WEEI>On Demand>>Author Harlan Coben talks about his new book Six Years, including a new character based on John Dennis!

Author Harlan Coben talks about his new book Six Years, including a new character based on John Dennis!

Mar 21, 2013|

Show favorite Harlan Coben joins D&C to discuss his latest page-turner Six Years. He'll get you hooked with some tasty plot details and some info on a new character: Mrs. Dinsmore, based on our very own John Dennis!

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Joining us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Our good friend -- Tobin whose new book is now for sale called six years. I hate to -- I needed at least another hundred pages of this it went by too quickly my friend. -- you guys rock story is more to do a very very well. It wouldn't -- rules weren't that we're doing let's go on air America yeah -- you. Nervous what is it like when -- book comes out yet yesterday right Allen. Are yet to -- Tuesday -- It's so it's that it's the apartment you're gonna worry but it but it's also really kind of -- -- -- -- Serbs say hi to people you know what I. Normally -- you know hibernate -- amount -- And be human being -- readers. As to the reaction of her wrecked -- Who would you watch who always -- what you see how it does. Because you know they're different -- says different critics and won't matters the most. Shouldn't stop reading in the madness that was on Amazon and Barnes & Noble dot com called Batman realize the Internet. It's great gift certificate to voice -- it stinks because everybody that supports. But it usually took me you know the New York Times USA today in -- sort of sort of things about met -- next week -- on that Wednesday -- the victory what's been around 530. PM all writers sitting waiting in New York Times. Released. Their ratings currently. But -- and he indicated that there are some butterflies. At this time of the year but at this point in your career are there really coming you know when's the last abject failure had. It will be nowhere near anarchy frankly you know after a day or even pre orders not to be abject failures more questioner he would want to get it through that sort of thing that. Know that kind of pressure sort of -- and for me it's always been self inflicted. Actually think that sent very self involved and selfish with an -- ever as a reaction overall -- six years has been you know. The movie -- for the book came out the read the early reviews that it did see in the early response from guys like you has been I think the best that ever. Now now we're gonna let you sort of describe what it is you want to reveal here at this point let me just say in terms of a jumping off point. This to me seems to be just a bit about divergence from you dot because a professor Jake Fisher and Natalie Avery. Are the principles of a a love story within the suspense thriller is that fair to say you don't do a lot of lot of stories. Powerball was similar it was sort of love stories about kinda words but yet it's a thriller before a question about no question I'll look at all of that there's lot of violence took. -- -- -- If that it's not not quite enough but I think it was okay it was all right. But it but -- it is also definitely. You know to look story and the opening line of the book is. I sat in the back Q and watch the only woman I would ever love Marion government. You can read that by the way on your web -- you can read the first chapter right now. There's chapters and -- coping dot com educate you guys did not know who John services default home page. At that -- you know there have been movies -- the -- -- of the -- should make some promise you won't look erupt won't bother her. And -- -- left -- pro what if I kept my promise for. Total six years six years that it is obituary for -- -- go to the funeral where it stands up turns around. And it's not the woman you love and music bell what those are no one knows where she is because back to the wedding chapel. No one remembers at the wedding going on there. -- -- -- That's how we start. Now you just misspoke you said at the end of the wedding she said promised me you won't promise me you'll leave me alone incorrect I I think -- -- have written that way first. But from a technical standpoint you read the changed at the line had to be promised me you will leave us alone. Otherwise he could have said I didn't break a promise. Right but it is true I got. So sometimes you can be really repent. Yeah yeah yeah ACC Dino Dino -- the only books he reads a yours and what's -- reasons so excited. They were simply to put a helmet. And an Aggie economic partly so excited to talk to you to consider a great and but. We have discussed our rule that out and play radius and we don't like to talk about -- and. Actually I -- -- I agree with you a 100% where it was the right call on out of that -- you you cannot blame the the patriots for the Muslim Brothers. Also -- to -- a Republican would affect the book. The interesting thing is really the sport that we talked about hard work in practice and who does this better not better and how often it comes down. That's something completely lucky or city. How often they actually say if you look at the Franco Harris immaculate reception and instant replay he probably doesn't make that catch. So maybe they don't win that first Super Bowl maybe they don't win all the rest after you know it's very. It's fascinating how one little did read that is luck no matter how much you wanna -- it's all about -- whatever else. If that's the difference -- that would that would baseball game playoff series. It's sort of amazing when you stop that. And that's my apartment but that's -- Sending applies to him a reception right I mean that doesn't let that get picked up by Franco where they -- would also doubles. What do you have to look at what point that it happens all the time sports. -- -- achieving -- would ever get to but steroids but now we also know the Bobby Thompson's big home run for the New York Giants but he also knew the signals they were they were stealing signs. From -- deputies he admitted that epic four starts to grow. I remember there was a big loss by the Amherst College hoop team -- and like Middlebury at one time it. You know when when their power forward to missed free throughout the and I think right. We what we can we can't have called -- -- mentioning that he's a former Jewish column -- yes basketball player. -- whose idea was this was six years did you steal from somebody has. We all know Holland in this world there are no original thoughts everybody's still from everyone else it's such a good idea. BRB I will Bluetooth I certainly don't advocate I don't I have no problem I would love to steal my idea or sometimes people come up to me was -- I've always found no -- the live with the idea for a year if I come opposite -- my own right it just doesn't work immediate ideas brilliant several terms of its great that. I just can't write it I mean the idea that this one came to me when I thought it looked into my Melo. I'm a little list on Spotify or whatever it was incorporate the -- existing met. The most corporate missing decide it would be cool story book with a man at the wedding of the woman -- And then why receive your -- what's gonna happen -- Why -- you leave him but she still love them by the Florida keep going on an honest that we speaking about it and eventually start coming up the postal. You see that leads to the question that I ask every single time you're you're you're writing is is soul. -- wool in the fibers go this way and that way and they all you know obviously come out as a whole cloth at the end. So win it is so it begins with the idea what you just said in a -- then you create the rest of the stuff and in the road -- that eventually intersects at the end. They're going to be giving but they get the last western in this book there's no I was in the last two pages with the changes everything around -- yeah. Which I love to do. And make it -- and make it look at it differently in good and hopefully move you make to satisfy. So I -- that part of the beginning and I know nothing in between I didn't know what were created character -- mrs. -- more like based much on that. It. You know I've heard her she little pushed up you guys aren't funny which is don't -- you email me when I missed the lines. Or must outcomes -- I'm writing to them you know we're just currently no hanging out and a that is characters are like yesterday's think in the same kind of weird stuff that we. You know it is disappointing that the doctor Dennis Callahan and -- here's your world famous cardiologist but will wait the next book. You know what -- you never ceased to amaze me always liked you -- wait for the clunker it never comes every damn book I squares better than the last. But I always feel like it's going to be good movie and they never turn out to be movies I mean I know you've sold the rights to this and that and tell no one was in French. And this time you have Hugh Jackman who wants to play believed Fisher played Jake -- and we're gonna see highlands work on the big screen. I missed practices has figured Steelers are had that never had a visceral Paramount Pictures by what's excuse we're Hugh Jackman who -- early -- but it also. Number of paper and you're right it is the all the humps are reading at the same time Jerry John Q. Ask and so I do think it's at a very very good chance epic and I. In the movie the -- an American movies really moving along also Chris carrier -- -- ago. When the Oscar for Fargo wrote the screenplay for -- won the match with Warner Bros. -- I'm hoping something will break our map pretty soon as well. So we have -- we be talking next year two of them and working in my humble part TV series as well ball. So any of those that we talked a year from now all three of those could be happening one of them none of them that are Hollywood is. And he can't be too much attention to is more important. I've got to keep trying to put the books and by the way some clever and good credit but to what do clunker still being nice effect. -- -- will lie about it for sure yeah we're friends a hard and maybe this minutia matters only to me but I think one of the small but brilliant things that I really find. Comforting comes to mind but but amusing and and user friendly. Is when you introduced eight character that is a particular physical appearance to them that remains that character's name for the rest of the book shiny suit as an example. I love that I mean it's EEE would there was no need to gave that give this guy a name he wore this. Really shiny tacky suit and for the rest of the book he was -- so -- like shiny things to it. If we don't do -- optimism that there are not in the way of comeback story sort of haven't person to remember remains very well. Sort sort of think of somebody has. A big forehead. At the. -- don't have you have a bad guy or two in this book you don't have Eric who order to lower or whatever -- the bad as. Which is okay you know you think you have to go all in on Quinton Tarantino to keep me happy but you'd pulled it off island. Not the most violent island book but but didn't matter to me. There's the one good scene in the grand auto the word yet on just two to two pretty good violent scene but outside of that nervousness. Yet this is that Pacific Command really trying to find it hard but of course to -- funny -- mayhem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't know what's going on domestic as readers of government quite has lost in the good way. Is he coming back Jake Fisher. I don't know you know are normally always state knows it. There's definitely potential I'd been sitting here thinking that there's a place project to comeback if I -- Yes -- -- hard and out and you'll Oreo. Without giving absolutely anything away -- could this book have ended differently and not -- well disaster. Every book every spoken differently that sort of abuse dividends if convicted sort of I love what I call the Kerry and out of a great moment remember that movie Carrie yes. I love that moment and book so Europe yet there it is kind of quiet settled and you think it's over at home. One more -- I love to do as. I a couple of them -- but let. -- you couldn't there was. I don't know offense but a kind of sought common it had to work that. Would would your rear doors that would your readers have been dissatisfied if the last chapter were not an existence of and ended up in the cabinet. The -- of memento but I you know I try not to worry about that a truck -- there weren't so. And I have a if I ever a floor with -- plenty of them but one of the flaws could do that was ever have a vote -- a preferred. To go to one -- -- are -- it was -- analysts. Final question for me do you take it upon yourself to identify one or two characters in your book that somehow -- 180. And I won't say which one it is we all but if you credit you'll you'll figure it out they -- you think he's one thing or she's one thing. And then at some point during the book it's he or she is completely different. Well I think there was everybody every character would -- that might give them in my mind anyway of back story secret. Every character in about a week and a revealing it to you yeah character -- a secret. That could fundamentally changed them and change we -- That's part of right. And sometimes what you are talking about that 180 degrees and that being not quite as bad a 180 degrees as you think there's -- -- you think owed something completely different right one more time again. Have the person surprise. It's more important at thirty that they play with your expectations -- the the real that's kind of what I wanna. Because we're selfish and we've read this what -- writing schedules eloquent this comes out do you just put your feet up and go to a beach somewhere for awhile or or wind you've jumped back at it. I was trying to -- the next young adult book but I'm surfing skip it this year and to an adult book and tried to work a little bit in my humble part TV series. And may be in the screenplay for six -- -- much work. So I'm still there and -- the book so Mayo whose motto is no I don't rest well once again to rest my -- does not. You know we were down Florida all together and shoot me I get distracted at first thinking about I can't help supplement my mind works but -- thinking about it. But -- if you -- even a little bit about what we care about forget the the screenplay and all this other stuff start on the next adult -- -- -- up with -- like in two minutes are -- You know a year ago -- He's getting famous new fans as we ask you this old timers Elizabeth released to the most famous and. But that mr. Obama most famously took part -- the Astro. That's so. You were there were you know we were down America together at the golf tournament are supposed to pleasantly surprised how many of the golfers read. Read the book on the road which is really you know flattering and that curricula or it got in touch with me recently. Go to Brett faxed -- -- was reading but it didn't realize -- -- the other one what. Factually that coloring -- not actually books that you had to read and currently he's a big fan as well -- and best of luck with that I that I need six years it is the tremendous read I just wish like 110 pages longer. -- with the -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. For the bookstore. -- -- -- -- is always a good place to start.

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