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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Chime in on the Jackie Bradley, Jr Debate

Mar 23, 2013|

Scott Lauber calls the boys to talk Red Sox and give his take on what they should do with Jackie Bradley. He give his thoughts on Bradley and what the future will bring for the talented prospect. He gives us the ins and outs of Bradley's eligibility going forward. Scott also talks David Ortiz and the injury situation, John Farrell and the feel of Spring Training this year, the rotation and more.

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It is mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI. A we're gonna get to your phone calls in just a bit meanwhile it's a reconnect with -- our old pals. -- the Boston Herald we haven't spoke Scott while. He's been very tanned and rested after a month long vacation down in greater Fort Myers -- got. Are you what's going -- I guess there really think more about basketball down there these days right. Yeah you know that -- -- -- let everybody out here pretty yeah pretty. Fired up you're kind of kept expecting that he earned over a golf cart. You know -- don't -- that. India where. The line like that led -- over aren't -- just thinking of turning over is it time for that the debate -- whether -- not Jackie Bradley. Should come up with the team -- -- you leave them down there for whatever number of days -- -- and obviously you don't have to worry about him six years from now. Cashing in. Well perhaps. For my opinion on it I'd say he -- break camp with. Team I don't think they're they're. I really don't see a downside to it the matter fact I think it's that you can't underestimate. First. Two weeks of the either when he played thirteen straight gain in that elite Steenland on the -- peaking yet he -- in April but he can be locked in April and I think they dropped to a bad start at. A back home you know you put you'll take spring training after the grain of salt. But going beyond the batting average and going beyond the performance -- -- he's been really impresses. If you talk to whom. You know and -- talked enough people around him as well. Act who defeated university South Carolina a really sort of universe we as he can handle this. I think he can help them even -- you know I mean you're not looking for him to hit 300. Early in the -- necessarily but I think he can help them with his defense with his feet running bringing it jolt of energy to the team early on in the season. A young player I you know and as far as the server time argument you know let's keep in mind that all yet he was spent twenty days in the minors at any point that Steven. It -- consecutively. I just twenty days and to preserve that extra year free agency. Yeah but the problem would be sky and this I'm on the other side of this argument is okay so he plays. The on the big farm big team and those first -- thirteen fourteen games spends most of April. With the Red Sox that he sent down later what do these hitting 300 what do these bin that jolt -- the Red Sox need what do these become a fan favorite. Then -- get the most when he days now on the farm. Well you know to it looked in it that happens. You are never going back to the minors again. Well that's a heck -- -- player and you know you deal with the contract on the road. You know I I understand that that they that that that sort of outside of the argument -- and he. If you work out that way -- you've got yourself. Really the player for the next six years anywhere you got the contract when he comes dot com. You know I think that you know I talk -- out the other day the -- -- with young players often aren't you worry about. You know if you start the season with a -- we typically seen and then and then -- worry about they're being. His words not mine elect -- don't. When I suspect the miners. It's everything you -- eighteen Jackie Bradley junior can handle that there'll be elect currently am. Well you know I know. It's got a listening to a guy that knows about being both on the farm and on the big club bloomer -- this week and will thinks it's better. That. Bradley start in Pawtucket he thinks really that is the most constructive. Way to go Ford -- Bradley's future. Well -- I mean I know that -- says you know look. I mean there's there's a difference when the lights go on the start of the season and there's no question he's right about that. You know all -- -- for twenty to start the season and that can -- caught on on -- parents in upping their point two year old who never played above double way so. Iris I respect the opinion on that and I include write about that by. Notre and getting to know Jack you it's spring I don't know that that it's not that that the big -- atmosphere is not anything he can't handle he's great in big scenes. In the college World Series he went to college World Series title he would South Carolina that. Player and one of those two. Mature beyond his years I know several rent a better player -- said that. You know they marvel the fact that it's at only 22 in and and patent and patent but above double play it's what you -- here for awhile so. You know get -- -- in the note the desert -- certainly something to be -- for -- conservative approach. Generally speaking the Red Sox -- picnic and server approach and they made these so in here. But I've seen enough from him in in double life to feel like he can help that right from the start and the service I think we worked out analog. Scott just quickly -- is -- scouting report on him offensively. Defensively. And we widger hit him. Well I certainly would get a lower and a little light at the start. I mean you know you talk about taking part for a young player and and that's the easy -- to do it you don't have to -- You know for respect in the typical feel very at. -- that the Pedroia to hit third so I'd -- lower in the order temporary. You know the heat in the end as far as scouting report and I. You know this -- from what I seen there also are out to -- with the same impression he's. It is very mature hitter in the sense that he's got a good handle on the strike zone he's pretty disciplined hitter. He works he works that deep into it and that's -- -- a lot that is that kind of the Red Sox play against -- has been over the past few years and sort of -- -- you're not gonna hit twenty home runs I'd be surprised if he had that kind of power. In that more twelve to fifteen meaty topping out at like India eighteen corporate guy. And he doesn't have leaving speed. Buddy you run but he is well. And and we didn't think on the basis defensively he's outstanding great arm. Track ball pretty well talked to -- out the other Dana. No because that we're we're writing these stories and sending them back to capture or back home thinks it's got grant. Now the other day you know realistically speaking who you compared to. Where you see him. In the opposite the only player and exit you know the name that comes -- is mind. And I know cannot under well people back home victory and I'll explain it in Parker Reno and and don't think -- chain victory know now the pitching coach garrido in his prime with the Phillies and like I covered in there and it was an all star players and you guys who top twenty finish tourney MVP voting quite. It was all -- -- Oakland outfielder centric victory over the prior year. With a pretty decent player pretty deep part of the elite corps what a World Series and what to another. And where Bradley might be better than Petrino are those instincts I was talking about coaching victory no I don't indexing has never been a really good situational hitter. He's never been want to keep it on pitches and worked deep into -- We've doubled that he does all that at age 22 so that's where I think probably in the being a better player. The leader comparable. We don't got more speed. -- -- current -- and kind of a that are -- to the plate at least at this stage career. Great scouting report and as you were giving it's got I was thinking about they really have three center -- out there. In their starting out -- Jackie Bradley move over left Victor Reno former center fielder in in his older days. In any or all later part of his career Jackie Bradley in the very early part of his career at the other corner and -- very right now in center field. Will there be any adjustments any problems for. Jackie Bradley should he go over left field immediately. I don't think so with that again why we were also intrigued yesterday when they moved Angela -- for the final three innings and I am I into the ballpark today kind of hoping that he'd be in the lineup in left field today on the anyone else -- you consider that kind of what I wanna see my. If you've been in the same ilk that hasn't happened yet and I think media that the true hell. So when the Red Sox are serious about this if -- put simple enough so I don't think they'll do that for the first time on April 1 in eighty and so. -- will be a problem I think he's -- good enough outfielder that you'll be able to adjust to moving local left. But I think it's something that certainly want to see more out before they break in particular its opening on the -- What is the biggest difference between last year's camp. Under Bobby Valentine and this year with Ferrell a bodyguard that isn't there. -- I think that I think the few things. You know I think the focus has been more on. On the player on the manager. And extent I think there were a lot of look at me last year with -- out on whether it was intended or unintended. Some of a media created. That he was the kind of that they nicknamed the because you're naming him. But I think I think -- just in the general Colin over all that different. Expectations are different this year beat the Red Sox kind of playing with house money a little bit that was treating. A year ago I don't think -- -- then. We make the play out I think the most optimistic among us are saying well everything goes right mediate compete for the second wild card. And that's a lot different even than last year -- even coming not amber. 2011. We look at their lineup and we -- while they compete for a playoff spot no doubt about it that at about eight this year and I think there's. A more relaxed atmosphere a little bit let's let. The expectations game being played in a little bit more troops to elevate it inspired people. Well that's that Larry and I that's our philosophy keep the expectations lawful and that really works out. I think there if you're right about last year where the Red Sox really had an albatross of September. At 2011 around their necks and even though. We saw that implosion we still believes. That they were capable -- without roster of going back and at least getting a second wild card spot. Now there -- very few people out there we think they can compete for that one in there is a lot tell the American League this year so is it still going to be difficult. Absolutely I mean -- NL west just the pair that with the Rangers being snapped an iron into an -- and the central. Not bad either the thing about the elite that's interest they -- saying the NL west it's kinda thing new elites. -- -- elite isn't going to be good but I think it's in terrible bit more you can't cherry and workflow. They have been in the patent terms that there is no. Super power yet in a they're a super -- Red Sox in the week it looked like they beat the team. And the best team on paper but there are question they're cute so. You know the -- several things are gonna regret the -- -- had injury problems in the HB. You know via the read it and there is and so I think they direct. Look at the elite -- feel like it's it winnable division. Even after the year they had last year I think they feel like. 88 feet made in the recruitment that he put themselves in position with the rest of the position to compete. In Italy it -- You know like the a year where everyone in the that he can win you know between 82 the sixteenth and -- -- and take you know that ninety plus -- year when he elites so how out. But the elite does look winnable for what it's worth I don't know that the second -- -- amount of the division. Given autopilot is and -- -- the central has -- that the -- you know it's going to be competitive that the currently. That's going to be a guy like the old NL central where you can be five games over 500 into the playoffs and who knows what can happen after that. It could be that could very well being and again I mean the blockade could end up. You know running -- limited. War or they could end up. I'm back to attack I really don't have a handle on them yet -- and so what sort of see. A one under at the Yankees either although things are not looking good over there with -- injury issues and and whatnot so. You know why didn't edit the winnable division if everything goes right for the reps are they they could be in the mix for you know ED IP -- -- -- who knows maybe acts that are not. Struck last question from me -- any grumbling down here from the Red Sox suits rifts regarding David Ortiz. Got a two year deal a lot of them on this guy is it that they don't know when he's going to be able play. -- but I -- concern because he really liked it don't know what you gonna be able play -- felt that this morning at. What you look like the secret paperwork he's forty breaking about a week is quite simply to be something on the field even gotten. Eight batting practice on the fuel that's how far back you sort of regret. You know you still taking new swing what's in the -- keyed in a that the people who bat you know. Call me when he starts to run because that's really when has always seems to come. He admits two -- -- to -- two months I don't think they -- that point and so. I -- -- there's grumbling that I don't think there's any question that he's legitimately hurt the thing is not healing as quickly as they thought it would. And the sort that -- and all old news is concerning. Scott what is the last thing he's done on the field. Taking batting practice diddle diddle little running this week -- Not this. We don't need to pay each ran a couple of weeks ago that they've got their -- in -- bar -- now -- -- swimming -- -- each sit in the seat. It's so that -- if Scott is that something big could've detected though was there any sort of medical. Exam we just to send out to sign up for another two year deal with base where they worried about Ortiz outing if they didn't give the deal I -- this doesn't -- sense to me. Well. You know at -- but they have -- -- that they that you know that they did their. I mean whatever -- -- a player whether it's returning their own guys are signing someone from outside the U. You know it's a Tudor they're beat you physically do the work up and so. You know I don't know that they expected it would be that slow having said that he's 37 years old and he's Achilles injuries don't. Vote illegally especially when you're that age. So I need to beat me and they don't put a lot of pressure on it will be tried to run so. Like yet she could -- that there were some red flag -- they of course did armed. Insulate themselves a little bit putting in the yet the date that the health clauses in the contract and and so the four million dollar escalator for next year it's probably in -- forfeit that there's really no way at that point that he's gonna make those escalators in the extra money next year -- so. -- look I think that they did with it felt like they did do it difficult to replace the middle of the order bat like that especially given what was said on the market it's here create and the I and it felt like the risk is still somewhat minimal even though there was certainly yeah. A chance that debt that they could -- it and what they're basing their culture that it should yield an -- later when he can get pecked out there. Meanwhile gold Gulf Coast Eagles San Diego State next single turnover a couple of golf -- fourth where he's got. Here are eyes got like Justin -- joining us since we're trading.

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