has been great is he ready to jump in right now BA starter for you if not. A look at some of the added that the abducted pitchers to start the year. That's a great plug in place of the depth there is an issue bully pulpit -- about the starting -- let's go back to. You're Jackie Bradley point that you would Ike could not disagree more about this iris of the calls up there and they're not about pitching they're about Ortiz about Jackie Bradley junior. You really think him being in that lineup against CC sabathia. Is worth. The idea of them playing with that your 2019 to I don't think it's a pretty simple number -- would you trade nine for 160 Q. Nine games to start the year for Jackie Bradley junior triple -- -- or play plan. You bring about Friday April 12 -- have a begins Tampa Bay there in town for the weekend. He plays that game instead of April 1. You've gained a full year control on Scott Boras client 2019 and you out there and sent him down. You can't do that for what he's got a twenty days consecutive but it got 24 -- the minor -- level they're human activities are done. Okay I'll -- depicting the paying of rob Bradford picture of the two -- Monday. Ortiz doesn't go back may first and lingers in a June 1 or Victor Reno gets hurt or goal is is not anywhere near the plate if they are. Bradley gets out to make up for 44. But he's three and got a couple runs in a great place in the -- field now he sent back then he'd caddied. Well -- business wise it's a terrible decision listen -- because you Scott Boras client is not gonna stick around and every year you're gonna lose him -- broad direct. Correct and this is. 2000 -- -- no word about you sent him down. Why word about it about the better but he sucked last year. And and you try to sell seventy tickets are seventeen home dates in April you've got to give people at some point. At some point. The baseball. Decision. Putting your best team on the field every night. We get five dollar Beers to get two for one hot dogs forget kids -- for. Over it happened right under our -- at a price not shut out on NASA employees Buick double line this is but trust me and this is not a company locked out of organic. At some point. If I'm not I pay for season a partial season ticket I -- season ticket holder paying even though -- were present no no no discount not fingerprint you -- it back -- for couple years I got. Well -- I'd been around longer and here's a bigger than mine I think -- in the early in about what wow so that's enjoy the bleachers. The on this T. Have suffered. And I suffered in a soft -- Haven't I why I think suffered big elect. I guess it's 93. Artists so. This doesn't work. -- devastation. Where I am -- need to setup the rest of the three hours and 27 minutes that -- -- -- not of this pertains to the real war. Except to about -- beating home biting through horrific oh. That's off and I at a time deal with that an issue at home I need some help with so that's gonna be relaxed. Down to. I won't make fun of that -- make fun of the rest of everything else we talk about a lot more hours. We are so sobering as a nine game I don't deny that Davis is up to try to suck without Jackie Brown junior a guy OK guys let's enjoy playing the scenarios of what if -- what you said -- -- but those nine games and become all one and five. And Colmes is two for thirty. And and they're getting nothing he's dropped two balls -- left field. -- fans feeling on opening day of the -- Tripoli. Jackie Bradley juniors at 500 securities are CNET -- and it's leaked out that April 12. He's back up here a guy and fans every -- I'm from a 105 start opens up. The audit -- they start -- that they need to get off the not a great. -- decent start. There is real pressure at the start of the year but your argument for the New York was a bigger part of that Jackie Bradley junior of the five starting pitchers we just talked about. All of the -- what's the what's the what percentage chance that over a nine game stretch. Jackie Bradley -- is that much better than Daniel -- I overnight and he's better 5% of the monies that are -- I freaked him percent of the year buddies that much -- -- not gonna help you win baseball games -- hockey game we talk about hockey we talk about goalies and a hockey game every -- how many saves is not how many -- it's the keys. The early games saved that keeps your team. If Jackie Bradley junior helps you win one game and your four and two instead of two and four I guess that's too. You need to get out through its side that's why I say you keep it at the start of the year you bank those twenty days where he's comes back do okay. He's struggling any of those scenarios you send back. If you don't. You mortgaged a little bit of the future to try to give you 2013 team it's not worth it for team do you have an 87 wins -- project is a fourth or fifth -- team the American League he Justine -- probably better contention in 2019. When you have under control. Yeah I'm looking ahead that far I got an I had rock I -- on the back. I had that for being -- bit and went back back to the future sports almanac 2019 -- detention. 6177797937. The phone number AT&T text line. 37937. People are lining up to talk about what it and you like music for the replaced Mike hedges for the Pitt plays is 23 games out of first place. It's actually harder to pick the last place team the at least the first -- Nazi or justice yankees get to that and all your phone calls next.

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