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Alex Speier calls in with a Spring Training update

Mar 24, 2013|

Following the Red Sox's win over the Phillies, John Ryder talks with WEEI.com Red Sox writer Alex Speier about the developments heading into the season, namely whether or not Jackie Bradley will find his way onto the opening day roster.

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John are under way here on this Sunday and always a pleasure to be joined by the great Alex spear of WEEI dot com and -- Red Sox -- him. I was gone -- said oh you're in a route from Clearwater back to Fort Myers. That's right that's very -- her cup and W yeah I'm mobile going on back to Fort Myers spokesman exciting. And exciting undertaking. I'm sure he's so WEEI family trucks Durham guessing is driven by engineer extraordinaire Doug lane. Would John wrist somewhere in that vehicle. Perfect we felt we also are real and trust our lives to -- Of course we all do here at the station as well. All right now on to more pressing matters she Jacqui Brett. Thanks for they are for. Yes well -- we try to do our best only. The Jackie Bradley junior for stuff before negated Ellsbury. Do you think he's going to be on the company opening day roster and should -- be on the opening day roster. You know I do think that case city keeps making it pretty strikingly compelling line. There is buried there is that opportunity to bring amongst the Major League roster. To see what happened never date capacity I've been as conservative as anyone regarding him by. I think that he knows that based on the criteria that insurance and outlined namely whether or not to because it looks ready. Whether or not there's a big league opportunity and whether or not give the Red Sox -- basking. The only as the only concern would be that it would potentially erode the depth of their outfield. And of course the server at times stopped but that wasn't one of church and criteria so if you take that out then yeah people on on the opening day roster. And and you know he may help give them their best team because of what he computer principally because he has an approach that. Suggests a professional hitter who can. Who you that doesn't mean the -- to be successful but he you have a pretty good idea what he's doing. And then of course you committed the service time -- later because it's David Ortiz returned then you can -- Bradley down then by. To my eyes I think that it's making such. Strong case that it's almost undeniable. -- -- making strides had no wind was blowing out the air and in Clearwater today but still that being said. It takes a Cliff Lee pitch on the outer side of the plate goes with the pitcher for the three run homer you also I. In nine out reading all -- of the reports from you and there rob on W he had a common. Displays great plate discipline and an and he seems to be I know years you spent so much time down there in in spring training but seems to be. Just reading about a minute and listening to on the guy that even if he does somewhat struggle of the Major League level we know how some guys can get shell shocked in. And get down on themselves seems like a pretty confident -- as well. Very much so you have a good friend of he has a really good grounding in the he is dealt with -- expectations. He would be best player on a couple of national championship. Teen and college. At times he was great yeah including -- with a cult will determine her PP at times struggled as he did -- junior year. But he still helped his team win. Regardless. Regardless of which end of the spectrum -- have gone so yeah he don't ever really get I think that whereas. Words are being concerned about calling up some players too soon and perhaps overwhelming -- I do think that he's making a pretty compelling case. -- -- -- And that that he would be comfortable with the idea that OK sometimes there can be transitional struggle but you stay with approach get out of that way and -- you know I think that in a vacuum. Would direct talks rather have them open a year and a minor leagues. -- -- AAA and get a foundation of the map at. At that level maybe fees some of the left into breaking balls that you rarely had a chance to see yeah I think you're prefer that mode in a vacuum by. Without David Ortiz now in collapse for opening day I think you have to can start thinking about. Different ways of finding impact on the roster and so I think it's that certainly helps. You know hopes that sold the balance about being a little bit more open -- demand might have otherwise have been. I -- -- for some the service time issue can be confusing and I know that every organization. Or every solid organization values that in terms of looking ahead and forecasting as well but. Should that be have a major issue with a team like the Red Sox I know it is with something in Kansas City Tampa Bay others small market teams but. How how much of a concern is that in it and impeding -- -- stopping Bradley for coming up. -- should be a considerable concern think about it this way as a player is typically in his prime between the age of 27 and 31. Currently right now is 22 about -- went -- next month. So in exchange for the first nine games over a bit see if they -- stopped -- -- -- -- -- for nine game. They were getting an extra year you're treating nine into the 23 year old. -- and up all the grim about 29 year old in the middle of the best years of his career so. Yeah I can combative or a legitimate concern on the part of an organization. But while hiking that entrant into the equation it's one of a number of variables. I don't think you have a hard and fast rule if you dead I don't think you would have seen Dustin Pedroia on the Red Sox on opening day in 2007. Following a month when he struggled in the Major League 2006. And you had an excuse to send them back down in to control his service -- I like you break that down to just nine games because that's easier to understand that some of the legalese and language takes these -- written in -- in these reports. When it comes to service staff. Now on the Jacoby Ellsbury. Latest situation there that we are able to tie to him after after today. Indeed we were able to Caribbean he was in fine spirits and it's seemingly. A relatively incidental -- to kind of rolled an ankle a little bit when he jammed his -- back in the first base side Walter pick off attempt by the catcher behind them but that he seemed fine he said that. You know he would have been perfectly -- it's a couple little bit and stay in the game as it is -- the spring training felt so he wasn't scheduled to play tomorrow anyway. We'll take tomorrow off acute belt which is not fit for the Red Sox and their effects going to be playing -- on Wednesday in spring training. It's interesting. That. A guy that we never discussed or at least seemingly on the radio and all the Jackie Bradley junior -- will probably be the opening day shortstop Jose Iglesias had three hits today. What are your thoughts on on a -- is we -- so much about him over the years and now we -- -- you know just put. To decide a little bit to DC Iglesias progressing at the plate the spring. There has been progress this spring he has seven extra base hits in his previous restructuring. The spring training combined. You had to go from that that that in a nutshell go -- a little bit about where what -- impacting the ball and how it's different but what he's done to this point. -- -- so not really expanding the strike zone too much on at all. Which he didn't -- in the past expand the strike -- on everything now he just expanding the strikes on a breaking balls so that may sound trivial but that's progress and you know there's there's more of an idea about what he's trying to do with the plate I still don't think cities. You know that he's going to. Ever be an above average offensive shortstop by. If you can get closer to average with a with a bat. It because love is so far above average and still could be of a viable. Major League starting shortstop that said he is also not going to be on the Major League roster for a very long at the start of the year because. He's been through it apparently now making pretty good progress we're hopeful that will be in a minor league game. Sometime in this coming week. That's that's -- best case scenario in and so he might be coming up to disabled list up from his concussion in in the first week of the major leagues and so gracious will be the opening day shortstop and policy. But don't expect it could be the shortstop much beyond. The John -- here with Alex -- of WEEI dot com and check -- -- Twitter and Alex beer. Alex David Ortiz any news there anything new -- he come along. It's kind of an incremental progress they've continued to occurred in there is still hitting. -- -- -- working out side either increase intensity there haven't been any setbacks the and it started engaging in -- in this. Build up our. So their goal -- a are fairly modest one. -- or camp breaks on Saturday namely that something on the field. But are running or whether or not taking normal batting practice with all the other players but it's still really -- good. You know weeks away are rather -- days so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The fact -- -- -- trended cart and some big threats archer. How much should we read didn't do this starting rotation has some of the results so far. This spring I know there near the tops. In terms of ERA. -- colts unlike last year what are you steal a bad back injury and had a tough spring has been pitching well Lester looks lights out so far. Do you see those that translating going forward here to win these games got. Have to tell obviously BER itself you don't care about it a couple of things you know spring training guys are working -- and -- our timing. In jetBlue park where most where he's got a -- most of their game. Debate is really very very good -- are they tend to be prepared numbers Lester I think the Red Sox -- something like. Strict in the major. Starter be all right there in spring training you that. I don't ingredient in numbers at the start for Lester Buchholz especially. Has been really. It's it's been different that it was at this time a year ago in the electorate. In different and -- it -- just about any time last year in the it would buckle. It's welcome that month and have to find a way back. -- to be a competent deter them. Last year that he had that run of about three months which was excellent this year you look like the guy who is a back -- all the middle and -- spring training and -- get. When it -- about 34 pitches -- an -- so. Direct talks I think there are a lot of reasons to -- and urged just a pure spot standpoint. Based on looked -- in our -- Yeah boy he had stuff watching Lester last weekend at -- he just had a terrific curve ball and it seemed like you -- -- I -- is using his foray pages seems like he's. He wasn't counting -- using the Carter as much. Well you know -- Here shortly however YouTube curve ball to back great -- factor of last year crickets forum. Really could strike out which forum. In its first couple years in the majors but that he did back away with a promise because guitar became so good throughout the copper cobalt. -- that appears when your daughter's very best and now it does and I agree with you didn't get a better feel for pennies at -- time. -- Now in terms of this lineup do they have enough punch you think this line up. Good question I think that part of the reason why there's -- nation about Jackie Bradley junior. Because it's not a matter of you -- them from the game offensively and defense could be very important because. I do think they're hedging their bets a little bit they understand it. You know there isn't a lot of -- show up and score 567. You know run -- on any given night they're going to be some times when they struggle around and so. And so I think you're going to share that. Whether or not they have come on they which lender so the question perhaps they should focus on having their best available spot. Last couple of questions here for you Alex. It looks like the Yankees have acquired not know the particulars exactly. Averted wells but you look at the the Yankees and I guess this American League east it always touched on this before. Hey you can discuss kind of the Yankees heading in opening day and how banged up they are in the -- situation but also does the second part I guess. I've been saying it may lead to the high eighties take the AL east in terms of wins. Not sure that's going to get it done. Because I think it's fair enough parity that there should be aperture and you know there's. It's like there are five great -- there are you know there are I've seen it could be. Pretty good -- all of -- body felt that suggested you know that you. You could have a team that. It. Acela salt or maybe even -- at so operators act. -- you know we've we've seen what happened in the American League east or twenty years. It's been you know the standard in 95 plus basically and I don't know until proven otherwise I don't think we can assume otherwise. Lastly Alex we tyke about to Syria and other surprises in baseball every single season we solid to. In Oakland and Baltimore did it last season just to name a few the American League -- And just do. Baseball has a hold of both the American National League team maybe a couple teams you see making a -- may be surprising edit in a couple of teams taken a step back. There are a great question but one that I'm not early opposition to answer because my focus has been. Ever since -- what's been going on in in Fort Myers with the Red Sox. So I I wish that I. Will do it another time our guys aren't public this one how about this one of of this when a -- question for. Who's going to be the worst team it is going to be the Astros of the Marlins. Oh god I think the Astros are -- they they're going to be just atrocious. Say they are. -- -- I think it you know they pick and they're probably going to work to be atrocious in to wrap up that number one drastic. Maybe to clinch it in August. Put up I have a champagne celebration or not when that happened. I can't tell you but you know I would like to see them employing 25 players on the Major League roster each make forty dollars. Right it was -- -- -- they have champagne there not involving players but front office members. And then three people at the Miami Marlins stadium. Yeah yeah that -- that that's real competition for laboratory undertaking I mean look I think that the Astros -- totally get. What error what they're doing and I can -- there's method to it look at look at nationals did the national put up with some bad times in order to get. He didn't Strasburg right harper and now all of a sudden their at a very different place. But from the standpoint of being in a very tough division of the L last they're going to be eight -- This well I always appreciated Alex taken this time out on a Sunday and enjoy the rest of the whispering down there the next week. A cable between 99 bottles of beer on the law. Nice Alex appreciate my friend I'd Allan -- of W Idec announced have you on the phone lines what everyone -- -- -- -- the Red Sox. Any of the news of the day with a --

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