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Merloni blasts Callahan

Mar 22, 2013|

Merloni discusses why Gerry Callahan is so wrong about Jackie Bradley and young athletes.

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Did you 23 Kevin Garnett was in like a sixty year that the and you laugh but why do we say baseball you gotta be 23. And we watch you know these basketball players in 1920. Or an old tennis players or golfers and then in 1920 and they're they're mature they're good they're. And unproductive players and then we sit -- -- baseball is going to be twenty politics. And her. Part of the Dennis and Callahan Show this morning Butler and ID 37 WE yeah Dennis Kelly at and handled the call that show those minutes in the Booth. Is getting noticed that the demo a real now. Don't Packers. So I always it's I guess they are talking about this this morning and we jump on a conference call it is it just blows and it will map it calmness and that we got to the Q weren't happy how the difference. I tweeted out like for a -- this right is outstanding at fourteen what you call these kids up for baseball players. A tennis player X 1617. Years old is playing tennis. With a racquet any ball in the same court and if they're mature and physical and big and good whatever so be it. -- they have placed almost thirty years old. A basketball players looking there in college -- KG got a high school has been a select few those guys don't question body -- the elites of the elites. It's -- guys didn't perform well whatever it takes Kendrick Perkins. But we go to college. Make it even a year which played basketball you're looking at the next level is what. Maybe some bigger is better players but it's the same damn ball it's the same hope. I'd drop a foot -- added a foot football players playing college football. At the next level guys are stronger. In baseball golf. Balls white it's the same size used the same clubs. This -- -- still 440. Below bit tighter whatever but baseball. An eighteen year old kid where were you an eighteen. How Kevin Garnett was eighteen yeah -- eighteen I was facing some fat left the public -- high school of seventy miles an hour. A great I got some -- does that mean I'm ready for big league pitcher. It takes that time about what might use in high school using college. Amusing and aluminum bat. All of a sudden I'm in pro ball don't facing better pitching -- basic picture. You used a wooden bat is anybody out there we use aluminum bat and and local cape legal whatever pick up wouldn't -- go to the cage and try to swing it. Some of these high school team tonight is a wooden bats -- check out their numbers. It's it's in a huge huge adjustment the swing a bat wouldn't make adjustment. Then you get a minor leagues and you faced these pitchers. That you know enable all the world are don't know where it's going you go to the next level in the good -- go with you. It's every level there's different pitching. You can't just walked out of College Baseball and -- well -- just patient -- done itself Dakota State a great eagle face Verlander. Does that cancel the -- -- it from -- Dedham high. I've never breaking ball was impressive -- was impressed he won two national titles and was a great college player awesome. That doesn't mean he's ready and there are aspects of view it's easier for pitchers you ticket guy like Strasbourg. Okay and he comes in the game pitching pitching. NATO 9790 is gonna devastating curve -- outstanding changeup he's just hits the corners that -- that place it's Egypt air but as a hitter. Good god. -- didn't go to double laying. In the best of eight -- -- double and actually got a break and ball actually got to change -- locate a fastball that you go to Tripoli. Now you can now you can locate now all these guys to throw strikes with three of four pitches. Get the big leagues you get the best -- the past it's a constant adjustment every single level. Where's that constant adjustment for college you never you would never look at a guru and a tennis player she's -- insane we gonna wait -- not ready. It is the same ball same racquet. What it's a completely different game. We want these kids come up 21 -- just left college when he won with a aluminum bat in his hands and I played. Big league baseball with a bat I mean it wouldn't -- can't happen. And to not be able to understand that I don't get a big league player community comes up wanna be well rounded you wanna have a good approach to play good defense instincts in the field or. Or on the base past Jackie Bradley has all of those things. It is obvious in discussion projected that. -- just in general when he generalized baseball comparing it to football basketball and hockey. It doesn't make any sense. Makes none knows that's what's so. -- -- -- -- you're competing with -- such a different level from say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And eighteen is a senior high school if your high school player. The guys you're facing. Probably are going to the chance any of them going to be drafted but now not professional baseball how they are going to a high school level right you'll go high school baseball went on your -- do you travel do different things. At a high school level you're retired up Framingham. In any of the guys played against get a sniff that one guy get a vs let's say 22 -- Jackie Bradley was a year ago when he jumped up the double. He faced a bunch of guys are going to be facing he's going to be faced again a Major League at some point every Major League pitchers. That's a four year. Situation right so the idea that that forget the jumper -- Jerry's if you notice -- Devoe. As a tool to show a crazy is -- baseball particular. But that's a major. Talent gap it is you know 22 you bring up a guy like that you know -- -- -- a -- like Bryce Harper. Price shoppers like this an absolute Fina. Seniors and nice people that high school baseball players forgo their senior year high school. Forgo their senior year already community can't go to Joseph -- yeah one of the best Youkilis in the country. And then all of a sudden it's like one of the best hitters. In the country in junior college said in a senior it's a freak of nature when George Saunders twenty. Do you think you know he looks immature or not -- -- hurt psychologically for years at Ohio State. Mean. You what do you can't compare college basketball. To you know jumping to the to the NBA. Where College Baseball jump into the big leagues as a hitter. There's dieters -- what zero comparisons absolute. Zero comparisons. Guys -- in occult World Series every time he swings here. But aluminum bat is up with a thirty -- aluminum with a thirty point nine ounces. I was at a different bat there's no -- he kicked it jammed it home run it breaking bad you just move would. I mean as good as the -- pitching -- called World Series. What are those guys what level is that. The good ones are probably double -- This year's college stressed broad jumper right up said Mormeck short I would say I'm an emotional I don't sell all my said most of them if you talk to for five -- yes -- by the way XML. Yes I looked in his eyes it was like ten minutes. -- -- -- I guess in Japan. -- -- Jackie Bradley is mature or Jackie Bradley is extremely polished. And Jackie Bradley. Unlike Pedroia and Ellsbury with thirteen hundred minor league at bats and unlike Mel Brooks with 17100. Minor league -- -- is it about 650 and highly -- those of the double level higher -- 271. Double -- level at -- double exit 270 put appearances at a guy in the seat thirteen undermine league at bats he's going to be ocean is should be up in the big league. -- -- Thirteen hundred minor league at bat Mike Trout signed when he seventeen. Years -- You can't excuse me -- and on your result. In at the age of twenty. You know was. An MVP caliber player. But Mike Trout at thirteen hundred minor league at bat he came up the when he because he -- seventeen. Always talk about a kid who strapped to 21 a comes up 2223 what the hell's the difference between you name it LeBron James was eighteen. -- Kobe Bryant was -- I understand technical freaks of nature is Jackie Bradley freak of nature. Good player there's no question but it just throw it out there like it's. I don't understand why these kids at nineteen QB in the big leagues is here we are removed from -- patients that they could. That might have been thrown 82 miles an hour that didn't have a breaking ball. It's the pitching. It's as far as hitting goes is the level of pitching that you continue to see and every different level. It says it's impossible to do what other sports do. Impossible at the college quarterback doesn't oil rubber football where an -- football at the -- is huge adjustment of -- football NFL. It's a football. You know to me it's just to get a bigger they're stronger they're faster okay. But the pitching element is something I don't understand -- -- grass. Get it it's it's an age thing with him you know a keeps go back to -- Bachmann right that's the way blogs Wade Boggs again. The -- your bench Eric didn't play kick ball for Christ's sakes when Wade Boggs went on smartly blame of the Red Sox that. And Kevin Youkilis. The Greek god of walks. What Kevin Youkilis got the big leagues. If that was a sort of a sense was some big leaders they have never seen a guy walked his way to the big. Literally baucus with the big league yoke is when it when you look at his career and a minor leagues not really blows -- not a religious steps out to -- the sky ranked. You know in a good year double laying. On AAA youth he's okay. Enough that stood out that last year and all five he kind of took the next step the 26 years old Japanese point two years all. On base guy Jules -- of walks. Kevin Youkilis and turn it himself with -- started being more aggressive at the plate took some time. You know even at the big league level to -- for years to become an all star and came up late in it was 29 by the time these first mammal start Major League Baseball that's apartment. Compared to Youkilis had taken too long don't expect Jackie Brown would be a better player. In a course in Major League career -- W with you more than just the three time all star with all for going on base -- expect more riding him. I expect more as a career from a career arc well I don't know I'm -- it's it's that's the he says pretty good career made a pretty good player -- -- -- you know what is -- cars at higher for Jackie Bradley -- some of the ever available to us as -- is highly rated as a prospect. As Jackie Bradley is by baseball America by Keith law and others I don't think I'm league equals that high but at that age. 2223 Pratt least pop whatever you want Robert rankings -- the wanna go with him. -- Jackie Bradley he is considered a much better prospect and again -- from a different -- The part that I don't get -- -- areas that the Red Sox are rich and they should worry about money. Well for eleven days you can have Jackie Bradley 28 -- Jackie Bradley twenty. It is that they act at the end all beetles exhibits that jobs are. Keep bringing up Wade Boggs and Kevin Youkilis I mean it -- with with that there's like six different examples of guys they didn't. You know he's talking about. You know it when you get drafted at first it doesn't count is that there's a play thirty games when he games whatever its introduction -- pro ball. But -- -- year to Dustin Pedroia minor -- called up you're too. Young Jacoby Ellsbury called dot. We go look at it might be 23 point three years all the dates aren't there when he won. You know it's like -- 817 year old kids and called up the point three years old. These kids can't jump and the constant pitching is no way it's eight to 08 ball hitter in the eventful years later to -- legacy basically these same battery wasn't able to get absolutely. Absolutely dominated. Unless you take the proper steps -- prepared faced the pitching at your level not surprising you guys are stacked up a full phones on this at 61777979837. We'll get to your phone calls next. 6177797. Not 837 the Puerto Rican Texas. On the -- TT -- -- 379837. Gets out of your system. A little bit better. Yeah I I do. I do I feel better again a topic as well on the becomes the some young players but go ahead that we -- plenty of time record -- 2 o'clock as far as I know that's alcoholic takeover. Up Bob's a New Bedford we mixing your calls at about. I loved this discussion let me throw out a name that you guys in the duke he Brightpoint. Rico Petrocelli. Nineteen. Tony similarly -- In game. The average age. Are but 1967. Pennant. Waving Red Sox -- younger than middle Brooks yeah. Was that a freak of nature. What ears of those 67. I would -- go to college. I don't know why would -- at ninety blogs are saying -- an outstanding player and so was he Tony -- we know all the bottom but again immune. You've you've you should call -- DNC showed they talk about Wade Boggs and re going to Tony -- I can -- -- for you Reggie Smith George Scott told -- Where they all great players of where they all pretty good players. Pretty good players. I want to speak to what I -- even this team recently. And every single player they've called up and -- extremely successful to say that. They hold these kids these kids don't sign -- to a 21 years old Bob. Told me why you want to talk negative in the big leagues at twentieth and also at that point when he won. Always you -- -- I have no idea how old was Jim. A W nineteen to one. He was twenty when he was here. OK but I hear about well. Were afraid it Jackie Bradley is is gonna be yeah reaching its free agency -- -- what happened to -- 28 PR. I'd be dead and one in ninety dividend charitable. I don't like we care about this year and next you know -- rock band. And it and it OK in an organized organization ethnic about the player long term bottom planet to the ramifications though you don't care but the team's got to care about it right. You know Pedroia contract until they can lock them up. -- -- reckon that it takes two to tango that while they can do that agent who's BA. Scott Reagan -- you're gonna stop ports Desai one of those -- -- to done an employer I don't know what -- I don't think that most people felt that Jacoby Ellsbury was flight risk. Long ago but jacket we don't know much about I've said I'm with you on as far as this goes Bob I mean. When it comes down to it. You know if the organization feels they can help this team win right now even though I don't agree with that if they feel that -- -- disappoint at the -- people -- I would be economically the seven donegan a few at bats where you tell me it's year freeagent stand -- the Red Sox. And if you think he's ready which I'm not so sure he is even those great camp that he is richest. For financial reasons that this doesn't sit well with me I sent out from the Joe's in Portsmouth he joins the show here in 97. WEEI Joseph. And partly -- all this -- I got -- -- you were actually. I put this are they. I'm over it so it made it big leagues stand. -- -- quietly got out the latter but they are the pitching can be better easier to hit. Not -- that could be because. There are a bunch of more at bats and they said that they get their check it wasn't directly more to be exactly that's my point. Did you did you argue that. Know that the path a -- -- a select few what I what I found out was an order for me to survive -- -- how -- lay off breaking balls fastball hitter in the big -- it better breaking balls. And -- bit occur balls better slider that a change up things like that my goal was to lay off those best week for me to hit -- And get him back in a fastball counts of litigated not miss that now there are some people got John felt that comes to mind would didn't light up in a minor leagues at the big leagues. Because they're around his own little bit more I think he was a better hitter. You know the year we talk when exceptions not talking about -- the norm. Right out of it and that's like it and I'm sure I'm I'm sure this happens. You're used to see in Ashley younger you you know 122. -- balls. Yeah -- now and all that now that the best pitchers in the and then immediately that -- view it's a guessing -- correct. Yet it's gonna be you know you can't just sit dead red one way or the other and get heavy on a fastball because you -- Right as they can be deployed -- some. Yeah and at times you know you keep in pitch certain way to make adjustments and leading off for the get real curve ball. Every wants to buy got a gas to get him off the car -- it's a it's a game back and forth give that a -- is -- -- stand there's a completely different ones so lot of guys get exposed. You know -- Willy Mo Pena to hit the fastball no country mile well guess what you need -- curve ball. Now he's a real life Toronto right I mean and he's not a big leagues anymore. So everybody's individually is different. Always keep bringing up the exceptions. And not the norm not the rule you know it's it's tough because you know there are freaks out there there are guys that it just -- that's why their -- gowns. Well I had asked the question on tourists out the -- rob Bradford at WE -- dot com now he's on board he posted a story this hour. It says he wants rallies start an opening day gives his reasons direct -- up linked to it you can if you -- the new poll question. Like we did yesterday and Chris O'Connor -- associate -- back in a boils down to this what's more valuable. 21 days of a talented but inexperienced Bradley -- full season in his prime. It's not even 21 days Chris it's eleven. That's why can't get pilot that eleven days is unsold hung up on that and I don't know why it is maybe I'm the only one but. You know eleven days to bring up April 12 would you like to you heard -- today I was actually more eyes take you back with penal kept saying is. If this -- now for 21 days not giving it second of days after this year at the minor leagues the agree get that service time. Well pick up and there's the pub -- the ball. What's the reaction be from John Dennis when they go they Ortiz is back. He sit -- 375 is proud to be you know what we're gonna send a big Red Sox are being cheap you're gonna bury Kerry and -- help very very of any easier to keep my end in AAA for eleven days and it is by twenty days the next six years. Now this -- your fan base but did India than the other sector than your talents Iranian affairs data -- You know transit -- teams -- playoffs to the fans that they want to continue this conversation hold on and in the same breath. Criticized -- it's such from a -- PR he's still not -- with this -- value right kind of get somebody your system he's not dungy or get this between now and 2 o'clock and -- Ed and -- and American all your calls excellence haven't. 7797. On -- 37 this will continue but we come back. This is the stakes precedence over -- we're talking about now we have eight patriot. Back and forth on Twitter it was on between Ted Johnson. And Vince Wilfork. Did something that you should not there was a former teammate or human being in general. To Vince Wilfork and his family Vince has responded we got that for you next.

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